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Associated or Concomitant Diseases Influence Significantly the Health-Sickness Concept in Celiacs  [PDF]
Eduardo Cueto Rúa, Maria Teresita Gonzalez Villar, Ricardo Wright, Claudia Losada Gómez, Karol Martínez, María Arregui, Luciana Guzmán, Cecilia Zubiri, Viviana Bernedo, Anabella Zosi, Lorena Menéndez, Lucas Ruiz, Leopoldo Mancinelli, María Urrutia, Ricardo Drut
Open Journal of Epidemiology (OJEpi) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojepi.2017.72013
Abstract: It is well-known that feeling to be a healthy or sick person most probably results from the mind than from the body. We all know healthy people who feel sick and vice versa. We were interested in the health and sickness feeling of celiac people, their autorating of these feelings and its conditioning factors as well as their expectations. In this paper we present the results of an inquiry to evaluate these situations. We performed a descriptive, transversal and prospective study for 2 years to groups of celiacs and their families. They received a closed inquiry to be completed before the beginning of the talk. The inquiry included personal data and the co-existence of associated or concomitant (AoC) diseases. Most of the sample’s patients felt to be a healthy person (86.8%). Mothers see their children as healthy and the auto rated criteria is significantly better than the adult celiac person (“t”= -6.024 (p = 0.000)). AoC diseases influenced negatively in the feeling of being healthy and strongly decreased the autorating. Longer time passed on treatment reflects an increase feeling of health and of the autorating. In people with AoC diseases and who feel sick, the increased time of treatment did not show significant differences. People with “gluten sensitivity” felt sicker and auto rated themselves with a lower number than celiacs. Many pediatric gastroenterologists notice that the newly agreed definition of celiac disease, referring it as “autoimmune, chronic, incurable, and multisystemic”, results in a very negative character of the condition which might compromise the future labour of this people as well as their admittance to different health insurance systems.
Poder, violencia y revolución en los escritos de Hannah Arendt: Algunas notas para repensar la política
Di Pego, Anabella;
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2006,
Abstract: hannah arendt's conception of power is believed to be critical of the violence. from dieses point of view, habermas conceive that arendt sustain a communicative conception of power, in the sense that she considers that the logic of the power is absolutely different from the violence. however, when we approach to the analysis of the power throughout her work, we are faced with enormous difficulties that come from essentially the polysemic character of this notion. we, therefore, propose to distinguish at least two different meanings of the power in arendt, one that we will call "communicative power" following habermas, and another one that we will call "multitude's power". this work engages in controversy with the interpretation of jürgen habermas and tries to contribute with a new light to think about the relationship between power, violence, politics and revolution in arendt's work.
Poder, violencia y revolución en los escritos de Hannah Arendt. Algunas notas para repensar la política
Anabella Di Pego
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2006,
Abstract: A lo largo de su obra, y principalmente en La condición humana, Hannah Arendt concibe el poder, en abierta contraposición con la tradición del pensamiento político, como aquello que surge cuando los hombres se reúnen para actuar y dialogar en concierto. A partir de esto, Habermas sostiene que Arendt sustenta una noción comunicativa del poder. En este trabajo pretendemos se alar algunas de las limitaciones de esta interpretación habermasiana que reduce la noción de poder de Arendt a una dimensión comunicativa. En este sentido, proponemos distinguir en la obra de Arendt dos acepciones diferentes de la noción de poder: una que podría subsumirse bajo lo que Habermas denomina poder comunicativo , y otra que denominaremos poder de reunión , y cuyas principales características procuraremos dilucidar. Por último, a partir de esta distinción de la noción de poder, esbozamos una reinterpretación de la concepción arendtiana de la revolución y de la política.
Anabella Rebolledo A
Revista Chilena de Nutricíon , 2003,
Non-thermal radiation associated with astrophysical shock waves
Anabella T. Araudo
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: The main goal of this thesis is to study the physical processes that can produce non-thermal emission at high energies in astrophysical objects capable to accelerate particles up to relativistic velocities. In particular, we have studied the gamma-ray emission produced in cosmic sources with different spatial scales, from young stellar objects to clusters of galaxies, going through microquasars and active galactic nuclei. In the former cases, we have modeled the gamma-ray emission using the radio data from the sources IRAS 16547-4247 and Abell 3376. In the latter, we have developed a specific radiation model based on the interaction of the inhomogeneities of the external medium with the jets generated by the compact object. Specifically, we have considered clumps of the massive stellar wind in microquasars, and clouds of the broad line region in active galactic nuclei, interacting with the jets of the sources. In all cases, the developed models allow us to make predictions testables with the new generation of instruments operating at high energies, such as the satellites Fermi and AGILE, and the Cherenkov telescopes HESS, MAGIC, and the forthcoming CTA.
X-ray and $γ$-ray propagation in bent crystals with flat and cylindrical surfaces
A. Apolloni,G. Mana,C. Palmisano,G. Zosi
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/S0108767308021508
Abstract: In this paper we investigate x-ray and $\gamma$-ray propagation in crystals having a constant strain gradient and flat or cylindrical surfaces. When a displacement field is present, we solve the Takagi-Taupin equations either by the Riemann-Green method or by a numerical method. We apply the results to study the operation of a double-crystal Laue-Laue diffractometer having a flat collimating crystal followed by a bent analyzer crystal. In particular, we examine the effect of the analyzer strain on the location of the diffraction peaks in the dispersive and non-dispersive setup, thus confirming our previously reported peak-location as being set only by the diffracting plane spacing on the analyzer entrance surface.
Spatial variability of disease incidence and mortality in the sea fan Gorgonia ventalina in Puerto Rico (Alcyonacea: Goorgoniidae)
Anabella Zuluaga-Montero,Alberto M. Sabat
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2012,
Abstract: Populations of the common sea fan (Gorgonia ventalina) were decimated by an aspergillosis outbreak throughout the Caribbean two decades ago. Since then, aspergillosis has been considered as the principal cause of mortality in sea fans. However, prevalence and presumably incidence of this disease have been declining in the Caribbean since the mid 1990s. Incidence indicates new cases of disease in previously healthy colonies, while prevalence indicates percent of diseased colonies at a given sample. Most coral disease studies use prevalence rather than incidence to assess the temporal dynamics of diseases. Nevertheless, conclusions based only on prevalence should be handled carefully to avoid misinterpretation. This study was carried out at six reefs in Eastern Puerto Rico. We monitored a total of 448 colonies to (1) obtain estimates of incidence and prevalence of disease and other types of lesions, and (2) to determine causes of sea fan mortality plus their spatial and temporal variation. Three transects (10x1m) were haphazardly placed at each study site. At each transect, every colony was numbered and photographed and its height measured to the nearest cm. Transects were monitored at six months intervals and health status of the colonies was recorded. Also, the colonies were divided into height classes (small, medium and large) for incidence, prevalence and mortality analyses. Incidence and prevalence of disease were low in all reefs, suggesting that disease currently plays a minor role in the regulation of sea fans populations. Detachment was the main cause of mortality, and size structure data suggest that recruitment may compensate for mortality rates in two of the reefs. Spatial differences in size structure and density may be related to environmental and physical characteristics at the reef scale that allow sea fans to reach a safe colony size. Rev. Biol. Trop. 60 (2): 517-526. Epub 2012 June 01. Las poblaciones de abanicos de mar (Gorgonia ventalina) fueron diezmadas por una epidemia de aspergilosis que afectó gran parte del Caribe, hace más de dos décadas. Desde entonces, a la aspergilosis se le ha considerado como la causa principal de mortalidad en los abanicos de mar. Sin embargo, la prevalencia e incidencia de esta enfermedad han disminuido en el Caribe desde mediados de los a os 90. La incidencia se mide como la aparición de nuevos casos de la enfermedad en colonias previamente sanas, mientras que, la prevalencia indica el porcentaje de colonias enfermas en una muestra. La mayoría de los estudios en enfermedades de corales utilizan la prevale
La evaluación del rendimiento en empresas intensivas en conocimiento: Un caso de estudio
Anabella Dávila,Marta M. Elvira
Universia Business Review , 2010,
Abstract: Este estudio presenta cómo las políticas y prácticas de la administración del rendimiento pueden ser integradas más eficazmente para enlazar el rendimiento individual y organizacional en KIFs. Este estudio empírico se basa en CompuSoluciones, una empresa mexicana mediana consultora en tecnologías de información. Los resultados sugieren la necesidad de conectar la administración estratégica de RRHH con la investigación en teoría de las organizaciones a través del estudio de los sistemas administración del rendimiento. Estos sistemas parecen servir de mecanismo integrador para centralizar y descentralizar decisiones más allá de sus efectos motivadores. El rol organizacional de estos sistemas en CompuSoluciones se apoya en una clara intención estratégica basada en principios y valores coherentes, promovidos por la alta dirección y basados también en altos niveles de compromiso existentes entre gerentes y empleados hacia el proceso de evaluación del rendimiento.
Cultura y administración de Recursos Humanos en América Latina
Marta M. Elvira,Anabella Dávila
Universia Business Review , 2005,
Abstract: Las relaciones sociales y el respeto por la autoridad son características del modelo de administración latinoamericana. Estas características están basadas en valores del trabajo que forman un marco cultural apropiado para entender cómo las organizaciones latinoamericanas administran sus recursos humanos. Este artículo explora el desarrollo de la Administración de Recursos Humanos de acuerdo a este marco cultural enfocándose en las prácticas de reclutamiento, selección y promoción, entrenamiento y desarrollo, recompensas y reconocimientos, sistemas de trabajo, comunicación y relaciones laborales, y su relación con el desempe o organizacional en América Latina.
Maintenance treatment with chemotherapy and immunotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer: a case report
Anabella Llanos,Mariana Savignano,Gabriela Cinat
Frontiers in Oncology , 2012, DOI: 10.3389/fonc.2012.00152
Abstract: A 53-years-old woman was diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma state IV (synchronous pleural involvement) in April 2009. First-line systemic treatment included six cycles of Carboplatin, Paclitaxel, and Bevacizumab. Partial response was achieved. Maintenance therapy with Bevacizumab and Pemetrexed was given from September 2009 to February 2010. No response changes were observed. Immunotherapy was initiated, and then Pemetrexed was given with the same disease status. Both treatments were well tolerated. Immunotherapy toxicity included reaction at the site of injection grade 2. At present, the patient is still on this treatment. Given the poor prognosis of patients with advanced lung cancer, the combination of both treatments during the stable phase of the disease may improve progression-free survival.
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