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Comparison of metering mechanisms of corn seed
Weirich Neto, Pedro H.;Justino, Altair;Namur, Rodrigo T.;Domingues, José;Garcia, Luiz C.;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162012000500017
Abstract: it was compared the performance of the metering mechanism of corn seeds (zea mays) in direct seeding in an area of ??200 ha, a property in piraí do sul, state of paraná - pr, in brazil. it was seeded 4 maize hybrids, 50 ha of each, with seeds of different sieves. the experiment was conducted in a randomized block design (rbd), with 3 treatments and 9 repetitions for each corn hybrid. the treatments were the pneumatic seed of metering mechanisms, horizontal perforated disc with and without ramp?. the plots were 40 m2 and were distributed at the early, middle and late sowing. the variables analyzed in each corn hybrid were initial population, faulty spacing, multiple spacing, acceptable spacing, and yield components. as there were no significant differences in the variables, it was concluded that the quality of seeding with different systems of distribution was similar in the different sieves of distributed corn seeds.
Networking, production, identity: Cultural manager experiences
Mahir Namur
Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals , 2011,
Abstract: By means of a biographical exploration in cultural management, this article examines the experience and development of the European Culture Association. Throughout the article, the author argues that we need to connect “action” and “production” to “identity”, and to build the latter through the former in order to create a sense of belonging towards Europe. What these experiences show is that, instead of underpinning the construction of collective cultural identities in the past (that is, through shared memories, rituals and pre-existent modes of belonging), collective cultural identities are produced in the process of working together, of carrying out projects and collective activities, networking, and participating. It is only through investing in identity, by crafting it slowly with others, that a sense of belonging is generated.
A batuta da morte a orquestrar a vida
Loureiro, Altair Macedo Lahud;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832008000400014
Abstract: with quotations from other scholars of death, i have composed and i present some quick notes on death as the organizer of life. i hold the idea that death is needed for life to have meaning within this human search for completeness. i turn my eye towards a special situation relating to death: the reaction of individuals who witness and feel the death of one of their elders; people within the family or not who had taken on the task of caring for and being with the elderly person at the imminent end, and who humanely but powerlessly witness the time of solitary departure. a solitary death, but solely and particularly of that elderly person who was being cared for and of that person's natural end, as a human being.
A selective medium for the isolation of the acinetobacter genus bacteria
Zebral, Altair A.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1980, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761980000200002
Abstract: a selective and differencial medium was developed for the isolation of acinetobacter genus bacteria. this acinobacter agar medium (p.h + 7.4) contains in grams per litre: thiotone, 10; yeast extract, 3; nac1, 5; saccharose, 10; mannitol, 10; sodium citrate, 0.5; sodium desoxycholate, 0.1; crystal violet, 0.00025; phenol red, 0.04 and agar-agar 15. this medium has the advantage of inhibiting the growth of cocci and gram-positive bacilli, by the use of sodium citrate and sodium desoxycholate associated with the crystal violet; and of differentiating the gram-negative bacilli from the enterobacteriaceae, through the fermentative activity upon the saccharose and/or mannitol, contrasting with the complete inactivity of the acinetobacter genus bacteria over those substances.
The AK Transform  [PDF]
Altair S. de Assis, Siegbert Kuhn, Juan A. Limaco
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/am.2017.82012
Abstract: In this brief communication we present a new integral transform, so far unknown, which is applicable, for instance, to studying the kinetic theory of natural eigenmodes or transport excited in plasmas with bounded distribution functions such as in Q machines/plasma diodes or in the scrap-off layer of Tokamak fusion plasmas. The results are valid for functions of \"\" function spaces—Lebesgue spaces, which are defined using a natural generalization of the p-norm for finite-dimensional vector spaces, where \"\" is the real set, σs is the σ-algebra of Lebesgue measurable sets, and the μ Lebesgue measure. \"\" , so that \"\". Note that, using a simpler notation, more natural/known to engineers, f could be considered any piecewise continuous function, that is: \"\" Here \"\" is a Euclidian space with the usual norm (inner product: \"\") given by: \"\"[1].
Sele??o e aloca??o de recursos em portfólio de projetos: estudo de caso no setor químico
Padovani, Marisa;Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de;Muscat, Antonio Rafael Namur;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2010000100013
Abstract: among dozens or hundreds of alternatives, choosing those which should make up the projects portfolio of an organization and which priority level is a complex multi-criteria decision matter. this work aims to apply a management model of projects portfolio, using the ahp (analytic hierarchy process) method and an integrated integer program. another purpose is to validate and evaluate the importance and use of the model to help the decision-making related to the selection, prioritization and balance of projects. thus, such a model was applied to select and prioritize the projects of a company in the chemical sector, chosen as the unit of analysis. the different scenarios obtained from the decision-making model proposed were compared to the real scenario of the company. since the author interacted in the company's decision-making not just as an observer, to carry out the study the research-action method was chosen, since it is the most suitable for the case. it could be noticed that the use of the model contributed first, to the strategic alignment of the projects, enabling the exchange of knowledge between the company representatives; secondly, it allows the simulation of strategic scenarios in real time, as well as verifying the impact of the projects portfolio; thirdly, it prioritizes the projects in a justifiable and structural manner through an established mathematical model; finally, it enables to allocate the resources based on priorities.
Ajuste e balanceamento do portfólio de projetos: o caso de uma empresa do setor químico Project portfolio adjustment and balance: a case study in the chemical sector
Marisa Padovani,Marly Monteiro de Carvalho,Antonio Rafael Namur Muscat
Produ??o , 2012,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho é compreender a etapa de ajuste no contexto da gest o do portfólio de projetos, destacando sua rela o com os processos de categoriza o e balanceamento. A pesquisa realizada tem caráter qualitativo, sendo a abordagem adotada o estudo de caso longitudinal. A pesquisa foi desenvolvida em uma empresa do setor químico brasileiro. As evidências, de várias fontes, foram coletadas através de entrevistas, documentos e dados dos sistemas corporativos. Para a compreens o do portfólio de projetos da empresa foram coletados e analisados dados de mil projetos realizados entre 2001 e 2005. Os resultados indicam que maior aten o é dada à etapa de sele o, negligenciando a etapa de ajuste. A ado o de ferramentas de balanceamento permitiu evidenciar lacunas e fontes de desbalanceamento no portfólio de projetos, promovendo o debate entre os tomadores de decis o no que concerne ao viés introduzido pelos critérios adotados na etapa de sele o e levantando a necessidade de introdu o de uma sistemática de ajuste e balanceamento. Observou-se que sem uma adequada categoriza o dos projetos da empresa seria difícil promover a análise de balanceamento. This article aims to understand the adjustment stage of project portfolio management, highlighting its relationship with the processes of categorization and balancing. It is a qualitative research. The longitudinal case study approach was adopted. The research was carried out in a Brazilian chemical company. Several sources of evidence were collected through interviews, documents and data from the enterprise's systems. Data from 1,000 projects between 2001 and 2005 were collected and analyzed in order to understand the project portfolio. The results indicated that more attention is given to the selection stage, neglecting the adjustment stage. The adoption of balancing tools showed gaps and sources of imbalance in the project portfolio, promoting discussion among decision makers regarding the bias introduced by the criteria in the selection stage and raising the need to introduce systematic adjustment and balance. It was possible to observe that without a proper project categorization, it would be difficult to promote the balancing analysis.
Isolamento e caracteriza??o de Pseudomonas maltophilia (Hugh & Ryschenkow, 1960) de material clínico humano, na cidade do Rio de Janeiro
Zebral, Altair A.;Hofer, Ernesto;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1973, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761973000100011
Abstract: the authors have studied the morpho-biochemical properties and the sensibility at antimicrobial drugs, of specie of pseudomonas, the pseudomonas maltophilia, (hugh & ryschenkow, 1960), isolated from vaginal secretion. since important characteristics among more of sixty-five tested, the strains studied show to be: oxidase negative and lysine decarboxylase positive; to present deoxyrononuclease activity and produced a diffusible brown pigment: acid was produced by oxidation of maltose as much in nitrogenous complex medium as in hugh & leifson medium and they hydrolise the esculin. the strains was sensible, for the colistin chloranfenicol, gabromycin, gentamycin and nalidix acid.
Caracteriza??o de bactérias dos gêneros Mima e Herella (Tribo Mimeae, DeBord, 1942): 1) Propriedade morfo-bioquímicas e sensibilidade aos antibióticos
Zebral, Altair A.;Hofer, Ernesto;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1971, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761971000200003
Abstract: the authors studied the morpho-biochemical characteristics and antibiotic sensitivity of 19 strains of bacteria isolated from clinical specimens and identifyed as mima polymorpha var. oxidans, mima polymorpha and herellea vaginicola. the biochemical study indicated herellea vaginicola to be oxidase negative and in complex nitrogenous media effetively utilize glucose, galactose, manose, arabinose, xylose, 10% lactose and irregularly utilize rhamnose and cellobiose; in the synthetic base media the strains produced acid from lactose and have the same sugar oxidations as described before. mima polymorpha was oxidase-negative and failed to utilize the carbohidrates tested in either the complex nitrogenous media or the synthetic base media. mima polymorpha var. oxidans was oxidase-positive and failed to utilize the carbohydrates tested. the herellea vaginicola and mima polymorpha was very susceptible to gabromycin, knamycin, neomycin, colistin and the former was very sensitive to chloranphenicol and rovamycin. mima polymorpha var. oxidans presented high sensibility to kanamycin, neomycin, colistin, chloranphenicol and nalidixic acid. with the results obtained by the sensibility of strains to the 1 and 0,1 unity of penicillin by milliliter, it was impossible to separate the oxidase-positive and oxidase-negative strains in discordance with the data obtained by baumann, dodoroff & stanier (1968a).
O princípio da indissociabilidade universitária: dificuldades e possibilidades de articula o = The principle of university indissolubility: difficulties and possibilities of articulation
Gionara Tauchen,Altair Fávero
Linhas Críticas , 2011,
Abstract: O presente estudo teve por objetivo investigar e analisar as estratégias de articula o entre ensino, pesquisa e extens o promovidas por docentes de uma universidade pública brasileira. O estudo caracteriza-se como pesquisa qualitativa, de cunho exploratório-descritivo. Os resultados apontam que a indissociabilidade pode ser fortalecida por meio do desenvolvimento de pesquisas pautadas pela articula o disciplinar, integra o das unidades acadêmicas, institui es e sujeitos em diferentes processos de forma o; aproxima o dos temas de pesquisa com as disciplinas desenvolvidas na gradua o; inser o de docentes na pós-gradua o; desenvolvimento de projetos vinculados a Educa o Básica, tais como PIBID, Novos Talentos, entre outros.The goal of the present study is to investigate and analyze the strategies of articulation between teaching, research and continuing education promoted by the faculty of a Brazilian public university. This study is qualitative research, with exploratory and descriptive nature. The results demonstrate that indissolubility can be strengthened by conducting research ruled by disciplinary articulation; integration of academic units, of institutions and of subjects in different formation processes; drawing research themes closer to disciplines developed in the undergraduate program; insertion of the faculty in the Graduate Program; and the development of projects connected to Basic Education, such as PIBID and Novos Talentos (New Talents), among others.
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