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Kamica uk adu moczowego u dzieci z wrzodziej cym zapaleniem jelita grubego
Krystyna Grzybowska,Ryszard Makosiej,Beata Kozie,Anna Kisiel
Pediatria Wspó?czesna , 2006,
Abstract: Wrzodziej ce zapalenie jelita grubego (w.z.j.g.) jest chorob o z o onej etiopatogenezie, w przebiegu której mo e doj do powik ań zwi zanych z sam chorob , jak i stosowanym leczeniem. Celem pracy by o przedstawienie wyst pienia kamicy nerkowej u dzieci w przebiegu w.z.j.g. W pracy zwrócono uwag na zwi zek kamicy uk adu moczowego z przebiegiem klinicznym w.z.j.g. oraz stosowanym leczeniem.
Effective protection from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in Poland: The World Health Organization perspective
Dorota Kaleta, , Kinga Polańska, Piotr Wojtysiak, Anna Kozie , Magdalena Kwa niewska, Paulina Mi kiewicz, Wojciech Drygas
International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10001-010-0014-7
Abstract: Tobacco is the single greatest preventable cause of death in the world today, killing approximately half of the people who use it. Several strategies have been proved to reduce tobacco use. However, more than 50 years after the health effects of smoking were scientifically proven, and more than 20 years after evidence confirmed the hazards from exposure to second-hand smoke, few countries have implemented effective and recognized strategies to control the tobacco epidemic. This paper summarizes the World Health Organization recommendations for effective protection from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke along with the existing tobacco control programs and legislation in force in Poland.
Wp yw temperatury na kinetyk utwardzania wybranych mas ze spoiwami
?. Jamrozowicz,J. Zych,J. Kozień
Archives of Foundry Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: W artykule zaprezentowano wyniki badań wp ywu temperatury osnowy na przebieg procesu wi zania mas samoutwardzalnych.Badaniom poddano 3 masy na bazie: ywicy alkidowej, ywicy fenolowej typu rezolowego (proces -set) i ywicy furfurylowej (procesfuranowy). Ponadto wyznaczono kinetyk procesu utwardzania i okre lono ywotno masy przy ró nych temperaturach osnowy (10oC;20oC; 30oC). Badania prowadzono przy wykorzystaniu techniki ultrad wi kowej.
FRII radio galaxies in the SDSS: Observational facts
Dorota Kozie?-Wierzbowska,Gra?yna Stasińska
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2011.18346.x
Abstract: Starting from the Cambridge Catalogues of radio sources, we have created a sample of 401 FRII radio sources that have counterparts in the main galaxy sample of the 7th Data release of the SDSS and analyse their radio and optical properties. We find that the luminosity in the Halpha line - which we argue gives a better measure of the total emission-line flux than the widely used O[III] luminosity - is strongly correlated with the radio luminosity P1.4GHz. We show that the absence of emission lines in about one third of our sample is likely due to a detection threshold and not to a lack of optical activity. We find that the properties of FRII galaxies are mainly driven by the Eddington parameter LHa/"MBH" or, equivalently, P1.4GHz/"MBH". Radio galaxies with hot spots are found among the ones with the highest values of P1.4GHz/"MBH". Compared to classical AGN hosts in the main galaxy sample of the SDSS, our FRII galaxies show a larger proportion of objects with very hard ionizing radiation field and large ionization parameter. A few objects are, on the contrary, ionized by a softer radiation field. We find that the black hole masses and stellar masses in FRII galaxies are very closely related. A comparison sample of line-less galaxies in the SDSS follows the same relation, although on average the masses are smaller. This suggests that the FRII radio phenomenon occurs in normal elliptical galaxies, preferentially in the most massive ones. Although most FRII galaxies are old, some contain traces of young stellar populations. Such young populations are not seen in normal line-less galaxies, suggesting that the activity in some FRII galaxies may be triggered by recent star formation. The "MBH"-Mgal relation in a comparison sample of radio-quiet AGNs from the SDSS is very different, suggesting that galaxies which are still forming stars are also still building their central black holes.
Próba wykorzystania wska ników geochemicznych do oceny nat enia wspó czesnej sedymentacji deluwialnej i aluwialnej
Wojciech Zg obicki , Marcin Kozie , Lesia Lata , Andrzej Plak , Marek Reszka
Annales UMCS, Geographia, Geologia, Mineralogia et Petrographia , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10066-008-0004-y
Abstract: Chemical changes of the environment are one of the most important results of human activity. Pollutants migrate with air and water and finally accumulate in sediments that become specific geochemical archives of these changes. Vertical changes of concentration of some elements in sediment profiles may be used for estimation of the sedimentation rate. In the paper, some theoretical bases of application of geochemical markers for dating of contemporary sediments are presented. Researching 8 profiles from the western part of the Lublin Upland, authors evaluate the markers for application in geomorphologic studies (size and sedimentation rate). Studies comprise 4 profiles of alluvial river sediments from western and central parts of the Lublin Upland and 4 profiles from slope sediments. Generally they are mineral sediment types (mainly silts) with peat in some of them. The following elements and isotopes were applied as stratigraphic markers: heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn), phosphorus and 137Cs. The size and rate of contemporary sedimentation was stated on the basis of the depth of the layers revealing pronounced increase of the concentration of selected markers. Applied methods allowed to distinguish three time horizons – the sixties, seventies and eighties of the 20th century. Vast scattering of the concentration of the selected elements, especially heavy metals, was noticed in the studied profiles. Their concentration ranged from 0.0 to 10.3 ppm for cadmium, 0.0-1003.0 ppm for copper, 1.9-133 ppm for lead and 3.1 to 73.0 ppm for zinc. Radioactivity of caesium in sediments also ranged markedly from 0.2 to 100 Bq/kg whereas the concentration of phosphorus was stable and equal to 0.2 g/kg. Presented attempt of the estimation of the contemporary sedimentation rate, based on application of several geochemical markers, gave promising though not univocal results. In all the studied profiles much higher concentration of analyzed elements was determined in surface layers, which proves that human activity is the main source of increasing concentration of some elements in surface sediments. However, higher concentrations in surface sediments are partially related to the higher organic matter content. The rate of contemporary sedimentation, determined with the geochemical markers ranged from 0.25 cm/y (alluvia) to maximum 1.1 cm/y (delluvia). These values agree well with the previously published data. Reliability of quantitative data was not the same for all profiles: for some of them the sedimentation rate was stated using three markers, for others from one only. The more pronounced and precise results were obtained for profiles of slope sediments. Obtained results also agree with general morphologic characteristics of the profiles – the greatest sedimentation rate was noticed for colluvial profile and the smallest for alluvial sediments of the broad river valley.
Digestive System Fistula - A Problem Still Relevant Today
Stanis aw G uszek , , Maria Korczak , Marta Kot , Jaros aw Matykiewicz , , Dorota Kozie
Polish Journal of Surgery , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10035-011-0005-9
Abstract: Digestive system fistula originates most frequently as a complication after surgical procedures, less often occurs in the course of inflammatory diseases, but it can also result from neoplasm and injuries. The aim of the study was to analyze the causes and retrospectively assess the perioperative procedures as well as the results of digestive system fistula treatment. Material and methods. Own experience in digestive system fistula treatment was presented. The subject group consisted of 32 patients treated at the General Surgery, Oncology and Endocrinology Clinical Department between 01.05.2005 and 30.04.2010 due to different digestive tract diseases. The causes of the occurrence of digestive system fistula, methods and results of treatment were analyzed. Results. The analysis covered 32 patients with digestive system fistula, among them 15 men and 17 women. Average age for men was 57 years (20-78), and for women 61 years (24-88). In 11 patients idiopathic fistula causally connected with primary inflammatory disease (7 cases) and with neoplasm (4 cases) was diagnosed, in 19 patients fistula was the result of complications after surgery, in 2 - after abdominal cavity injury. Recovery from fistula was achieved in 23 patients (72%) with the use of individually planned conservative therapy (TPN, EN, antibiotics, drainage, and others) and surgery, depending on the needs of individual patient. 5 patients (16%) died, whereas in 4 left (12%) recovery wasn't achieved (fistula in palliative patients, with advanced stages of neoplasm - bronchoesophageal fistula, the recurrence of uterine carcinoma). Conclusions. Recently the results of digestive system fistula treatment showed an improvement which manifests itself in mortality decrease and shortening of fistula healing time. Yet, digestive system fistula as a serious complication still poses a very difficult surgical problem.
Quantitative characterisation of the microstructure high chromium steel with boron for advanced steam power plants
A. Zielińska-Lipiec,T. Kozie,A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to characterize the microstructure of high chromium steel with boron for advanced steam power plants.Design/methodology/approach: The microstructure of new 12% chromium steel developed for advanced power stations operated around 625-650 °C, has been characterized in order to correlate its structural parameters with steel creep properties. Microstructure of the as received condition has a significant influence on creep resistance of 9-12% Cr steels operating at elevated temperatures. Quantitative TEM analyses of steel microstructure were undertaken to determine the dislocation density within the sub-grain, the width of the martensite laths/sub-grains and the particle parameters (shape, size, distribution). Phase identification was performed using electron diffraction and X-ray spectrometry. The influence of the austenitisation temperature (1060 -1100 oC) on the microstructure of the VM12 steel with 145ppm boron was investigated.Findings: The results show that increase of the austenisation temperature caused slight increasing of a sub-grain size and decreasing of dislocation density within sub-grains in the steel tempered at 780 oC. The M23C6 and MX particle size was not significantly changed. Quantitative TEM analyses of the VM12 steel microstructure showed that favorable characteristics exhibit the steel which was austenised at 1060 °C.Research limitations/implications: The present study is focused on the influence of temperature of autenitisation on the microstructure of the VM12 steel with 145ppm boron. The quantitative parameters of the VM12 microstructure were determined. The VM12 steel is a high Cr martensitic steel developed for advanced coal-fired power station operating at temperature higher than 600 oC.Originality/value: Quantitative characterisation of the microstructure high chromium steel with boron for advanced steam power plants.
CGCG 292-057 - a radio galaxy with merger-modulated radio activity
D. Kozie?-Wierzbowska,M. Jamrozy,S. Zola,G. Stachowski,A. Ku?micz
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.20727.x
Abstract: We announce the discovery of a unique combination of features in a radio source identified with the merger galaxy CGCG 292-057. The radio galaxy both exhibits a highly complex, X-like structure and shows signs of recurrent activity in the form of double-double morphology. The outer lobes of CGCG 292-057 are characterized by low radio power, P_{1400MHz} \simeq 2 * 10^{24} W\Hz^{-1}, placing this source below the FRII/FRI luminosity threshold, and are highly polarized (almost 20 per cent at 1400 MHz) as is typical of X-shaped radio sources. The host is a LINER-type galaxy with a relatively low black hole mass and double-peaked narrow emission lines. These features make this galaxy a primary target for studies of merger-triggered radio activity.
Constraining jet production scenarios by studies of Narrow-Line-Radio-Galaxies
Marek Sikora,Gra?yna Stasińska,Dorota Kozie?-Wierzbowska,Greg M. Madejski,Natalia V. Asari
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/765/1/62
Abstract: We study a large sample of narrow-line radio galaxies (NLRGs) with extended radio structures. Using 1.4 GHz radio luminosities, $L_{1.4}$, narrow optical emission line luminosities, $L_{\oiii}$ and $L_{H_{\alpha}}$, as well as black hole masses $M_{BH}$ derived from stellar velocity dispersions measured from the optical spectra obtained with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, we find that: (i) NLRGs cover about 4 decades of the Eddington ratio, $\lambda \equiv L_{bol}/L_{Edd} \propto L_{line}/M_{BH}$; (ii) $L_{1.4}/M_{BH}$ strongly correlates with $\lambda$; (iii) radio-loudness, ${\cal R} \equiv L_{1.4}/L_{line}$, strongly anti-correlates with $\lambda$. A very broad range of the Eddington ratio indicates that the parent population of NLRGs includes both radio-loud quasars (RLQs) and broad-line radio galaxies (BLRGs). The correlations they obey and their high jet production efficiencies favor a jet production model which involves the so-called 'magnetically choked' accretion scenario. In this model, production of the jet is dominated by the Blandford-Znajek mechanism, and the magnetic fields in the vicinity of the central black hole are confined by the ram pressure of the accretion flow. Since large net magnetic flux accumulated in central regions of the accretion flow required by the model can take place only via geometrically thick accretion, we speculate that the massive, 'cold' accretion events associated with luminous emission-line AGN can be accompanied by an efficient jet production only if preceded by a hot, very sub-Eddington accretion phase.
Interactive Vision and Experimental Traditions: How to Frame the Relationship  [PDF]
Anna Estany
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2013.32046
Abstract: In recent decades, the cognitive view has had a considerable impact on the philosophy of science, and two reasons can for this be identified. First, philosophers have increasingly tended towards naturalistic approaches, as opposed to proposals that are more a priori. Second, the cognitive sciences underwent considerable development in the second half of the twentieth century. Motivated by the cognitive view in the philosophy of science, and within a naturalistic framework, the aim of this paper is to analyze the relationship between two pairs of views. On the one hand, I consider the theoretical and experimental traditions; and on the other, I examine the views of pure and interactive vision. The two pairs belong to two independent debates; one in the philosophy of science (theoretical vs. experimental traditions) and the other in cognitive psychology (pure vs. interactive vision). Theoretical traditions correspond to a conception of science according to which the goal of scientific practice is to formulate theories that represent the world, and in them experiments play only an instrumental role that is always subsidiary to theory. The model of science promoted in the program of logical empiricism is a good example of such a tradition. Experimental traditions, in contrast, challenge that conception of science by attributing a more important role to experimentation, which is said to provide its own path to knowledge.
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