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Fractionation of the rice bran layer and quantification of vitamin E, oryzanol, protein, and rice bran saccharide
Rebecca Schramm, Alicia Abadie, Na Hua, Zhimin Xu, Marybeth Lima
Journal of Biological Engineering , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1754-1611-1-9
Abstract: The importance of rice to the world population's dietary requirement is evident from its presence in the diet of a quarter of the world's people [1]. Rice processing or milling produces several streams of material, including husks, milled rice, and bran. In the United States, rice bran material is considered a by-product of the milling process and is most commonly used in animal feed or as a food ingredient due to its high nutritional content [2].As interest in value-added processing research grows, attempts are being made to increase the value of agricultural crop by-products, including rice bran, by increasing their pharmaceutical or nutraceutical potential. While rice bran has traditionally been utilized for pet food products [3], there is growing interest in the wide array of potentially human-health enhancing compounds found in rice bran. Rice bran is a good source of antioxidants including vitamin E and oryzanol, high quality oil and protein, and cholesterol-lowering waxes and anti-tumor compounds like rice bran saccharide [4-6]. Value-added processing to obtain these phytochemicals has the potential to be an important way of improving human health while increasing economic rates of return.In the unsaponifiable portion of rice bran oil, two groups of antioxidant compounds were identified as tocotrienols and gamma (γ)-oryzanol [7]. Tocotrienols, which are members of the vitamin E family, and γ-oryzanol, have been studied for potential health benefits [7]. Epidemiological studies have shown that antioxidants reduce oxidative damage to bimolecular structures that play a role in the prevention of chronic diseases. Antioxidants may help slow the onset of diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, and appear to play a role in the prevention of heart disease and cancer [8]. Tocotrienols have been shown to address free radicals in cell membranes and help in the prevention of coronary artery disease; γ-oryzanol (oryzanol) has been shown to lower blood cholesterol and to reduce
Ideals in Cross Sectional C*-algebras of Fell Bundles
Beatriz Abadie,Fernando Abadie
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: With each Fell bundle over a discrete group G we associate a partial action of G on the spectrum of the unit fiber. We discuss the ideal structure of the corresponding full and reduced cross-sectional C*-algebras in terms of the dynamics of this partial action.
Takai Duality for Crossed Products by Hilbert C*-bimodules
Beatriz Abadie
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: We discuss the crossed product by the dual action of the circle on the crossed product of a C*-algebra A by a Hilbert C*-bimodule X. When X is an A-A Morita equivalence bimodule, the double crossed product is shown to be Morita equivalent to the C*-algebra A.
Enveloping actions and Takai duality for partial actions
Fernando Abadie
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: We show that any continuous partial action on a topological space has a unique enveloping action, i.e. it is the restriction of a global action. In the case of C^*-algebras we prove that any partial action has an enveloping action up to Morita equivalence. The study of enveloping actions up to Morita equivalence reveals the form that Takai duality takes for partial actions.
Morita Equivalence for Quantum Heisenberg Manifolds
Beatriz Abadie
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We discuss Morita equivalence within the family of quantum Heisenberg manifolds. The main tool employed is the generalization of a result of P. Green and M. Rieffel about Morita equivalence of transformation groups to crossed products by Hilbert bimodules.
"Vector bundles" over quantum Heisenberg manifolds
Beatriz Abadie
Mathematics , 1993,
Abstract: By means of techniques from the Morita equivalence theory, we get finitely generated and projective modules over the quantum Heisenberg manifolds. This enables us to get some information about the range of the trace of these algebras, at the level of the K_{0}-group, in terms of the Poisson bracket in whose direction the manifolds are deformed.
Generalized fixed-point algebras of certain actions on crossed products
Beatriz Abadie
Mathematics , 1993,
Abstract: Let G and H be two locally compact groups acting on a C*-algebra A by commuting actions. We construct an action on the crossed product AXG out of a unitary 2-cocycle u and the action of H on A. For A commutative, and free and proper actions of G and H, we show that if the roles of these two actions are reversed, and u is replaced by u*, then the corresponding generalized fixed-point algebras, in the sense of Rieffel, are strong-Morita equivalent. We apply this result to the computation of the K-theory of quantum Heisenberg manifolds.
Dilations of interaction groups that extend actions of Ore semigroups
Fernando Abadie
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We show that every interaction group extending an action of an Ore semigroup by injective unital endomorphisms of a C*-algebra, admits a dilation to an action of the corresponding enveloping group on another unital C*-algebra, of which the former is a C*-subalgebra: the interaction group is obtained by composing the action with a conditional expectation. The dilation is essentially unique if a certain natural condition of minimality is imposed. If the action is induced by covering maps on the spectrum, then the expectation is faithful.
Isomorphism classes for quantum Heisenberg manifolds
Beatriz Abadie
Mathematics , 1996,
Abstract: We embed the quantum Heisenberg manifold in a crossed product algebra. This enables us to show that, in the irrational case, all tracial states on $\dc$ induce the same homomorphism on the K_0-group. We conclude that two irrational quantum Heisenberg manifolds $\dc$ and $D^c_{\mu ' \nu '}$ are isomorphic if and only if the parameters $(\mu,\nu)$ and $(\mu ',\nu ')$ belong to the same orbit under the usual action of $GL_2(\ZZ)$ on the torus.
Valuation of Long-Term Investments in Energy Assets under Uncertainty
Luis M. Abadie
Energies , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/en20300738
Abstract: This paper aims to contribute to the development of valuation models for long-term investments while keeping an eye on market prices. The adopted methodology is rooted on the existence of markets for futures and options on commodities related to energy investments. These markets are getting ever-increasingly liquid with ever-longer maturities while trading contracts. We discuss the advantages of this approach relative to other alternatives such as the Net Present Value (NPV) or the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), despite a limited increase in the complexity of the models involved. More specifically, using the valuation methods well-known to energy-finance academics, the paper shows how to: break down an investment into its constituent parts, apply to each of them the corresponding risk premium, value annuities on assets with a deterministic or stochastic behavior, and value the options that are available to its owner, in order to get an overall value of the investment project. It also includes an application to improvement in coal consumption, where futures markets are used to get a numerical estimate of the parameters that are required for valuation. The results are then compared with those from traditional methodologies. Conclusions for this type of investments under uncertainty are derived.
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