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Cellulose degradation in rye straw by micromycetes and their complexes
Regina Varnait , Algimantas Pa kevi ius , Vita Raudonien
Ekologija , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/V10055-008-0006-0
Abstract: The ability of micromycetes Galactomyces geotrichum, Myrothecium verrucaria, Sporotrichum pruinosum, Chaetomium globosum, Mortierella verticillata, Verticillium fungicola, Mortierella humilis as well as their complexes Galactomyces geotrichum-Myrothecium verrucaria, Galactomyces geotrichum-Sporotrichum pruinosum, Sporotrichum pruinosum-Myrothecium verrucaria, Chaetomium globosum-Mortierella verticillata and Verticillium fungicola-Mortierella humilis to degrade cellulose in plant remnants during 30 and 60 days of cultivation was investigated. Cellulose degradation in plant remnants was found to depend on the duration of micromycete growth. The lowest cellulose levels after 60 days were detected after cultivation of Galactomyces geotrichum (5.48%) and Myrothecium verrucaria (12.34%) (8.12 and 3.6 times in comparison with control). As regards micromycete complexes, cellulose content was lowered most significantly by Galactomyces geotrichum-Sporotrichum pruinosum (9.92%) and Sporotrichum pruinosum-Myrothecium verrucaria (10.02%), i. e. 4.5 and 4.4 times versus control.
Analysis of Demand and Facilities for Publishing the Journal “The Evolution of Science and Technology” urnalo Mokslo ir technikos raida“ leidybos poreikio ir galimybi analiz
Romualdas Ginevi?ius,Algimantas Nakas
Evolution of Science and Technology , 2009, DOI: 10.3846/est.2009.01
Abstract: Lithuanian scientists investigating the history of science have limited possibilities of publishing personal research papers in scientific journals, and therefore the necessity of publishing a periodical discussing the history of science has arisen. The article deals with the need and possibilities of issuing a scientific journal of the history of science in Lithuania. The authors of the article have reviewed the situation of the discussed subject abroad and identified foreign universities and other establishments of higher education conducting researches on the history of science. It should be noticed that foreign institutions pay careful attention to the history of science organizing a number of congresses and conferences for scientists investigating the history of science, publishing a huge amount of journals coping with the main aspects of the history of science, defending dissertations, training postgraduate students, intensively participating in activities undertaken by the associations of science historians. The start of the history of science in Lithuania brings us back to 1950 and the pathfinder of this branch of history is eminent Professor Paulius Slav nas (1901–1991). Within the period of 50 years (1940–1990) of Soviet occupation, the Lithuanian scientists of the history of science were suppressed ideologically. Moreover, in the majority of cases, research papers were published in the popular periodicals only. The situation started getting better since 1990 when Lithuania restored national independence. Presently, comparatively many books, monographs and articles focusing on the most famous Lithuanian scientists as well as on the development of science, technology and other researched fields are released. However, no particular emphasis has been shifted on the journal discussing the major points of the history of science. The authors of the paper have explored the situation on the history of science, the format of research activities and the possibilities of publishing a journal of the history of science in Lithuania. The idea has been widely accepted by Lithuanian and foreign scientists investigating the history of science. Article in Lithuanian Autoriai ap velgia dal u sienio mokslo staig , kuriose vykdomi mokslo istorijos tyrimai, bei darb publikavimo, disertacij gynimo, magistrantūros studij galimybes. Nagrin ja mokslo istorijos konferencij med iagos, mokslini straipsni patekimo duomen bazes klausimus. Atlieka mokslo ir technikos istorijos tyrim pad ties analiz ir nustato urnalo Mokslo ir technikos raida“ (Evolution
Dangaus Kūn Poveikio Sunkio Laukui vertinimas
Petras Petro kevi ius , Darius Popovas
Geodesy and Cartography , 2008, DOI: 10.3846/1392-1541.2008.34.19-22
Abstract: Analizuojamas dangaus kūn poveikis sunkio laukui. poveik būtina vertinti atliekant precizinius geodezinius, gravimetrinius ir astronominius matavimus, nustatant punkt koordinates, em s gravitacijos lauko parametrus bei atliekant geodinaminius tyrimus. Did iausi poveik sunkio laukui lemia artimiausi emei dangaus kūnai - M nulis ir Saul . Taikant potvynio potencial , gautos patikslintos formul s dangaus kūn poveikiui vertinti. Atliktas M nulio ir Saul s poveikio sunkiui, vertikalei bei auk i skirtumui vertinimas. Pateikti poveikio visai emei ir Lietuvos teritorijai vertinimo rezultatai.
domi ir vertinga monografija (Interesting and Valuable Monograph)
Renata Bagdonien?,Juozapas Audvydas Sta?keviius
Engineering Economics , 2007,
Abstract: Vilnius Pedagogical University press recently published themonograph “Management of Investment Decisions” by AleksandrasVytautas Rutkauskas and Petras Stankevi ius. The monograph wasreviewed by prof. dr. habil. V. Gerasim iuk (Kiev Polytechnic Un iversity),prof. dr. habil. J. Mackevi ius (Vilnius University) and prof.dr. A. Temi ev (Minsk Polytechnic University). The monograph is inthe Lithuanian language and consists of 374 pages. It is compl imentedbecause of late decades larger or smaller financial criseshappened in many countries of the world. These crises sorely reboundedon economy development and on investors’ profitability andrisk level.The authors of the monograph deal with a very important theme.Systematized knowledge about investment process and methods,which evaluate profitability and risk of investment, are of great scientificand practical significance. For this reason A. V. Rutkauskas andP. Stankevi ius monograph “Management of Investment Decisions”can be highly valued.The authors state that “investment is a capital resort way whichshould ensure capital safety and value increase”. Almost all ninemonograph chapters (three sections) are aimed at analyzing, developingand forming recommendations for this motif.It is complimented that A. V. Rutkauskas and P. Stankevi iushave analyzed several methods of investment portfolio profitabilityevaluation and optimal investment portfolio creation. Surely, themost important thing is the right investment decision-making consideringthe results of risk quantitative measurement and economic est imation.The authors systemized investment decision-making processand broadly analyzed decision-making methods.The monograph is considered to make u significant contributioninto the field of investment decisions both from the theoretical andpractical point of view.
Bounds for tail probabilities of martingales using skewness and kurtosis
Vidmantas Bentkus,Tomas Ju?keviius
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Let $M_n= \fsu X1n$ be a sum of independent random variables such that $ X_k\leq 1$, $\E X_k =0$ and $\E X_k^2=\s_k^2$ for all $k$. Hoeffding 1963, Theorem 3, proved that $$\P{M_n \geq nt}\leq H^n(t,p),\quad H(t,p)= \bgl(1+qt/p\bgr)^{p +qt} \bgl({1-t}\bgr)^{q -qt}$$ with $$q=\ffrac 1{1+\s^2},\quad p=1-q, \quad \s^2 =\ffrac {\s_1^2+...+\s_n^2}n,\quad 0
Small ball probabilities, maximum density and rearrangements
T. Ju?keviius,J. D. Lee
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We prove that the probability that a sum of independent random variables in $\mathbb{R}^d$ with bounded densities lies in a ball is maximized by taking uniform distributions on balls. This in turn generalizes a result by Rogozin on the maximum density of such sums on the line.
Dabartini em s Plutos Judesi Lietuvos Pajūrio Teritorijoje S sajos Su Nuos din s Dangos Savyb mis
Algimantas Zakarevi ius , Rūta Puzien
Geodesy and Cartography , 2008, DOI: 10.3846/1392-1541.2008.34.23-28
Abstract: Koreliacin s ir regresin s analiz s metodais i nagrin ta i matuot j dabartini vertikali j em s plutos judesi bei nuos din s dangos savybi s sajos. Taikant atvirk tin s ingsnin s regresijos analiz i skirti reik mingiausieji tiriam gamtini proces rodikliai. Atliktas koreliacin s analiz s koeficient priklausomyb s bendrai koreliacinei erdvei tyrimas. Sudaryti bei su esamais palyginti regresin s analiz s metodu prognozuojam vertikali j em s pavir iaus judesi modeliai.
Modelling of the Horizontal Strains and Stresses of the Earth-Crust according to the Data of Geodetic Measurements : Modeliranje horizontalnih deformacij in napetosti zemeljske skorje po podatkih geodetskih meritev
Algimantas Zakarevi?ius,?eslovas Aksamitauskas,Arminas Stanionis
Geodetski Vestnik , 2005,
Abstract: The study was carried out by applying the Hooke’s physical law – to describe the relationship of the horizontal strains and geodynamic stresses of the Earth-crust. Experimental studies were carried out in the territory of the geodynamic polygon of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. New data of geodynamic stress changes that are significantly related with the tectonic structure of the territory were obtained. After the analysis and generalization of results obtained, the change of tectonic stresses in the surroundings of the geodynamic ground of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and its connections with tectonic structure were determined. The conclusion is drawn that Hooke’s law, by describing the relations between horizontal strains of the Earth-crust and geodynamic stresses, may be used practically and applied for estimating the regularities of the geodynamic stress change.
Palaeogeography and evolution of the Dubi iai glaciolacustrine basin in southern Lithuania
?esnulevi?ius, Algimantas,?vedas, K?stutis
Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The Dubi iai glaciolacustrine basin was studied by means of geomorphological, lithological and cartographic methods in order to reconstruct water level changes during postglacial time. The formation of the basin and respective sedimentation processes began immediately after the deglaciation. Glaciolacustrine terraces in the Dubi iai basin formed during the Frankfurt (Grūda) Stage of the last glaciation, and during the Dryas–Aller d, Boreal and Subatlantic chronozones. Intense evolution of the basin took place at the end of the Late Pleistocene and in the Early Holocene. The greatest changes in the topography were due to thermokarst processes which began in the Aller d and continued until the Boreal. Climate became warm and moist at the beginning of the Preboreal and thus created good conditions for accumulation of gyttja, peat and freshwater lime. The latest stage in the development of the Dubi iai basin occurred in the 19th century. In 50 years the area of the basin decreased by 10 times: from 221 ha in 1850 to 20 ha in 1900. The last major change in the hydrographic network of the basin occurred in 1958–59 when an artificial drainage project was completed.
Publishing Activities of the Lithuanian Scientific Society LMD leidybin veikla
Egl? Pakevi?iūt?-Kundrotien?
Evolution of Science and Technology , 2009, DOI: 10.3846/est.2009.10
Abstract: This article elaborates on the publishing activities (1907-1940) of the Lithuanian Scientific Society (LSS) discussing the implemented plans and their significance as well as the un-realized ideas and reasons of their failure. The paper determines the authors that mostly contributed to various publishing activities and shows how the scale of the publishing activities of LSS changed from the foundation of LSS to its closure. In total, LSS published almost 90 textbooks, 29 documents, dozens of offprints from Lietuvi tauta ( Lithuanian Nation“) and Medicina“. Plans to publish encyclopedias, indices, maps and the journal Medicina ir gamta ( Medicine and Nature“) were not implemented. The main upsurge in publishing was in 1918-1922. The political and cultural environment undoubtedly influenced publishing in Lithuania. LSS played the major role as a provider of textbooks for developing Lithuanian school and as a publisher and distributor of scientific literature. The publishing activities of LSS were widely known in Lithuania and abroad. Article in Lithuanian Straipsnyje remiantis rankra tine med iaga ir skelbtais altiniais siekiama supa indinti su Lietuvi mokslo draugijos (toliau – LMD) 1907–1940 m. leidybine veikla, atskleid iant gyvendintus sumanymus, j reik m visuomenei, aptariant planuose likusius sumanymus, j nepasisekimo prie astis, i analizuoti, kokie autoriai labiausiai prisid jo prie vairios leidybin s veiklos, parodyti tendencij , kaip kito LMD leidybos mastai nuo jos kūrimo iki u darymo. I viso LMD i leido beveik 90 vadov li , 29 dokumentus, de imtis atspaud i Lietuvi Tautos“ bei Medicinos“. Ne gyvendinti projektai: enciklopedijos, bibliografijos, em lapio, urnalo Medicina ir gamta“ leidyba. Did iausias leidybinis pakilimas – 1918–1922 m. Leidybos veiklai neabejotinos takos tur jo politin kultūrin situacija Lietuvoje. Reik mingiausia LMD veikla yra ta, kad ji aprūpino vadov liais besikurian i lietuvi k mokykl , rūpinosi mokslin s literatūros leidyba bei platinimu. LMD leidybin veikla buvo inoma ne tik Lietuvoje, bet ir u jos rib . Straipsnis lietuvi kalba
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