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Identification of impact aroma compounds in Eugenia uniflora L. (Brazilian Pitanga) leaf essential oil
Melo, Rosineia M.;Corrêa, Vivian F. S.;Amorim, Ana Carolina L.;Miranda, Ana Luisa P.;Rezende, Claudia M.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532007000100020
Abstract: the leaf essential oil of eugenia uniflora l. (myrtaceae) was extracted by clevenger apparatus and analysed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms). the leaves were collected and immediately extracted for five consecutive days at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. no variance in the oil yields were observed in the period. furanodiene and its rearrangement product, furanoelemene (or curzerene, 50.2%), b-elemene (5.9%) and a-cadinol (4.7%) were identified as the most abundant compounds. gc-olfatometry (gc-o) associated to aroma extract dilution analysis (aeda) allowed the identification of nine active aroma compounds, where furanodiene (along with furanoelemene, fd 1024), b-elemene (fd 256) and (e,e)-germacrone (fd 256) were characterized as the main impact aroma compounds in the odor of this essential oil. those substances were collected through a sniffing port adapted on the gc allowing to obtain a typical essence of pitanga as indicated by comparative olfatometric analysis.
Screening of the odour-activity and bioactivity of the essential oils of leaves and flowers of Hyptis Passerina Mart. from the Brazilian Cerrado
Zellner, Barbara D.;Amorim, Ana Carolina L.;Miranda, Ana Luisa P. de;Alves, Ruy J. V.;Barbosa, Jussara P.;Costa, Gisela L. da;Rezende, Claudia M.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532009000200018
Abstract: the chemical profile of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and flowers of hyptis passerina mart., a rare species of the brazilian cerrado, has been determined for the first time. analyses by gc-ms showed sesquiterpenes as major compounds. β-epi-acorenol (35.7% and 32.8%, respectively from leaf and flower essential oils), was isolated and identified by 1d and 2d nmr. the flower-derived oil presented a higher concentration of hydrocarbon and oxygenated monoterpenes, while the leaf-oil was richer in diterpenes. the global odour impressions of both oils were given by direct analysis and gc-ms-o and were characterized as herbaceous with tea notes, and green, cooked and woody impressions for leaf-oil; herbaceous, with spicy, woody and minty notes for flower-oil. β-epi-acorenol, spathulenol, β-caryophyllene, and caryophyllene oxide were relevant for the odour-activity of both oils, as well as minor constituents, such as linalool. the antimicrobial activity was investigated by means of agar diffusion disc method and contact bioautography, against gram-positive and negative bacteria and yeast. both oils presented to be bioactive against the tested microorganisms with significant inhibition level.
Arjunolic acid in the ethanolic extract of Combretum leprosum root and its use as a potential multi-functional phytomedicine and drug for neurodegenerative disorders: anti-inflammatory and anticholinesterasic activities
Facundo, Valdir A.;Rios, Katiúscia A.;Medeiros, Ciléia M.;Milit?o, Júlio S. L. T.;Miranda, Ana Luisa P.;Epifanio, Rosangela de A.;Carvalho, Meriane P.;Andrade, Aline T.;Pinto, Angelo C.;Rezende, Claudia M.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532005000800002
Abstract: combretum leprosum mart. & eicher (combretaceae) leaves and roots ethanolic extracts were investigated by hrgc-ms and showed mono- and oligosaccharides, fatty acids and triterpenes as major compounds after derivatization with bstfa/ tmcs. arjunolic acid (1) was quantified on dried roots ethanolic extract (65%) by external standard. anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive and anticholinesterasic (ache and buche) activities were observed for roots ethanolic extract of c. leprosum and arjunolic acid, suggesting both as promising targets for the development of innovative multi-functional medicines for alzheimer desease treatment.
Estudio comparativo de la susceptibilidad de cuatro especies del genero Rhodnius a la infección experimental con Trypanosoma cruzi
Pérez R,Ana Gisela; Moreno,Jorge E; Colina,Luisa;
Boletín de Malariología y Salud Ambiental , 2009,
Abstract: in order to compare their susceptibility to trypanosoma cruzi specimens of rhodnius prolixus, r. robustus, r. neivai and r. neglectus were experimentally infected with this parasite. statistically significant differences among the species in the volume of blood ingested, volume of urine produced and number of parasites in urine and grounds developed in each stage, were detected with a non parametric kruskall-wallis analysis of variance, with the data grouped in species and instars. the low significative difference posteriori test, shows that r. prolixus ingested the highest blood volume while r. neivai produced the highest urine volume, followed by r. robustus, r. prolixus and r. neglectus. likewise, r. neivai showed the highest average of parasites in urine and feces, while r. robustus and r. neglectus showed significantly less parasites in urine and feces respectively. the four studied species are able to infect, to multiply and to excrete the parasite in their infective form in all instars stages.
Metapneumovirus humano como causa de hospitalización en ni os bajo 3 a os de edad, con infección respiratoria aguda, durante el a o 2004 Human metapneumovirus as hospitalization cause in children under 3 years old with acute respiratory infections during 2004
M. Alejandra Prado S,Cecilia Perret P,Luisa Montecinos P,Ana Veloz B
Revista chilena de infectología , 2007,
Abstract: Metapneumovirus humano (MPVh) fue detectado entre julio y noviembre en 15 de 123 ni os bajo 3 a os de edad hospitalizados por infección respiratoria aguda (12%). Las muestras fueron estudiadas mediante técnicas de biología molecular (RPC-TR de muestra de hisopado nasofaríngeo y/o de sobrenadante de cultivo). El 67% de los ni os hospitalizados con MPVh tenían menos de 1 a o de edad, todos ellos presentaron tos y fiebre y el principal motivo de hospitalización fue el requerimiento de oxígeno en 73% de los casos. Si bien un tercio de los pacientes tenía patología previa, su evolución clínica no fue diferente respecto de los ni os previamente sanos. El patrón radiológico mostró aumento de la trama intersticial, con focos de consolidación en 6 casos (40%). El diagnóstico más frecuente fue síndrome bronquial obstructivo o bronquiolitis, asociado o no a neumonía. Destaca la necesidad de un método de diagnóstico rápido para optimizar el diagnóstico diferencial, manejo y control de infecciones en estos pacientes Human metapneumovirus was detected in 15 of 123 children (12%) younger than 3 years of age hospitalized for treatment of acute respiratory infection between July and November 2004. The virus was detected by RT-PCR directly from nasopharyngeal swabs and/or from supernatants after cell culture. Children infected with hMPV were mostly younger than one year of age (67%), all presenting with fever and cough. The main cause for hospitalization was the need for oxygen therapy (73%). Four hMPV positive children had an identifiable co-morbid condition but had a similar clinical evolution when compared to previously healthy infants. Chest radiography showed an increase in interstitial infiltrates with focal consolidation in 6 children. Obstructive bronchial syndrome and bronchiolitis, with or without pneumonia, were the most frequent diagnosis associated with hMPV positivity. A rapid and sensitive diagnostic method is required to improve diagnosis and treatment of these patients
Impact of Gender in Adopting and Using ICTs in Spain
Gargallo-Castel,Ana; Esteban-Salvador,Luisa; Pérez-Sanz,Javier;
Journal of technology management & innovation , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-27242010000300009
Abstract: the main objective of this paper is to analyse the impact of gender in adopting and using new information and communication technologies (icts) in spain. it is widely accepted that men tend to be the first to use new technologies and to gain significant benefits from doing so, both at home and work. however, further research on gender and new technologies, such as icts, is still needed in order to better understand differences between men and women. on the one hand we show that percentage of icts users is higher among men. on the other hand, our results confirm that women also present lower frequency of icts use. we examine how the differences in adoption and use of icts are moderated by cultural and socioeconomic aspects. differences appear mainly in the lower levels of education and in the rural area. therefore, it highlights the necessity of taking into account those aspects to remove the gender digital divide totally. we also underline the importance of changes in gender roles and the increase of the participation of women in the spanish labour force.
The synthesis of new isochromanylacetylarylhydrazones designed as probable non-addictive analgesic agents
Santos, Margareth R?se L.;Barreiro, Eliezer J.;Braz-Filho, Raimundo;Miranda, Ana Luisa P.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50531997000500007
Abstract: the synthesis and pharmacological profile as analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents of new isochromanylacetylarylhydrazone derivatives (3) are described in this paper. the synthetic route used in this work to construct the heterocyclic six member ring explored a lewis acid-catalyzed cyclization process as the key step, which represents a modified friedel-crafts reaction. these new derivatives (3) were obtained in ca. 85 % overall yields from the starting material safrole (4), an abundant natural product isolated from sassafras oil. the nmr spectral analysis of these new derivatives indicated, at the c=n double bond level, the diastereomeric nature in a 70:30 ratio, where the major compound is the (e)-isomer. the results obtained from the pharmacological evaluation of (3) using the carrageenan-induced rat paw edema test and the acetic acid solution-induced constrictions in mouse test, indicated the pharmacophoric nature of the acylarylhydrazone moiety to the analgesic activity observed in this series.the role of the aryl substituents in the bioactivity seems to indicate that the presence of hydrophobic groups may improve the analgesic profile. these new isochromanylacetylarylhydrazone derivatives (3) represent a new class of non-addictive analgesic agents.
El club martiano "Para un amigo sincero": un espacio para el estudio de la obra del Apóstol en el CNICM-INFOMED National Hero in the National Center of Medical Sciences Information-Infomed
Javier Santovenia Díaz,Ana Luisa Pinillo León,Maria Felipa Rodríguez Pérez
ACIMED , 2006,
Conocimientos, percepciones y prácticas de grupos de población respecto a la tuberculosis. 1994-1996
Agueda Ela Corona Aguilera,Gisela Morales Casas,Ana María Chalgub Moreno,Luisa Armas Pérez
Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical , 2000,
Abstract: Para desarrollar programas de control de tuberculosis exitosos se requiere de la participación popular por lo que se realizó un estudio con el objetivo de identificar conocimientos, percepciones y prácticas respecto a su ocurrencia, transmisión, tratamiento y control en la población. Se aplicó la técnica de grupos focales en 6 conjuntos de personas de 15 a os y más de edad de 6 municipios de la ciudad de La Habana. Los grupos tenían idea de que la tuberculosis había disminuido en los últimos 10 a os pero aumentó en los 2 a 3 a os recientes; que es contagiosa y presenta síntomas como tos y hemoptisis, pérdida de peso, fiebre, la consideran penosa, indeseable, asociada con la pobreza; que se adquiere por mala alimentación, mala higiene personal del enfermo y sus familiares y el tabaquismo; algunos piensan que la enfermedad es curable y otros no; varios piensan que los enfermos deben aislarse en hospitales y otros que pueden llevar una vida normal en su casa; se alan que prefieren ser informados sobre la enfermedad por la televisión y la radiodifusión. Se concluyó que debe ampliarse un estudio cuantitativo basado en estos resultados. The development of sucessful tuberculosis control programs requires the people′s involvement, hence a study was perfomed to identify knowledge, perceptions and practices of the population regarding occurence, transmission, treatment and control of this disease. The focal group technique was used in 6 sets of persons aged 15 years and over from 6 municipalities of the City of Havana. These groups thought that tuberculosis had declined in the last ten years but had increased again in the last 2-3 years, that it was a contagious disease presenting symptoms such as cough, hemoptisis, loss of weight, fever. They considered it as a terrible, undesirable sickness associated with poverty and caught due to malnourishment, poor hygiene of the sick person and his/her relatives and smoking. Some thought that this disease was curable and other that it was not. Several other people believed that patients should be isolated in hospital whereas others stated that they could have a normal life at home, most prefered to be informed about the disease by TV and radio. It was concluded that a quantitative study should be performed based on these results.
Revista de Estudios Cooperativos , 2010,
Abstract: En los últimos a os se está observando un crecimiento en el número de trabajos que analizan la situación de las mujeres en los órganos de gobierno de las organizaciones tanto lucrativas como de las entidades enmarcadas en el ámbito de la economía social. Si bien la literatura económica es incipiente y más abundante fuera de nuestras fronteras cada vez es mayor el número de publicaciones que estudian la situación en Espa a. De acuerdo con Mateos Escot y Gimeno (2006) en las llamadas sociedades de participación democrática la implicación directa de las mujeres en la gestión es mayor que en otro tipo de organizaciones. Sin embargo, los estudios realizados muestran una desigual participación de las mujeres directivas en el perfil de estas entidades (Berenguer, Cerver, de la Torre y Torcal, 2004). Un mayor número de mujeres en los consejos representativos de las cooperativas puede ayudar a que las condiciones de trabajo mejoren y se consiga un equilibrio económico, social y cultural en este tipo de organizaciones (Fregidou-Malama, 2004). En este estudio se analiza la presencia femenina en los órganos de gobierno de estas entidades y se compara con los tipos de cooperativas gestionadas por mujeres con el propósito de examinar si existen asociaciones entre ellas. Al mismo tiempo, se relaciona el periodo de creación de la entidad con la participación femenina, con el fin de observar la evolución de la responsabilidad de las mujeres en distintos intervalos de tiempo. / In the last years, the number of works that analyse the situation of women on boars of directors in the profit and not for profit organizations has increased. Although the literature is scary and more extended out of Spain the number of studies in our country is increasing. According to Mateos, Escot and Gimeno (2006) in the called democratic participation companies the direct implication of women in management is bigger than in others organizations. However, some studies show an unequal participation of women in the management of these entities (Berenguer, Cerver, de la Torre y Torcal, 2004). A bigger number of women on boards of cooperatives can help to improve the employ conditions and to get an economic, social and cultural balance in this type of organizations (Fregidou-Malama, 2004). In this paper we analyze the presence of women on the boards of these entities and we compare with the types of cooperatives managed by women with the aim of check if there are associations among them. At the same time, we connect the time of starting the cooperative with the female participation to seek the evo
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