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Proptose causada por adenoma pituitário gigante: relato de caso
Pereira, Andréa;Monteiro, Mário Luiz Ribeiro;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492003000400017
Abstract: purpose: to describe the unusual occurrence of unilateral proptosis associated with oculomotor palsy and blindness, caused by a giant pituitary adenoma. methods: the patient was submitted to clinical and ophthalmologic examination, visual field, magnetic resonance imaging and histopathological study after surgical intervention for the removal of the tumor. results: a 21-years-old woman had progressive bilateral visual loss, associated with proptosis and limitation of ocular motility of the left eye. visual field examination revealed a complete temporal hemianopsia in the right eye and no light perception in the left eye. magnetic resonance imaging showed a large tumor infiltrating the iii ventricule, cavernous sinus and orbital apex. the histopathological study revealed a pituitary adenoma producing prolactin and growth hormone without signs of malignancy. conclusions: this case is of interest not only because it documents the extremely rare occurrence of orbital involvement by a pituitary tumor but also because it emphasizes the need of an early diagnosis of invasive adenomas since such tumors not necessarily follow a benign clinical course despite their histologically benign nature.
Proptose causada por adenoma pituitário gigante: relato de caso
Pereira Andréa,Monteiro Mário Luiz Ribeiro
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2003,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Relatar um caso raro de proptose unilateral associada à paralisia oculomotora e cegueira causados por adenoma pituitário gigante. MéTODOS: A paciente foi submetida a exame clínico e oftalmológico completo, campimetria, exame de imagem por ressonancia magnética e estudo histopatológico do tumor após interven o cirúrgica. RESULTADOS: Paciente de 21 anos apresentou perda visual progressiva bilateral associada à proptose e limita o da motilidade ocular do olho esquerdo. A campimetria revelou hemianopsia temporal completa no olho direito e havia ausência de percep o luminosa no olho esquerdo. O exame de imagem por ressonancia magnética mostrou extenso tumor infiltrando o terceiro ventrículo, seio cavernoso e ápice da órbita à esquerda. O estudo histopatológico revelou se tratar de adenoma hipofisário produtor de horm nio de crescimento e prolactina sem sinais de malignidade. CONCLUS O: Este caso é de interesse n o apenas pelo fato do envolvimento orbitário pelos adenomas ser extremamente raro, mas também para salientar a importancia de diagnóstico precoce uma vez que apesar da histologia benigna, os adenomas invasivos nem sempre seguem curso clínico favorável.
Prepara??o de carv?o ativado em baixas temperaturas de carboniza??o a partir de rejeitos de café: utiliza??o de FeCl3 como agente ativante
Pereira, Elaine;Oliveira, Luiz C. A.;Vallone, Andréa;Sapag, Karim;Pereira, Márcio;
Química Nova , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422008000600004
Abstract: ferric chloride as a new activating agent was used to obtain activated carbons from agroindustrial waste. this material was prepared at three temperatures of pyrolysis, 200, 280 and 400 oc. the carbonaceous materials obtained after the activation processes showed high specific surface areas (bet), with values higher than 900 m2 g-1. the materials showed different behaviors in the adsorption of methylene blue dye and reactive red textile dye in water solutions. an important fact in the use of fecl3 as an activating agent is that the activation temperature is at 280 oc, well below of those commonly employed in chemical or physical activations described in the literature.
Cirurgia cardíaca videoassistida: 6 anos de experiência
Fortunato Júnior, Jeronimo Antonio;Pereira, Marcelo Luiz;Martins, André Luiz M.;Pereira, Daniele de Souza C.;Paz, Maria Evangelista;Paludo, Luciana;Branco Filho, Alcides;Milosewich, Branka;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2012, DOI: 10.5935/1678-9741.20120006
Abstract: introduction: minimally invasive and video-assisted cardiac surgery (vacs) has increased in popularity over the past 15 years. the small incisions have been associated with a good aesthetic effect and less surgical trauma, therefore less postoperative pain and rapid recovery. objectives: to present our series with vacs, after 6 years of use of the method. methods: 136 patients underwent vacs, after written consent, between september 2005 and october 2011, 50% for men and age of 47.8 ± 15, 4anos, divided into two groups: with cardiopulmonary (cec) (gccec=105 patients): mitral valve disease (47/105), aortic disease (39/105), congenital heart disease (19/105) and without extracorporeal circulation (cec) (gscec=31 patients): cardiac resynchronization (18/ 31), cardiac tumor (4/31) and minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting (6/31). gccec was held in right minithoracotomy (3 to 5 cm) and femoral access to perform cannulation. results: in gccec, mean length of icu stay and hospital stay were respectively 2.4 ± 4.5 days and 5.0 ± 6.8 days. twelve patients presented complications in post-operative and five (4.8%) death. ninety-three (88.6%) patients evolved uneventful, were extubated in operating room, and remained a mean of 1.8 ± 0.9 days in icu and 3.6±1.3 days in the hospital. in gscec, were mean 1.3 ± 0.7 days in icu and 2.9 ± 1.4 days in hospital and without complications or deaths. conclusion: the results found in this series are comparable to those of world literature and confirm the method as an option the conventional technique.
Reopera??o de valva mitral totalmente endoscópica: relato de caso
Fortunato Júnior, Jeronimo Antonio;Branco Filho, Alcides D.;Branco, Anibal;Martins, André Luiz M.;Pereira, Marcelo;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382008000300020
Abstract: minimum incision techniques in cardiac surgery have been on the rise after their inclusion in videothoracoscopy. video-assisted minimally invasive cardiac surgery is considered by many centers in the world to be the approach of choice for treatment of mitral and aortic valve diseases. the aim of this is study is to report a case of valve repair in a patient with mitral restenosis after surgical repair 12 years before. through a minimally invasive and totally endoscopic procedure, it was possible to successfully perform a mitral commissurotomy with only videoscopic support, and without any incisions larger than those needed to introduce the trocars for instrumentation.
Infec o por HTL VI/II e doen as do tecido conjuntivo
M?nica Martinelli Nunes de Carvalho,Silvana Pereira Giozza,André Luiz Muniz Alves dos Santos,Edgar Marcelino de Carvalho
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/s0482-50042007000100018
Intake and total apparent digestibility in lambs fed six maize varieties in the Brazilian Semiarid
Santos, Rafael Dantas dos;Pereira, Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro;Neves, André Luis Alves;Araújo, Gherman Garcia Leal de;Arag?o, Alex Santos Lustosa de;Chizzotti, Mário Luiz;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982011001200040
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the daily intake and total apparent digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, gross energy, ether extract, neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber, total and non-fibrous carbohydrates, total digestible nutrients, energy intake and nitrogen balance of silages of six maize varieties with early or super early cycles recommended to northeast brazil. twenty-four male castrated lambs were lodged in metabolic cages. a completely randomized design with six treatments and four replications was used, with means compared by tukey test at 5%. there were no differences among varieties for any of the evaluated variables regarding intake and apparent digestibility. concerning the intake of digestible energy, metabolizable energy and the ratio content of digestible and metabolizable energy, significant differences were observed between varieties and brs assum preto showed highest values of metabolizable energy (2.650,8 kcal/day). all of the treatments presented positive nitrogen balance and did not differ among themselves. the varieties asessed can be an additional option to the semiarid regions in brazil.
A cadeia de logística reversa de resíduos de servi os de saúde dos hospitais públicos de Minas Gerais: análise a partir dos conceitos da nova Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos Urbanos
André Luiz Pereira,Sandra Rosa Pereira
Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente , 2011,
Abstract: The environment has been a nation’s concern because of the consequences of human activities on life and environmental quality. The United Nations – UN, as an international congregation, has promoted various discussions and involvements of countries to adopt accountability measures towards the environment. Brazil, by the legal point of view, has moved positively into the implementation of mechanisms that promote environmental policies. Examples of this concern are highlighted in protectionist measures in the 1988 Constitution, the various councils and environmental systems, and more recently the Law nr. 12.305/10, setting important aspects in the management of Urban Solid Waste. This law attempts to prevent the waste production, and improve people and environmental safety. Thus, this qualitative study, with a descriptive-exploratory approach, refers to reverse logistics of health services waste from the public hospitals in Minas Gerais, the role and responsibilities of public and private management. In conclusion, the public hospitals of Minas Gerais state should change their management to achieve all the law 12,305/10 requirements.
Padroniza??o da técnica para cirurgia cardíaca videoassistida: experiência inicial
Fortunato Júnior, Jeronimo Antonio;Branco Filho, Alcides A.;Branco, Aníbal;Martins, André Luiz M.;Pereira, Marcelo L.;Ferraz, Jo?o Gustavo G.;Paludo, Luciana;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382008000200006
Abstract: introduction: minimally invasive cardiac surgery has been performed in major worldwide centers, including procedure such as valves, coronary and congenital surgery. objective: to demonstrate our first works with noninvasive cardiac surgery by mean of the experience gained with general and thoracic surgery. methods: whenever possible to carry out a minimally invasive cardiac surgery, this was the approach of choice. the left thoracoscopy was used in four cases: (1) symptomatic coronary-pulmonary fistula ligation; (2) implant of an epicardial electrode into the left ventricle for resynchronization; (3) excision of pericardial giant lipoma in the left atrium, and (4) resection of hemangiolipoma in the mediastinum. right thoracoscopy with extracorporeal circulation through cardiopulmonary bypass via femoral vein and artery and cardiac arrest in ventricular fibrillation with moderate hypothermia were carried out in the following cases: (5) patient with mitral stenosis after surgical repair with carpentier ring 12 years before. an anterior and posterior commissurotomy without thoracotomy was successfully made; (6) patient with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, high-response atrial fibrillation, and severe mitral insufficiency, underwent mitral repair surgery with gregori's ring and ablation of the pulmonary veins with radio-frequency catheter. (mazze modified). result: no death occurred in this series and the surgical result in all cases was highly satisfactory. all patients were discharged from hospital with a mean time of 5.5 ± 5 days after intervention. conclusion: our initial experience in this field proves the effectiveness and the viability in introducing this type of technique.
Freqüência de doen?as reumáticas em indivíduos infectados pelo HTLV-1
Carvalho, M?nica Martinelli Nunes de;Giozza, Silvana Pereira;Santos, André Luiz Muniz Alves dos;Carvalho, Edgar Marcelino de;Araújo, Maria Ilma;
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0482-50042006000500003
Abstract: introduction: the htlv-1 is a human retrovirus associated with adult t-cell leukaemia (atl) and with htlv-1- associated myelopathy or tropical spastic paraparesis, which has also been implicated in the development of autoimmunity. objective: the aim of this study was to determine the frequency of autoimmune rheumatic diseases in patients infected with htlv-1. patients and methods: it was included 137 individuals infected with htlv-1 from the multidisciplinary ambulatory of immunology service, hupes-ufba, salvador (ba), from january 2003 to may 2004. all participants answered to a general questionnaire regarding rheumathological manifestations and specific questionnaires to confirm the diagnose criteria of rheumatoid arthritis (ra), systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), sj?gren?s syndrome (ss) and polymyositis. additionally, they were submitted to specific clinical exams, besides complementary evaluations. results: 24 patients had diagnose of probable sj?gren?s syndrome (17.5%), 18 patients (13.1%) had ra, one patient had diagnose of sle (0.7%) and another of mixed connective tissue disease (0.7%, respectively). htlv-1-associated arthropathy (haap) was suspected in 22 individuals (16.1%). sj?gren?s syndrome and ra were more frequent in patients with myelopathy (33.3 and 25.9%, respectively) than in asymptomatic carriers (13.6 and 10%, respectively). the frequency of htlv-1-associated arthropathy was the same in both groups. conclusion: in this study it was observed a high frequency of sj?gren?s syndrome and ra in individuals infected with htlv-1, mainly in those with myelopathy. therefore, with this results that support data in the literature, we should call attention to the occurrence of autoimmune rheumatic diseases in these kind of patients.
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