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Bioética e as diretrizes curriculares nacionais do curso de medicina
Oliveira, Ana Maria de;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-38292010000600007
Abstract: the article discusses various bioethical issues addressed by the national curriculum guidelines (dcn) for medical schools, a document approved in 2001 by the ministries of health and education, which sets out guidelines for medical training. bioethics permeates all the dcn guidelines for medical schools. this means that the discipline performs an integrating role in the medical training process. in view of observations backing the hypothesis that education is determined by society, this new paradigm helps to instill the new brazilian health system, the unified health system, with its nuanced and mixed models of health care. bioethics is given legitimacy by the dcn. it remains for the teaching profession to ensure that it is consolidated in academic circles, as an indispensible discipline, if biological knowledge is to be pursued in a prudent fashion promoting humane values and an ethics of life.
Iron metabolism
Ana Maria de Souza
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2005,
Abstract: The present paper deals with iron metabolism, from its absorption,regulatory factors, storage, and distribution to body compartmentsaccording to existing knowledge.
Levantamento do uso do solo no município de S o Bento Abade (MG)
Ana Maria de Souza
Boletim Goiano de Geografia , 1982,
Abstract: .
O Horla e a orla do real
Ana Maria de Almeida
Caligrama : Revista de Estudos Romanicos , 1988,
Abstract: Resumo: Análise do conto O Horla, de Maupassant, visando a relacionar os temas do duplo, no fantástico, com a divis o do sujeito no processo de integra o no simbólico. Pretende-se também verificar que, no nível ficcional, o ver duplo caracteriza-se pelo deslocamento para um alhures, outro lugar, mundo ou instancia, que justifica o vazio e preenche o "sentido" de um real negado em seus automatismos e simplicidade. Palavras-chave: Literatura francesa; Guy de Maupassant; O Horla; psicanálise. Résumé: Analyse du conte Le Horla, de Maupassant, en essayant de mettre en rapport les thèmes du double, dans le fantastique, avec la division du sujet dans le processus d'intégration dans le symbolique. Nous desirerions également verifier que, au niveau ficcionnel, le voir double se caracterise par le deplacement vers un ailleurs, Autre lieu, monde ou instance, qui justifie le vide e remplit le "sens" d'un réel nié en ses automatismes et sa simplicité. Keywords: French literature; Guy de Maupassant; Le Horla; psychoanalysis.
Social Development in a Game Context  [PDF]
Ana Lucia Petty, Maria Thereza C. C. de Souza
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.512152

Social development is a fundamental subject that challenges professionals who work with children and teenagers. Questions such as how to behave adequately, what limits must be defined, and at the same time, how to stimulate autonomy and create a cooperative environment, are daily made, but solutions are not always satisfactory. The aim of this paper is to present a possible contribution to the discussion, describing highlights of a successful initiative. The practice in seeing children with learning disabilities at the Laboratory of Studies about Development and Learning (University of Sao Paulo), also identifies the same questions and there is a permanent search for creative solutions. For the last 25 years, groups of children from the Fundamental School were seen by professionals who organized activities in a game context, challenging them to play, develop reasoning and construct favourable attitudes. Results show that playing games in an intervention context stimulated changes in attitudes and social behaviour. As a consequence, it enabled children interact and establish a better quality of relation, based on cooperation and mutual respect.

An Instrument for Perceiving Ethical Problems in Primary Healthcare: Psychometric Parameters and Ethical Components  [PDF]
Ana Maria de Oliveira, Valdiney Gouveia, Rui Nunes
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.516133

Ethical issues in primary (health) care (PC) are common and are confronted daily. In the scarce literature that was available, Zoboli and Silva developed an instrument (IPE-APS) for perceiving ethical conflicts. Two empirical ex post facto studies to gather psychometric evidence for the instrument were outlined. In the first study, 88 nurses and physicians from Brazil’s Family Health (Saúde da Família—SF) responded to the IPE-APS, and the results confirmed its validity and accuracy. In total, 14 items were grouped in Factor I (relationship/responsibility), which was described as having human rights and deontological nature (Cronbach’s alpha = 0.92), and 11 items were grouped in Factor II, which was described as having a labor structure nature (Cronbach’s alpha = 0.90). In the second study, 207 SF professionals in Goiania, Goiás responded to the IPE-APS. The results showed that Factor I had a high factorial congruence index (0.98), which revealed high similarity and showed that the instrument displayed practical validity to identify and assess ethical problem perception in PC.

A mudan?a epistemológica de professores num contexto de educa??o continuada
Cunha, Ana Maria de Oliveira;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132001000200007
Abstract: this paper focuses on the relationship between teachers'epistemology and their conceptions of teaching and learning, based on a study carried out for two years. such a study followed up the development of three teachers' conceptions who, after attending an 80-hour course in conceptual change, taught a course for another teachers. although radical changes have not been noticed in those teachers' conceptions, a significant evolution could be found. results suggest that teachers have evolved from different starting points, thus reaching distinct levels. changes that have taken place seem to follow an evolutionary pattern by keeping substantial elements of the old conception while gradually adding elements of the new one. we have not found any evident correlations between those teachers' conceptions of the nature of science and their conceptions of teaching and learning
Una forma de profundizar la relación universidad - sociedad
Navarro de Gottifredi,Ana Maria;
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2000,
Abstract: one of the greatest challenges that the university has to face is that of knowing in what way it is related to the society; that is to say, to know if the university is effectively to the society that contains it. by "relevancy" it is meant the level and type of relationship between university and society; the former acting from its functions of teaching, research and extension. this relationship has several aspects to it. first, it has to do with the analysis and interpretation of the society's interests, needs, and demands. second, this relationship depends of the satisfaction of those needs that the university might achieve. third and last, this link has to do with the generation of self-reflection processes that might take the interveining actors to analyze the relationship. as a way to know and value the relevancy of the university project within the university itself and in the environment where it is contained, the national university of salta is developing an exploratory research that combines quantitative and qualitative methods. this research uses non random samples of people within and external to the university. the research techniques that are used are surveys, observations, documental analysis, individual interviews, group interviews, and reflection workshops. the goal of this research is to build the image of the national university of salta that is held by different groups. on one hand, one group is formed by the different social actors that interact within the university: students, faculty, administrative staff , and authorities. on the other hand, the other group is formed by those who belong to the community where the university inserted: persons that have graduated from the university, neighbors, employers, businessmen, professionals, and political, non-governmental, union, and institutional representatives. the interest in getting to know the university's relevancy from the people's opinion and perception opens spaces that were closed up to this
A posi o de Raul de Leoni na história da lírica moderna brasileira
Mello, Ana Maria Lisboa de
Letras de Hoje , 2006,
Abstract: N o possui resumo
Mundus imaginalis na poesia de Cecília Meireles =Mundus imaginalis in the poetry of Cecilia Meireles
Mello, Ana Maria Lisboa de
Letras de Hoje , 2011,
Abstract: Já nos primeiros livros de Cecília Meireles, é possível identificar, em alguns poemas, a alus o periódica a um “Centro” (axi mundi), um lugar intermediário, temporariamente alcan ado pelo Eu-lírico, o qual concentra em si a plenitude e a energia da fonte da Vida, permitindo a intui o do Inteligível ou Absoluto. Esse ponto de intersec o é chamado, por Henry Corbin, de mundus imaginalis, valendo-se do latim para traduzir a express o árabe do sufista andaluz Ibn Arab . Esse mundo intermediário – das Ideias-imagens, das Figuras-arquétipos, dos corpos sutis, da “matéria imaterial” – situar-se-ia entre o universo apreensível pela pura percep o intelectual (o universo das inteligências querubínicas) e o universo perceptível pelos sentidos. Os poemas “Medida da significa o”, do livro Viagem (1939), e “O enorme vestíbulo”, de Retrato natural (1949), ilustram essa figura o na poesia ceciliana, presente até, e sobretudo, no seu último livro: Solombra (1963). Dès les premiers ouvrages de Cecília Meireles, il est possible d’identifier dans certains des poèmes l’allusion périodique à un “centre” (axi mundi), un lieu intermédiaire, temporairement atteint par le Moi-lyrique, qui contient en soi la plénitude et l’énergie de la source de la Vie et permet l’intuition de l’Intelligible ou de l’Absolu. Henry Corbin nomme ce point d’intersection mundus imaginalis; il se vaut du latin pour traduire l’expression arabe du soufi andalou Ibn Arab . Ce monde intermédiaire – des idées-images, des figures-archétypes, des corps subtils, de la “matière immatérielle” – se situerait entre l’univers saisissable par la pure perception intellectuelle (l’univers des intelligences chérubiniques) et l’univers perceptible par les sens. Les poèmes Medida da significa o [Mesure de la signification] du livre Viagem (1939) et O enorme vestíbulo [L’énorme vestibule) de Retrato natural (1949) illustrent cette figuration propre à l’auteur, particulièrement présente dans son dernier ouvrage: Solombra (1963). $$bfre

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