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Construction of Bordetella pertussis strains with enhanced production of genetically-inactivated Pertussis Toxin and Pertactin by unmarked allelic exchange
Wasin Buasri, Attawut Impoolsup, Chuenchit Boonchird, Anocha Luengchaichawange, Pannipa Prompiboon, Jean Petre, Watanalai Panbangred
BMC Microbiology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2180-12-61
Abstract: Three recombinant strains of Bordetella pertussis were obtained by homologous recombination using an allelic exchange vector, pSS4245. In the first construct, the segment encoding PT subunit S1 was replaced by two mutations (R9K and E129G) that removed PT toxicity and Bp-WWC strain was obtained. In the second construct, a second copy of the whole cluster of PT structural genes containing the above mutations was inserted elsewhere into the chromosome of Bp-WWC and the Bp-WWD strain was obtained. This strain generated increased amounts of rPT (3.77 ± 0.53 μg/mL) compared to Bp-WWC (2.61 ± 0.16 μg/mL) and wild type strain (2.2 μg/mL). In the third construct, a second copy of the prn gene was inserted into the chromosome of Bp-WWD to obtain Bp-WWE. Strain Bp-WWE produced PRN at 4.18 ± 1.02 μg/mL in the cell extract which was about two-fold higher than Bp-WWC (2.48 ± 0.10 μg/mL) and Bp-WWD (2.31 ± 0.17 μg/mL). Purified PTd from Bp-WWD at 0.8-1.6 μg/well did not show any toxicity against Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell whereas purified PT from WT demonstrated a cell clustering endpoint at 2.6 pg/well.We have constructed Bordetella pertussis strains expressing increased amounts of the antigens, rPT or rPT and PRN. Expression of the third antigen, FHA was unchanged (always in excess). These strains will be useful for the manufacture of affordable acellular Pertussis vaccines.Pertussis or whooping cough is a severe respiratory disease resulting from colonisation of the upper respiratory tract by the causative organism Bordetella pertussis [1]. Vaccines have been available for decades, comprising killed whole cells of B. pertussis that are chemically detoxified and formulated with Diphtheria and Tetanus antigens. They are administered as a trivalent Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis combination, or in newer combinations with HBV and Hib, providing additional immunity against Hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b invasive disease, respectively [2]. The use of whole-cell Pe
Distributed quantum computing: A distributed Shor algorithm
Anocha Yimsiriwattana,Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1117/12.546504
Abstract: We present a distributed implementation of Shor's quantum factoring algorithm on a distributed quantum network model. This model provides a means for small capacity quantum computers to work together in such a way as to simulate a large capacity quantum computer. In this paper, entanglement is used as a resource for implementing non-local operations between two or more quantum computers. These non-local operations are used to implement a distributed factoring circuit with polynomially many gates. This distributed version of Shor's algorithm requires an additional overhead of O((log N)^2) communication complexity, where N denotes the integer to be factored.
Generalized GHZ States and Distributed Quantum Computing
Anocha Yimsiriwattana,Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: A key problem in quantum computing is finding a viable technological path toward the creation of a scalable quantum computer. One possible approach toward solving part of this problem is distributed computing, which provides an effective way of utilizing a network of limited capacity quantum computers. In this paper, we present two primitive operations, cat-entangler and cat-disentangler, which in turn can be used to implement non-local operations, e.g. non-local CNOT and quantum teleportation. We also show how to establish an entangled pair, and use entangled pairs to efficiently create a generalized GHZ state. Furthermore, we present procedures which allow us to reuse channel qubits in a sequence of non-local operations. These non-local operations work on the principle that a cat-like state, created by cat-entangler, can be used to distribute a control qubit among multiple computers. Using this principle, we show how to efficiently implement non-local control operations in many situation, including a parallel implementation of a certain kind of unitary transformation. Finally, as an example, we present a distributed version of the quantum Fourier transform.
Original paper Heart rate variability in adult patients with congenital heart disease
Olga Trojnarska,Piotr Br?borowicz,Magdalena ?anocha,Maciej Lesiak
Archives of Medical Science , 2005,
Abstract: Introduction: Heart rate variability (HRV) illustrates an autonomic nervous system influence on the sinus node. It is known that low HRV parameters indicate poor prognosis in patients with myocardial infarction, predict sudden cardiac death and death due to heart failure. Adult population with congenital heart disease (CongHD) is particularly exposed to these complications. The aim of this study was to evaluate HRV parameters in adult patients with CongHD and to analyse the impact of the specific type of CongHD and past cardiac surgery on HRV.Materials and methods: Data of 345 adult patients aged 18-67 with CongHD were analysed. From the 24-hour ECG monitoring time domain indexes of HRV were calculated: SDNN, SDANN-i, SDNN-I, r-MSSD, pNN50.Results: All analysed HRV parameters were not different in CongHD patients comparing to the control group, and gradual, physiologic decrease due to aging was also present. Age at operation had no effect on HRV values, except in patients after correction of coarctation of the aorta (SDNNi r=-0.312; p=0.005; rMSSD r=-0.354; p=0.001; pNN50 r=-0.41; p=0.0001) and ventricular septal defect (rMSSD r=-0.310; p=0.02; pNN50 r=-0.336; p=0.01), where a negative correlation was found. Conclusions: 1. Despite slight differences between subgroups of CongHD patients, HRV values in adult patients with CongHD are similar to those in the healthy population, and gradual, physiologic decrease due to aging is also present. 2. Age at operation does not influence the HRV profile in the general population of patients with CongHD. Age at operation influences HRV in patients with left ventricle overload. Similar relations are not observed in the group with impaired right ventricle hemodynamics.
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