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Outpatient vs. home-based pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD: a randomized controlled trial
Júlio C Mendes de Oliveira, Fernando S Studart Leit?o Filho, Luciana M Malosa Sampaio, Ana C Negrinho de Oliveira, Raquel Hirata, Dirceu Costa, Claudio F Donner, Luís VF de Oliveira
Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/2049-6958-5-6-401
Abstract: Patients who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were randomized into three distinct groups: an outpatient group who performed all activities at the clinic, a home-based group who performed the activities at home and a control group. PR consisted of a combination of aerobic exercises and strengthening of upper and lower limbs 3 times a week for 12 weeks.There was a significant difference in the distance covered on the six-minute walk test (p < 0.05) and BODE index (p < 0.001) in the outpatient and at-home groups after participating in the rehabilitation program compared to baseline.A home-based self-monitoring pulmonary rehabilitation program is as effective as outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation and is a valid alternative for the management of patients with COPD.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common cause of illness and death that affects a large and increasing number of individuals in both developed and developing countries. Estimates suggest that COPD will become the 3rd most common cause of death in the world and 5th most common cause of illness in the next 20 years [1,2].Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a multidisciplinary intervention that integrates physical exercise, nutritional therapy, patient education and psychological support [3-7]. Evidence indicates that PR offers numerous clinical benefits, such as improved health-related quality of life, a reduction in anxiety and depression, increased tolerance to physical exercise and a reduction in the number of hospitalizations and days of hospital stay per year [3,4]. However, despite the strong scientific recommendations for its routine use in the treatment of COPD, PR is generally underutilized [5-7]. A survey carried out in 2005 in Canada demonstrated that only 1-2% of the Canadian population with COPD has access to rehabilitation programs [8]. Similar statistics are reported for other countries [7,9].A search of the scientific literature revealed few controlled studies that demonstrate the b
Novo-desenvolvimento, capital social e desigualdade social
Ana Cristina de Oliveira Oliveira,Vania C. Motta
Em Pauta : Teoria Social e Realidade Contemporanea , 2012,
Abstract: Este artigo aborda a tendência de enfrentamento da desigualdade social a partir, no campo econ mico, da vers o do novo-desenvolvimentismo e, no campo político e ideológico, a partir da no o de capital social, na tentativa de realizar um "capitalismo com face mais humana". Discutiremos duas ordens de quest es, considerando a especificidade da forma o social brasileira de capitalismo dependente: 1) a “constru o de Estados fortes” para assegurar as condi es de acumula o do capital, ampliando as margens do mercado de consumo, aliviando a pobreza e controlando possíveis tens es políticas e 2) a difus o da necessidade de construir uma sociedade em harmonia, que se traduz na incorpora o da ética empreendedora dos empresários em todas as esferas sociais. Entendemos que este escopo político-econ mico revela uma nova pedagogia da hegemonia, sustentada numa suposta alternativa de gerenciamento das novas express es da “quest o social”, voltada para educar o conformismo e ocultar o conflito de classes. Palavras-chave: quest o social; novo-desenvolvimentismo; capital social; inclus o for ada
Estimativas de vaz?es mínimas mediante dados pluviométricos na Bacia Hidrográfica do Ribeir?o Santa Bárbara, Goiás
Oliveira, Luiz F. C. de;Fioreze, Ana P.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662011000100002
Abstract: in order to adjust a rain-flow model capable of estimating santa barbara river minimum flows, the authors analyzed the historical flow series and identified the base flow recession phase. the daily rainfall data observed at the stations fazenda alian?a, joviania, ponte sul goiana, maurilandia and ponte meia ponte were used to determine the total rainfall during the five months preceeding the dry season (p5). the average p5 for santa barbara river basin was obtained using the thiessen method. the rain-flow model produced in this work presented little errors compared with the minimum flows actually observed in the river during the dry season. the model allowed the authors to estimate the referrence flow q7,10. the method studied in this work made it possible to simulate the hidrogram corresponding to the base flow recession phase starting from p5 rainfall. this allows the public water manager in goias to prevent possible conflicts over water in the river basin using different rainfall distribution scenarios.
Association between geohelminth infections and physical growth in schoolchildren
Silva, Rita de Cássia Ribeiro;Assis, Ana Marlucia Oliveira;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732008000400003
Abstract: objective: this study aims to assess the association between geohelminth infections and the physical growth of schoolchildren. methods: this is a cross-sectional study with the participation of 1861 children aging from 7 to 14 years who live in a municipality in the southern region (rec?ncavo) of the state of bahia. the participants were submitted to anthropometric assessment and stool tests. multiple logistic regression analysis was used as the statistical means to determine the association of interest. results: the risks of stunting were greater among boys with ascaris lumbricoides (odds ratio=1.79; confidence interval 95%: 1.07-3.01), trichuris trichiura (odds ratio=2.26; confidence interval 95%: 1.33-3.84) and ancylostomiasis (odds ratio=2.18; confidence interval 95%: 1.28-3.73) when compared with non-infected children. these results remained unchanged after adjustments for the location of the school, children's ages and other geohelminth infections. conclusion: these infections did not compromise girls′ growth. these results emphasize the association between geohelminth infection and linear physical growth, indicating the need to implement preventive and curative measures that allow the quality of life of the children to improve since the repercussion that these parasites have on the nutritional status and health of this population is severe.
Educa??o de pacientes com asma: atua??o do enfermeiro
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-35862002000400004
Abstract: background: asthma education programs induce better asthma control and are one of main recommendations in guidelines. the programs recommendations should include a nurse in the educational team applying the structured program. the purpose of the intervention is to bring a change in the daily life of the patient and the family in order to improve disease control and quality of life. aim: to standardize and apply a structured post-consultation model as part of multidisciplinary care in an educational program for asthmatic patients seen at the outpatient clinic of a public hospital, and to monitor the changes in asthma knowledge and quality of life. methods: a longitudinal prospective study over six months with regular visits at four week intervals (total = 6 visits), conducted at the outpatient department of unifesp/epm/hsp, and the patients were included after signing a consent form. the asthma structured educational plan was conducted by a multidisciplinary team and addressed the following issues: what is asthma, relief and prevention medicines, daily report of symptoms and dyspnea score, training of the correct use of inhaled medication, discussion and actions regarding triggering factors and how to avoid them, and tips to recognize the signals of uncontrolled asthma. a standard questionnaire about general knowledge on asthma and a quality of life questionnaire were applied at the beginning, during the course, and at the end of the program. results: 26 asthmatics were followed over six months and showed a statistically significant improvement in their identification and management of asthma skills as well as better quality of life indices. conclusion: the model of care and the approach and training techniques were adequate and useful in the development of a structured educational program for socially deprived patients.
Educa o de pacientes com asma: atua o do enfermeiro
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2002,
Abstract: Introdu o: Programas de educa o em asma levam a melhor controle da asma e s o uma das recomenda es dos consensos. Os programas devem incluir uma enfermeira no grupo educacional que aplicará o programa estruturado. A proposta da interven o é mudar a vida diária do paciente e sua família e melhorar o controle da doen a e qualidade de vida. Objetivo: Padronizar e aplicar um modelo estruturado de pós-consulta, como parte de atendimento multidisciplinar dentro de um programa educativo para pacientes asmáticos em um ambulatório de um hospital público e acompanhamento das mudan as no conhecimento da asma e qualidade de vida. Método: Estudo longitudinal, prospectivo, com dura o de seis meses, realizado no ambulatório de Pneumologia do Hospital S o Paulo (Unifesp/EPM), dentro de um programa de educa o para pacientes asmáticos, em que foram agendadas seis consultas, com intervalo de quatro semanas, com os seguintes temas: o que é asma, medica es de alívio e preven o, diário de sintomas e escore de dispnéia, uso correto do aerossol, discuss o dos fatores desencadeantes e profilaxia, e também reconhecer os sinais de descontrole da asma. Um modelo padronizado do questionário de conhecimentos sobre asma e outro sobre qualidade de vida foram aplicados no início, durante e no final do estudo. Resultados: 26 asmáticos foram acompanhados por seis meses e mostraram melhora significante na identifica o dos problemas relacionados ao manejo da asma, como também nos índices de qualidade de vida. Conclus o: O modelo de atendimento, como também as técnicas de treinamento, foram adequadas e úteis no desenvolvimento de um programa educativo estruturado para pacientes asmáticos.
Dimensionamento de pilares preenchidos de se??o circular submetidos à compress?o simples, segundo a NBR 8800:2008 e Eurocode 4:2004: compara??o com resultados experimentais
Oliveira, Walter Luiz Andrade de;De Nardin, Silvana;El Debs, Ana Lucia H. de C.;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672009000100011
Abstract: in this paper results of tests on 32 concrete-filled steel tubular columns under axial load are reported. the test parameters were the concrete compressive strength, the column slenderness (l/d) and the wall thickness (t). the test results were compared with predictions from the codes nbr 8800:2008 and en 1994-1-1:2004 (ec4). the columns were 3, 5, 7 and 10 length to diameter ratios (l/d) and were tested with 30mpa, 60mpa, 80mpa and 100mpa concrete compressive strengths. the results of ultimate strength predicted by codes showed good agreement with experimental results. the results of nbr 8800 code were the most conservative and the ec4 showed the best results, in mean, but it was not conservative for usual concrete-filled short columns.
Estratégias para preven??o de erros na medica??o no setor de emergência
Oliveira, Regina Célia de;Camargo, Ana Elisa Bauer de;Cassiani, Sílvia Helena De Bortoli;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672005000400004
Abstract: this study identified situations indicating medication errors or near misses by analyzing medication orders and the nursing staff's performance. it also implemented a cycle of lectures and a course on safety in medication administration for professionals at the emergency room in a hospital in the northeastern region of brazil. the results showed that of 1,585 orders under analysis, 83,9% did not clearly express the medication presentation and 84.6% did not define the dosage from prescribed medication, in 34.2%, the administration time was unchecked; in 22.5%, the time had been circled. among the non-administered medication, 26% were antibiotics and anticoagulants and 15% analgesics. the professionals participated in the implemented strategies with good attendance levels.
Synthesis, Structural and Photophysical Properties of Gd2O3:Eu3+ Nanostructures Prepared by a Microwave Sintering Process  [PDF]
Ana P. de Moura, Larissa H. Oliveira, Icamira C. Nogueira, Paula F. S. Pereira, Maximo S. Li, Elson Longo, José A. Varela, Ieda L. V. Rosa
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2014.43041
Abstract: In this paper, we report the obtention of gadolinium oxide doped with europium (Gd2O3:Eu+3) by thermal decomposition of the Gd(OH)3:Eu3+ precursor prepared by the microwave assisted hydrothermal method. These systems were analyzed by thermalgravimetric analyses (TGA/DTA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), structural Rietveld refinement method, fourrier transmission infrared absorbance spectroscopy (FT-IR), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) and photoluminescence (PL) measurement. XRD patterns, Rietveld refinement analysis and FT-IR confirmed that the Gd(OH)3:Eu3+ precursor crystallize in a hexagonal structure and space group P6/m, while the Gd2O3
Prevalência de sobrepeso e obesidade infantil na cidade de Feira de Santana-BA: detec??o na família x diagnóstico clínico
Oliveira, Ana Mayra A. de;Cerqueira, Eneida de M.M.;Oliveira, Ant?nio César de;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572003000400010
Abstract: objectives: to determine the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children attending public and private schools in the urban area of feira de santana-ba; to evaluate both the perception of excessive weight gain by guardians and the prevalence of treatment of those children. method: cross-sectional study with 699 children, whose age ranged from 5 to 9 years old, attending public and private schools of feira de santana-ba in 2001. overweight was defined as body mass index (bmi) > 85th percentile and obesity as bmi > 95th percentile both for age and gender. the level of perception of children's excessive weight gain by guardians was evaluated by means of individual interviews. results: total prevalence rates were 9.3% for overweight and 4.4% for obesity, without statistically significant difference among age and gender. white ethnic group was related only to overweight. prevalence for overweight and obesity was, respectively, 6.5% and 2.7% for public schools and 13.4% and 7.0% for private ones. guardians suspected that 11.7% of the children presented excessive weight gain. only 11.1% of them were submitted to treatment. a percentage of 22.2% of these treatments were performed by specialized professionals. conclusions: the prevalence of overweight and obesity was high and similar to some studies in brazil; even though excessive weight gain can be recognized by children's guardians, they are not aware of the necessity of treatment.
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