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Regional odontodysplasia: case report
Magalh?es, Ana Carolina;Pessan, Juliano Pelim;Cunha, Robson Frederico;Delbem, Alberto Carlos Botazzo;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572007000600002
Abstract: regional odontodysplasia (ro) is a rare developmental anomaly involving both mesodermal and ectodermal dental components in a group of contiguous teeth. it affects the primary and permanent dentitions in the maxilla and mandible or both jaws. generally it is localized in only one arch. the etiology of this dental anomaly is uncertain. clinically, affected teeth have an abnormal morphology, are soft on probing and typically discolored, yellow or yellowish-brown. radiographically, the affected teeth show a "ghostlike" appearance. this paper reports the case of a 5-year-old girl presenting this rare anomaly on the left side of the maxillary arch, which crossed the midline. the primary maxillary left teeth (except for the canine) and the primary maxillary right central incisor were missing due to previous extractions. the permanent teeth had a "ghostlike" appearance radiographically. the treatment performed was rehabilitation with temporary partial acrylic denture and periodic controls. in the future, the extraction of affected permanent teeth and rehabilitation with dental implants will be evaluated. the presentation of this case adds valuable information to pediatric dentists to review special clinical and radiographic features of ro, which will facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients with this condition.
Urgency treatment profile of 0 to 15 year-old children assisted at urgency dental service from Bauru Dental School, University of S?o Paulo
Sakai, Vivien Thiemy;Magalh?es, Ana Carolina;Pessan, Juliano Pelim;Silva, Salete Moura Bonifácio da;Machado, Maria Aparecida de Andrade Moreira;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572005000400005
Abstract: dental recordings of 0 to 15-year-old patients assisted at urgency dental service (uds) from bauru dental school, university of s?o paulo, in 2001 and 2002, were assessed in order to quantify the number of patients that used the service, to determine attendance patterns, and to record the frequency of different types of dental emergencies and their performed treatment. data were plotted and submitted to a descriptive statistical analysis. among the total of patients attended at uds (6020), 1166 (19.37%) were children, with mean age of 9.24 years. trauma was the cause for 199 (17.06%) of the recorded urgency visits. it occurred more frequently in children between 0 and 3 years of age (34.42%), and between 7 and 12 years of age (18.12%). the main treatments performed were temporary restoration (33.33%) for coronal fracture, and orientation (24.44%) for luxation. nontraumatic events were the etiology for 967 (82.92%) of the total urgency diagnosis. the most commonly found nontraumatic diagnosis was dental caries lesions (61.75%), followed by problems of eruption or root resorption (14.27%) and bone or soft tissue lesions (6.51%), among others (17.47%). the most frequent treatments performed for caries lesions were: excavation and temporary restoration (39.39%) when there was no abscess, and coronal opening and dressing (40.95%) for caries lesions with abscess. there was an increasing trend in caries lesions prevalence according to the rising of the age, in contrast to trauma prevalence. treatment for both situations was done according to the indicated protocol for each case.
Evolu??o da morfologia de fases de blendas PA6/AES em extrusora de dupla rosca e moldagem por inje??o
Bassani, Adriane;Hage Jr, Elias;Pessan, Luiz A.;Machado, Ana V;Covas, José A.;
Polímeros , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-14282005000300007
Abstract: the evolution of phase morphology in non-reactive vs reactive blends with polyamide and ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer grafted with styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (aes) in a co-rotating twin-screw extruder was investigated. the morphological evolution of these blends along a twin-screw extruder was monitored by quickly collecting small samples from the melt at specific extruder barrel locations and characterizing them with a transmission electron microscope (tem). the copolymers methyl methacrylate-co-maleic anhydride (mma-ma) and methyl methacrylate-co-glycidyl methacrylate (mma-gma) were used as compatibilizing agents. the maleic anhydride and the epoxy groups of the copolymers can react with the polyamide end groups during melt processing and improve the interphase interaction in the pa6/aes system. the uncompatibilized blends showed a coarse phase morphology where the aes phase is not well dispersed in the pa6 matrix due to lack of adequate interaction between the components. the addition of mma-gma compatibilizer neither promoted good phase dispersion or improved the mechanical properties of the blends, probably because the possible reactions are very slow and may not occur inside the extruder. on the other hand, the addition of the mma-ma copolymer promotes better impact strength and good phase dispersion in the blend. the aes particles undergo significant reduction in the first stages of the mixture inside the extruder. the morphology observed for the injection molded specimens was correlated with the mechanical properties.
Fluoride concentrations in industrialized beverages consumed by children in the city of Bauru, Brazil
Lodi, Carolina Simonetti;Ramires, Irene;Pessan, Juliano Pelim;Neves, Lucimara Teixeira das;Buzalaf, Marília Afonso Rabelo;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572007000300010
Abstract: the increasing consumption of juices, soft drinks and teas among children has increased significantly fluoride ingestion at the age range of risk for development of dental fluorosis. objective: the purpose of this study was to evaluate fluoride concentrations in some brands of industrialized beverages consumed by children in the city of bauru, sp, brazil. material and methods: 98 brands of beverages were analyzed, divided into 3 lots, comprising 36, 32 and 30 brands, respectively, for the first, second and third lots. fluoride concentrations were determined by hmds-facilitated diffusion, using a fluoride ion-specific electrode (orion 9409). results: fluoride concentrations ranged between 0.04 and 1.76 μg f/ml. it was observed a wide variation in fluoride concentrations among the different brands, as well as the different lots of the same brand. there was no information on fluoride concentrations on the labels of any product. conclusions: some of the products analyzed could contribute significantly to the total fluoride intake and, thus, be important risk factors for development of dental fluorosis, which indicates the need of controlling the production of these beverages with respect to fluoride concentration.
Encrucijadas de significados acerca de la relación lengua e identidad en ni?os indígenas en contextos urbanos
Hecht, Ana Carolina;
Alteridades , 2008,
Abstract: the aim of this article is to analyze the relationship between ethnic identification and linguistic shift processes in toba children (an argentinean indigenous group). the study is focused on an urban setting where monolingual practices (spanish) is replacing bilingual ones (spanish-toba) and where toba language is a valuable feature of ethnicity. from an ethnographic perspective, we observed evaluations and representations of language-identity correlation in two different contexts: family and school. in spite of teacher's and parent's discourses, questioning the recent generation's ties with their indigenous identity, this article attempts to critically appraise it by examining children perspectives on their own ethnic identification.
Reflexiones sobre una experiencia de investigacion- accion con ni?os Indigenas
Hecht,Ana Carolina;
Boletin de Linguistica , 2007,
Abstract: processes that involve linguistic shift threaten indigenous languages. this problem is of great concern for academics as well as non-academics interested in these ethnic groups.anthropologist and linguistis have initiated projects to help prevent the disappearance of endangered languages. the aim of this paper is to analyze a particular case of collaborative research project, focused on the revitalization of toba (an indigenous language spoken in argentine). the present study examined an urban setting where monolingual practices (spanish) are replacing bilingual ones (spanish-toba). consequently, many children are rapidly shifting to spanish and losing their command of the toba language
Ana Carolina Cervantes
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2009,
Abstract: Una propuesta que toma como centro gravitatorio al sujeto, su circunstancia actual y las posibilidades para su devenir en un mundo globalizado, no puede dejar de incluir la reflexión que Sigmund Freud aportó acerca de la tensión conflictiva en la que se desenvuelve el lazo entre el sujeto y la cultura. En este artículo se abordará, particularmente, un estado crítico de malestar producido por la tensión antes mencionada, que se denomina miseria psicológica de las masas. A partir de esta condición de carencia se reflexionará sobre la situación crítica por la que atraviesa una humanidad desgarrada por los excesos cometidos en aras de un ideal de bienestar que ha comenzado a mostrarse precario en tanto ha dejado de brindarle al sujeto lo que prometió: dicha y satisfacción. Las circunstancias actuales indican que para el sujeto y para la humanidad llegó la hora de responsabilizarse por la miseria y la crisis, pero observamos que la rendición de cuentas no está comandada por un llamado de la razón y la ética individual, sino por el temor, la fragilidad y el desamparo causados por la caída de esos ideales que habremos de poner en duda si es que podemos reconocer en ellos algo de lo propio: deseo, miseria y malestar.
A review on indexes and dietary assessment methods for determining the quality of diets
Ana Carolina Pinheiro Volp
Revista Brasileira em Promo??o da Saúde , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: To summarize the different indexes most frequently used to evaluate the quality of diets, as well as the dietary assessment methods used for scoring, pointing out their advantages and disadvantages. Methods: We performed a literature search, with no daterestriction, on primary indexed sources and in the databases SciELO, PubMed, Medline, Lilacs, Dedalus and ILSI Web of Knowledge. The keywords used were diet (ary) quality, diet (ary) patterns, diet quality index, Mediterranean diet and nutrition. Then, the cited references were reviewed, classifying the information by index. Results: The most widely indexes used are Diet Quality Index, Healthy Eating Index and Alternative Mediterranean Diet Score, using the food frequency questionnaire or a combination of the 24-hour recall and food (s) record (s). Conclusion: The determination of feeding patterns through indices is a relatively easy process; however, to have confidence in the results is necessary to know the biases thateach index and instrument has, as well as its construction and punctuation.
The reflective look of Pedro Meyer: photography as the photography mediation problematic O olhar reflexivo de Pedro Meyer: a fotografia como problematizadora da própria media o fotográfica
Ana Carolina Lima Santos
Discursos Fotográficos , 2011,
Abstract: This paper discusses Pedro Meyer’s photographs with special attention to the way that they are arranged as a kind of reflection about the language of photography and its capacity of mediation. In that, the pictures made by Meyer seem to have a symbolic dimension, which request a conscious activity of the spectator – contradicting the idea of image as a form of alienation proposed by Guy Debord. O presente artigo prop e uma discuss o acerca do trabalho do fotógrafo Pedro Meyer a partir do entendimento de que suas imagens, ao explicitar e esgar ar limites de no es caras à natureza do fotográfico, funcionam como reflex o sobre a linguagem fotográfica e o seu poder de media o. Discute-se, assim, como as imagens de Meyer assumem uma dimens o simbólica que solicitam do espectador uma prática de ativa – opondo-se à no o debordiana de imagens alienantes.
Strategies for production of meaning: a reflection on the comic and metaphor in photographic illustration Estratégias de produ o de sentidos: uma reflex o sobre a comicidade e a metáfora na ilustra o fotográfica
Ana Carolina Lima Santos
Discursos Fotográficos , 2009,
Abstract: This paper attempts to design the forms through which photo-illustrations are able to make sense, with special attention to comedy and metaphor. The ideas of a comic effect and a metaphorical character of these images are worked in order to understand them in a dual role: on one hand, establishing a relationship of complicity with the reader and, on the other, serving as a cognitive operator. Thus, they work for a rhetorical purpose, because they are configured as procedures for the construction of a message that is aimed at guiding the reader in interpreting the issues reported. O presente trabalho tenta conceber os modos de produ o de sentidos da foto-ilustra o, dando especial aten o à comicidade e à metáfora. As ideias de um efeito c mico e de um caráter metafórico dessas imagens s o trabalhadas a fim de serem entendidas numa dupla fun o: de um lado, estabelecendo uma rela o de cumplicidade com o leitor e, de outro, servindo enquanto operador cognitivo. Assim, elas funcionam para um fim retórico, pois se configuram como procedimentos para a constru o de uma mensagem que visa guiar o leitor na interpreta o dos assuntos noticiados.
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