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Sele??o de clones de palma forrageira resistentes à cochonilha-do-carmim (Dactylopius sp)
Vasconcelos, Andréa Guimares Vieira de;Lira, Mario de Andrade;Cavalcanti, Vanildo Leal Bezerra;Santos, Mércia Virginia Ferreira dos;Willadino, Lilia;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982009000500007
Abstract: the experiment was carried out in a greenhouse from september 2001 to january 2002 to select several prickly-pear varieties resistant to cochineal carmine. twenty pricky-pear varieties were evaluated as a completely randomized experimental design with four replicates. the plants were artificially infested. the infestation level was evaluated by a 0 - 5 scale. the most resistants clone are "miúda" and "orelha de elefante".
Hiperidricidade: uma desordem metabólica
Vasconcelos, Andréa Guimares Vieira de;Tomas, Lais Ferreira;Camara, Terezinha Rangel;Willadino, Lilia;
Ciência Rural , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782012000500013
Abstract: the hyperhydricity, formerly called vitrification, is considered a physiological, biochemistry and morfologic disorder due to abnormal accumulation of water inside the cells and tissues. plants grown in vitro are undoubtedly under continuous stress condition which results in metabolic changes characteristic of oxidative stress. anatomically plants or shoots affected often become swollen, with pale green, translucent sheets, glass-like, low relative number of cells / cell area and hipolignification. physiological changes occur in major metabolic pathways including photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration resulting in reduced efficiency of these metabolic pathways. morphological, physiological and biochemical disorders are triggered by physical factors related to the environment of cultivation vessels and consistency of the culture medium or by chemical factors such as culture medium components, especially the growth regulators in high concentrations. the hyperhydricity occurs at various levels of severity, reaching result in irreversible loss of morphogenic capacity and the establishment of a state of neoplastic cells, however, in most cases hyperhydricity is considered reversible. this review focuses on the current knowledge about the phenomenon of hyperhydricity addressing morphological, physiological, biochemical, and reversibility of the process.
Gabriel Romagnose Fortunato de Freitas Monteiro,Am?na Andréa Teixeira Vieira,Flávio Guimares Diniz,Ronald Coutinho Santos
Revista Tamoios , 2011,
Abstract: Pretendemos expor neste artigo algumas informa es coletadas a partir da realiza o de uma oficina de filmes tendo como objetivo a aplica o da Lei Federal no 10.639/03 no ensino básico, mostrando como esta atividade pode contribuir para a revis o das práticas dos professores no que diz respeito a temática racial. O público foi composto por docentes do segundo segmento do ensino fundamental de uma escola da rede municipal de Niterói no estado do Rio de Janeiro. Apresentaremos a estrutura da oficina, assim como as suas estratégias de abordagem para a discuss o das rela es raciais no cotidiano escolar. Ademais, teceremos algumas discuss es a partir do documentário “Vista Minha Pele” (2003) e dos relatos dos professores sobre a atividade. Abstract: We want to expose in this article some information collected from the holding of a workshop of films having as goal the implementation of Federal Law No. 10,639/03 in primary education, showing how this activity can contribute to the review of the practices of teachers regarding racial thematic. The audience was composed of teachers of the second segment of the elementary school of the municipal network of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State. We will present the structure of the workshop, as well as their strategies of approach for the discussion of race relations in school every day. Furthermore, weave some discussions from the documentary "View my skin" (2003) and of reports from teachers about the activity. Keywords: Race Relations; Federal Law No. 10,639/03
Resistance induction for Meloidogyne incognita in sugarcane through mineral organic fertilizers
Chaves, Andréa;Pedrosa, Elvira Maria Régis;Pimentel, Rejane Magalh?es de Mendon?a;Coelho, Rildo Sartori Barbosa;Guimares, Lílian Margarete Paes;Maranh?o, Sandra Roberta Vaz Lira;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132009000600011
Abstract: the effects of coda radimax (cr), coda humus-pk (ch) and coda vit (cv) on the induction of resistance for meloidogyne incognita in sugarcane (saccharum sp.) varieties (rb92579, rb863129, rb867515) through nematode reproduction, plant development and root anatomy analysis, emphasizing the differences of the lignin deposition, and cortex-vascular cylinder proportions were investigated. in 90 days after inoculation with eggs of m. incognita, cr reduced the number of eggs per root system in all the sugarcane varieties; ch and cv reduced eggs density in rb867515; cr increased stalk number in rb92579 and fresh weight of shoots in rb863129 and rb92579; ch increased plant height in rb92579 and fresh weight of shoots in rb92579 and rb867515, cv affected fresh weigh of shoots and roots of rb863129. all the tested compounds did not affect stalk diameter, number and dry weight of shoots. cross-sections of roots showed no anatomical changes in the m. incognita inoculated tissues.
Direct Measurements of Root Canal Length in Primary Anterior Teeth for Educational and Clinical Purposes  [PDF]
Andréa Vaz Braga Pintor, Juliana Kluft Ponce de Almeida, Clara de Oliveira Antunes, Aline Borburema Neves, Lizandra Ferrari Guimares, Aline de Almeida Neves, Roberta Barcelos, Laura Guimares Primo
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.91007
Background: The root canal length (RCL) estimates is an essential step for total endodontic therapy procedures. The aim of this study was to measure the RCL in a sample of extracted primary anterior teeth and compare the data obtained with the literature for educational and clinical purposes. Materials and methods: Seventy extracted primary anterior upper and lower teeth were selected according to the following inclusion criteria: absence of root resorption and/or internal root canal anatomy complications, and no previous root canal manipulation. The teeth were assigned to six groups: upper central incisors (UCI; n = 15), upper lateral incisors (ULI; n = 13), upper canines (UC; n = 20), lower central incisors (LCI; n = 6), lower lateral incisors (LLI; n = 3), and lower canines (LC; n = 13). RCL was measured by the direct method after insertion of a #15 K-file with a silicone stopper in the root canal until the root apex and measuring with a millimetre rule. Results: Mean RCL values (mm)?obtained were UCI = 14.33 ± 1.69; ULI =
Association between IGF-2 gene and fat-free mass in response to resistance training  [PDF]
Andréa Carmem Guimares, Rinaldo Wellerson Pereira, Ricardo Moreno Lima, Michel Santos Silva, Victor Machado dos Reis, Nuno Domingos Garrido, Romulo Maia, Ricardo Jacó de Oliveira
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.56133

BACKGROUND: It is well established that the human aging process is associated with a significant decline in neuromuscular function and performance. Twin studies demonstrate that genetic factors partially explain the inter-individual variation of fat-free mass (FFM) and muscle strength. PURPOSE: To examine the association between the polymorphism of the gene IGF-2 with phenotypes strength and muscle mass of elderly women pre and post resistance training. METHODS: 76 elderly women participated in this analysis. These volunteers, who should be sedentary for at least 6 months before the study, were assigned four groups in relation to allele GAGG, AA, GAAA and GG. The first analysis compared 60 elderly women with GG and GA allele (GAGG) versus 16 elderly women with AA allele. The second analysis compared 54 elderly women with GA and AA (GAAA) versus 22 elderly women GG allele. The Body mass index, fat free mass, fat mass and Isokinetic Muscle Peak Torque were measured. All volunteers were participating in the Resistance Training program. The DNA was extracted from peripheral venous blood leukocytes using a salting out protocol. The primer for IGF-II gene exon 9 was 5’-GTCCCTGAACCAGCAAAGAG-3’ 0.5 μM (0.625 μl) Primer R-5’-TGATGGAAAAGGGAGTGAGG-3’ 0.5 μM (0.625 μl), Taq DNA Polimerase enzime 0.5 U (0.1 μl), água milli-Q (3.8 μl) 5 hg de DNA (3 μl). PCR amplification was performed in a programmable thermal cycler GeneAmp? PCR System 9700. RESULTS: The results of the first analysis GAGG × AA versus the group AA showed the relative increase in knee extensor peak torque relative and also in the fat-free mass and showed a decrease in the fat mass percentage in the GAGG group. The second analysis considered the group GAAA versus group GG showed decreases in the fat-free mass percentage in the GAAA group, also showed the relative increase in the fat-free mass in the GG group and decrease in the fat mass percentage in the GG group. CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study

"Amor n?o correspondido": discursos de adolescentes que tentaram suicídio
Vieira,Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza; Freitas,Mary Landy Vasconcelos; Pordeus,Augediva Maria Jucá; Lira,Samira Valentim Gama; Silva,Juliana Guimares e;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232009000500024
Abstract: this report describes the reasons of the suicidal behavior in adolescents, taking in this anthropologic analysis, the impact in the familiar and social context. the study was conducted during the period of march to august, 2005 using a qualitative approach and ethnography as methods. the participants of this study were 12 teenagers, assisted in an emergency hospital in fortaleza, ceará state, brazil, for suicide attempt using any kind of mechanisms. as shown in the experiment's result, the main reason of the attempts was a broken heart, this as a reason of dating someone and others love relationship established between two persons. not only broken heart was mentioned, there were also cases of problems with family bonds, the affection and the lack of attention to the individual adolescent. in this context, the inability of the health professional was very clear. under the presented circumstances, the professional must come up with a new praxis approach. the suicide is a real fact present at the teenagers' life and it is necessary to redirect the brazilian unified health system′s philosophy and operational principles of the way health professionals cope with this demanding the society to embrace the politics that cares for the human being life and wellness.
Performance of Cooperative Eigenvalue Spectrum Sensing with a Realistic Receiver Model under Impulsive Noise
Dayan A. Guimares,Rausley A. A. de Souza,André N. Barreto
Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/jsan2010046
Abstract: In this paper we present a unified comparison of the performance of four detection techniques for centralized data-fusion cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks under impulsive noise, namely, the eigenvalue-based generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT), the maximum-minimum eigenvalue detection (MMED), the maximum eigenvalue detection (MED), and the energy detection (ED). We consider two system models: an implementation-oriented model that includes the most relevant signal processing tasks realized by a real cognitive radio receiver, and the theoretical model conventionally adopted in the literature. We show that under the implementation-oriented model, GLRT and MMED are quite robust under impulsive noise, whereas the performance of MED and ED is drastically degraded. We also show that performance under the conventional model can be too pessimistic if impulsive noise is present, whereas it can be too optimistic in the absence of this impairment. We also discuss the fact that impulsive noise is not such a severe problem when we take into account the more realistic implementation-oriented model.
Eficiência e atividade enzimática elicitada por metil jasmonato e silicato de potássio em cana-de-a?úcar parasitada por Meloidogyne incognita
Guimares, Lílian Margarete Paes;Pedrosa, Elvira Maria Régis;Coelho, Rildo Sartori Barbosa;Couto, Erick Farias;Maranh?o, Sandra Roberta Vaz Lira;Chaves, Andréa;
Summa Phytopathologica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-54052010000100001
Abstract: the present study had as objective to evaluate methyl jasmonate and potassium silicate effect on meloidogyne incognita parasitism in sugarcane (saccharum sp.) variety rb863129 and peroxidase and β-1,3-glucanase activity elicited, under greenhouse. the effect of methyl jasmonate and potassium silicate did not affect shoot biomass. methyl jasmonate and potassium silicate significantly decreased eggs number per gram of roots. seven days after application, both inducers affected b-glucanase activity in parasited plants and at 14 and 21 days, inducers promoted significant variations in peroxidase e -1,3-glucanase levels in plants under parasitism, although, inversely to peroxidase, β-1,3-glucanase activity did not differ between inoculated and non inoculated plants.
Coopera??o internacional na área da Saúde Coletiva: propostas para um debate
Loyola,Maria Andréa; Corrêa,Marilena Cordeiro Dias Villela; Guimares,Eduardo Ribas De Biase;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232010000400015
Abstract: in the available literature, there is no study devoted to international cooperation in public health. this paper aims to partly fill this gap, raising and examining the state of art in this area as well as how it interferes in the evaluation of post-graduate programs. the study used secondary data available at capes "indicators journals", during the years of 1998 to 2006. it also analyzes foreign scholarships and special programs of cooperation of capes from 2005 to 2009 through a quantitative descriptive methodology. it shows that international cooperation in the area is relatively developed in a variety of themes and diverse partnerships, focusing in the united states. it is observed a positive correlation between the number of international cooperation and a high-concept program into the evaluation of capes, the last triennium of evaluation. the sub-areas where there is more cooperation are, in order: epidemiology; planning, and others. there is a variety of institutions, themes and subareas involved in international cooperation that could be a positive indicator in the evaluation, but as far as was possible to infer, no significant correlation in this direction was found.
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