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Victor Hugo Alves Okazaki,André Luiz Félix Rodacki
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: The present study analyzed the effect of increased distance on basketball jump shot outcome and performance. Ten male expert basketball players were filmed and a number of kinematic variables analyzed during jump shot that were performed from three conditions to represent close, intermediate and far distances (2.8, 4.6, and 6.4m, respectively). Shot accuracy decreased from 59% (close) to 37% (far), in function of the task constraints (p < 0.05). Ball release height decreased (p < 0.05) from 2.46 m (close) to 2.38m (intermediate) and to 2.33m (long). Release angle also decreased (p < 0.05) when shot was performed from close (78.92°) in comparison to intermediate distances (65.60°). While, ball release velocity increased (p < 0.05) from 4.39 m/s (close) to 5.75 m·s-1 (intermediate) to 6.89 m·s-1 (far). These changes in ball release height, angle and velocity, related to movement performance adaptations were suggested as the main factors that influence jump shot accuracy when distance is augmented
Efeito do uso do traje de neoprene sobre variáveis técnicas, fisiológicas e perceptivas de nadadores
Santos, Karini Borges dos;Bento, Paulo Cesar Barauce;Rodacki, André Luiz Félix;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Física e Esporte , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-55092011000200002
Abstract: in open water swimming competitions, athletes are prone to environmental conditions and are frequently exposed to low temperatures, in contrast to what occurs in indoor competitions. in some circumstances the use of special swimming suits is allowed to avoid hypothermia. the aim of this study was to verify the effects of the use of a neoprene swimming suit in comparison to a conventional swimming suit on a number of cinematic and psychophysiological variables. twenty athletes experienced in swimming competitions (12 triathletes and 8 swimmers; 22.0± 6.6 yearsold), whose the performance was 75 ± 7.7% of the national record. athletes performed two maximal and two submaximal 400m crawl simulated competition with a whole body neoprene swimming suit and with a conventional swimming suit. mean speed (vm) stroke length (cb), stroke frequency (fb), swimming index (in), rate of perceived effort (pse), heart rate, and blood lactate concentration (lac) were compared between conditions. the time to perform maximal trials with the use of the neoprene swimming suit was 6.4% shorter than when wearing the traditional swimming suit. fb and the psychophysiological variables remained unchanged, while cb increased in response to the use of the neoprene swimming suit. the use of the neoprene swimming suit in submaximal trials provided smaller fb, fc, lac and pse and larger cb and in in comparison to the use of the traditional swimming suit. the results indicated that the neoprene swimming suit increases performance in biomechanical, physiological and perceptive aspects. the vm increase in maximal efforts does not depend exclusively on changes in fb and cb. possibly, increments of the parameters related to the swimming may have improved the mechanical efficiency of the movement, which may have provided a movement economy that resulted in a better performance.
Efeito transiente de exercícios de flexibilidade na articula??o do quadril sobre a marcha de idosas
Cristopoliski, Fabiano;Sarraf, Thiago Augusto;Dezan, Valério Henrinque;Provensi, Cléver Luiz Gregolin;Rodacki, André Luiz Félix;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922008000200011
Abstract: gait is the most common activity performed by humans, being a fundamental motor ability to locomotion. however, ageing is characterized by a gradual reduction of the locomotor apparatus efficiency which occurs by the decrease in strength, muscle mass and flexibility. this study aimed to verify the transient effect of a single session of hip extensor and flexor muscles stretching exercises over gait in elderly subjects. five elderly ladies (67.0 ± 3.8 years 1.59 ± 0.07 m; 64.3 ± 15.3 kg) volunteered to participate in the study. gait analysis was performed before and after stretching exercises. the stretching protocol was applied in a single session and consisted of three static stretching exercises conducted during 30s for the hip joint flexor and extensor muscles. after the stretching session, participants' gait showed reduced pelvic anterior tilt peak, greater hip range of motion and extension peak, greater knee range of motion, greater knee peak flexion angle during the mid swing and greater toe clearance (28.6%). results showed that immediately after a stretching session, the elderly women presented alterations in the gait pattern in which some variables suggest a reduced risk of fall. the effects of ageing over some variables were partially reversed and the participants presented a gait pattern more similar to young adults than before stretching.
Rotavirus and adenovirus in Rond?nia
Magalh?es, Gleiciene Félix;Nogueira, Paulo Afonso;Grava, Andréa Fagundes;Penati, Marilene;Silva, Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da;Orlandi, Patricia Puccinelli;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762007005000067
Abstract: acute gastroenteritis is one of the most common diseases in humans worldwide. viral gastroenteritis is a global problem in infants and young children. in this study the incidence of diarrhea was assessed in 877 hospitalized children under five years old, over a period of 24 months and distributed in 470 cases of diarrhea and 407 age-matched group with other pathologies, as control group. two antigen detection techniques based on enzyme immunoassay (eia) and latex particles were used for detection of rotavirus and adenovirus. rotavirus a was a major cause of gastroenteritis with 23.6% of cases, being 90% of these cases in young children. adenovirus infections was detected by eia with frequency of 6.4%. rotavirus and adenovirus were detected in 10.1 and 1.7% of stools from control group, respectively. interestingly, the frequency of the youngest children in the control group excreting rotavirus a was comparable to that detected in stools from diarrheic children. we cannot rule out the existence of other enteric viruses because the etiology of 171 cases of diarrhea was not determined and active search for astrovirus and calicivirus was not done. this is the first study that shows the presence of enteric viruses in the infantile population from western brazilian amazonia and it was important to help physicians in the treatment of viral gastroenteritis.
Characterization of Shigella spp. by antimicrobial resistance and PCR detection of ipa genes in an infantile population from Porto Velho (Western Amazon region), Brazil
Silva, Tatiane;Nogueira, Paulo Afonso;Magalh?es, Gleiciene Félix;Grava, Andréa Fagundes;Silva, Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da;Orlandi, Patrícia Puccinelli;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762008000700017
Abstract: the incidence of shigella spp. was assessed in 877 infants from the public hospital in rond?nia (western amazon region, brazil) where shigella represents the fourth cause of diarrhea. twenty-five isolates were identified: 18 were shigella flexneri, three shigella sonnei, three shigella boydii and one shigella dysenteriae. with the exception of s. dysenteriae, all shigella spp. isolated from children with diarrhea acquired multiple antibiotic resistances. pcr detection of ipa virulence genes and invasion assays of bloody diarrhea and fever (colitis) were compared among 25 patients testing positive for shigella. the ipah and ipabcd genes were detected in almost all isolates and, unsurprisingly, all shigella isolates associated with colitis were able to invade hela cells. this work alerts for multiple antibiotic resistant shigella in the region and characterizes presence of ipa virulence genes and invasion phenotypesin dysenteric shigellosis.
Variabilidade genética em trigos brasileiros a partir de caracteres componentes da qualidade industrial e produ??o de gr?os
Schmidt, Douglas André Mallmann;Carvalho, Fernando Irajá Félix de;Oliveira, Ant?nio Costa de;Silva, José Ant?nio Gonzalez da;Bertan, Ivandro;Valério, Igor Pirez;Hartwig, Irineu;Silveira, Gustavo da;Gutkoski, Luiz Carlos;
Bragantia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052009000100006
Abstract: the breeding for wheat bread making quality represents a great opportunity to incorporate commercial value to agricultural products. wheat has one of the best relationship between end product quality and farmer earnings. genetic variability among 22 different genotypes based on bread making quality traits and grain yield and the degree of their association was assessed. this research was performed at centro agropecuário da palma experimental field of universidade federal de pelotas, cap?o do le?o (rs), brazil. the results indicated that it is likely the existence of genetic variability for the assessed traits. brs 208, rubi and safira were the best genotypes for breeding programs aiming at high grain yield and bread making quality. grain yield showed negative correlation with flour protein content. thus, grain yield improvement can negatively affect protein content. however, the total protein content did not show a significant correlation with gluten strength, suggesting that the protein in the flour is not efficient for predicting bread making quality. therefore, selection for grain yield can be performed without affecting bread making quality.
Bacillary angiomatosis in HIV-positive patient from Northeastern Brazil: a case report
Justa, Renata Félix da;Carneiro, Adriana Banhos;Rodrigues, Jorge Luiz Nobre;Cavalcante, Andréia;Gir?o, Evelyne Santana;Silva, Paulo Sergio;Valen?a Júnior, José Telmo;Menezes, Dalgimar Beserra de;Leit?o, Terezinha do Menino Jesus Silva;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822011000500025
Abstract: it is a report of disseminated bacillary angiomatosis (ba) in a 23-year-old female patient, who is hiv-positive and with fever, weight loss, hepatomegaly, ascites, and papular-nodular skin lesions. the clinical and diagnostic aspects involved in the case were discussed. bacillary angiomatosis must always be considered in the diagnosis of febrile cutaneous manifestations in aids.
Isokinetic assessment of knee flexor/extensor muscular strength in elderly women
Aquino, Marcos de Amorim;Leme, Luiz Eugênio Garcez;Amatuzzi, Marco Martins;Greve, Júlia Maria D'Andréa;Terreri, Ant?nio Sérgio A.P.;Andrusaitis, Félix Ricardo;Nardelli, Júlio César de Carvalho;
Revista do Hospital das Clínicas , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0041-87812002000400002
Abstract: objective: to assess knee flexor-extensor muscular strength in elderly women with no previous history of musculoskeletal disorders on the lower limbs using an isokinetic dynamometer, in order to obtain data that could be used as a comparative parameter in the evaluation of elderly women with knee disorders, thus facilitating a better rehabilitation of these patients. methods: twenty-six volunteers aged 75 to 83 years were studied using a cybex? 6000 isokinetic dynamometer. the chosen angular velocity was 60 o/s, and concentric exercise was used for either flexion or extension. the studied parameters were: peak torque, angle of peak torque, and flexor-extensor torque rate. results: there were no differences between dominant (d) and nondominant (nd) knee peak torque values. this was true for both flexor (d = 42.46 ± 9.09 nm / nd = 40.65 ± 9.38 nm) and extensor (d = 76.92 ± 13.97 nm / nd = 77.65 ± 15.21 nm) movements. the descriptive statistical analysis of the values obtained for the flexor-extensor peak torque rate and for the angle of occurrence of peak torque was the same for the dominant and nondominant sides. conclusions: the values of peak torque for the contralateral side can be used as a reference during rehabilitation of elderly women with acute disease of the knee, and the angular velocity of 60 o/s is proper and safe for isokinetic assessment of elderly people.
Precipitation Extremes Analysis over the Brazilian Northeast via Logistic Regression  [PDF]
Washington Luiz Félix Correia Filho, Paulo Sérgio Lucio, Maria Helena Constantino Spyrides
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2014.41007

This work diagnosed the precipitation extremes over the Brazilian Northeast (NEB) based on logistic regression for obtaining associations between precipitation extremes and the meteorological variables by Odd Ratio (OR). Data of ten meteorological variables to the NEB (North (NNEB), East (ENEB), South (SNEB) and Semiarid (SANEB)) were used daily. The OR results evidenced that the outgoing longwave radiation was the key variable on the precipitation extremes detection in three sub-regions: ENEB with 2.91 times (95% confidence interval (CI): 2.11, 4.02), NNEB with 3.63 times (95% CI: 1.93, 6.83), and SANEB with 5.40 times (95% CI: 3.04, 9.61); while on SNEB, it was relative humidity with 3.88 times (95% CI: 2.89, 5.20) more chance to favor the precipitation extremes. The maximum temperature, zonal wind component, evaporation, specific humidity and RH also had influence on these extremes. Goodness-of-fit and ROC analysis demonstrated that all models had a good fit and good predictive capability.

Serum myeloperoxidase level is increased in heavy smokers  [PDF]
André B. Martins, Valdecir F. Ximenes, Luiz Marcos da Fonseca
Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics (OJCD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojcd.2013.31002

Raised myeloperoxidase (MPO) serum levels are associated with endothelial dysfunction and cigarette smoking is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Since myocardial infarction is associated with leukocytosis and smokers present increased levels of neutrophils, here we hypothesized that the levels of serum MPO in smokers could be also raised. We carried out a study on sixty eight adult healthy volunteers. The control group consisted of thirty four non-smokers and the test group was thirty four heavy smokers. The hemogram, interleukin-8 (IL-8) and MPO serum levels were measured. Neutrophil, monocyte and lymphocyte counts were higher (p < 0.05) and the serum levels of interleukin-8 (IL-8) and MPO were fourfold higher in smokers than in non-smokers (n = 34, p < 0.05). This result correlated perfectly with the increased neutrophil count and IL-8 serum level that characterize smoking subjects. We propose that the high level of serum MPO could be directly involved in the higher prevalence of coronary artery diseases among heavy smokers.

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