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Revis?o das espécies brasileiras do gênero Exoplectra Chevrolat (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae, Exoplectrinae, Exoplectrini)
Costa, Ana V.;Almeida, Lúcia M.;Corrêa, Geovan H.;
Revista Brasileira de Entomologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0085-56262008000300010
Abstract: the brazilian species of exoplectra chevrolat, 1844, based on the morphological analysis of external characters and genitalia, are revised. among the 37 species in the genera, 14 brazilian species were analysed, including three new species. it was studied the type material of nine of them. the lectotypes of e. angustifrons weise, 1895, e. calcarata (germar, 1824), e. coccinea (fabricius, 1801) and e. miniata (germar, 1824) are designated. exoplectra companyoi mulsant, 1850 is revalidated; e. aenea (fabricius, 1801), e. bernardinensis brèthes, 1925, e. impotens mulsant, 1850, e. luteicornis mulsant, 1850 and e. irregularis (crotch, 1874) are provisionally removed from the genus. two new species from brazil are proposed: e. columba sp. nov., from paraná and e. bimaculata sp. nov., from amazonas. dicotomic key for species is presented as well as pictures and illustrations for the main structures used in the identification.
Initial antimicrobial activity studies of plants of the riverside forests of the southern Uruguay River
Bertucci, Ana;Olivaro, Cristina;Silva, Pedro Almeida da;Ramos, Daniela;Cerdeiras, Maria Pia;Vázquez, Alvaro;
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2009000100005
Abstract: development of new antimicrobial compounds against different microorganisms is becoming critically important, as infectious diseases are still one of the leading causes of death in the world. plants can be a useful source of these lead compounds. in this study, 66 extracts of 25 plants of the riverside forest of southern uruguay river were studied for antimicrobial activity against staphylococcus aureus, listeria inocua, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, mycobacterium tuberculosis, aspergillus niger and candida albicans. fifty-three of these extracts showed some kind of antimicrobial activity. six of these (eugenia mansoni, eugenia repanda, myrcianthes cisplatensis, paullinia ellegans, petunia sp and ruprechtia laxiflora) presented activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis with mic values as low as 50 μg/ml.
Epidemiologia do desenvolvimento cognitivo de escolares em Jequié, Bahia, Brasil: procedimentos de avalia o e resultados gerais
Santos Darci Neves,Borges Ana Patrícia V.,Pereira Paula Sanders,Chalhub Anderson Almeida
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2002,
Abstract: Este artigo descreve metodologia, aplica o e utilidade do teste das Matrizes Progressivas de Raven e do Teste de Sondagem Intelectual (TSI), comparando-os ainda com o rendimento escolar do aluno, em Jequié, Bahia. O Raven, que avalia o raciocínio n o-verbal, foi aplicado a 374 escolares (7 a 17 anos). Somente 231 TSI foram respondidos porque requeriam habilidades de leitura e escrita. Foram coletadas notas escolares para todos os participantes. Um questionário avaliando recursos da escola e perfil do professor foi respondido por duzentos professores. Os escores dos testes Raven e TSI apresentaram uma boa correla o entre si (r = 0,53, p < 0,001) porém menor com as médias escolares (r = 0,22, p < 0,001 e r = 0,12, p < 0,07 respectivamente). Os escores do Raven e do TSI apresentaram baixas correla es com os conceitos escolares. A média de escores, tanto no teste Raven como no TSI, foi maior entre os meninos, sendo superior o desempenho das meninas nas notas escolares. De maneira geral o nível de desempenho cognitivo encontrado está aquém do esperado em crian as do grupo de idade analisada.
Cor Triatriatum Sinister in a French Bulldog
Gustavo L. G. Almeida,Marcelo B. Almeida,Ana Carolina M. Santos, ngela V. Mattos,Ludmila S. C. Oliveira,R mulo C. Braga
Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/413020
Abstract: A 3-year-old male French Bulldog was evaluated due to recent history of intolerance to exercise and coughing. The clinical, radiographic, and echocardiographic findings were consistent with cor triatriatum sinister (CTS), a congenital heart anomaly in which the left atrium is subdivided into two compartments by an abnormal fibromuscular membrane. This defect has been rarely recognized in humans and in domestic cats. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of the disorder in the canine species.
Cor Triatriatum Sinister in a French Bulldog
Gustavo L. G. Almeida,Marcelo B. Almeida,Ana Carolina M. Santos,?ngela V. Mattos,Ludmila S. C. Oliveira,R?mulo C. Braga
Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/413020
Abstract: A 3-year-old male French Bulldog was evaluated due to recent history of intolerance to exercise and coughing. The clinical, radiographic, and echocardiographic findings were consistent with cor triatriatum sinister (CTS), a congenital heart anomaly in which the left atrium is subdivided into two compartments by an abnormal fibromuscular membrane. This defect has been rarely recognized in humans and in domestic cats. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of the disorder in the canine species. 1. Introduction Cor triatriatum (CT) literally means “heart with three atria.” It is among the rarest developmental cardiac disorders reported in people [1, 2], dogs [3], and cats [4–6]. Cor triatriatum sinister (CTS) and dexter (CTD) consist of left or right atrium, respectively, divided into two chambers by a fibrous membrane. In CTS, the left auricle has two distinct compartments: one proximal that receives blood from pulmonary veins and one distal that communicates with the left ventricle through mitral valve. The embryogenesis of CTS is still subject of discussion, but the most accepted theory is that it results from lack of normal regression of the fetal pulmonary veins to form the roof of the left atrium [7, 8]. There are one or more small orifices in the separating membrane, allowing communication between both parts of the left auricle [4, 6]. CTS may be found as an isolated defect (classic) or may be associated with other cardiovascular anomalies—the atypical presentation [9]. The pathophysiological consequences of CTS are variable and strongly depend upon the size of the membrane’s orifice. When associated with other cardiovascular defects, it usually represents a serious disorder [9, 10]. If the membrane’s foramen is large, the disease may show a benign course as seen eventually in adult humans with the classic type [8, 11, 12]. Since 1990s, the transthoracic echocardiography became the first choice imaging technique for the diagnosis of CT due to its high accuracy [1, 9, 10, 13]. This technique is essential not only to establish the diagnosis, but also to assess hemodynamic repercussions and to document eventual associated defects [8]. Other suitable methods for the diagnosis of CTS are cardiac computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging [12], but they are expensive, rarely available in veterinary clinics, and also need general anesthesia to be performed. From the best of our knowledge, CTS in dogs was not reported before in the veterinary literature. The aim of this study was to describe this peculiar entity that was identified
AGUIA: autonomous graphical user interface assembly for clinical trials semantic data services
Miria C Correa, Helena F Deus, Ana T Vasconcelos, Yuki Hayashi, Jaffer A Ajani, Srikrishna V Patnana, Jonas S Almeida
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6947-10-65
Abstract: The data web service, S3DB, meets the necessary requirements of generating the RDF and of explicitly distinguishing the description of the domain from its instantiation, while allowing for continuous editing of both. Furthermore, it uses an HTTP-REST protocol, has a SPARQL endpoint, and has open source availability in the public domain, which facilitates the development and dissemination of this application. However, S3DB alone does not address the issue of representing content in a form that makes sense for domain experts.We identified an autonomous set of descriptors, the GBox, that provides user and domain specifications for the graphical user interface. This was achieved by identifying a formalism that makes use of an RDF schema to enable the automatic assembly of graphical user interfaces in a meaningful manner while using only resources native to the client web browser (JavaScript interpreter, document object model). We defined a generalized RDF model such that changes in the graphic descriptors are automatically and immediately (locally) reflected into the configuration of the client's interface application.The design patterns identified for the GBox benefit from and reflect the specific requirements of interacting with data generated by clinical trials, and they contain clues for a general purpose solution to the challenge of having interfaces automatically assembled for multiple and volatile views of a domain. By coding AGUIA in JavaScript, for which all browsers include a native interpreter, a solution was found that assembles interfaces that are meaningful to the particular user, and which are also ubiquitous and lightweight, allowing the computational load to be carried by the client's machine.The heterogeneity of data produced by biomedical research creates a serious challenge to the interoperability and consistent aggregation of data [1], which renders the development and maintainance of web applications correspondingly more time consuming and resource
Synthesis and characterization of platinum(II) complexes from trifluoromethyl phenylenediamine, picoline and N-benzyl ethylenediamine derivatives
Almeida, Mauro V. de;Chaves, Joana Darc S.;Fontes, Ana Paula Soares;César, Eloi T.;Gielen, Marcel;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532006000700011
Abstract: this work describes the synthesis and characterization of eleven new platinum(ii) complexes having ligands derived from 1,2-phenylenediamine, n-benzyl ethylenediamine and 2- or 4-picoline. the complexes were prepared in satisfactory yields by reaction of k2[ptcl4] with the appropriate ligand. the cytotoxic pre-screening of one of these complexes in seven human cancer cell lines showed that this compound is much less active than cisplatin.
Achados oftalmológicos em 28 crian?as portadoras da seqüência de M?ebius
Santos, Laura Patrícia Ferreira;Ventura, Liana Maria V. de Oliveira;Almeida, Henderson Celestino de;Miller, Marilyn;Colier, Ana Carolina;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492004000400006
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the clinical ophthalmological findings in m?ebius sequence patients. methods: twenty-eight m?ebius sequence patients were studied at three ophthalmological centers in pernambuco state, brazil. results: bilateral epicanthus was found in 25 patients (89.3%), ptosis in 14 (50.0%), corneal opacities from exposure in 5 (17.8%) and diminished bell's reflex in 3 (10.7%). monocular visual acuity varied from 0.03 to 1. visual acuity deficiency was detected in 13 patients (46.4%). the most frequent refractive error was astigmatism. it was observed in 33 eyes (58.9%). at the primary position, 16 patients (57.2%) had esotropia, 2 (7.1%) had exotropia and 7 (25.0%) had orthotropia. fundoscopic examination was normal in 26 patients (92.8%). conclusions: it was observed that m?ebius sequence patients presented important ophthalmological disorders, like visual acuity deficiency, incomitant strabismus, exposure keratitis and refractive errors. it is suggested that these patients should be evaluated early by an ophthalmologist for the diagnosis and treatment of these problems.
Synthesis of platinum complexes from N-benzyl ethylenediamine derivatives
Almeida Mauro V. de,Cesar Eloi T.,Felício Emanoel de C. A.,Fontes Ana Paula S.
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2000,
Abstract: N-benzylethylenediamine derivatives have been prepared in good yields using methodology diferent than that described in the literature. 1H and 13C NMR spectra were used to characterize those compounds. Nine new platinum(II) complexes, analogs of cisplatin and carboplatin, containing these ligands have been prepared and characterized. Preliminary in vitro tests against buccal human carcinoma cell lines (KB cells) showed that the complexes are cytotoxic.
Efeito de Werther
Almeida,Ana Filipa;
Análise Psicológica , 2000,
Abstract: the format of the present study lies in the common assumption of the werther effect in the literature, that is, despite the fact that the improvement of the methodological progress has improved our knowledge on the effects of imitation, the mental schemes and motivations underlying this process remain contradicting and obscure. thus, we intend to develop an investigation methodology which doesn′t focus only on the quantitative perspective, but that will also allow the possibility of a presentation that lies in the qualitative aspect of the werther effect phenomenon. the problem and the hypothesis which were particularly placed in parallel were elaborated through the investigation of the characteristics associated with the werther effect. in this context, it was possible to make an approach in the sense that the proximity of a friend who commited suicide can eventually account for a most likely prognosis of the consequent suicidal ideation. our approach particularly seeks to achieve the purpose that the proximity to a friend who tried to commit suicide may encourage the imitation in adolescents. thus, by being aware of the magnitude of the imitation suicidal behaviour in adolescents one will be able to elaborate and implement strategies in individuals at risk, with the final aim of preventing suicidal groups generated by imitation.
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