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Executive and Non-Executive Cognitive Abilities in Teenagers: Differences as a Function of Intelligence  [PDF]
Silvia Godoy, Natália Martins Dias, Alessandra Gotuzo Seabra
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.518205
Abstract: Intelligence and cognitive abilities, including executive functions (EF), have been addressed by psychometrics and cognitive psychology, respectively. Studies have found similarities and overlap among constructs, especially between EF and fluid intelligence (Gf). This study’s aim was to investigate in teenagers: 1) the relationships among Gf, crystallized intelligence (Gc), cognitive, and executive abilities; and 2) the differences among groups with average, superior and very superior intelligence in regard to cognitive and executive functions. A total of 120 adolescents aged between 15 and 16 years old were assessed via IQ tests (the WISC III and Raven’s), EF (computer version of the Stroop Test, FAS Verbal Fluency Test, Trail Making Test—part B), and cognitive abilities (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test [PPVT], Repetition of words and pseudo words Test, the Rey Complex Figure [REY CF]). Low to moderate correlations were found among measures of intelligence and cognitive and executive functions. Even though interrelated, the measures seem to capture somewhat distinct aspects. Subsequently, the participants were divided into three groups according to their performance on Raven’s Test: Group with very superior intelligence (VSI), Group with superior intelligence (SI), and Group with average intelligence (AI). The ANOVA revealed the groups’ significant effect (VSI, SI, AI), that is, the VSI and SI groups tended to perform better on the WISC subtests, in the cognitive measures of the PPVT, Rey CF, and in executive measure (FAS). A tendency of increasingly better performance in the various abilities according to groups was observed, but the hypothesis of greater specific association between Gf and EF was not confirmed. The results show better general performance according to the level of intelligence.
Hemangioma cavernoso difuso do útero
Godoy, Alessandra Guerra;Boscato, Giovana;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442003000300014
Abstract: the diffuse cavernous hemangioma of the uterus is a rare condition, and many times underdiagnosed by not showing a typical clinical picture. it is an hamartomatous lesion, where the myometrial wall is totally or partially replaced by a proliferation of arteries and veins, occurring fistulas among themselves. the authors present the case of a patient whose diagnosis of diffuse cavernous hemangioma of the uterus was made through an occasional finding, once the patient had no clinical symptoms.
Hemangioma cavernoso difuso do útero
Godoy Alessandra Guerra,Boscato Giovana
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2003,
Abstract: O hemangioma cavernoso difuso do útero é uma condi o rara, muitas vezes subdiagnosticado, por n o apresentar um quadro clínico típico. é uma les o hamartomatosa, onde a parede miometrial é total ou parcialmente substituída por uma prolifera o de vasos arteriais e venosos, com forma o fistular entre si. Os autores relatam o caso de uma paciente em que o diagnóstico de hemangioma cavernoso difuso uterino foi um achado ocasional, uma vez que a paciente n o apresentava sintomas clínicos.
Expression Analysis of p53, Ki-67 and bcl-2 in Pre-Malignant Lesions of the Cervix  [PDF]
Alessandra Eifler Guerra Godoy, Karen Olivia Bazzo, Luciane Bertuol De Moura, Eduardo Pretto Serafini
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2014.48067

Objectives: The present study has tried to analyze the individual and combined expression of the three markers—p53, Ki-67 and bel-2-in HPV associated pre-malignant lesions of the cervix. Methods: Thirty-four cases of high-grade lesions, 21 low-grade cases and 18 normal cases were histologically assessed. HPV-DNA presence and the viral types were determined through PCR and RFLP, respectively. Marker expression was performed by immuno-histochemistry.Results: With regards to viral types, HPV with high oncogenic potential represented the majority, with just one case reporting the low oncogenic potential for viral infection (HPV 6). HPV was the most frequent and could be associated with the high-grade lesion group, however, no significant associations were found between the viral ones and the marker expression. When the expression location, beyond the basal layer, was taken into account, the three markers proved to be good indicators of the lesion grade. The markers’ combined expression: p53(-), Ki-67(+), bcl-2(-) and p53(-), Ki-67(+), bcl-2(-) was statistically significant when associated with the lesion grade.Conclusions: The results suggest that the p53, Ki-67 and bel-2 markers can contribute to differentiate the lesion grades, whether in its isolate form or in combined form.

Estrutura de um cerrado strico sensu na Gleba Cerrado Pé-de-Gigante, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, SP
Fidelis, Alessandra Tomaselli;Godoy, Silvana Aparecida Pires de;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33062003000400006
Abstract: the cerrado covers about 23% of the brazilian territory, and 70% of the cerrado area is stricto sensu physiognomy. to promote a better understanding of its physiognomic structure the cerrado s.s. study is of vital importance. therefore, five plots (10×25m) were established in one hectare area of cerrado s.s. and all vascular plants with stem perimeter at ground level 3 3cm (except vines and dead individuals) were sampled. the distribution of diameter classes and vertical structure, as well as the phytosociological parameters were analyzed. we recorded 1,747 individuals, distributed in 75 species belonging to 31 different families were sampled. the absolute density and the basal area were 13,976 ind.ha-1 and 4,902m2, respectively. leguminosae showed the highest number of species (16). the species anadenanthera falcata (benth.) altschul, myrcia guianensis (aubl.) dc., xylopia aromatica (lm.) mart., ouratea spectabilis (mart.) engl. and pouteria ramiflora (mart.) radlk. showed the highest vi. the shannon's index was 3,623. the distribution of diameter classes showed a curve in reverted-"j", most of the individuals being in the first class. there were no well defined vegetation strata, showing most of the individuals between 1 and 3m in height.
Estrutura de um cerrado strico sensu na Gleba Cerrado Pé-de-Gigante, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, SP
Fidelis Alessandra Tomaselli,Godoy Silvana Aparecida Pires de
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2003,
Abstract: O Cerrado ocupa aproximadamente 23% do território brasileiro e 70% do bioma correspondem a cerrado stricto sensu (s.s.), sendo relevantes os estudos que buscam o entendimento da estrutura da vegeta o nessas áreas. Com esse objetivo, foram estudadas cinco parcelas (10×25m) em um hectare de cerrado s.s., amostrando-se todos os indivíduos com perímetro no nível do solo igual ou acima de 3cm (exceto lianas e indivíduos mortos). Alguns parametros fitossociológicos foram analisados, assim como a distribui o de classes de diametro dos indivíduos amostrados e a estrutura vertical. Foram amostradas 1.747 indivíduos, distribuídos em 75 espécies, pertencentes a 31 famílias. A densidade total absoluta encontrada foi de 13.976 ind.ha-1 e a área basal total, de 4,902m2. Leguminosae foi a família com o maior número de espécies (16). As espécies que apresentaram os maiores valores de índice do Valor de Importancia (IVI) foram Anadenanthera falcata (Benth.) Altschul, Myrcia guianensis (Aubl.) DC., Xylopia aromatica (Lm.) Mart., Ouratea spectabilis (Mart.) Engl. e Pouteria ramiflora (Mart.) Radlk. O índice de Shannon encontrado foi de 3,623. A distribui o de classes de diametro apresentou curva na forma de "J" invertido, estando a maioria dos indivíduos na primeira classe. A área estudada n o apresentou estratos bem definidos, estando a maioria dos indivíduos entre 1 e 3m de altura.
Aprendizado do uso do inalador dosimetrado após explica??o por pneumologista
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-35862001000100003
Abstract: introduction: the use of inhaled drugs through metered-dose inhaler has been advocated for years. nonetheless, a small number of patients are routinely treated by this technique. prescriptions of inhaled drugs by healthcare providers are not frequent, usually because they anticipate patients will not be able to perform the technique correctly. in addition, healthcare providers do not usually take their time to appropriately teach patients how to use metered-dose inhalers correctly. objective: to evaluate the percentage of uninstructed patients that learn how to use a metered-dose inhaler correctly after being taught by a pneumologist. patients and methods: one hundred and nineteen patients from a private clinic were prospectively studied in s?o paulo, southeastern brazil. patients were exhaustively taught how to use the metered-dose inhaler at the first consultation and were told to return after 10 days, when they were asked to perform the technique exactly the way they were doing it at home. their performance was classified as correct, slightly incorrect, intermediately incorrect, and totally incorrect. results: twenty-six patients were excluded for not coming to the second appointment. the final sample comprised 93 patients. age ranged from 9 to 81 years (mean age 42.6 ± 21); 59.2% of the patients were male and 40.8% female. considering all patients, only 16.25 of them used the metered-dose inhaler totally incorrectly and 19.3% performed the technique intermediately incorrectly. the most frequent mistakes were: metered-dose inhaler device was placed inside the mouth; inspiration before jet was activated; fast aspiration; inspiration through the nose. thirty-three percent of patients who were under 15 and over 75 years performed the technique correctly. conclusion: this study has demonstrated that the majority of the patients learned how to use the metered-dose inhaler correctly after being properly and extensively taught.
Cateterismo urinário: facilidades e dificuldades relacionadas à sua padroniza o
Alessandra Mazzo,Simone Godoy,Leila Marchi Alves,Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2011,
Abstract: Estudio exploratorio y descriptivo con objeto de determinar qué factores están relacionados con la estandarización de los catéteres urinarios, en una ciudad del interior del estado de S o Paulo, Brasil. El estudio fue realizado a través de entrevistas, mediante aprobación del Comité de ética en Investigación de la Escuela de Enfermería de Ribeir o Preto. De las nueve instituciones hospitalarias entrevistadas, 100% posee un procedimiento de cateterización vesical estandarizado. Las instituciones presentan diferencias en el procedimiento propuesto, lo que interfiere de manera positiva y negativa en su estandarización y pone en duda si el estandarizado es el que está siendo realizado. Se concluye que existe la necesidad de reevaluar la estandarización propuesta, con discusiones interdisciplinarias, verificar si el propuesto está siendo realizado y buscar estrategias de entrenamiento y ense anza pasibles de aplicación.
Marketing profissional e visibilidade social na enfermagem: uma estratégia de valoriza o de recursos humanos
Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes,Maria Auxiliadora Trevizan,Alessandra Mazzo,Simone de Godoy
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2011,
Abstract: En el ámbito internacional hay un movimiento de valorización de la enfermería entre las profesiones de salud, que usa para ello, herramientas de marketing profesional. Por medio de una revisión integradora de la literatura, se discutió el marketing como herramienta para el incremento de la visibilidad de la enfermería. Se utilizaron las bases LILACS, MEDLINE, Web of Science y SciELO. Se seleccionaron publicaciones que asociaban el marketing a la enfermería en el período de 2000 a 2010. Se encontraron 91 artículos, y después de la lectura exhaustiva de los títulos y resúmenes se seleccionaron ocho publicaciones que abordan, en su mayoría, el uso de los medios de comunicación como estrategia de marketing de la profesión para promover la salud y la imagen profesional transmitida en medios como la internet y televisión. El tema es poco explorado en la investigación en enfermería, pero hay perspectivas de avance por el interés que despierta y por el reconocimiento creciente de su importancia.
Ambiente virtual de aprendizagem: estrutura o de roteiro para curso online Ambiente virtual de aprendizaje: estructuración de guión para curso online Virtual learning environment: script structure of an online course
Carlos Alberto Seixas,Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes,Simone de Godoy,Alessandra Mazzo
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-71672012000400016
Abstract: O presente trabalho visa descrever os passos para desenvolvimento de um curso e sua estrutura em ambiente virtual de aprendizagem Moodle. Para tanto, a pesquisa consistiu na aplica o de conteúdos de enfermagem para oferecimento de curso online em workshop internacional para grupo de estudantes de gradua o e licenciatura em enfermagem do Brasil e de Portugal. Durante a pesquisa foram registradas etapas distintas, desde o planejamento do curso passando pela constru o e transforma o dos conteúdos, até a disponibiliza o aos estudantes. As atividades interativas e conteúdos foram elaborados pelos professores com participa o de equipe técnica. No trabalho s o apresentados procedimentos específicos e papéis a serem desempenhados por professores, especialistas, estudantes e técnicos. Os resultados do desenvolvimento e oferecimento do curso online apontaram alguns aspectos a serem aperfei oados no processo de trabalho, no formato dos conteúdos e na utiliza o das ferramentas. La finalidad de este trabajo es describir los pasos para desarrollo de un curso y su estructura en ambiente virtual de aprendizaje Moodle. Para eso, la investigación comprendió la aplicación de contenidos de enfermería para ofrecimiento de curso online en oficina internacional para grupo de alumnos de pregrado y licenciatura en enfermería de Brasil y Portugal. Durante la investigación fueron registradas etapas distintas, desde la planificación del curso, incluyendo la construcción y transformación de contenidos, hasta su disponibilidad para los alumnos. Las actividades interactivas y contenidos fueron elaborados por los profesores con participación de equipo técnico. En el trabajo son presentados procedimientos y papeles que deben desempe ar los profesores, especialistas, alumnos y técnicos. Los resultados del desarrollo y ofrecimiento del curso online indicaron algunos aspectos que se debe perfeccionar en el proceso de trabajo, formato de los contenidos y en la utilización de las herramientas. This study describes the steps for developing a course and its structure in the Virtual Learning Environment Moodle. It consisted of an application of nursing content offered in an online course included in an international workshop directed to a group of nursing students from a bachelor and a teaching diploma program in Brazil and Portugal. Distinct stages were identified during the study: planning, construction and transformation of content as well as availability of such content to students. The interactive activities and context were developed by professors with the participation of the tec
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