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Metodologias de inocula??o de Rhizoctonia solani na cultura da cenoura
Oliveira, Amanda Cabral Corrêa de;Souza, Paulo Estev?o de;Pozza, Edson Ampélio;Manerba, Felipe de Carvalho;Lopes, Maurício Ferreira;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542008000300044
Abstract: rhizoctonia solani may cause different diseases in carrot (daucus carota l.). to test control methods, artificial inoculation is generally employed. this work aimed to adjust a methodology to inoculate r. solani (ag-4) in carrot. a randomized block outline with five replicates was used, with an experimental unit of a 3l-pot with 40 seeds and a substact composed by a mixture of soil/sand (3:1 v/v). treatments were those in a factorial experiment 4 x 3, with 4 inoculum densities (9; 18; 36; 72 mg of inoculum.kg-1 of soil) and three forms of artificial infestation (incorporated to the substract as a whole; incorporated on the surface; with direct contact with seeds) and an additional control. the experiment was carried out in a growth chamber at 200c and a 12h photoperiod. the evaluations were daily performed from the 8th to the 30th day after sowing, recording plant stand and number of seedlings with damping-off. the emergence index, averge percentage of pre and post emergence. were analyzed the density of 72 mg of inoculum·kg-1 of soil, incorporated on the surface of the susbtract was the most efficient inoculation method.
Adequa??o da metodologia para o teste de germina??o de sementes de pitaia vermelha
Alves, Charline Zaratin;Godoy, Amanda Regina;Corrêa, Luiz de Souza;
Ciência Rural , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782011005000051
Abstract: hylocereus undatus (haw.), popularly known as red pitaya is a cactus for which it has been registered an increase in consumption in recent years and, being as yet little explored, several aspects related to its propagation are still unknown. yet, there are no criteria for the performance of germination tests for seeds of this species published in rules for seed analysis. accordingly, the objective of this research was to adapt the methodology to the substrate, temperature and time of initial and final count for the germination test. four substrates were tested (rolled paper, sand, vermiculite and soil) and four temperatures (20, 25, 30 e 20-30°c).the effect of substrates on the seeds germination performance was evaluated by the germination test and first count installed with four replicates of 50 seeds. the number of seedlings was counted daily until they achieved stability. the percentage of seed germination was evaluated at the end of the experiment, considering the normal and abnormal seedlings and dead seeds. it was concluded that the germination test of red pitaya seeds must be performed at constant temperature of 25°c in rolled paper, with initial and final counts at five and ten days after sowing, respectively.
Efeito da autofecunda o em cultivares de abacaxi
Cabral José Renato Santos,Souza Ant?nio da Silva,Matos Aristoteles Pires de,Caldas Ranulfo Corrêa
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2003,
Abstract: O elevado nível de heterozigose dos parentais utilizados em hibrida es é a principal causa da baixa eficiência dos programas de melhoramento genético do abacaxizeiro em gerar novas cultivares. Por outro lado, os efeitos da autofecunda o s o pouco conhecidos em abacaxi, mas esta estratégia pode proporcionar avan os significativos no melhoramento desta planta. Assim, este trabalho teve como objetivo observar os efeitos da autofecunda o em cultivares de abacaxi. Inflorescências das cultivares Primavera, Perolera, Roxo-de-Tefé, Pérola e Smooth Cayenne foram protegidas antes da antese para possibilitar a ocorrência de autofecunda o. As sementes produzidas foram germinadas em camara de crescimento, utilizando-se como substrato do meio de cultura MS, suplementado com 30 g.L-1 de sacarose e solidificado com 2 g.L-1 de "Phytagel. Durante a germina o, observou-se que cerca de 16% das sementes de 'Roxo-de-Tefé' produziram plantulas albinas. Foram obtidas 43 plantas a partir de 'Primavera', cinco de 'Perolera', onze de 'Roxo-de-Tefé' e nenhuma de 'Pérola' e 'Smooth Cayenne'. Todas as plantas da progênie de 'Primavera' apresentaram folhas sem espinhos nos bordos ("piping"), evidenciando homozigose para esta característica, enquanto na progênie de 'Perolera' três plantas evidenciaram folhas sem espinhos nos bordos e duas com folhas espinhosas, segregando para o caráter espinescência. Na descendência de 'Roxo-de-Tefé', oito plantas apresentaram folhas de cor roxa e três com folhas verdes, com segrega o para a cor da folha, mas todas evidenciaram folhas com espinhos no bordo. As baixas porcentagens de germina o, o crescimento lento e o baixo vigor observados nas plantas em casa de vegeta o, viveiro e campo, evidenciaram a ocorrência de depress o por endogamia nestas fases de desenvolvimento.
Inseguran?a alimentar e estado nutricional de crian?as de Gameleira, zona da mata do Nordeste brasileiro
Oliveira, Juliana Souza;Lira, Pedro Israel Cabral de;Maia, Sandra Regina;Sequeira, Leopoldina Augusta de Souza;Amorim, Roberta Corrêa de Araújo de;Batista Filho, Malaquias;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-38292010000200011
Abstract: objectives: to analyze the association between the food insecurity of families and the nutritional status of children aged under five years. methods: a cross-sectional study covering 501 families and 697 children aged under five years in the municipality of gameleira, in the brazilian state of pernambuco. food insecurity was assessed using the brazilian food insecurity scale (ebia). nutritional status was classified according to height/age, weight/age and body mass index (bmi), using the infant growth standards of the who. the study investigated the association between socio-economic indicators, food (in)security and biological variables relating to the child such as height/age, using linear multivariate regression analysis. results: food insecurity was found in almost 90% of families, with the most severe form being the most prevalent. there was a low prevalence of underweight in terms of bmi but high levels of underweight in terms of height for age. the final model of this analysis showed that the variables household per capita income, level of schooling of mother, and age of child had a significant influence on the nutritional status of the child, although the ebia was not significantly associated with this. conclusions: there is a clear discrepancy between the prevalence of food insecurity in families and the low frequency of malnutrition in children, suggesting that the two indicators evaluate quite distinct features and situations.
Hologram QSAR Models of 4-[(Diethylamino)methyl]-phenol Inhibitors of Acetyl/Butyrylcholinesterase Enzymes as Potential Anti-Alzheimer Agents
Simone Decembrino de Souza,Alessandra Mendon?a Teles de Souza,Ana Carolina Corrêa de Sousa,Ana Carolina Rennó Sodero,Lúcio Mendes Cabral,Magaly Gir?o Albuquerque,Helena Carla Castro,Carlos Rangel Rodrigues
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules17089529
Abstract: Hologram QSAR models were developed for a series of 36 inhibitors (29 training set and seven test set compounds) of acetyl/butyrylcholinesterase (AChE/BChE) enzymes, an attractive molecular target for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) treatment. The HQSAR models (N = 29) exhibited significant cross-validated (AChE, q2 = 0.787; BChE, q2 = 0. 904) and non-cross-validated (AChE, r2 = 0.965; BChE, r2 = 0.952) correlation coefficients. The models were used to predict the inhibitory potencies of the test set compounds, and agreement between the experimental and predicted values was verified, exhibiting a powerful predictive capability. Contribution maps show that structural fragments containing aromatic moieties and long side chains increase potency. Both the HQSAR models and the contribution maps should be useful for the further design of novel, structurally related cholinesterase inhibitors.
Importancia dos remanescentes florestais de Embu (SP, Brasil) para a conserva??o da flora regional
Franco, Geraldo Ant?nio Daher Corrêa;Souza, Flaviana Maluf de;Ivanauskas, Natália Macedo;Mattos, Isabel Fernandes de Aguiar;Baitello, Jo?o Batista;Aguiar, Osny Tadeu;Catarucci, Amanda de Fátima Martin;Polisel, Rodrigo Trassi;
Biota Neotropica , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032007000300017
Abstract: the objective of this research was to evaluate the conservation status and the importance of forest remnants at embu (sp, brazil) for the maintenance of the local plant diversity. a previous classification of the vegetation cover was made with aerial photographs interpretation in order to guide the selection of the forest fragments to be evaluated. in a quick survey, the floristic composition (focused on tree species) and some structural and physiognomic descriptors were recorded to assess the conservation status of the vegetation. nine remaining forests with areas between four and 35 ha were characterized, totaling 140 ha. despite of the short time, 197 species were recorded, being 172 trees typical of the ombrophilous dense forest and some species from the seasonal semideciduous forest. comparing the tree and shrub species between the remaining forests and the morro grande reserve forest - conservation unit located next to the study site - 95 species were found in common and 65 species exclusively occurring at embu forests. moreover, seven threatened species according to the state, national and world red lists were recorded. although these seven species were mostly found in the more mature fragments, some were also found in disturbed ones, indicating that even with the massive occurrence of secondary forests, the maintenance of the forest remnants of embu may help to preserve some species still not protected in the region. the forest can also contribute to protect water and soil resources and to connect native forest patches, facilitating the gene flow of plant and animal species and, consequently, promoting the maintenance of the atlantic forest biodiversity.
Servi?o de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência (SAMU): análise da demanda e sua distribui??o espacial em uma cidade do Nordeste brasileiro
Cabral, Amanda Priscila de Santana;Souza, Wayner Vieira de;
Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-790X2008000400002
Abstract: the city of olinda (pernambuco, brazil) created a tool for storing data from the emergency mobile healthcare service forms (samu-192) which is a pioneer in providing georeferenced information on the treatment given. the aim of the present study was to describe the epidemiological profile of care in the city from february (implementation of the service) to june 2006, with an emphasis on the spatial distribution of the most relevant events. secondary data from the samu-192 database was used, considering the frequency of the following variables: gender, age, type of event, day of the week, type of clinical cause, type of external cause, type of traffic accident and vehicles involved. based on the frequency of the types of clinical/external causes, those of greater magnitude were used for mapping and identifying spatial clusters using the kernel intensity estimator. among the 1,956 events, 1,114 were due to clinical causes and 645 were due to external causes; weekends totaled 46.0% of the events; 55.1% of events due to clinical causes were in women, whereas 72.1% of external causes were in men. the average age for clinical causes was 47 years and for external causes was 34 years. circulatory system diseases accounted for 23.1% of clinical causes. traffic accidents accounted for 52.7% of external causes, 61.1% of which were run overs and 33.6% involved motorcycles. the spatial analysis emphasized the need for integration between the health department and other agencies in order to implement preventive measures. the epidemiological profile offers information that can assist in the organization of the service and in the understanding of the morbidity profile.
Adriano Corrêa de Souza
Revista de Direito dos Monitores da Universidade Federal Fluminense , 2008,
Abstract: Na segunda se o, relativa ao Laboratório de Jurisprudência, ser o apresentados estudos de alguns dos casos de maior destaque ao longo dos vinte anos da Constitui o de 1988. Foram escolhidos o caso Collor, as decis es judiciais sobre as pesquisas com células-tronco e as primeiras súmulas-vinculantes.
Servi?o de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência: um observatório dos acidentes de transportes terrestre em nível local
Cabral, Amanda Priscila de Santana;Souza, Wayner Vieira de;Lima, Maria Luiza Carvalho de;
Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-790X2011000100001
Abstract: understanding the occurrence of land transportation accidents and describing the victims is fundamental for the definition of prevention and control policies regarding these events and the deaths they cause. the aim of the present study was to characterize the epidemiological profile of land transportation victims and the distribution of emergency care for land transportation accidents using spatial analysis. a descriptive study was carried out using the mobile emergency care service database of the city of olinda (pernambuco, brazil) for occurrences between july 2006 and june 2007. the geographic distribution was analyzed using the moran index. pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists concentrated 78% of the emergency care; there was a predominance of male victims (79%) and victims between 20 and 39 years of age (65%). a greater concentration of occurrences was found on weekends (56%; χ2 = 123.7; p < 0.001). between monday and thursday, 52% of occurrences were concentrated between 6 am and 5:59 pm; on weekends, 57% of the occurrences were concentrated between 6 pm and 5:59 am. motorcycles were involved in 68% of the accidents and 54% of run-over events. spatial analysis using the moran index indicated regions of risk, thereby stressing the importance of the geographic information system and spatial analysis in the monitoring of land transportation accidents. the results demonstrate the potential of this data source to contribute for the permanent monitoring of these events by indicating geographic areas and factors associated with the risk of emergency care in the city. these data should be shown to administrators, healthcare professionals and the general public.
Vulnerabilidade de puérperas na vis?o de Equipes de Saúde da Família: ênfase em aspectos geracionais e adolescência
Cabral, Fernanda Beheregaray;Oliveira, Dora Lucia Leidens Corrêa de;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342010000200018
Abstract: the paper analyzes the emphasis of the professionals of family health teams (fhts) on adolescent women's puerperium as a period in which women are particularly vulnerable. the adolescent women's special vulnerability in the puerperium period is justified by their way of living, showing a natural tendency to making the adolescence phenomenon something natural. the analysis was performed on some results from a qualitative study performed with fhts of santa maria/rs, which used the focus groups strategy and content analysis. this study adds important contributions to the work of health professionals, indicating and giving visibility to the circumstances and elements implied in the production of adolescent women's vulnerability in the puerperium. results suggest that a reorientation of education and health promotion practices that goes beyond the informative component are needed. in addition, there is a need to incorporate the vulnerability perspective in the planning of those actions.
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