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Effects of Heparin and Enoxaparin on APP Processing and Aβ Production in Primary Cortical Neurons from Tg2576 Mice
Hao Cui, Amos C. Hung, David W. Klaver, Toshiharu Suzuki, Craig Freeman, Christian Narkowicz, Glenn A. Jacobson, David H. Small
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023007
Abstract: Background Alzheimer's disease (AD) is caused by accumulation of Aβ, which is produced through sequential cleavage of β-amyloid precursor protein (APP) by the β-site APP cleaving enzyme (BACE1) and γ-secretase. Enoxaparin, a low molecular weight form of the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) heparin, has been reported to lower Aβ plaque deposition and improve cognitive function in AD transgenic mice. Methodology/Principal Findings We examined whether heparin and enoxaparin influence APP processing and inhibit Aβ production in primary cortical cell cultures. Heparin and enoxaparin were incubated with primary cortical cells derived from Tg2576 mice, and the level of APP and proteolytic products of APP (sAPPα, C99, C83 and Aβ) was measured by western blotting. Treatment of the cells with heparin or enoxaparin had no significant effect on the level of total APP. However, both GAGs decreased the level of C99 and C83, and inhibited sAPPα and Aβ secretion. Heparin also decreased the level of β-secretase (BACE1) and α-secretase (ADAM10). In contrast, heparin had no effect on the level of ADAM17. Conclusions/Significance The data indicate that heparin and enoxaparin decrease APP processing via both α- and β-secretase pathways. The possibility that GAGs may be beneficial for the treatment of AD needs further study.
An Analysis of Regional Income Variation among the Five Regions of Oklahoma  [PDF]
Orley M. Amos Jr., Tim C. Ireland
Modern Economy (ME) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/me.2015.62011
Abstract: This paper investigates recent trends of per capita personal income in the state of Oklahoma to ascertain what if any long-run trends are exhibited. Standard theoretical analysis suggests that per capita incomes are expected to converge, especially across regions. However, recent research indicates that the national trend is one of the regional income divergences. The question posed by this paper is whether or not the per capita income in Oklahoma supports evidence of divergence. The data for 1969 to 2012 obtained from Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) are analyzed. These data are used to regionalize the state into five distinct county-based areas. Results suggest that Oklahoma exhibits a transitional pattern from convergence to divergence during the period of study. The three objectives of this study are: 1) a test of the growth pole cycle theory; 2) an extension of previous analysis of Oklahoma regional income variation; and 3) a preliminary test of the impact of the 2008 recession on regional income variation. After identification and analysis of the five substate regions, an overview of the growth pole cycle theory explaining the hypothesized pattern is provided, followed by an exposition of the analytical methodology. The analytical results are twofold, first, a baseline analysis regressing variation on per capita income and second, the inclusion of the unemployment rate.
An Analysis of Regional Income Variation in the United States: 1969-2013  [PDF]
Orley M. Amos, Tim C. Ireland
Modern Economy (ME) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/me.2017.82016
Abstract: This paper investigates the variation of per capita personal income among counties within each state from 1969-2013. Department of Commerce BEA data and Department of Labor BLS data for 1969 to 2013 are analyzed. This study follows up on previous analysis of U.S. regional income variation by adjusting time series estimates for serial correction and using random effects models for panel data analysis. In addition, potential short-run disruption of a longer run trend is investigated by including an unemployment rate variable into the model. Results suggest that a general pattern of per capita income divergence has transpired in recent decades, contrary to conventional expectations of convergence.
The Effect of Laminate Angles in Composite Substrates on the Performance of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna  [PDF]
C. C. Hung, S. M. Yang
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2016.812024
Abstract: The performance of a microstrip antenna has been known sensitive to substrate’s dielectric properties, which is dependent on the angle of laminate layers inside a composite laminated substrate. Modal analysis in spectral domain is applied to investigate the resonant frequency and radiation pattern of rectangular microstrip antenna on composite substrates. It is shown that the substrate’s dielectric properties are dependent upon the laminate angles, i.e., upon the orientation of the antenna relative to the substrate’s fiber direction. For the same operating frequency, the antenna size on composite substrates is larger than that on isotropic substrates, and the far field pattern is also more directional.
The Pixon method of image reconstruction
Richard C. Puetter,Amos Yahil
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: The Pixon method is a high-performance, nonlinear image reconstruction method that provides statistically unbiased photometry and robust rejection of spurious sources. Relative to other methods, it can increase linear spatial resolution by a factor of a few and sensitivity by an order of magnitude or more. All of these benefits are achieved in computation times that can be orders of magnitude faster than its best competitors.
The second law, maximum entropy production and Liouville's theorem
Roderick C Dewar,Amos Maritan
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: In 1965 Jaynes provided an intuitively simple proof of the 2nd law of thermodynamics as a general requirement for any macroscopic transition to be experimentally reproducible. His proof was based on Boltzmann's formula S = klnW and the dynamical invariance of the phase volume W for isolated systems (Liouville's theorem). Here Jaynes' proof is extended to show that Liouville's theorem also implies maximum entropy production (MaxEP) for the stationary states of open, non-equilibrium systems. According to this proof, MaxEP stationary states are selected because they can exist within a greater number of environments than any other stationary states. Liouville's theorem applied to isolated systems also gives an intuitive derivation of the fluctuation theorem in a form consistent with an earlier conjecture by Jaynes on the probability of violations of the 2nd law. The present proof of MaxEP, while largely heuristic, suggests an approach to establishing a more fundamental basis for MaxEP using Jaynes' maximum entropy formulation of statistical mechanics.
Toward to Measure Narcissistic Personality in Cyberspace: Validity and Reliability  [PDF]
Chih-Hung Chou, C. K. Farn
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.615196
Abstract: Behavior in Internet world is closely related to narcissistic personality. Internet is a necessary part of life for young: therefore, the discussion of narcissistic behavior and the implicit personality traits within Internet world has become an important issue for understanding the psychology and behavior of teenagers. Currently, well-developed narcissistic personality scales exist for academic use; however, the plausibility of applying them in Internet world still lacks systematic proof. Thus, our study developed a narcissistic personality scale focused on online behavior based on college students sampled in Taiwan, and tested the construct validity of the scale through confirmatory factor analysis. The results show that the Online Narcissistic Personality Inventory (ONPI) developed in our study is composed of seven facets and that all facets have good internal consistency; factor analysis of the seven-factor model shows good model fit. The results show that the ONPI can be applied for assessing narcissistic personality in online environments for college students.
A “Fine Structure Constant” for Inertia  [PDF]
Amos Harpaz
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2013.34046

We try to find a physical source for the inertial force, which contradicts the acceleration of an object. We find that when an object is accelerated, its gravitational field curves, and the stress force created in this curved field acts on the object against the accelerating force, thus supplying part of the inertial force that contradicts the acceleration. We also find that this force includes a term which is similar to the fine structure constant used in quantum mechanics. As well, we find that this term equals unity for a black hole object. Further work is needed in order to find whether the complete inertial force can be found in this way. The experimental results that may prove this approach are still very limited.

Ghanaian Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada: Experiences, Challenges, and Coping Strategies  [PDF]
Amos Nkrumah
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.410005
Abstract: Immigrant women of African descent face series of injustices in the process of integrating into the host society, particularly in the labour market because they are women and minorities. The purpose of this paper is to explore the experiences, challenges, and strategies of these female immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada. Using snow-ball sampling and in-depth interview, principally these women go into entrepreneurship due to family considerations. Furthermore, there are several injustices that the women face, such as race regarding the colour of skin, and the accented manner they speak English. The study also finds that Ghanaian women entrepreneurs have developed coping strategies through the building of networks, determination, and “faceless” business transactions to overcome the inequalities, and to win and maintain clients and expand their business.
The Philosophy-Psychology Linkage  [PDF]
Amos Avny
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2018.83016
Abstract: The Essay explores two questions about the subject: a. whether exist any linkage between Philosophy and Psychology, and b. what is the nature of this linkage? Actually, the Author answers that such a linkage already exists. In fact, these two disciplines are like two sides of the same coin, they are complementary rather than competitive. For clarifying this argument the Author discusses 3 example cases, examining the whole individual-organization complex. The Essay describes Adam and Eve’s nature and curiosity, qualities that empowered them in their search for knowledge. This behavior also made them the fore-parents of all explorers, pioneers and researchers who followed them. Further, the Author indicates how wrong use of ideological declarations hurts individuals and subdues them. Finally, the Author advocates the introducing of the “Normal Distribution Method” and the “Bell type Curve” as main tools in teaching and studying Social Sciences.
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