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Comparison between Modeling of Cetirizine Solubility Using Different Approaches: Semi-Empirical Density Based Correlations vs. Peng-Robinson EoS  [PDF]
Mostafa Lashkarbolooki, Ali Zeinolabedini Hezave
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101715
Abstract: The tunable nature of the solubility of various compounds, including molecules of pharmaceutical and biological interest, in supercritical fluids (SCFs) makes SCF extraction technology attractive for many separation and purification processes. Among the different influencing parameters, the most important one in the supercritical based processes is the knowledge of solubility of model solute. But, experimental measurement of the solubility of all pharmaceuticals in wide ranges of temperature and pressure is not only cost effective but also impossible in some cases. Regarding this fact, during the past decades, several approaches are proposed to model the solubility of the compounds in the supercritical fluids especially carbon dioxide. In this way, in the current investigation, two different approaches including five semi-empirical density based correlations (Mendez-Santiago and Teja (MST), Bartle et al., Chrastil, Kumar and Johnston (KJ) and Hezave et al.) and Peng-Robinson equation of state are used to find if it is possible to correlate the solubility of cetirizine with acceptable deviation as a function of temperature and pressure. The results reveal that among the examined approaches Hezave and Lashkarbolooki model leads to better overall correlative capability with average absolute relative deviation of 5.04% although Peng-Robinson EoS leads to lower AARD % of 3.85 % in 338 K isotherm.
Micronization of Cetirizine Using Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide  [PDF]
Ali Zeinolabedini Hezave, Mostafa Lashkarbolooki, Feridun Esmaeilzadeh
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101277
Abstract: During the past decades, producing micro- and nano-particles of drugs is gaining attention since it is possible to modify the solubility of insoluble drugs in the gastronical fluids significantly. Respect to this fact, in the current investigation, rapid expansion of supercritical carbon dioxide (RESS) for fabricating the micro-particles of cetirizine is investigated. In this way, different operational conditions including extraction pressure (160 - 220 bar), extraction temperature (308 - 328 K), nozzle length (1 - 8 mm), and nozzle diameter (450 - 1700 μm) are examined. The performed experiments revealed that among the examined operational conditions, nozzle diameter and extraction pressure introduce significant effects on the reduction of particle size compared with the other examined parameters. The results revealed that it is possible to reduce the cetirizine particles from 98.52 μm to 0.53 μm using RESS. In addition, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis is performed to investigate the effect of different operational parameters on the morphology of the particles of cetirizine. The results demonstrate that RESS not only is able to reduce the particle size of the cetirizine, but also is able to change the morphology of the cetirizine particles from the irregular shape to spherical form.
Screening and PVT Analysis on Explored-Not-Productive Southern Iranian Oilfields  [PDF]
Mostafa Lashkarbolooki, Mehdi Bayt, Ali Zeinolabedini Hezave, Shahab Ayatollahi, Hosein Vahdani
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101437
Abstract: One of the main concerns of each petroleum engineer is the selection of the best EOR method to maximize the oil production from the reservoir. In this regard, one of the explored-not-productive southern Iranian oil fields was considered as the objective of this study to find which enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method is the proper method to apply on this reservoir. Therefore, a procedure capable of combining the data extracted from different sources ranging from worldwide field experiences to the existing tables into a unified expert system is used. This expert system is based on Bayesian network analysis in order to sort the proper EOR techniques for further assessment by economical and environmental criteria. In addition, after collecting of surface samples at the gas and liquid separator, and subsequently recombined with solution gas oil ratio, several tests including constant composition expansion (CCE) (flash vaporization, flash liberation flash expansion, pressure-volume relations), differential vaporization (differential liberation differential expansion) and solubility and swelling tests were performed.
Evaluation of hearing in middle-aged patients with diabetes mellitus type 2  [PDF]
Bijan Forogh, Ronak Zeinolabedini, Mahdi Akbari, Elaheh Mianehsaz
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2013.65A004
Abstract: Introduction: Involvement of auditory pathway is one of the examples of central neuropathy in diabetics. The purpose of this study is to compare the auditory function of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with healthy subjects. Methodology: 30 diabetic and 30 healthy subjects participated in this study. For all participants conventional pure-tone audiometry (PTA) and Auditory Brainstem Evoked Responses (ABER) study were performed. Results: In PTA Hearing threshold only at 2, 4, 8 KHz frequencies were significantly higher than healthy subjects but were in normal range in patients with diabetes. ABER revealed that absolute latencies of waves I, III, V and inter wave latencies of III-V, I-V, I-III were significantly prolonged in diabetics. Conclusion: In this study, 50% of diabetic patients had hearing defects in ABER test despite normal hearing threshold and good meta-bolic control. Prolonged inter wave latencies of I-III, III-V, I-V explains retrocochlear and brain stem involvement.
Technical Evaluation of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems in Arak, Iran
S. Broomand Nasab,F. Baradarane-Hezave,M. Behzad
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: The scarcity of water resources is one of the crises most commonly experienced in different regions of the world especially in Iran. By the implementation of pressurized irrigation projects in this region, it is likely to enhance the consumption efficiency. One of the indispensable components in any irrigation exercise in order to improve the irrigation systems is evaluation activity. In the present study, nine different sprinkler irrigation systems i.e., the solid set system and wheel move systems in the Arak agricultural area, Iran were selected, tested and evaluated. Values of Coefficient Uniformity (CU), Distribution Uniformity (DU), Potential Efficiency of Water Application (PELQ), Actual Potential Efficiency of Water Application (AELQ) and maximum pressure difference (ΔPmax) in solid set systems are 76.16, 64.53, 55.56, 51.48 and 45.23%, respectively and for wheel move systems are 82.86, 76.02, 67, 67 and 29%, respectively. Average losses due to wind and deep percolation values were determined as 12.78 and 32.83%, respectively for solid set systems and 12.22 and 2.53%, respectively for wheel move systems. In solid set systems all of parameters failed to meet the expected values, however wheel move systems showed a better performance with mild wind. In general, it can be claimed that the main problems of sprinkler irrigation systems are deficient design and implementation, low distribution uniformity, low water pressure, deficient distribution of pressure, insufficient lengths of lateral pipelines in addition to poor quality equipment utilized and deficient management and maintenance processes.
Ultrastructural Identification of the Basal-Granulated Cells in the Duodenum of Albino Rat  [PDF]
Ali Hassan A. Ali
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2014.47041
Abstract: The fine structure of the crypt epithelium of the duodenal mucosa in albino rats was studied to represent the types and distribution of the basal-granulated or endocrine cells. Twenty male animals were used. Perfusion-fixation was made and samples of duodenal mucosa were taken and processed to prepare epon-embedded specimens for examination by a transmission electron microscope. Cells containing membrane-bound granules were seen in the crypt epithelium. They were identified to be basal-granulated cells. Six different types of such cells were demonstrated. All of the cells were of the closed type. The possible functional significance of these closed cell types was discussed. Correlation among the distributions of such cells in the intestine of albino rat might enable the physiologists, internists and other research workers to study several biologically active peptides with well-established functions other than those which have long been investigated.
A Primal-Dual Simplex Algorithm for Solving Linear Programming Problems with Symmetric Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers  [PDF]
Ali Ebrahimnejad
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.26089
Abstract: Two existing methods for solving a class of fuzzy linear programming (FLP) problems involving symmetric trapezoidal fuzzy numbers without converting them to crisp linear programming problems are the fuzzy primal simplex method proposed by Ganesan and Veeramani [1] and the fuzzy dual simplex method proposed by Ebrahimnejad and Nasseri [2]. The former method is not applicable when a primal basic feasible solution is not easily at hand and the later method needs to an initial dual basic feasible solution. In this paper, we develop a novel approach namely the primal-dual simplex algorithm to overcome mentioned shortcomings. A numerical example is given to illustrate the proposed approach.
Application of Linear Model Predictive Control and Input-Output Linearization to Constrained Control of 3D Cable Robots  [PDF]
Ali Ghasemi
Modern Mechanical Engineering (MME) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/mme.2011.12009
Abstract: Cable robots are structurally the same as parallel robots but with the basic difference that cables can only pull the platform and cannot push it. This feature makes control of cable robots a lot more challenging compared to parallel robots. This paper introduces a controller for cable robots under force constraint. The controller is based on input-output linearization and linear model predictive control. Performance of input-output linearizing (IOL) controllers suffers due to constraints on input and output variables. This problem is successfully tackled by augmenting IOL controllers with linear model predictive controller (LMPC). The effecttiveness of the proposed method is illustrated by numerical simulation.
A Study on Wear Resistance, Hardness and Impact Behaviour of Carburized Fe-Based Powder Metallurgy Parts for Automotive Applications  [PDF]
Ali Emamian
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2012.38073
Abstract: In order to study the mechanical and triboloical properties of powder metallurgy (PM) parts under different process parameters, the specimens were used in pack carburizing processes. These specimens made from industrial test pieces were carburized in a powder pack for about two to five hours at a temperature of about 850?C - 950?C. The effects of austenitization and quenching are investigated on some specimens. Also the wear tests are performed by means of a pin-on-disc tribotester using roll bearing steel as the counterface material. The results indicate that by appropriate selection of process parameters, it is possible to obtain high wear resistance along with moderate toughness. It is concluded that surface treatments increases the wear resistance and performance of PM parts in service conditions. By increasing the role of PM in industry which resulted from their ability to produce the complex shapes, high production rate, and dimension accuracy of final products, they need to be heat treated. Carburizing method was selected as a surface hardening method for PM parts. Results of wear and hardness show considerable enhancement in mechanical properties of PM parts.
Influence of Ferric and Ferrous Iron on Chemical and Bacterial Leaching of Copper Flotation Concentrates  [PDF]
Ali Ahmadi
International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy (IJNM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijnm.2012.13006
Abstract: The effects of ferrous and ferric iron as well as redox potential on copper and iron extraction from the copper flotation concentrate of Sarcheshmeh, Kerman, Iran, were evaluated using shake flask leaching examinations. Experiments were carried out in the presence and absence of a mixed culture of moderately thermophile microorganisms at 50?C. Chemical leaching experiments were performed in the absence and presence of 0.15 M iron (ferric added medium, ferrous added medium and a mixture medium regulated at 420 mV, Pt. vs. Ag/AgCl). In addition, bioleaching experiments were carried out in the presence and absence of 0.1 M iron (ferric and ferrous added mediua) at pulp density 10% (w/v), inoculated bacteria 20% (v/v), initial pH 1.6, nutrient medium Norris and yeast extract addition 0.02% (w/w). Abiotic leaching tests showed that the addition of iron at low solution redox potentials significantly increased the rate and extent of copper dissolution but when ferric iron was added, despite a higher initial rate of copper dissolution, leaching process stopped. Addition of both ferrous and ferric iron to the bioleaching medium levelled off the copper extraction and had an inhibitory effect which decreased the final redox potential. The monitoring of ferrous iron, ferric iron and copper extraction in leach solutions gave helpful results to understand the behaviour of iron cations during chemical and bacterial leaching processes.
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