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Homofobia e sexualidade em adolescentes: trajetórias sexuais, riscos e vulnerabilidades
Teixeira, Fernando Silva;Marretto, Carina Alexandra Rondini;Mendes, Andressa Benini;Santos, Elcio Nogueira dos;
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-98932012000100003
Abstract: this is a descriptive analytical cross-sectional study conducted with 2282 male and female students who attended high school in three cities of the western interior of s?o paulo, brazil. data collection was done by a self-reported questionnaire with 131 questions. this paper discusses the sexual trajectories of these adolescents who enrolled in homoerotic sexual practices or not. these adolescents’ relationships with their families, peer groups and the subject of “coming out” are discussed as political tools. based on sedgwick’s concepts we analyze the moments when “coming out” can be one in many other ways of manifestation of different sexualities in relation to heteronormativity. relying on post-structuralism theories, we also discuss theoretical constructions and discourses about adolescence, pointing at new manifestations of juvenile in contemporaneity. finally, we realize the existence of many factors that affect the decisions of non-heterosexual youths in relation to “coming out of the closet” beyond homophobia: personal events, life stories and even the revelation of their sexuality to their parents and/or to others.
Molecular Phylogeny of Weakfish Species of the Stellifer Group (Sciaenidae, Perciformes) of the Western South Atlantic Based on Mitochondrial and Nuclear Data
Andressa Jisely Barreto Barbosa, Iracilda Sampaio, Horacio Schneider, Simoni Santos
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0102250
Abstract: The phylogenetic relationships within the Stellifer group of weakfishes (Stellifer, Odontoscion, Ophioscion, and Bairdiella) were evaluated using 2723 base pairs comprising sequences of nuclear (rhodopsin, TMO-4C4, RAG-1) and mitochondrial (16S rRNA and COI) markers obtained from specimens of nine species. Our results indicate a close relationship between Bairdiella and Odontoscion, and also that the genus Stellifer is not monophyletic, but rather that it consists of two distinct lineages, one clade containing S. microps/S. naso/S. brasiliensis and the other, S. rastrifer/S. stellifer/Stellifer sp. B, which is closer to Ophioscion than the former clade. The O. punctatissimus populations from the northern and southern Brazilian coast were also highly divergent in both nuclear (0.8% for rhodopsin and 0.9% for RAG-1) and mitochondrial sequences (2.2% for 16S rRNA and 7.3% for COI), which we conclude is consistent with the presence of two distinct species. The morphological similarities of the members of the Stellifer group is reinforced by the molecular data from both the present study and previous analyses, which have questioned the taxonomic status of the Stellifer group. If, on the one hand, the group is in fact composed of four genera (Stellifer, Ophioscion, Odontoscion, and Bairdiella), one of the two Stellifer clades should be reclassified as a new genus. However, if the close relationship and the reduced genetic divergence found within the group is confirmed in a more extensive study, including representatives of additional taxa, this, together with the morphological evidence, would support downgrading the whole group to a single genus. Obviously, these contradictory findings reinforce the need for a more systematic taxonomic revision of the Stellifer group as a whole.
Prospettive educative per generare e ri-generare le rappresen-tazioni di genere. Riflessioni da una ricerca. Educational perspective on gender representations.
Stefano Benini
Ricerche di Pedagogia e Didattica , 2012,
Abstract: Lo scritto segue gli esiti di una ricerca qualitativa “rappresentazione di genere” su 172 adolescenti di Bologna e Rimini. I dati raccolti sono letti da un punto di vista pedagogico al fine di delineare tracce e metodi per facilitare le ragazze e i ragazzi alla scoperta di sé e a progettarsi nel proprio essere e divenire femmine e maschi. The paper follows the findings of qualitative empirical research “gender rappresentation” on 172 adolescents, in Bologna and Rimini. The data collect are reading from a pedagogical viewpoint to delineate tracks and methodologies to facilitate girls and boys to self-discovery and design their being female and male.
Use of opioids in the treatment of paediatric pain
F. Benini
Pathos : Trimestrale di Algologia , 2007,
Abstract: The role of opioids in the treatment of paediatric pain is deeply reviewed by the author, taking in account the most recent pharmacokinetic and clinical evidence, showing properties and, mostly, advantages associated with these drugs in the approach to this kind of patient. In particular, the author suggests some essential guidelines to be adopted in the children with severe pain, considering also the approach to side effects.
Crisi: tra soggettività e resilienza
Paolo Benini
m@gm@ , 2008,
Abstract: In questo saggio vorrei analizzare l’esperienza soggettiva della crisi generata da particolari stati di malattia. L’interesse per l’argomento nasce dall’attività svolta presso il Centro Isadora Duncan di Bergamo, in specifico dalla partecipazione ad un progetto di counselling realizzato per rispondere ad una richiesta di alcune famiglie di persone con malattie neuromuscolari e ad una successiva ricerca sul vissuto della comunicazione della diagnosi con altre famiglie nella stessa condizione.
Relative Cauchy Evolution for Spin 1 Fields
Marco Benini
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: In this thesis the generally covariant locality principle for bosonic free fields has been thoroughly analyzed devoting particular attention to the case of spin 1 fields on curved spacetimes (Proca and Maxwell fields). This has been obtained in two steps: In the first place the preliminary study of the corresponding field equations led to the construction of a symplectic space of solutions describing the classical theories of the considered fields. Secondly the locally covariant quantum theory of the field under consideration has been obtained through the assignment of the Weyl algebra associated to the symplectic space describing the classical theory. The last part of the thesis has been devoted to the proof of the relative Cauchy evolution for both the Proca field and the Maxwell field.
Optimal space of linear classical observables for Maxwell $k$-forms via spacelike and timelike compact de Rham cohomologies
Marco Benini
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Being motivated by open questions in gauge field theories, we consider non-standard de Rham cohomology groups for timelike compact and spacelike compact support systems. These cohomology groups are shown to be isomorphic respectively to the usual de Rham cohomology of a spacelike Cauchy surface and its counterpart with compact support. Furthermore, an analog of the usual Poincar\'e duality for de Rham cohomology is shown to hold for the case with non-standard supports as well. We apply these results to find optimal spaces of linear observables for analogs of arbitrary degree $k$ of both the vector potential and the Faraday tensor. The term optimal has to be intended in the following sense: The spaces of linear observables we consider distinguish between different configurations; in addition to that, there are no redundant observables. This last point in particular heavily relies on the analog of Poincar\'e duality for the new cohomology groups.
Locality in Abelian gauge theories over globally hyperbolic spacetimes
Marco Benini
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: The thesis investigates the locality axiom of general local covariance for Abelian gauge theories. Two models, Maxwell $k$-forms (higher analogues of the electromagnetic vector potential) and the $U(1)$ Yang-Mills model are analyzed over globally hyperbolic spacetimes. Our attention is mainly focused on the locality axiom of general local covariance, which states that a causal embedding between spacetimes should induce an inclusion at the level of observables. Both at the classical and at the quantum level, it turns out that the models we consider violate locality depending on certain global features of the background spacetime. For Maxwell $k$-forms, we prove that there is no coherent way to recover the locality axiom. For the $U(1)$ Yang-Mills model we adopt two different approaches: in the first one locality can be recovered coherently, but the class of observables we consider fails in detecting those field configurations which correspond to the Aharonov-Bohm effect; conversely, in our second approach observables are defined in the spirit of Wilson loops (hence capturing also Aharonov-Bohm configurations), but a no-go theorem shows that locality cannot be recovered in a coherent way.
Intuitionistic First-Order Logic: Categorical Semantics via the Curry-Howard Isomorphism
Marco Benini
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: This reports introduces a novel sound and complete semantics for first order intuitionistic logic, in the framework of category theory and by the computational interpretation of the logic based on the so-called Curry-Howard isomorphism. Aside, a sound and complete semantics for the corresponding lambda-calculus is derived, too. This semantics extends, in a way, the more traditional meanings given by Heyting categories, the topos-theoretic interpretation, and Kripke models. The feature which justifies the introduction of this novel semantics is the fact that it is 'point-free', i.e., there is no universe whose elements are used to interpret the logical terms. In other words, terms do not denote individuals of some collection but, instead, they denote the 'glue' which keeps together the interpretations of statements, similarly to what happens in formal topology. Since the proposed semantics can be trivially extended to all the first-order logical theories based on the intuitionistic system (and, with some care, to minimal systems as well), the semantics covers also all the predicative theories, even if some peculiar aspects of these theories should be remarked.
A simplified definition of logically distributive categories
Marco Benini
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In [Ben13], the notion of logically distributive category has been introduced to provide a sound and complete semantics to multi-sorted first-order logical theories based on intuitionistic logic. In this note, it will be shown that the definition of logically distributive category can be simplified by dropping two requirements, the one saying that product must distribute over sum, and the one saying that product must distribute over existential quantification.
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