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Lactoferrin and free secretory component of human milk inhibit the adhesion of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli to HeLa cells
Andréa de Araújo, Loreny Giugliano
BMC Microbiology , 2001, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2180-1-25
Abstract: Many epidemiological studies of diarrhoea have shown that breast-feeding protects infants from intestinal infections. Both immunoglobulin and non-immunoglobulin elements of human milk are thought to contribute to the protection from diarrhoeal agents.The effects of human milk and its protein components on the localized adherence of EPEC were investigated. Non-immunoglobulin components of human milk responsible for the inhibition of EPEC adhesion to HeLa cells were isolated by chromatographic fractionation of human whey proteins. Besides secretory immunoglobulin A, which has been previously reported to affect the adhesion of EPEC, free secretory component (fSC) and lactoferrin (Lf) were isolated. Even in concentrations lower than those usually found in whole milk, fSC and Lf were able to inhibit the adhesion of EPEC. α-lactalbumin was also isolated, but showed no activity on EPEC adhesion.This study demonstrated that the immunoglobulin fraction, the free secretory component and lactoferrin of human milk inhibit EPEC adhesion to HeLa cells. These results indicate that fSC and Lf may be important non-specific defence factors against EPEC infections.Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) strains comprise one of the various categories of diarrhoeagenic E. coli and are the leading aetiological agent of infant acute diarrhoea in Brazil [1,2]. Infection by EPEC involves initial adherence of the bacteria to the intestinal epithelial cells via bundle-forming pilus (BFP), and subsequent intimate contact mediated by an outer membrane protein, intimin. This process leads to the effacement of enterocyte microvilli, forming what is known as the attaching and effacing lesion [3,4]. EPEC strains adhere to HeLa and Hep 2 tissue culture cell lines, forming a kind of microcolony in a pattern termed localized adherence; they also form similar attaching and effacing lesion on cells in vitro [5].Many epidemiological studies of diarrhoea have shown that breast-feeding protects infants fr
Avalia??o qualitativa em medicina: experiência em propedêutica médica na UFBA, 2003
Araújo, Dolores;Peixinho, André Luiz;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Médica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-55022006000200004
Abstract: today one recognizes the need of promoting some changes in medical education aimed at graduating professionals with a more humanistic profile. to achieve this goal it seems essential to invest in new evaluation procedures. the main objective of this study consists in describing the use of daily records as an instrument of educational evaluation. the present paper is a qualitative case study involving the reading of the daily records produced by the students enrolled in the course on propaedeutic medicine i, of the faculty of medicine - ufba during the year of 2003. the research relied mainly on techniques of interpretation of contents of the collected data. the analysis of reports on practical activities allowed for a broad understanding of the students' experiences in their first contact with patients, how they judge their daily activities and the performance of the teachers as well as their view of their own learning progress. the daily record: 1) allows for monitoring the practical classroom activities and the performance in terms of teaching methodology; 2) provides elements for the affective evaluation of the students; 3) serves as a resource for the reformulation of pedagogical practices based on the feedback from the students; 4) works as an instrument for self-evaluation for the students.
O lugar filosófico da negocia o, no romance Teatro , de Bernardo Carvalho
André Luís de Araújo
Caligrama : Revista de Estudos Romanicos , 2006,
Abstract: Resumo: A leitura do romance Teatro (1998), de Bernardo Carvalho, incita-nos ao questionamento das condi es nas quais se produz e se comunica o saber, uma vez que o já acalorado debate em torno dos Estudos Culturais, conforme defendido por Néstor García Canclini, Walter Mignolo, Homi Bhabha, Edward Said, entre outros, demonstrou n o existir um local geográfico ou epistemológico privilegiado que detenha os direitos de propriedade sobre as práticas teóricas, mas apenas um “local filosófico” de discuss o. Palavras-chave: Bernardo Carvalho; Teatro; estudos culturais; filosofia. Resumen: La lectura de la novela Teatro (1998), de Bernardo Carvalho, nos incita al cuestionamiento de las condiciones en las que se produce y se comunica el saber, una vez que el candente debate en torno a los Estudios Culturales, conforme defendido por Néstor García Canclini, Walter Mignolo, Homi Bhabha, Edward Said, entre otros, demostró no existir un local geográfico o epistemológico privilegiado que detenga los derechos de propiedad sobre las prácticas teóricas, sino apenas un “local filosófico” de discusión. Palabras-clave: Bernardo Carvalho; Teatro; estudios culturales; filosofía. Keywords: Bernardo Carvalho; Teatro; cultural studies; philosophy.
The Classification of Partition Homogeneous Groups with Applications to Semigroup Theory
Jorge André,Jo?o Araújo,Peter J. Cameron
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Let $\lambda=(\lambda_1,\lambda_2,...)$ be a \emph{partition} of $n$, a sequence of positive integers in non-increasing order with sum $n$. Let $\Omega:=\{1,...,n\}$. An ordered partition $P=(A_1,A_2,...)$ of $\Omega$ has \emph{type} $\lambda$ if $|A_i|=\lambda_i$. Following Martin and Sagan, we say that $G$ is \emph{$\lambda$-transitive} if, for any two ordered partitions $P=(A_1,A_2,...)$ and $Q=(B_1,B_2,...)$ of $\Omega$ of type $\lambda$, there exists $g\in G$ with $A_ig=B_i$ for all $i$. A group $G$ is said to be \emph{$\lambda$-homogeneous} if, given two ordered partitions $P$ and $Q$ as above, inducing the sets $P'=\{A_1,A_2,...\}$ and $Q'=\{B_1,B_2,...\}$, there exists $g\in G$ such that $P'g=Q'$. Clearly a $\lambda$-transitive group is $\lambda$-homogeneous. The first goal of this paper is to classify the $\lambda$-homogeneous groups. The second goal is to apply this classification to a problem in semigroup theory. Let $\trans$ and $\sym$ denote the transformation monoid and the symmetric group on $\Omega$, respectively. Fix a group $H\leq \sym$. Given a non-invertible transformation $a\in \trans\setminus \sym$ and a group $G\leq \sym$, we say that $(a,G)$ is an \emph{$H$-pair} if the semigroups generated by $\{a\}\cup H$ and $\{a\}\cup G$ contain the same non-units, that is, $< a,G>\setminus G=< a,H>\setminus H$. Using the classification of the $\lambda$-homogeneous groups we classify all the $\sym$-pairs. This topic involves both group theory and semigroup theory; we have attempted to include enough exposition to make the paper self-contained for researchers in both areas. The paper finishes with a number of open problems on permutation and linear groups.
Fossiliferous Localities of the Pirabas Formation (Lower Miocene)
Vladimir de Araújo Távora,André Augusto Rodrigues dos Santos,Raphael Neto Araújo
Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi : Ciências Naturais , 2010,
Abstract: The Pirabas Formation occurs in twenty-seven geographic localities in the Pará, Maranh o and Piauí states, where has been recorded in outcrops along coastal cliffs, roadcuts, mines and in the underground. In this paper, for the first time, the localities were located in map and georeferentiated, its macrofossiliferous content recorded, and the researchers that studied the specific geographic village were listed.
Flowering phenology and pollination of ornithophilous species in two habitats of Serra da Bodoquena, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Faria, Rogério R.;Araújo, Andréa C.;
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0001-37652010000400006
Abstract: the aim of this study is to describe interactions between hummingbirds and ornithophilous species at serra da bodoquena in midwest brazil, with focus on flowering phenology and pollination of these plant species. in two habitats, gallery forest and semi-deciduous forest, data on flowering phenology of ornithophilous species were collected monthly over 14 months. in addition, data on morphology and floral biology, as well as visitor frequency and hummingbird behavior, were recorded. the studied community contained eight ornithophilous plant species and six hummingbird species. the ornithophilous species flowered throughout the year, and the greatest abundance of flowers was at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry one. the herit huingbird phaethornis pretrei and feales of thalurania furcata, were the most similar in floral resource use. acanthaceae is the most representative family of ornithophilous plant species in serra da bodoquena and, thus, represents the main food source for hummingbirds. ruellia angustiflora is especially important because it flowers continuously throughout the year and is a significant food resource for p. pretrei, which is the main visitor for this plant guild.
Como a coréia de Sydenham é tratada no Rio de Janeiro?
Souza, Vinicius Castro;Araújo, Alexandra Prufer;André, Charles;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2007000400021
Abstract: background: sydenham's chorea is the most common cause of acquired childhood chorea in brazil. thus it is relevant to know how physicians treat those patients. objective: to describe the practice patterns of sydenham's chorea among pediatricians. method: a descriptive study was undertaken using a questionnaire among specialists and emergency pediatricians who work in public hospitals of rio de janeiro district. results:74% of the physicians informed not to use any severity scale; 81% informed to always prescribe benzatine penicillin; 64% informed to begin pharmacological treatment for all patients; and haloperidol was the most remembered drug among all physicians. conclusion: physicians do not use routinely severity scales in follow-up of choreic patients; there is a tendency of irregular prescription of benzatine penicillin by younger doctors; and 28.3% prescribe only haloperidol.
Da produ??o em massa à customiza??o em massa: sustentando a lideran?a na fabrica??o de motores elétricos
Machado, André Gustavo Carvalho;Moraes, Walter Fernando Araújo de;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512009000400004
Abstract: the objective of this paper is to analyze how a market leader works with the production of both standardized and customized motors, trying to identify the elements that corroborate for the development of this last approach. therefore, the research strategy adopted was a case study. the analysis of the data was accomplished in five phases. the results allowed to verify that the customization process of engines carry out activities in different stages of the value chain, with the predomination of the manufacturing and assembly stages. for this, the following practices associated to six enablers are developed: time-based manufacturing, supply chain, flexibility of the productive system, product project, organizational aspects, and information technology. the conclusion is that, in spite of the apparent incompatibility among the mass production and the mass customization, the adoption of both approaches has been bringing benefits associated to the exchange of information, knowledge and experience among the lines of products. furthermore, the analysis of the demand for customized products has been subsidizing the decision for the inclusion of the same ones to the lines of standardized products.
Integralidade da aten??o e integra??o de servi?os de saúde: desafios para avaliar a implanta??o de um "sistema sem muros"
Hartz, Zulmira M. de Araújo;Contandriopoulos, André-Pierre;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2004000800026
Abstract: the premise of this paper is that comprehensive health care is a major component in the investigation and evaluation of health services and systems, structured as inter-organizational health care networks articulating clinical, functional, normative, and systemic dimensions in their operationalization and based on the understanding that no organization combines all the necessary resources and capabilities to solve the health problems of a population with its various life cycles. given the complex nature of this "system without walls", eliminating barriers to access in the various health care levels in response to local and regional health, we take this opportunity to share a few "preliminary lessons" from our experience and from the literature on integrated health services which may interest researchers and managers concerned with the implementation of such services.
Chave de identifica??o de Gastrotricha de águas continentais e marinhas do Brasil
Garraffoni, André R.S.;Araújo, Thiago Q.;
Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia (S?o Paulo) , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0031-10492010003300001
Abstract: gastrotricha are free-living microscopic invertebrates, characterized by a meiobenthic life style in freshwater and marine habitats. in spite of the high number of individuals and their ecological importance, this taxon is underestimated in brazil. considering the importance of the gastrotricha in the interstitial benthic community we aimed to help and stimulate new research with this group in brazil. thus, the present study provides a taxonomic key for the brazilian freshwater and marine gastrotricha based on the available data. furthermore, we pointed out methods of collecting, preserving and photographing gastrotricha. portuguese terminologies of the main morphological characters used to identify species were also listed as a glossary.
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