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Good Practices in Strategic Environmental Assessment Processes under the Brazilian Practitioners’ Vision  [PDF]
Antonio W. L. da Silva, Marinilse Netto, Paulo Selig, Alexandre Lerípio
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2018.96045
Abstract: The use of good practices (GP) can improve the technical quality and, as a consequence, the outcome of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process, increasing its effectiveness. This study aimed to present GP pointed out by Brazilian practitioners (members of the SEA development teams) from the perspective afforded by their participation in processes of this tool. The data were collected through personal interviews with 11 professionals responsible for preparing a total of 17 SEAs, who were asked about what measures adopted in the SEA could be considered BP. The responses were audio-recorded, transcribed, and had their content assessed by Content Analysis technique. Nine GP were highlighted by practitioners. The GP indicated represent a valuable contribution to the improvement of future use of SEA, either in Brazil or in other countries, because they are the result of consolidated experience in real cases of application of the tool.
Emergence of Conilon Coffee Seedlings Originating from Seeds Treated with a Sodium Hypochlorite Solution  [PDF]
Raquel Fialho Rubim, Henrique Duarte Vieira, Eduardo Fontes Araújo, Anna Christina Sanazário de Oliveira, Alexandre Pio Viana
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.513195

The coffee seeds are problematic for the physiologycal quality, featuring low speed of seedling emergence. In this sense, this work was developed with the objective of evaluating the effect of sodium hypochlorite in the removal of the parchment and in the emergence and seedlings development of conilon coffee in nursery conditions. Coffee seeds of the variety Victoria were used, which were harvested in the cherry stage and pulped by hand. Seeds were dried in an oven with forced ventilation until reaching moisture contents of 35%, 30% and 25% wet basis. Then, the seeds with parchment were soaked in a sodium hypochlorite solution with concentrations of 4%, 5%, 6% and 7% active chlorine for 3 and 6 hours. For each moisture content, two additional treatments were added consisting of seeds with parchment and seeds in which the structure was removed manually. The characteristics evaluated were: emergence speed index, total emergence, dry mass of the shoots and root system. Utilization of sodium hypochlorite promoted an acceleration in seedling emergence speed similar to the method for manual removal of the parchment when using concentrations of 4%, 5%, 6% and 7% for 3 hours, at all moisture contents.

Estimative of Black Pepper leaf area with basis on the leaf blade linear dimension
Partelli, Fábio Luiz;Vieira, Henrique Duarte;Viana, Alexandre Pio;
Ciência Rural , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782007000500039
Abstract: this research was aimed at establishing regression equations to estimate black pepper (piper nigrum) leaf area based on linear leaf measures. different black pepper varieties where growth on the field, four different size leaves were collected per plant with a total of 52 leaves to establish the regression equation and 28 to validate the equation for each variety (bragantina, la?ará, guajarina e cingapura). leaf midrib length (lml), maximum leaf broad width (mlbw) and leaf area (la) were measured. pearson's linear correlation coefficients were determined between observed and predicted measures with the observed la, besides estimating the linear regression equation for each variety. the equations best-fitted to estimate la based on circumscript rectangle were: 1) la = 2.2689 + 0.6900 x lml x mlbw; 2) la = 1.6402 + 0.6816 x lml x mlbw; 3) la = 1.4942 + 0.6215 x lml x mlbw and 4) la = 0.7467 + 0.6735 x lml x mlbw, for bragantina, la?ará, guajarina and cingapura varieties respectively. for all equations predicted values had high correlation coefficient with observed values thus showing that these equations must be variety specific and that they are appropriate for black pepper leaf area estimative.
A contabilidade tradicional e a contabilidade baseada em valor
Araújo, Adriana Maria Procópio de;Assaf Neto, Alexandre;
Revista Contabilidade & Finan?as , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-70772003000300002
Abstract: important advances are observed in the way companies perform. modern company management discards the conventional profit and yield measurement position and gives room to management directed towards shareholder wealth. the growth of competitiveness usually demands great investments with a view to additional market share earnings, whose economic recovery is usually evaluated as difficult. creating value for the shareholders demands financial strategies and new corporate success measures, aimed at adding wealth for its proprietors. bearing this in mind, a more outstanding and sophisticated performance is demanded from accounting with a view to covering the information needs of the various market agents in a modern company management environment. this study aims to: (i) disclose the importance of accounting in modern company management; (ii) make researchers and accounting professionals aware of the urgent need to modernize the accounting system; (iii) present the foundations of a value-based management model, in comparison with the traditional profit-focused management procedures; and (iv) disclose the relevance of accounting information from the perspective of economic essence.
Combined Selection in Backcross Population of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) by the Mixed Model Methodology  [PDF]
Helaine Christine Cancela Ramos, Messias Gonzaga Pereira, Alexandre Pio Viana, Lucas Nunes da Luz, Deisy Lúcia Cardoso, Geraldo Ant?nio Ferreguetti
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.520314
Abstract: The selection of superior genotypes based on the simultaneous response to several characteristics of agronomic importance is a key strategy to overcome the scarcity of available varieties of papaya. This study aimed to apply the combined selection by using distinct selection indexes based on both the genetic values obtained by the REML/BLUP methodology and the real measured values to select agronomically superior genotypes of papaya within backcross progenies. The combined selection was carried out based on genetic and phenotypic values, original and standardized, multiplied by the agronomic weights. The results of the analysis of genetic parameters indicate that the evaluated progenies have expressive genetic variability for the considered traits, and that there are real possibilities of genetic progress with the selection. Among the analyzed indexes, the one based on standardized genetic value presented greater consistency in the ranking of genetic material, demonstrating the advantage of data standardization. Five progenies belonging to the BC1 generation, and five to the BC3 generation were selected using this index. A total of 27 plants ag-ronomically superior were selected within the top five progenies and recommended for generation advance, 23 being selected by combined selection and 4 using the direct selection for the four mainly characters in papaya breeding program: production, pulp and fruit firmness and soluble solids. Beyond the selection of superior genotypes for the development of future inbred lines, this study also allowed defining the best strategy to apply the combined selection in papaya using pre-dicted breeding values obtained by BLUP. This strategy may allow higher accuracy in the selection process, thus increasing the chances of success of the breeding programs.
A putative mutant of a self-compatible yellow passion fruit with the corona color as a phenotypic marker
Souza, Margarete Magalh?es;Viana, Alexandre Pio;Pereira, Telma Nair Santana;
Bragantia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052010000100003
Abstract: yellow passion fruit (passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa) is a self-incompatible crop with purple corona flowers (pcf). plants exhibiting white corona flowers (wcf) were observed in an experimental field located in campos dos goytacazes - rj, brazil. this study was performed in order to test the fertility of these genotypes through studies of in vivo pollination, meiotic behavior and pollen viability. using in vivo pollination, the mean fruit set percentage, obtained from self-pollinations at the moment that flowers open, was 70.83% in wcf and 0% in pcf. in terms of cytological analysis, for both kinds of plants, wcf and pcf, the meiotic behavior was considered regular, considering the high meiotic index estimated for both of them, 96.3% and 97.7%, and pollen viability, 98% and 99.5%, respectively. such results suggest that the genotype wcf is self-compatible and interesting for use in genetic improvement of yellow passion fruit.
Qualidade da matéria organica e distribui??o do fósforo no solo de lavouras organicas de café Conilon
Partelli, Fábio Luiz;Busato, Jader Galba;Vieira, Henrique Duarte;Viana, Alexandre Pio;Canellas, Luciano Pasqualoto;
Ciência Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782009000700017
Abstract: the organic management in coffee uses insoluble phosphorus sources and a large quantity and variety of organic material. thus, the objective of this research was to evaluate organic matter composition and phosphorus distribution on soils from coffea canephora cv. 'conilon' crops, under different organic management production systems. soil under the coffee tree canopy was collected from 0 to 20cm depth. chemical and soil texture characteristics were determined by routine analysis as well as phosphorus and organic matter constitution. on the average crops organic phosphorus was the main part of the labile phosphorus and carbon humine. there was a higher content of inorganic phosphorus on soils from the crops with the highest concentrations of total and labile phosphorus. the total content of pi + po in the evaluated soils showed high and variation from 426.9 to 910.4mg dm-3 of soil. the humin fraction formed the bulk of organic matter. the fractions that make up the phosphorus distribution in the soil showed discrepanncies between the organic management production systems.
Laminas de irriga??o e coberturas do solo sobre a incidência da mancha fisiológica e produtividade do mam?o "Golden"
Gomes Filho, Aroldo;Oliveira, Jurandi Gon?alves de;Viana, Alexandre Pio;Pereira, Messias Gonzaga;
Ciência Rural , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782007000600023
Abstract: in this experiment the effect of different irrigation rates and soil coverings on qualitative aspects as well as yield components of the papaya cv. ?golden? during the period december 2003 to november 2004 were evaluated. a randomized complete block design was used with three replications in a factorial scheme. the results demonstrate high correlation involving the factors harvest season, incidence of skin freckles and yield components. with relation to skin freckles a seasonal incidence was confirmed, showing that for cv. ?golden?, the major incidence of the disturbance was verified in september. the mulching treatment was promising for the factors studied, in contrast to the green covering using the leguminosae arachis pintoe, due to competition with the papaya trees for water and nutrients, causing a reduction in the yield components.
Genetic diversity in Australian Cedar genotypes selected by mixed models
Tavares, Rulfe;Viana, Alexandre Pio;Barroso, Deborah Guerra;Amaral Júnior, Antonio Teixeira do;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542012000200005
Abstract: the increasing demand for raw material for multiple uses of forest products and by-products has attracted the interest for fast growing species, such as the australian cedar (toona ciliata), which presents high productive and economic potential. the present work aimed at estimating genetic diversity by dna markers and morphological traits supported for the mixed models. the following traits were measured and genotypes were sampled randomly in different areas: diameter at breast height, height, cylindrical volume, diameter, distance between nodes and crown diameter. twelve rapd primers were used and generated a total of 91 marks, 82 of which were polymorphic. the high percentage of polymorphic markers, 90.10%, demonstrated that discrimination in this species is efficient, but it yet little studied, for this case we can find the extent of the genetic basis for the application of technical improvement. the assessment of genetic diversity by the upgma method using the binary and morphological data provided the expression of genetic dissimilarities among the accessions evaluated, optimizing the perception of this divergence. the use of mixed models was efficient to assess combined genetic diversity to optimize the selection of genotypes with divergent genetic values for diameter at breast height.
Mancha fisiologica e produtividade do mam?o Tainung 01: efeito da lamina de irriga??o e cobertura do solo
Gomes Filho, Aroldo;Oliveira, Jurandi Gon?alves de;Viana, Alexandre Pio;Pereira, Messias Gonzaga;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542008000400019
Abstract: in this experiment one evaluated the effect of different irrigation dosages and soil coverings in skin freckles aspects in yield components of the papaya cv. tainung 01 in the period from december 2003 to november 2004. it was used a randomized complete block design, with a three replications, in a factorial scheme. when the interactions were significant the analysis was partitioned and the means were compared by the tukey test for each factor. the results found demonstrated high correlation between the variable studied and the harvest season. with relation to the skin freckles the seasonal aspect of incidence was confirmed, showing that for cv. tainung 01 the major incidence of the disturbance was verified in september and october. with relation to the soil coverings, the mulching showed promising for the variables in yield, in contrast of the green covering with the leguminosae arachis pintoi, because the last one competed with the papaya trees causing reduction in the yield components.
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