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Insecticidal activity of four different substances against larvae and adults of sycamore lace bug (Corythucha ciliata [Say], Heteroptera, Tingidae)
Helena Rojht, Anja Me ko, Matej Vidrih, Stanislav Trdan
Acta agriculturae Slovenica , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10014-009-0004-2
Abstract: In a paper the results of insecticidal activity of two known insecticides (deltamethrin and imidacloprid), thujone and essential oil of rosemary against the larvae and adults of sycamore lace bug (Corythucha ciliata) are presented. The experiment was conducted in a laboratory, under room conditions. We tested the activity of each product in three different concentrations. The most desirable insecticidal activity had deltamethrin, which caused almost 100 % mortality of both developmental stages of the pest at all three concentrations. Succeeding products were imidacloprid, which caused 89.6 % larval mortality at recommended concentration, and essential oil of rosemary, which caused 81.7 % adult mortality at 1 % concentration. Larvae of sycamore lace bug were significantly more susceptible to tested products than adults. Significantly the lowest mortality was determined one day after treatment (41.7 %), while the highest mortality was stated three days after treatment (71.3 %). For future reduction of the damage caused by the studied pest on plane trees, we recommend the application of thujone and essential oil of rosemary, which appeared to be environmentally more acceptable substances. In our study both agents showed a middle satisfying activity in controlling larvae and adults, but they have also obvious repellent activity, which leads to their better efficacy in the open.
Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers in the Field of Management
Maja Meko,Vasja Roblek
RUO : Revija za Univerzalno Odli?nost , 2013,
Abstract: Science is one of the most important human activities and is crucial for the development of society. Scientific research results should be presented to the public, which can be done through various publications. The article was written for graduate students and beginner researchers and presents steps for writing scientific papers. A well-written scientific paper consists of essential parts, i.e. appropriate structure, which in presented in this paper. The authors of this article present tips and useful advice when writing and publishing scientific papers in the field of management.
Marina Caparini and Otwin Marenin (Eds), Transforming Police in Central and Eastern Europe – Process and Progress, DCAF – Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces/ LIT, 2004.
Branko Lobnikar,Gorazd Meko
Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies , 2006,
Abstract: The book is divided in two parts: the introduction and conclusion (by Marina Caparini and Otwin Marenin) and several case studies of individual police organizations in Central and Eastern Europe. In the introduction, Caparini and Marenin emphasise the importance of the police in a democratic society. The main function of the police – the provision of security – is one of the basic demands laid against the state by its society. Democratic policing is described in the first part of the introduc...
Elements of organizational culture leading to business excellence
Zlatka Meko Meko ?tok,Mirko Marki?,Andrej Bertoncelj,Maja Meko
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci : ?asopis za Ekonomsku Teoriju i Praksu , 2010,
Abstract: The main aim of this research was to define the development of a conceptual frame to understand the impact of organizational culture on business excellence in medium-sized and large Slovenian enterprises. In our research the focus was on the importance of the role of communication structure, interpersonal relationships, motivation, and stimulation as part of knowledge management among 825 managers working in medium-sized and large Slovenian enterprises. The aim was to find out if these elements lead or contribute to business excellence. To analyse our data we applied analysis of variance as research methods. Our proposed thesis was supported since significant differences in business excellence between enterprises, different in the above mentioned elements. We can conclude that an appropriate communication structure, interpersonal relationships, motivation, stimulation and values as part of organizational culture positively affect business excellence in enterprises
Razlike med spoloma pri nekaterih simptomih stresa ter intenzivnost do ivljanja stresnih simptomov = Gender Differences in Some Stress Symptoms and Intensity of Experiencing Stress Symptoms
Maja Meko,Mateja Videm?ek,Jo?e ?tihec,Zlatka Meko ?tok
Management , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to identify the symptoms of stress and to establishgender differences in stress symptoms. We tried to find out ifthere are gender differences in the stress level at work, if there aregender differences in terms of stress symptoms frequency, and if thereare gender differences in terms of the intensity of experiencing stresssymptoms. In this study 85 randomly selected managers from Slovenecompanies participated. The results of the study have shown that thereare gender differences in terms of all the above mentioned factors,namely a statistically higher level of stress in women. In terms of stresssymptoms occurrence there are gender differences in some stress symptomsas well as in the intensity of experiencing stress symptoms.
Camptomelic dysplasia: A case report
Ko? Radmila,Me?o Biljana,Grkovi? Slobodanka,Nikoli? Dimitrije
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0706335k
Abstract: Campomelic/camptomelic dysplasia is a very rare, severe osteochondrodysplasia characterised by severe skeletal and nonskeletal malformations and lethal outcome mainly in neonatal period. Characteristic abnormality by which the syndrome got its name is short, bowed long bones of lower extremities, most often of femur, manifested by short and bowed legs. Skin dimpling on tibial anterior side is another prominent characteristic of this syndrome. Severe cases are inherited by autosomal dominant trait, by mutation Sox9 gene on chromosome 17, with lethal outcome in the first days of life. Less severe forms of the disease are due to balanced translocation t (13;17) with life span up to the third decade of life. A majority of karyotypic males present as phenotypic females. We report a case of a female neonate, without consanguinity between parents, with characteristic signs of camptomelic dysplasia with short birth length of 46 cm, macrocephaly (head circumference 39 cm), dolichocephaly, hydrocephalus, short trunk and legs. Narrow rib cage, bowed lower extremities, short hand and foot phalanges, nail hypoplasia were noticed. Anterior fontanelle was enlarged, high forehead, face small and flat, hypertelorism, low nasal bridge, micrognathia, low set ears, cleft palate, were found. Characteristic skin dimpling on anterior side of tibia was present on both legs. Bone X-ray studies presented the following changes: anterior bowing of shortened femurs, hip dislocation, cervical vertebrae, scapulas, eleven pairs of slender ribs. Hip luxation. Karyotype was normal for a female, 46 XX. Respiratory insufficiency was present since birth, exacerbated, and led to lethal outcome in the second day of life, as described in the majority of these patients. .
Stres, gibalna dejavnost, zdravstveno stanje in ivljenjski slog zaposlenih v Hitovi igralnici Park = Stress, Sports Activity, Health Condition and Lifestyle of Casino Park Employees
Damir Karpljuk,Maja Meko,Mateja Videm?ek,Suzana Mlinar
Management , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the differences in sociodemographic characteristics such as sports activity, health condition and lifestyle of Casino Park employees considering the frequency of experiencing stress. The study included 251 employees. Data analysis was performed using basic statistical parameters and chi-square. The results of the study have shown that 129 (51.4%) employees are regularly physically active. Most employees experience stress occasionally 115 (45.8%), among them 63 (47.7%) women and 52 (43.7%) men. Individuals who evaluate their health condition as excellent never experience stress and also have less health problems than others.
The effect of listening to techno music on reaction times to visual stimuli ú inky poslechu techno hudby na dobu reakce na vizuální podněty
Maja Meko,Vojko Strojnik,Mateja Videm?ek,Damir Karpljuk
Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis : Gymnica , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of the research was to establish the influence of techno music on the reaction times of participants in the research. Our hypothesis was that stimulating music, such as techno, would shorten the participants' reaction time to visual stimuli while, without music, the reaction time would be longer. To define the reaction time to expected light stimuli we used a special apparatus for measuring the angle of elbow extension, an electric goniometer and a red colour LED diode attached to it. We also used a computer programme as well. The athletes, 10 students at the Faculty of Sports, aged between 20 and 45, participated in the research, representing the control group as well as the experimental group. In our research we established that listening to techno music does affect the shortening of participants' reaction time. Their reaction time shortens significantly according to a measurement taken after 30 minute of listening to techno music, nevertheless it is not shortened during the listening. The control group established that 35 minutes of waiting between the measurements does not significantly affect the reaction time. Moreover, it was established that 30 minutes of listening to techno music affected the shortening of the reaction time 45 seconds after the music was turned off. For further research, it would be necessary to engage more participants. However, the research results are useful data and may serve as a starting point for further research. Cílem vyzkumu bylo stanovit míru vlivu techno hudby na reak ní asy ú astník vyzkumu. Na e hypotéza byla ta, e stimulující hudba, nap íklad techno, zkracuje dobu reakce ú astník na vizuální podněty, zatímco bez hudby je reak ní as del í. K ur ení doby reakce na o ekávané světelné podněty jsme pou ili speciální za ízení na mě ení úhlu extenze lokte, elektricky goniometr a k němu p ipevněnou ervenou LED diodu. Také jsme pou ívali po íta ovy program. Vyzkumu se zú astnili sportovci, 10 student Fakulty sportu, ve věku 20 a 45 let, kte í p edstavovali kontrolní i experimentální skupinu. V na em vyzkumu jsme zjistili, e poslech techno hudby zkracuje reak ní doby ú astník . Dle mě ení provedenych po 30 minutách poslechu techno hudby se jejich doba reakce vyznamně zkracuje, nicméně nezkracuje se během poslechu. Kontrolní skupina stanovila, e 35 minut ekání mezi mě eními reak ní dobu vyznamně neovlivňuje. Navíc bylo zji těno, e 30 minut poslechu techno hudby mělo vliv na zkrácení reak ní doby 45 sekund poté, co byla hudba vypnuta. Pro dal í vyzkum by bylo nezbytné zapojit více ú astník . Vysledky vyzk
The Interplay of cis-Regulatory Elements Rules Circadian Rhythms in Mouse Liver
Anja Koren?i?, Grigory Bordyugov, Rok Ko?ir, Damjana Rozman, Marko Goli?nik, Hanspeter Herzel
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046835
Abstract: The mammalian circadian clock is driven by cell-autonomous transcriptional feedback loops that involve E-boxes, D-boxes, and ROR-elements. In peripheral organs, circadian rhythms are additionally affected by systemic factors. We show that intrinsic combinatorial gene regulation governs the liver clock. With a temporal resolution of 2 h, we measured the expression of 21 clock genes in mouse liver under constant darkness and equinoctial light-dark cycles. Based on these data and known transcription factor binding sites, we develop a six-variable gene regulatory network. The transcriptional feedback loops are represented by equations with time-delayed variables, which substantially simplifies modelling of intermediate protein dynamics. Our model accurately reproduces measured phases, amplitudes, and waveforms of clock genes. Analysis of the network reveals properties of the clock: overcritical delays generate oscillations; synergy of inhibition and activation enhances amplitudes; and combinatorial modulation of transcription controls the phases. The agreement of measurements and simulations suggests that the intrinsic gene regulatory network primarily determines the circadian clock in liver, whereas systemic cues such as light-dark cycles serve to fine-tune the rhythms.
Accumulation of Gel Particles in the Sea-Surface Microlayer during an Experimental Study with the Diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii  [PDF]
Luisa Galgani, Anja Engel
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.41013

Since the early 80’s, the sea-surface microlayer (SML) has been hypothesized as being a gelatinous film. Recent studies have confirmed this characteristic, which confers properties that mediate mass and energy fluxes between ocean and atmosphere, including the emission of primary organic aerosols from marine systems. We investigated SML thickness and composition in five replicate indoor experiments between September and December 2010. During each experiment, the SML and underlying seawater were sampled from four seawater tanks: one served as control, and three were inoculated with Thalassiosira weissflogii grown in chemostats at 180, 380 and 780 ppm pCO2. We examined organic material enrichment factors in each tank, paying particular attention to gel particles accumulation such as polysaccharidic Transparent Exopolymer Particles (TEP) and the proteinaceous Coomassie Stainable Particles (CSP). While previous studies have observed carbohydrates and TEP enrichment in the microlayer, little is yet known about proteinaceous gel particles in the SML. Our experiments show that CSP dominate the gelatinous composition of the SML. We believe that the enrichment in CSP points to the importance of bacterial activity in the microlayer. Bacteria may play a pivotal role in mediating processes at the air-sea interface thanks to their exudates and protein content that can be released through cell disruption.

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