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Estudo demográfico do cancer de canal anal e anus no estado de Sergipe
Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisb?a;Santos, Ronmel Lisboa dos;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802007000200010
Abstract: the lack of specific demographic studies about anal canal and anus cancer in brazil and a better understanding of pathologies' behavior in sergipe's state had motivated the accomplishment of such study. in retrospective analysis (1993 - 2005) we evaluate the main demographics characteristics of the anal cancer in sergipe. from a total of 91 patients, 69 (76.6%) were female and 21 (23.4%) were male. the average of new cases a year was of 0,39 per 100.000 people, with standard deviation of ± 0,16. the squamous cell carcinoma (scc) account of 68% of the cases of anal cancer. in the present study it was observed an unconnected medical charts fulfillment and the necessity of a protocol for the assistance as well as the follow-up of the patients with anal canal and anus cancer.
Cirurgias colorretais no Hospital Universitário da Universidade Federal de Sergipe: três anos da cria??o do Servi?o de Coloproctologia (série histórica)
Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Souza Júnior, Magno Cézar Amaral de;Santiago, Rodrigo Rocha;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802008000100011
Abstract: we studied colorectal surgeries carried through by the sc-hu/ufs from january 2004 to july 2006, historical series, referring to the creation of the colorectal medical residence. registres by seventy patients that 53(75.7%) were masculine sort and 17(24.3%) feminine; medium age is 52 years. they had been submitted to the 102 procedures, 1,4 surgeries/patients, 29 reoperations. nineteen(18.6%) had been reconstitutions of intestinal transit, 15(14.8%) retossigmoidectomy, 11(10.8%) total colectomy, 9(8.8%) right colectomy, 6(5.8%) abdomino-perineais amputations, 3(2.9%) proctocolectomy, 2(1.9%) left colectomy. eighteen (17.6%) surgeries were indicated for colorectal cancer, 8(7.8%) of rectum and 1(0.9%) of the anal canal; 10(9.9%) for megacólon; 10(9.9%) previous colostomy, 5(5.9%) crohn's disease, 5(4.9%) ddc, 3(2.9%) rcui. forty-eight (47.1%) surgeries have had surgical complication: 32(31.4%) isos, 13(12.7%) abdominal abscess, 11(10.8%) fístulas, 7(6.9%) dehiscences of anastomoses, etc. we observe wound infection in 27(26.5%) surgeries. fifty-five(53.9%) patients had been submitted to the anastomoses, 32(58.2%) manual and 23(41.8%) stapled ones. it had dehiscence of anastomoses in 7(12.7%) surgeries: 1(3.1%) dehiscence for manual anastomoses and 6(26.1%) dehiscences for stapled anastomoses. death in 11(15.7%) patient ones occurred. we evaluate the main data of the work objectifying to define goals, to elaborate and to improve the effective protocols, necessary to the good performance of the residence service.
Uso da peritoneostomia na sepse abdominal
Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Barreto, Adonai Pinheiro;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Santos, Allisson Mário dos;Santiago, Rodrigo Rocha;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802007000300005
Abstract: among the therapeutics approach form of abdominal sepsis, the laparostomy has a decisive role allowing cavity explorations and lavages in an easier way. we study patients with abdominal sepsis diagnoses admitted to our surgical service of coloproctology form sergipe′s federal university hospital who underwent a bogotá bag laparostomy associated or not with polypropylene mesh from january 2004 to january 2006. these patients were assessed as: first and second diagnosis; secondary peritonitis type; antibiotic-therapy; lavages setup; laparostomy′s time; complications and the end of the treatment. we study 10(83.3%) men and 2(16.7%) women, with average age of 39,3 (15-57). first diagnosis: inflammatory abdomen acute 6(50%), block acute abdomen 2(16.7%), perforative acute abdomen 2(16.7%), fistula 1(8.3%) and intracavity abscess 1(8.3%). secondary diagnosis: colon perforation in 4(33.3%), intracavity abscess 3(25%), anastomoses dehiscence 3(25%), 1(8.3%) with sigmoid perforative cancer and 1(8.3%) with colon necrosis. fecal peritonitis was found in 10 patients (83.3%) and purulent in 2(16.7%). the antibiotic-therapy was made during nineteen days. lavages on demand 6(50%), planned with 4(33.3%) and mixed setup in 2(16.7%). the average time of the laparostomy was 10,9 days (1-36). complications: evisceration in 2 cases (16.7%) and fistulization in only one (8.3%). four patients died.
Cirurgias proctológicas em 3 anos de servi?o de coloproctologia: série histórica
Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Santiago, Rodrigo Rocha;Mariano, Dam Rodrigues;Vieira Filho, Mário Costa;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802009000100010
Abstract: in 2007, 72,5% of all surgeries of coloproctology departament were from anal procedures. three years experience of the medical post-graduation were resumed and analyzed in this study retrospectively. total 455 patients were submitted to hemorrhoidectomy (40%), fistulectomies (20%) and fissurectomies (13%) and others like pilonidal disease, rectovaginal fistulas. in general, these pathologies are more prevalent in women (54%) from 30 to 50 years old. hemorrhoids and fissure affected more women, while fistulas affected men. milligan and morgan's hemorrhoidectomy was realized in 53,7% of the cases with pain and bleeding patterns comparable to ferguson technique. it had provided a bigger number of residual fissure and fecal incontinence. stenosis was the same in both methods. ferguson technique had lowest repair time, even with high tax of dehiscence. fistula affects four times more men than women. in 65% of the cases, fistulectomy was the technique choice, with better results in terms of pain and bleeding and worse tax of incontinence. seton was inserted in 14% of the cases, and it was used in average for 20 weeks, and after its withdrawal, 36% referred minor incontinence. the anal fissure showed preference to posterior place. the anterior fissures occurred more in men.
Complica??es da seda??o e realiza??o da colonoscopia
Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Silvino, Cristiane Jesus;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Teixeira, Fábio Ramos;Torres, Felipe Augusto do Prado;Torres, Júlio Augusto do Prado;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802010000300007
Abstract: the accomplishment of the colonoscopy can cause decurrent complications of the preparation, sedation and of the disgnostic and/or therapeutical procedures. these events, relatively common, around possess tax of morbidity of 1% e, in general, transitory and are subnotificados. objective: to evaluate the incidence of complications of the sedation and accomplishment of the colonoscopy, during and immediately after the same one; to relate them it the 0 variable: sort, age, comorbid, amount of the drugs for sedation/analgesic, hypertension, hypotension, hypoxia, tachycardia, bradycardia. method: observational, prospective and descriptive study, being accompanied by it colonoscopy of 90 patients in private clinic. one used midazolan and meperidina for the sedation. it was surveyed arterial pressure, saturation of oxygen and cardiac frequency during and immediately before and after the examination. results: of the examined patients, 53.3% (n=48) were men. the age average was 48,4 years. for sedation they had on average used 2,95mg of midazolan and 29,5mg of meperidina. of the initially hypertensive ones, 11 (40.7%) had remained hypertensive to the end of the examination. saturation of lesser oxygen was observed that 90% in 16 (17.8%) patient ones; bradycardia in 19 (21.1%) and tachycardia in 13 (14.4%). nauseas, vomits and abdominal pain had been alterations gifts in 11 (12.2%) patient ones and had had to the preparation of the large bowel for the colonoscopy. no important complication was verified.
Avalia??o da analgesia pós-operatória em pacientes submetidos à cirurgia orificial com anestesia local associada ou n?o à morfina
Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Menezes, Daniel Carvalho de;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Almeida, Joara Costa;Menezes, Jorge Gontran Torres de;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802007000100006
Abstract: it has not been proved the efficacy of morphine derived at periphery opium receivers. studies are trying to demonstrate the power of the drug to interfere in the intensity of surgical pain while infiltrating in the periphery nerves. this study evaluated the infiltration of morphine associated with local anesthesia in anorectal surgery. sixty one patients were analyzed, male and female, divided in two groups: in one group was associated morphine in the local anesthesia while in the other group only the local anesthetic was used. the patients of both groups were submitted to the same protocol standardized sedative during the surgery and postoperative analgesia. the intensity of pain was evaluated when it appeared, the time with analgesia was analyzed and other complications were registered. the intensity of pain was similar in both groups, the time with analgesia was longer in the group where morphine was used, although it was not significant in the statistics and the complications after the surgery were not significant in both groups. so the infiltration of morphine in the anorectal region has benefices in the postoperative analgesia but it was not significant in the statistics and it does not increase the complications related with morphine as urinary retention and itching.
Avalia??o do tratamento de fissura anal cr?nica com isossorbida tópica a 1%
Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Melo, Valdinaldo Arag?o de;Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Santiago, Rodrigo Rocha;Vidal, Mário Augusto do Nascimento;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802010000400004
Abstract: introduction: chronic anal fissures are deep, benign and painful ulcers. the involved factors are local trauma, sphinter hypertonia and poor blood flow. surgery is gold standard treatment, but it causes fecal incontinence. medical non-surgical therapy gets transitory resting pressure reduction and cure of lesions, without muscular damage. methods: in order to evaluate the treatment of chronic anal fissures using topical isossorbide (iso) 1%, a randomizated and double-blind study twas carried out in coloproctology section of universidade federal de sergipe (ufs), sergipe, brazil, during one year. twenty-four patients were evaluated: 14 in group 1 - iso cream, and 10 in group 2 - placebo. resting pressure profile, improvement of painful symptoms and degree of scaring of the fissure were evaluated. results: ulcer was more prevalent in women, constipation was present in 58.3%. the evacuatory pain was less common in group 2, but without statistical significance. after 60 days, the healing was equal in the both groups (50%). there was a small reduction of resting pressure means at the end of 30 and 60 days, without statistical significance. healing patients presented more resting pressure reducing. conclusion: iso cream did not influence the manometric response standard; otherwise it offered clinical improvement in both groups, whose scarring index was similar.
Tratamento da doen?a hemorroidária com ligadura elástica: estudo prospectivo com 59 pacientes
Motta, Marcel Machado da;Silva Júnior, José Batista da;Santana, Larice Oliveira;Ferdandes, Igor Lima;Moura, Alex Rodrigues;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802011000200005
Abstract: rubber band ligation (rb) is considered a minimally invasive method for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease (hd) and has advantages in relation to hemorrhoidectomy whereby: simplicity of execution, outpatient realization and no need of anesthesia. it is an effective method, especially in the hd grade ii. however, shows complications, and the most frequents are: anal pain, tenesmus, hematochezia and urinary retention. some studies have shown severe complications as major bleeding that needs blood transfusion. thus, this study evaluated the effectiveness and the morbidity of the treatment of hd by the method of rb. it was a prospective study with 59 patients. five (8,5%) patients had hd graded in the first degree, 33 (55,9%) in the second degree and 21 (35,6%) in the third. all patients were submitted to at least two sessions. in the 135 sessions performed, we found: hematochezia in 62 (45.9%), severe pain in 39 (28.9%), vagal symptoms in 10 (7.4%) and pseudostrangulation in 1 (0.7%) session. the cure rate of hemorrhoidal prolapse among patients with hd grade ii was 87.9% and among those with hd grade iii, 76.2%. the treatment of hd by the method of rb proved to be safe and with good cure rate.
Estudo demográfico do cancer de cólon e reto no estado de Sergipe
Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Teixeira, Fábio Ramos;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Silvino, Cristiane Jesus;Arciere, Jofrancis Santos;Vieira Filho, Mário Costa;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802008000200010
Abstract: in brazil, the colorretal cancer (crc) was the fifth cause of death for cancer in men and fourth, in women in the period of 1995-1999. however, there are few registers on the epidemiologicals aspects of this pathology in sergipe, being this the focus of this study. objective: to catalogue all crc cases diagnosed in sergipe in the period of 03 years (2003-2005), tracing a demographic study. method: the data had been harvested in findings of all pathological anatomy laboratories on the state. results: the crc was more frequent in women (n=201; 56,62%) than in men (n=154; 43,38%). the average age was 60,27 years old, and 39 (10,99%) had up to 40 years old. adenocarcinoma was the histology type more found, present in 295 (83,10%) patients. in sergipe, the incidence of crc in 2003, 2004 and 2005 was 4,57; 4,72 and 5,29 per 100.000 men and, 6,07; 5,57 and 6,98 per 100.000 women respectively. in the capital, in this respectives years, these numbers had increased to 10,25; 10,57 and 10,29 per 100.000 men and 12,92; 13,16 and 15,07 per 100.000 women. conclusions: the achieved data are similar to the ones of the literature, showing an increase in the annual incidences of the neoplasm.
Peutz-Jeguers syndrome: case report and literature review
Torres Neto, Juvenal da Rocha;Santiago, Rodrigo R.;Prudente, Ana Carolina Lisboa;Mariano, Dan Rodrigues;Torres, Felipe Augusto do Prado;Torres, Júlio Augusto do Prado;Ramos, Fernanda Mendon?a;Santana, Raquel Matos de;
Journal of Coloproctology (Rio de Janeiro) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S2237-93632012000100011
Abstract: the peutz-jeghers syndrome is a rare disease characterized by the presence of mucocutaneous melanic pigmentation of the lips, oral mucosa and perioral region, associated with hamartomatous intestinal polyposis. malignization of the polyps and association with other types of cancer are also usual. case report: 32-year-old patient, female, white, who had an intestinal occlusion by invagination, discovered during laparotomy, when an intestinal tumor was found as well. the material was sent to anotomopathological analysis. however, the results did not allow to identify the tumor nature due to tumor necrosis. then, the patient was sent to our service because of the intestinal polyps, and during the interview, the characteristic melanic pigmentation was observed. videocolonoscopy was performed, with excision of two rectal polyps, identified in the anatomopathological exam as hamartomatous polyps. the patient reported anal imperforation at birth, just like her brother. he had unexplained death. the authors found no correlation of the peutz-jeghers syndrome with anal imperforation in the literature and asked the patient if her brother also had the syndrome.
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