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Genotoxic and cytotoxic effects in the bivalve mollusks Macoma balthica and Mytilus edulis from the Baltic Sea
Janina Bar ien , Laura Andreik nait , Galina Garnaga , Aleksandras Rybakovas
Ekologija , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/V10055-008-0009-x
Abstract: Micronuclei (MN), nuclear buds (NB), fragmented-apoptotic (FA) and bi-nucleated (BN) cells were analysed in gills of bivalve mollusks Macoma balthica and Mytilus edulis collected from five study locations in Lithuanian territorial waters of the Baltic Sea. The frequency of micronuclei varied from 1.28 to 3.63‰ (MN/1000 cells), of nuclear buds - from 0.50 to 1.49‰, fragmented-apoptotic cells from 0.53 to 1.72‰ and of bi-nucleated cells from 1.51 to 2.23‰. The highest level of MN and bi-nucleated cells was determined in mollusks from the off shore Station 65, nuclear buds and fragmented-apoptotic cells from Station 1B located close to the Būting oil terminal. A comparatively high frequency of MN was observed in bivalves from the Būting oil terminal area - 3.38‰ in Station 1B, 2.85‰ in Station B06 in June and in mollusks from Station N-4 (2.66‰) located nearby the oil platform D-6.
Sub rosa dictum“. Соборный образ в “Последней розе” Анны Ахматовой | Sub rosa dictum“. Sobori kas vaizdis Anos Achmatovos eil ra tyje Paskutinioji ro “
Aleksandras Lysovas
Literatura , 2004,
Abstract: Straipsnyje nagrin jamas rus poet s Anos Achmatovos lyrikos edevras – eil ra tis Paskutin ro “. Straipsnio autorius siekia pademonstruoti io eil ras io ry su bendraisiais A.Acmatovos kūrybos bruo ais, pagrindin mis poet s kuriam paveiksl tendencijomis. Autorius bando rodyti, kad is tekstas sukurtas pagal bendr Soboro vaizd ir, tuo pa iu, pats sudaro savit cikl viename eil ra tyje. Kultūrologine prasme ro s simbolis Achmatovos eil ra tyje artimas ventov s – G l s, Dangi kosios ro s paveikslui Dant s kūryboje. Pabaigoje daroma i vada, kad Paskutin ro “ ir yra tas ypatingas poet s sukurtas paminklas, jos Exegi Monumentum .
Using Sustainability Engineering to Gain Universal Sustainability Efficiency
Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas
Sustainability , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/su4061135
Abstract: The present article is an attempt to perceive the universal sustainability observable in an individual country or region, where the religious, political, social-demographic, economic, environmental, creative, technological and investment subsystems are revealed not only through the vitality of spiritual and material existence media, but rather through the signs of the development of these subsystems as self-assembled units through the erosion of their interaction. The problem of optimal allocation of investment resources among the separate sustainability’s subsystems was addressed by means of expert methods and techniques of portfolio methodology which will enable the achievement of the enshrined universal sustainability standards. A country-specific index composition of sustainability subsystems’ indices was chosen as the universal sustainability index for the specific country. The index in its dynamics is perceived as a random process. While projecting its state and evaluating its power, i.e., the impact of the subsystem efficiency in a particular moment, this power is measured by the level of the index and the reliability or guarantee of an appropriate level. To solve the problem of investment resources allocation, the idea of Markowitz Random Field was invoked in order to reach the maximum power of sustainability index while applying the technical solution—the so-called “GoldSim” system. Engineering is a methodology that aspires to reveal the core attributes of complex systems and instruments in order to manage the possibility to influence these properties for the systems. Experimental expert evaluation and case study is performed on Lithuanian data.
Integral Criteria for Measuring the Quality of Teacher Evaluation
Olga Navickien?,Aleksandras Krylovas
Social Technologies , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose—To construct the knowledge evaluation quality integral criteria, which allows to ascertain whether the different teachers properly assess the students’ knowledge. The criteria has been tested setting up the educational experiment and examining the six mathematics lecturers’ assessments.Design/methodology/approach—This research involved the Mykolas Romeris University students of Public Administration degree second year and Management of Organizations degree first year. The test questions for students were designed using the mathematical knowledge assessment information system, which allows for closed-ended mathematical test, to obtain statistical data about test takers, to perform quality analysis of the test; in the middle and the end of the semester.Findings—The construction technique for the evaluation quality criteria of the students’ working results assessment, which were performed by six different lecturers, during practical trainings, seminars, laboratory and other sessions is proposed in this article.Research limitations/implications—The constructed evaluation criteria is universal: it does not depend on the particular subject; it can be applied to several groups, courses or lecturers. It depends on three calculated indicators I, S, K, which show in two ways obtained estimates of the measured information compatibility of degrees, marks matching and correlation terms.Practical implications—The integral criteria has been tested examining the six mathematics lecturers’ assessments.Originality/Value—Constructing the criteria have been used the educational measurement models of authors of this article and other researchers, however its’ connection to general (integral) criteria, best of authors’ knowledge, is original and have not be researched before.Keywords: knowledge evaluation, quality of teacher evaluation, evaluation of teachers, mathematical modeling.Research type: research paper.
A Study on the Resettlement of Students Regarding an Example of Kiev National University of Architecture and Construction (KNUAC) Kijevo nacionalinio statybos ir architektūros universiteto student apgyvendinimo tyrimas
Aleksandras Berlog,Jevgenijus Reitsen
Science – Future of Lithuania , 2010, DOI: 10.3846/mla.2010.114
Abstract: The article analyzes a pattern of student resettlement on the basis of timing while getting from home to the University using different kinds of transport. Article in Russian А. Берлог, Е. Рейцен. Исследование расселения студентов на примере Киевского национального университета Строительства и архитектуры (КНУСА) // MOKSLAS – LIETUVOS ATEITIS. Vilnius: Technika, 2010, t. 2, Nr. 6 , p. 68-71. Аннотация. Проведен анализ методик расселения студентов на основании затрат времени при передвижении от места жительства к месту обучения на различных видах транспорта. Ключевые слова: транспортная система, расселение студентов, затраты времени на передвижение, графы передвижений. Статья на русском языке Santrauka. Analizuojama Kijevo nacionalinio statybos ir architektūros universiteto student apgyvendinimo problema vertinant j laiko s naudas keliaujant i gyvenamosios vietos universitet skirtingu transportu. Straipsnis rus kalba
Is Nationality Basic or Cultural Need? Asmens tauti kumas: reikm ar poreikis
Aleksandras Gra?vydas Jasmontas
Coactivity : Philosophy, Communication , 2009, DOI: 10.3846/1822-430x.2009.17.1.61-68
Abstract: This article raises the question whether the nationality is ontological or cultural problem, that is to say, is nationality the sphere of necessity (basic human need) or freedom (cultural need). With that aim, the matter concepts of basic human need and psychological (cultural) need is disclosed, the principles formation of peoples and nations is carried out, the question of denationalization is raised. After all, is forming the conclusion that in history of development of nations and nationality these objects move from the sphere of nature (basic needs), that is to say, of necessity, to the sphere of culture (cultural needs), that is to say, of freedom. Article in Lithuanian Straipsnyje keliamas klausimas, ar tauti kumas yra ontologin ar kultūrin problema, arba, kitaip tariant, ar tauti kumas yra būtinumo (reikm s) ar laisv s (poreikio) srities dalykas. Tam tikslui atskleid iama s vok reikm ir poreikis turinys, atliekamas taut ir nacij tapsmo princip tyrimas, keliamas nutaut jimo klausimas. Daroma i vada, kad istorin je raidoje tautos ir tauti kumas vis labiau juda i natūralumo (reikmi ) srities kultūros (poreiki ) srit , arba, kitaip sakant, i būtinumo laisv s srit . Straipsnis lietuvi kalba
Analysis of Experimental Research on Cyclones with Cylindrical and Spiral Shells
Aleksandras Chlebnikovas,Pranas Baltr?nas
Science – Future of Lithuania , 2012,
Abstract: The conducted investigation is aimed at providing information on air flow parameters in the cylindrical and spiral shell (devices are designed for separating solid particles from air flow having tangent flow inlet). Experimental research has employed multi-cyclones created by the Department of Environmental Protection at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. The study is focused on investigating and comparing the distribution of the dynamic pressure of the airflow in six-channel cyclones inside the structures of devices. The paper establishes and estimates the efficiency of air cleaning changing air phase parameters using different particulate matters. The efficiency of the cyclone has been defined applying the weighted method based on LAND 28-98/M-08 methodology. The article presents the results of experimental research on the air cleaning efficiency of cylindrical and spiral shells using 20 μm glass and clay particulate matter under the initial concentration that may vary from 500 mg/m3 to 15 g/m3 using semi-rings with windows at different positions. The obtained results has shown that the maximum efficiency of the cylindrical shell increases up to 87,3 % while the initial concentration of glass makes 15 g/m3.Article in Lithuanian
Prospecting for Sustainable Investment Possibilities in Financial Markets
Viktorija Stasytyte,Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas
Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics , 2009,
Abstract: The main objective of the paper is to analyse the author's proposed model, which is adequate for stock prices and currency exchange rates markets stochasticity, as well as discuss its application to investor's possibilities research in those markets. The paper is grounded on the hypothesis of stratification of stock profitability ratios, traded on the market. In other words, the concept of stratification means concentration into certain groups in risk-profitability plane. If the hypothesis proved overall, then a constructive scheme for investor's possibilities research in exchange and capital markets would appear, as well as efficient investment strategies would develop.
Subjectivity Problem in Student Assessment: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
Rima Kriauzien?,Aleksandras Krylovas,Natalja Kosareva
Social Technologies , 2011,
Abstract: Summary. Objective evaluation is not an easy task when assessing student attainment even if we are evaluating such a well-measured subject as knowledge of mathematics. This subject is discussed in a number of papers. Their authors are of the same opinion that even when the evaluation criteria is matching in detail, different teachers evaluate the samework differently. Subjectivity in knowledge assessment is researched in this paper. Not only teachers’’ individual characteristics in assessing student attainment are analyzed, but also problems of designing objective evaluation criteria of evaluated object, for example, solved problem. Authors analyze their own works and researches of other scientists in this field. The paper describes the authors’ original experiments and the results of their statistical analysis. As the solution of the evaluation subjectivity problem authors propose a methodology which allows dividing students to groups according to their attainment level. This methodology could be applied not only for evaluation of mathematical knowledge, but also for attainment evaluation in other disciplines. The experiment, when 15 accidentally selected student’s works in higher mathematics were independently verified by 6 teachers, is described in the paper. The analysis of the total test result and the results of individual tasks was performed with nonparametric statistical methods. To check the compatibility of teachers assessment Kendall’s coefficient of concordance W was calculated, nonparametric Friedman’s test was applied. The conclusion of the investigation was that all 6 teachers’ estimates were rather similar when evaluating students’ attainment except the estimation of the fifth task. Page’s L test was applied to the total test result to determine trend and consequently norm-referenced estimate of tested students. Least significant differences between sums of neighbouring ranks were calculated to establish 5 groups in which students received the same marks, so the criterion-referenced evaluation of student attainment was performed. The first task is not suitable for testing of this group of testees, because it is too easy for them. Tasks that are too easy or, conversely, too hard, are not suitable, because the results of such assignments are well predicted and do not distinguish between students.The fifth task should be recognized as inappropriate, because it does not affect the total assessment score and the criterion-referenced evaluation of the total test score is performed based on only the first four tasks.The applied nonparametric st
Student School-Level Math Knowledge Influence on Applied Mathematics Study Courses
Rima Kriauzien?,Tadas Laukevi?ius,Aleksandras Krylovas
Social Technologies , 2011,
Abstract: Purpose—to find out the influence of student school-level math knowledge on courses of applied mathematics studies: what is the importance of having a math maturity exam for students, an estimate of social science students’ motivation to learn math, and attendance of seminars. Students who did take the state exam attended more seminars than the students who did not take math exam, and vice versa.Design/methodology/approach—this work describes research which involved persistent MRU Public Administration degree program second-year students. Doing statistical analysis of the data will be a link between school-level mathematics knowledge and attendance activity in seminars and motivation to learn mathematics.Findings—the research is expected to establish a connection between school-level mathematics knowledge and student motivation to learn mathematics.It was found that there is no correlation between student opinions about school mathematics courses and result of their first test.Determine relationship between attendance of exercises and public examinations.Between the stored type of exam and test results are dependent.Determine relationship between exercise attendance and test results, as shown by the calculated correlation coefficientBased on the results, it’s recommended to increase the number of exercises. A more refined analysis of the data is subject to further investigation.Research limitations/implications—this method is just one of the possible ways of application.Practical implications—that kind of research and its methodology can be applied not only to the subject of applied mathematics studies, but also to other natural or social sciences.Originality/Value—empirical experiment data can be used in other studies of Educology nature analysis.
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