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Periconceptional changes in thyroid function: a longitudinal study
Ursula Balthazar, Anne Z Steiner
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7827-10-20
Abstract: Women (N = 60) ages 30-42 years without a history of thyroid disease, who were planning pregnancy, were observed prospectively before and during early pregnancy. Thyroid function (thyroid stimulating hormone, TSH and free thyroxine, FT4) was measured before conception and between 6 and 9 weeks gestation. Pre-pregnancy samples were analyzed for thyroid antibodies. Bivariate analyses and longitudinal curves (general estimating equation models) were used to analyze changes in thyroid function during the periconception window by antibody status.Pre-pregnancy TSH values were significantly higher than early pregnancy TSH (p < 0.001), but FT4 values did not differ (p = 0.53). TSH declined as gestational age increased (P < 0.01). Thyroid antibody positive women had a higher pre-pregnancy TSH compared to antibody negative women (p < 0.01). Periconceptional change in thyroid function was more variable among women with antibodies (p < 0.001). 50% of women with elevated pre-pregnancy TSH values (TSH > 3.0 mIU/L) had normal TSH values (TSH < 2.5 mIU/L) in pregnancy.TSH values decline during the transition from pre-pregnancy to early pregnancy. The change in TSH appears to be less predictable in women with thyroid antibodies. Periconceptional changes in thyroid function should be considered in formulating prenatal thyroid screening guidelines.Reproductive hormones have been shown to impact thyroid physiology during pregnancy [1-3]. Estrogens stimulate thyroid binding globulin (TBG) production by the liver effectively decreasing free thyroxine (FT4) [1]. Human chorionic gonadotropin binds to and activates the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) receptor [2,3]. Therefore, high levels of reproductive hormones produced during pregnancy likely lead to alterations in maternal thyroid function and measures of thyroid function (TSH and FT4 levels). Normal maternal thyroid function during the periconception window defined as the transition from pre-pregnancy through the early first trimeste
Les militantes anarchistes individualistes : des femmes libres à la Belle époque
Anne Steiner
Amnis , 2008, DOI: 10.4000/amnis.1057
Abstract: Dans les premières années du vingtième siècle, des femmes luttent pour le droit à une sexualité libre, diffusent des conseils et des méthodes pour la limitation volontaire des naissances, réfléchissent à de nouvelles méthodes d’éducation, refusent le mariage et la monogamie, expérimentent la vie en communauté. Militantes anarchistes individualistes, elles ne croient pas que la révolution ou la grève insurrectionnelle puisse être victorieuse dans un avenir proche et refusent la position de génération sacrifiée. Pour elles, l’émancipation individuelle est un préalable à l’émancipation collective et la lutte contre les préjugés est une urgence. C’est pourquoi, elles questionnent toutes les normes, toutes les coutumes, toutes les habitudes, soucieuses de n’obéir qu’à la seule raison. Ces femmes, institutrices, couturières, blanchisseuses, domestiques, ont laissé peu de traces dans l’histoire, et sont pour la plupart aujourd’hui oubliées. Par l’évocation de leurs itinéraires et de leurs écrits, cet article vise à leur rendre un peu de visibilité. In the early years of the twentieth century, there were women who struggled for the right to free sexuality, spreading advice and methods for voluntary birth limitation; they thought about new methods of education, refused marriage and monogamy, and experimented with communal living. As individualist anarchist activists, they did not believe that revolution or insurrectional strikes could prevail in a near future and refused to be in the position of a sacrificed generation. In their view, individual emancipation was a preliminary condition for collective emancipation and struggle against prejudices was a matter of urgency, which is why they questioned all norms, customs and habits, wishing to obey reason only. These women, who were teachers, laundresses or servants, left few traces in history, and are largely forgotten today. In retracing their itineraries and their writings, this article aims at restoring their visibility to some extent. En los primeros a os del siglo veinte, unas mujeres luchan por el derecho a una sexualidad libre, difunden consejos y métodos para limitar voluntariamente nacimientos, idean nuevos métodos de educación, rechazan el matrimonio y la monogamia, experimentan la vida en comunidad. Militantes anarquistas individualistas, no creen que la revolución o la huelga insurreccional puedan en un futuro próximo ser victoriosas y se niegan a adoptar la posición de generación sacrificada. Para ellas, la emancipación individual es la condición previa a la emancipación colectiva y la lucha contra los
The mechanism of dishabituation
Genevieve Z. Steiner,Robert J. Barry
Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fnint.2014.00014
Abstract: The dual-process theory of habituation attributes dishabituation, an increase in responding to a habituated stimulus after an interpolated deviant, to sensitization, a change in arousal. Our previous investigations into elicitation and habituation of the electrodermal orienting reflex (OR) showed that dishabituation is independent of sensitization for indifferent stimuli, arguing against dual-process theory’s explanation. However, this could not be tested for significant stimuli in that study, because sensitization was confounded with incomplete resolution of the preceding OR. This study aimed to clarify the mechanism of dishabituation for significant stimuli by extending the stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) beyond the time required for the phasic response to resolve. Participants completed an auditory dishabituation task with a random SOA of 13–15 s while their electrodermal activity was recorded. The stimulus sequence was 10 standards, 1 deviant, 2–4 standards; counterbalanced innocuous tones. Two counterbalanced conditions were used: silently count all stimuli (significant) and no task (indifferent). Skin conductance responses (SCRs) and pre-stimulus skin conductance levels (SCLs) both decremented over trials 1–10. In both conditions, SCRs showed response recovery and dishabituation, indicating habituation, and post-deviant SCL sensitization was apparent. Across all trials, phasic ORs were dependent on the pre-stimulus SCL (arousal level); this did not differ with condition. Importantly, dishabituation was independent of sensitization for both conditions. Findings indicate that sensitization, the change in state, is a process separate from phasic response resolution, and that arousal consistently predicts OR magnitude, including the dishabituation response. This argues against dual-process theory’s explanation, and instead suggests that dishabituation is a disruption of the habituation process, with magnitude determined by the current arousal level.
Rational numbers with purely periodic $β$-expansion
Boris Adamczewski,Christiane Frougny,Anne Siegel,Wolfgang Steiner
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1112/blms/bdq019
Abstract: We study real numbers $\beta$ with the curious property that the $\beta$-expansion of all sufficiently small positive rational numbers is purely periodic. It is known that such real numbers have to be Pisot numbers which are units of the number field they generate. We complete known results due to Akiyama to characterize algebraic numbers of degree 3 that enjoy this property. This extends results previously obtained in the case of degree 2 by Schmidt, Hama and Imahashi. Let $\gamma(\beta)$ denote the supremum of the real numbers $c$ in $(0,1)$ such that all positive rational numbers less than $c$ have a purely periodic $\beta$-expansion. We prove that $\gamma(\beta)$ is irrational for a class of cubic Pisot units that contains the smallest Pisot number $\eta$. This result is motivated by the observation of Akiyama and Scheicher that $\gamma(\eta)=0.666 666 666 086 ...$ is surprisingly close to 2/3.
Epidemiological study of Chlamydophila psittaci in pet birds in Croatia
Kri?ek I.,Horvatek Danijela,Gottstein ?.,Steiner Z.
Acta Veterinaria , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/avb1203325k
Abstract: A total of 411 samples from birds of different species originating from all counties of the Republic of Croatia have been tested for the presence of Chlamydophila psittaci. The sampling was conducted in pet stores, breeders' aviaries, in a specialized bird clinic and in zoos. The testing included 177 parrots, 169 pigeons, 58 canaries and 7 finches. For the detection of specific C. psittaci antigen a commercial ELISA kit was used- IDEIATM PCE Chlamydia (DAKO Cytomation Ltd., United Kingdom). The samples that were non-specifically positive or doubtful in the ELISA test (a total of 26 samples) were analyzed also by means of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Diagnostic ELISA method found a total of 17.03% birds positive for chlamydiosis, and after additional testing by PCR a total of 12.65% positive ones were found. According to bird species, the most frequently positive ones were canaries and pigeons (15.52% and 13.02%), and according to the sampling location most of the positive birds were found in pet stores (16.52%), but a high percentage of positive samples were also found in breeders’ aviaries (11.76%). The average positive result for chlamydiosis in 12.65% of tested birds is alarming and it confirms the importance of monitoring bird health and of prescribed legal regulations when it comes to chlamydial diseases, as well as education of persons involved in breeding, keeping or selling birds.
Concentration of selenium in soil, pasture, blood and wool of sheep
Antunovi? Z.,Steiner Zd.,Vegara M.,?peranda Marcela
Acta Veterinaria , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/avb1003263a
Abstract: Investigations have been conducted on Slavonia during a three year period on six locations, two per each year during June (in the first year = Vinkovci and Beli Manastir; in the second year = Valpovo and Djakovo; in the third year Slatina and Donji Miholjac). Six samples from the soil, pasture and sheep wool, as well as 15 sheep blood samples were taken from each locality. There was a deficit of selenium content in the soil on four locations in the second and third year (0.18; 0.14; 0.10 and 0.07 mg/kg) and an adequate content on locations Vinkovci and Beli Manastir in the first year (0.98 and 0.71 mg/kg). The locality Valpovo was characterized by the highest selenium concentration in pasture, blood and wool of sheep, as well as by the lowest blood enzymes activities (ALT, AST, CK, LDH) when compared to other locations. Selenium concentration in pasture was under the critical range on all locations (from 0.006 to 0.03 mg/kg DM), except the locality Valpovo in the second year (0.05 mg/kg DM). Serum selenium concentrations (from 0.035 to 0.082 mg/L) on all locations were below the adequate range for adult sheep and differed among locations. Activities of enzymes in the blood of sheep (AST: 3.59, CK: 4.93 and LDH: 6.87 μkat/L) showed severe selenium deficiency. Selenium concentrations in the wool were under the critical level on all locations (from <0.0002 to 0.06 mg/kg). The results regarding selenium in wool showed that, apart from blood selenium and activities of plasma enzymes (AST, CK, LDH), wool should also be taken in account as a selenium status indicator.
Fractal tiles associated with shift radix systems
Valérie Berthé,Anne Siegel,Wolfgang Steiner,Paul Surer,J?rg Thuswaldner
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.aim.2010.06.010
Abstract: Shift radix systems form a collection of dynamical systems depending on a parameter $\mathbf{r}$ which varies in the $d$-dimensional real vector space. They generalize well-known numeration systems such as beta-expansions, expansions with respect to rational bases, and canonical number systems. Beta-numeration and canonical number systems are known to be intimately related to fractal shapes, such as the classical Rauzy fractal and the twin dragon. These fractals turned out to be important for studying properties of expansions in several settings. In the present paper we associate a collection of fractal tiles with shift radix systems. We show that for certain classes of parameters $\mathbf{r}$ these tiles coincide with affine copies of the well-known tiles associated with beta-expansions and canonical number systems. On the other hand, these tiles provide natural families of tiles for beta-expansions with (non-unit) Pisot numbers as well as canonical number systems with (non-monic) expanding polynomials. We also prove basic properties for tiles associated with shift radix systems. Indeed, we prove that under some algebraic conditions on the parameter $\mathbf{r}$ of the shift radix system, these tiles provide multiple tilings and even tilings of the $d$-dimensional real vector space. These tilings turn out to have a more complicated structure than the tilings arising from the known number systems mentioned above. Such a tiling may consist of tiles having infinitely many different shapes. Moreover, the tiles need not be self-affine (or graph directed self-affine).
Higher Education for Complex Real-World Problems and Innovation: A Tribute to Heufler’s Industrial Design Approach  [PDF]
Gerald Steiner, Johannes Scherr
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.47A2016
Abstract: This article appraises an internationally top ranked higher education program in industrial design, whose stated mission is to enhance students’ ability to deal with complex real-world problems and thereby develop (sustainable) innovation. At the outset, we discuss in general terms—in our view—the indispensable essentials of a higher education program that specifically aims to equip students with the competences needed to successfully deal with such complex real-world problems. In the second part, we specifically examine Heufler’s SchoolofIndustrial DesigninGraz(Austria), its development and characteristics. A summary of general implications for higher education and lessons learnt from this top industrial design program concludes the article. Our analysis suggests that the school’s success is based on a few key cornerstones: 1) The program has a clear mission, which has been communicated early on, internally and externally; 2) Strong leadership, which enables continuity and high-quality output (e.g., attracts high-quality input reflected in the profile of applicants to the program); 3) Real-world projects with co-leadership from industry; 4) Provision of a supportive learning environment which extends beyond lecture times and which is conducive for collaborative creativity; and 5) Faculty are professional experts who focus on problemand project based learning approaches which aim at the joint development of personal, professional domain, systemic, creativity, and sociocultural (collaborative) competence of the students. The authors of this article have been involved with Heufler’sSchoolofIndustrial Designsince its establishment in 1995; they speak on behalf of Gerhard Heufler, the founder and head of this program, who unexpectedly passed away in April 2013. His remarkable leadership has enabled an extraordinary program in higher education with the explicit aim to provide students with competences needed to successfully deal with complex real-world problems.
The Role of the Periaqueductal Gray in the Modulation of Pain in Males and Females: Are the Anatomy and Physiology Really that Different?
Dayna R. Loyd,Anne Z. Murphy
Neural Plasticity , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/462879
Abstract: Anatomical and physiological studies conducted in the 1960s identified the periaqueductal gray (PAG) and its descending projections to the rostral ventromedial medulla (RVM) and spinal cord dorsal horn, as a primary anatomical pathway mediating opioid-based analgesia. Since these initial studies, the PAG-RVM-spinal cord pathway has been characterized anatomically and physiologically in a wide range of vertebrate species. Remarkably, the majority of these studies were conducted exclusively in males with the implicit assumption that the anatomy and physiology of this circuit were the same in females; however, this is not the case. It is well established that morphine administration produces greater antinociception in males compared to females. Recent studies indicate that the PAG-RVM pathway contributes to the sexually dimorphic actions of morphine. This manuscript will review our anatomical, physiological, and behavioral data identifying sex differences in the PAG-RVM pathway, focusing on its role in pain modulation and morphine analgesia.
PARE: A tool for comparing protein abundance and mRNA expression data
Eric Z Yu, Anne Burba, Mark Gerstein
BMC Bioinformatics , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-8-309
Abstract: We have developed a web tool, called PARE (Protein Abundance and mRNA Expression; http://proteomics.gersteinlab.org webcite), to correlate these two quantities. In addition to globally comparing the quantities of protein and mRNA, PARE allows users to select subsets of proteins for focused study (based on functional categories and complexes). Furthermore, it highlights correlation outliers, which are potentially worth further examination.We anticipate PARE will facilitate comparative studies on mRNA and protein abundance by the proteomics community.Quantifying mRNA expression is currently one of the most exciting and active areas in genomics, and as a result there are copious amounts of data available. However, mRNA does not directly arbitrate biological function; that role is filled by proteins, which are translated from mRNA and connect mRNA to biological processes by acting on the latter as a regulator. In contrast to the abundance of mRNA expression data, considerably fewer quantitative protein expression datasets are available due to the comparatively recent advent of methods for measuring protein abundance on a large scale (such as the use of ICAT and iTRAQ with mass spectrometry) and the difficulty of these experiments relative to chip-based mRNA studies. Also, for many studies, protein abundance data has not been published and is not available via public databases. Because protein levels are linked to mRNA expression by the process of translation, we expect a relationship between these abundances. Moreover, if a high correlation is found, we can use mRNA expression data to directly model protein expression. Conversely, a low correlation indicates that the abundance of a particular protein is somewhat independent of mRNA expression. Similar to the first-order kinetics theory of chemical reactions, the theory governing the relation between mRNA and protein considers the protein synthesis rate to be proportional to the corresponding mRNA concentration and the p
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