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Psicanálise e Teoria Social à luz da teoria vrítica de Theodor W. Adorno
Gomide, Ana Paula de ávila;
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-98932011000100011
Abstract: this paper aims at the discussion of the appropriations made by adorno of the freudian categories in order to introduce new questions about psychoanalysis and its relations with the theory of society, without the risks of “psychologizing” the social determinants or “sociologizing” the psychological determinants. we try to discuss the limitations mentioned by adorno on freudian concepts, especially when they are confronted with the historical trends of late capitalism. the reflections on the “anachronism” of psychoanalysis show how the object studied by freud - the individual - has changed through the economic and social forces that expropriated the individual psychology, and point to the critical potential of the classical psychoanalysis to elucidate the subjective effects of the forms of socialization imposed by the operating mode of the technically administered societies.
Late diagnosis and TCD8 immune response profile of cutaneous tuberculosis: A case report  [PDF]
Bruna Daniella de Souza Silva, Sueli Lemes de ávila Alves, André Kipnis, Ana Paula Junqueira-Kipnis
Open Journal of Immunology (OJI) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/oji.2012.23015
Abstract: Introduction: Cutaneous tuberculosis (CTB) is a rare form of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis that, when associated with late diagnosis, worsen the quality of life of the sick individuals. This report presents a case of late diagnosis of CTB. Unusual clinical manifestations retarded the correct tuberculosis diagnosis for more than a year. The immune response elicited by this type of tuberculosis as well as the factors that might contribute to the delay in diagnosis was evaluated and discussed. Methodology: Clinical evaluation and flow cytometric analyses of PBMC were realized for a case of CTB and a healthy individual as a control. Results: M. tuberculosis specific TCD8+ cell response was analyzed by flow cytometry and revealed positive cells for IL-17, IL-10, TGF-β and IDO. The CTB patient presented higher percentage of those cells when compared to a healthy donor. However, TCD8 cells positive for the important protective cytokine, IFN-γ was decreased in the CTB patient. Conclusion. The assessment of the M. tuberculosis specific TCD8+ immune response showed a regulatory/modulatory phenotype with a reduced IFN-γ response when compared to the healthy control that could have contributed to the CTB infection.
Rheological Study of Polymers Used as Viscosity Index Improvers for Automotive Lubricant Oils  [PDF]
Ana Paula Pena Almeida, Ana Paula Lelis Rodrigues de Oliveira, Cynthia D’ávila Carvalho Erbetta, Ricardo Geraldo de Sousa, Roberto Fernando de Souza Freitas, Maria Elisa Scarpelli Ribeiro e Silva
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.512110

In this work, a rheological study of automotive lubricant oils, neutral light paraffinic (NLP) and neutral medium paraffinic (NMP), additivated with two commercial viscosity index improvers-VIIs, based on hydrogenated poly (isoprene-co-styrene), at different concentrations, was carried out. The study included the determination of the kinematic viscosity of the mixtures, the calculation of the viscosity indexes and their behavior when subjected to various rheometric experiments, including stress sweep, steady state flow, creep and recovery, and temperature ramp oscillatory tests. The obtained results showed the efficacy of the additives as viscosity index improvers, enabling a significant increase in the viscosity index of the pure oils at relatively low concentrations. The determination of the storage (G’) and of the loss (G”) moduli for the mixtures oil/VII additives showed a large predominance of the viscous effect over the elastic one. Except when under low shear stress, the mixtures showed a pseudoplastic behavior, with the flow curves being adjusted to fit the Ostwald-de-Waele model (Power Law), with negative flow behavior indexes.

Climatic Projections of Lightning in Southeastern Brazil Using CMIP5 Models in RCP’s Scenarios 4.5 and 8.5  [PDF]
Ana Paula Paes dos Santos, Osmar Pinto Júnior, Sérgio Rodrigo Quadros dos Santos, Francisco José Lopes de Lima, Everaldo Barreiros de Souza, André Arruda Rodrigues de Morais, Eldo E. ávila, Analía Pedernera
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2017.63027
Abstract: Given the high and increasing lightning incidence over the Southeast of Brazil and the various impacts that this phenomenon generates to society, there is a growing need in predicting its occurrence, in order to minimize its consequences. In this context, this work presents the development of a methodology for the projection of lightning in the State of S?o Paulo (Southeastern Brazil), using the HadGEM2-ES and CSIRO-Mk3.6 models in two IPCC climate change scenarios: RCP4.5 and RCP8.5. Since lightning is not an output variable of climate models, tests were carried out to evaluate the relationship between the observed data of oceanic and atmospheric fields, which are known as outputs of the models, and the lightning from the RINDAT and BrasilDAT detection networks. As result, a correlation of 0.84 was obtained. In the projections, it was verified that, while during a large portion of the current climate we observed events of lightning below the average, the future climate reveals the preponderance of anomalously above average events, both in the scenario of intermediate-low emissions (RCP4.5) and in the scenario of high emissions (RCP8.5), suggesting a change in the pattern of the lightning incidence in the State of S?o Paulo.
A comunidade vegetal e as características abióticas de um campo de murundu em Uberlandia, MG
Resende, Isa Lucia de Morais;Araújo, Glein Monteiro de;Oliveira, Ana Paula de Assis;Oliveira, Ana Paula devila Júnior, Rubem Samuel de;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33062004000100002
Abstract: murundus are small usually round mounds, that often present soil and vegetation different from the surrounding level area. all micro-elevations incountered in a 1.08ha murundu field had their length, width and height measured. the depth of the water table was measured and soil characteristics were obtained within and outside the murundus. all woody plants (lianas, trees, and shrubs) with a diameter of > 5 mm at ground level were identified. a total 434 elevations (31.4% of the total area) were encontered, of which 48 (24.3%) contained woody plants. the mound vegetation comprised 116 species belonging to 72 genera, and 42 families. the depth of the water table for those murunduns with woody plants varied between 99.2 and 206.8cm. the studied soil showed a low content of exchangeable bases, but only slight differences were observed between murundus and level soils. matayba guianensis aubl. and erythroxylum suberosum a. st.-hil. had the highest densities, while copaifera langsdorffii desf. and blepharocalyx salicifolius (kunth) o. berg. showed the highest basal areas. the heigher diversity encountered here in comparison to other published reports may be due to cattle grazing and trampling as well as burning.
Condicionantes estruturais da regionaliza??o na saúde: tipologia dos Colegiados de Gest?o Regional
Viana,Ana Luiza d'ávila; Lima,Luciana Dias de; Ferreira,Maria Paula;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232010000500007
Abstract: an explanation is required for the delay in implementing the regionalization strategy and the fragile nature of the combined decentralization and regionalization initiatives in brazil. the article raises some hypotheses to clarify this intricate issue and reviews the structural conditioning factors of the regionalization process ongoing in the states. a national typology of the health care regions is prepared, differentiating them according to the degree of socio-economic development and the characteristics of the health care network and of the municipalities that form the regional management boards (cgr), formally implanted by january 2010. factorial and cluster analysis models were used to build the typology. five major socio-economic groups of cgrs were identified, described according to their regional distribution, population, health care spending, profile of services offered (including the public-private sector mix) and health service coverage. the results obtained serve as guidelines for the constitution of health care networks and new initiatives at the regional level, in order to improve the regionalization policy and favour the construction of diverse and flexible regulatory instruments that are more in tune with the regional state of affairs.
Linguagem e deficiência: possibilidades e restri??es da prática fonoaudiológica
Dainêz, Débora;Monteiro, Maria Inês Bacellar;Freitas, Ana Paula de;Cisotto, Carolina ávila;
Psicologia em Estudo , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-73722011000300007
Abstract: based on the historical-cultural theory assumptions we herein aim to reflect on mentally deficient subjects#039; language. the data were collected from video recording transcriptions along one year of weekly speech therapy sessions, with the participation of two speech therapy interns and four youngsters with mental deficiency, aged between 19 and 29. we focused on the interactions of one of the youngsters with his peers and therapists. the results revealed that at some moments the therapists#039; and the peers#039; interpretation led to the understanding of the communicative intention. however, there were moments when such understanding didn#039;t occur and the dialogue was interrupted. the importance of the other for building up meaning and guiding therapeutic actions which can promote the creation of language alternatives is here discussed. therefore, it is considered that a more attentive look to understand the communicative purposes of subjects with mental deficiency can enhance their development.
Perfil de 300 trabalhadores expostos à sílica atendidos ambulatorialmente em Belo Horizonte
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-35862002000600006
Abstract: introduction: silicosis is the most prevalent pneumoconiosis in brazil, with most of the registered cases occurring in the state of minas gerais. although it is a preventable disease, silicosis is still epidemic in some areas. objective: to describe the profile of workers seen at the clinics hospital of the federal university of minas gerais. patients and methods: 300 medical records of silica-exposed workers in different occupations, seen between 1989-2000, were reviewed. clinical and occupational information, radiographic and spirometric data were analyzed. statistical methods included univariate analyses with chi-square and t tests. results and conclusion: the mean age of the exposed patients was 51 years, with mean exposure duration of 15.6 years. 126/300 (42%) were radiologically classified as cases of silicosis. increasing grades of profusion were associated with lower spirometric indices and more frequent associations with tuberculosis and chronic airflow limitation. most of the workers were regularly registered employees and the main occupational activity was mining, accounting for the exposure of 197 (66%) workers. non-registered workers presented more severe radiological grades of silicosis, suggesting, possibly, worse conditions of silica exposure in this group of workers.
Perfil de 300 trabalhadores expostos à sílica atendidos ambulatorialmente em Belo Horizonte
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2002,
Abstract: Introdu o: A silicose é a pneumoconiose de maior prevalência no Brasil, sendo a maioria dos casos proveniente do Estado de Minas Gerais. Apesar de ser uma doen a evitável, continuam ocorrendo epidemias localizadas. Objetivo: Descrever o perfil dos trabalhadores atendidos no Ambulatório de Doen as Profissionais do Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Material e métodos: Foram estudados 300 prontuários de trabalhadores expostos à sílica em diversas atividades profissionais, atendidos no período de 1989 a 2000, sendo analisados dados clínico-ocupacionais, espirométricos e radiológicos. Realizaram-se análises univariadas, utilizando o teste do qui-quadrado e teste t. Resultados e conclus o: A média de idade dos pacientes expostos foi de 51 anos, com tempo médio de exposi o de 15,6 anos. Diagnosticaram-se radiologicamente 126 (42%) casos de silicose, constatando-se que, quanto mais avan ada a categoria radiológica da doen a, piores foram os resultados à espirometria e mais freqüentes as associa es com tuberculose e com limita o cr nica ao fluxo aéreo. O mercado de trabalho formal representou o principal vínculo empregatício, sendo a minera o a principal atividade exercida, responsável pela exposi o de 197 indivíduos (66%). Os trabalhadores do mercado informal foram aqueles que apresentaram achados radiológicos indicativos de formas mais avan adas da doen a, sugerindo piores condi es de exposi o à sílica, neste grupo de trabalhadores.
Prevalence of DNA-HPV in Male Sexual Partners of HPV-Infected Women and Concordance of Viral Types in Infected Couples
Maria Gabrielle de Lima Rocha, Fabio Lopes Faria, Leonor Gon?alves, Maria do Carmo M. Souza, Paula ávila Fernandes, Ana Paula Fernandes
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040988
Abstract: Investigation of HPV infection in men remains important due to its association with genital warts and anorectal cancer, as well as to the role men play in HPV transmission to their female sexual partners. Asymptomatic men (n = 43), whose sexual partners had presented cervical HPV infection, were enrolled in this study. Among the 43 men, 23 had their female partner included and tested for HPV-DNA, totaling 23 couples. HPV-DNA was detected by PCR. Type specific PCR to detect HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 45 and 6/11 was performed. At least one type of HPV was detected in 86.0% (37/43) of the male patients and more than one HPV type was identified in 39.5% (17/43) of the samples, including high and low risk HPV. HPV-16 proved to be the most prevalent viral type in both male and female samples. Concordance of at least one viral type was observed in 56.5% (13/23) of the couples. Among couples that have shown concordance of viral types, 84.6% (11/13) of the men had the same high risk viral type presented by the female sexual partner. These data suggest that HPV infected men is an important reservoir, contributing to a higher transmission to women and maintenance of infection, and consequently, a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. HPV vaccination in men will protect not only them but will also have implications for their sexual partners.
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