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Impacto de los sistemas de riego por goteo en arándanos
Pannunzio, Alejandro;Vilella, Fernando;Texeira, Pamela;Premuzik, Zdenka;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662011000100001
Abstract: the experiment examined the effects of different drip irrigation systems in an o′neal variety of blueberry (vaccinium corymbosum l). it was contucted at zarate (33o 41’ s and 59o 41’ w), buenos aires, argentina. plants of the experiment were planted in august of 2001, after one year in nursery. the first harvest was realized in october of 2003. the main scope of the experiment was to find the irrigation system which maximized yields. treatments were: one drip irrigation line with drippers at 40 cm (t1) and two laterals with drippers at 20 cm per row (t2). the experiment was conducted in a completely randomized block design, each one with 5 plants and 5 replications. during the harvest of october and november of 2003, reported yields were 2436 kg ha-1 for the treatment t1 and 4335 kg ha-1 for the treatment t2. treatments that partially irrigate beds are insufficient to obtain high yields.
Perfil do pesquisador fisioterapeuta brasileiro
Coury, HJCG;Vilella, I;
Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-35552009005000048
Abstract: objective: to define the profile of the brazilian physical therapy researcher in terms of training, productive outcomes, and grants and fellowships awarded by conselho nacional de desenvolvimento científico e tecnológico (cnpq), an agency linked to the ministry of science and technology and dedicated to promoting scientific research and developing human resources for research in brazil. methods: we assessed the online curricula vitae of every ph.d. physical therapy researcher available in the lattes database (cnpq). this public source of information was chosen because it is where every brazilian researcher interested in grants and fellowships or involved with graduate education must fill out an electronic curriculum vitae providing detailed career and academic productivity information. to ensure the precision of information provided, a password and a formal statement are required for the researcher to feed the database. general statistics on financial support available in the cnpq homepage were also consulted. a binary regression was run to investigate the influence of career and general productivity aspects on the publication of isi/jcr indexed papers. results: in the past ten years, there was an extraordinary increase (900%) in physical therapists with a ph.d. in traditional and new fields of practice. there was also an increase in publications, dissertations and theses supervised by physical therapists. the variables investigated by the regression analysis explained 49.8% of the occurrence of indexed papers. statistics on grants and fellowship showed a small investment by cnpq in physical therapy compared to other allied health areas. conclusions: we expect that the information provided here will help the academic community to gain a perspective on their identity and to define future priorities for the furtherance of knowledge and professional practice.
O desenvolvimento da Ortodontia no Brasil e no mundo
Vilella, Oswaldo de Vasconcellos;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192007000600013
Abstract: education, organization and literature. every scientific specialization rests upon these three foundations. concerning to orthodontics it could not be different. the way how orthodontics was implanted into the brazilian official education, organized around its class associations and what kind of specialized literature was available to its precursors was related in the present paper. precursors like ant?nio gon?alves pereira da silva, probably the first one to teach techniques to make orthodontic appliances. carlos de almeida lustosa, the first brazilian who become a specialist. carlos alves da costa, the author of the first text-book written in portuguese entirely dedicated to orthodontics. on the other hand, to understand the way how these changes took place and correlate them to the overall orthodontics evolution, an historical summary of its global universe was organized. in accordance to the present findings, it can be stated that it was necessary 50 years, approximately, to occur the post-graduation centers consolidation in brazil. it is also true that the effort of the education institutions and class associations contributed to create the foundations of the brazilian orthodontics scientific development. at the present moment, however, it seems to be of common-sense to suppose that the next step should be the establishment of rules that can regulate the post-graduation programs, in order to improve the new specialists professional formation.
Perfil do pesquisador fisioterapeuta brasileiro Profile of the Brazilian physical therapy researcher
HJCG Coury,I Vilella
Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy , 2009,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Tra ar um perfil do pesquisador fisioterapeuta quanto a sua forma o, produ o científica e fomento e bolsas obtidos pela área do Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq). MéTODOS: Foram consultados os curricula vitae de cada pesquisador fisioterapeuta com doutorado disponíveis na Plataforma Lattes do CNPq, que é uma agência do MCT dedicada à promo o da pesquisa científica e à forma o de recursos humanos para a pesquisa. A escolha dessa fonte pública de informa o ocorreu porque cada pesquisador interessado em auxílios de pesquisa ou envolvidos com a pós-gradua o deve preencher eletronicamente um curriculum vitae com informa es sobre forma o e produ o científica. O sistema requer uma senha pessoal e uma declara o do pesquisador atestando a veracidade das informa es fornecidas, o que assegura precis o no preenchimento. Estatísticas sobre fomento e bolsas disponíveis foram também consultadas. Uma análise de regress o binária foi rodada para explicar a ocorrência de publica es ISI/JCR. RESULTADOS: Houve um crescimento extraordinário (900%) no número de doutores com gradua o em Fisioterapia, na última década, em áreas tradicionais ou novos campos de atua o e crescimento expressivo em número de artigos publicados, disserta es e teses orientadas. Os fatores analisados pela regress o conseguiram explicar 49,8% da ocorrência de artigos indexados. Dados de fomento e bolsas mostram um investimento pequeno do CNPq na Fisioterapia comparativamente às demais áreas da Saúde. CONCLUS ES: O perfil do pesquisador tra ado aqui poderá prover à comunidade acadêmica uma perpectiva de sua identidade e auxiliar no estabelecimento de prioridades futuras para o aprimoramento do conhecimento e prática profissional. OBJECTIVE: To define the profile of the Brazilian physical therapy researcher in terms of training, productive outcomes, and grants and fellowships awarded by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), an agency linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology and dedicated to promoting scientific research and developing human resources for research in Brazil. METHODS: We assessed the online curricula vitae of every Ph.D. physical therapy researcher available in the Lattes database (CNPq). This public source of information was chosen because it is where every Brazilian researcher interested in grants and fellowships or involved with graduate education must fill out an electronic curriculum vitae providing detailed career and academic productivity information. To ensure the precision of informa
Genome-wide DNA polymorphism analyses using VariScan
Stephan Hutter, Albert J Vilella, Julio Rozas
BMC Bioinformatics , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-7-409
Abstract: We have developed methods for the analysis of DNA sequence polymorphisms at the genome-wide scale. These methods, which have been tested on a coalescent-simulated and actual data files from mouse and human, have been implemented in the VariScan software package version 2.0. Additionally, we have also incorporated a graphical-user interface. The main features of this software are: i) exhaustive population-genetic analyses including those based on the coalescent theory; ii) analysis adapted to the shallow data generated by the high-throughput genome projects; iii) use of genome annotations to conduct a comprehensive analyses separately for different functional regions; iv) identification of relevant genomic regions by the sliding-window and wavelet-multiresolution approaches; v) visualization of the results integrated with current genome annotations in commonly available genome browsers.VariScan is a powerful and flexible suite of software for the analysis of DNA polymorphisms. The current version implements new algorithms, methods, and capabilities, providing an important tool for an exhaustive exploratory analysis of genome-wide DNA polymorphism data.The comparative analysis of DNA sequence variation within species (polymorphism) and between species (divergence) is a powerful approach to understand the evolutionary process (e.g. [1,2]), and represents an insight into the functional significance of genomic regions (for instance, see [3]). Particularly, the detection of both positive and negative purifying selection at the molecular level is of major interest. Since positive Darwinian selection is ultimately responsible for evolutionary adaptations, the detection of genomic regions driven by positive selection has profound implications in evolutionary biology as well as in understanding the gene function. The identification of regions evolving by negative selection is also very important as conserved regions are most likely to be functionally significant. The inferenc
Imagens em 2D e 3D geradas pela TC Cone-Beam e radiografias convencionais: qual a mais confiável?
Couceiro, Carolina Perez;Vilella, Oswaldo de Vasconcellos;
Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S2176-94512010000500007
Abstract: objective: to compare the reliability of two different methods used for viewing and identifying cephalometric landmarks, i.e., (a) using conventional cephalometric radiographs, and (b) using 2d and 3d images generated by cone-beam computed tomography. methods: the material consisted of lateral view 2d and 3d images obtained by cone-beam computed tomography printed on photo paper, and lateral cephalometric radiographs, taken in the same radiology clinic and on the same day, of two patients selected from the archives of the specialization program in orthodontics, at the school of dentistry, fluminense federal university (uff). ten students from the specialization program in orthodontics at uff identified landmarks on transparent acetate paper and measurements were made of the following cephalometric variables: anb, fmia, impa, fma, interincisal angle, 1-na (mm) and ˉ1 -nb (mm). arithmetic means were then calculated, standard deviations and coefficients of variance of each variable for both patients. results and conclusions: the values of the measurements taken from 3d images showed less dispersion, suggesting greater reliability when identifying some cephalometric landmarks. however, since the printed 3d images used in this study did not allow us to view intracranial landmarks, the development of specific software is required before this type of examination can be used in routine orthodontic practice.
O desempenho de fundos de renda fixa e o índice de renda de mercado (IRF-M)
Vilella, Paulo Alvarez;Leal, Ricardo Pereira Camara;
RAE eletr?nica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-56482008000100003
Abstract: this article analyses the employment of the fixed income index (irf-m), based on the yields of brazilian treasury bills, to measure the performance of fixed income mutual funds. the irf-m is tested as an alternative benchmark to the one-day inter-bank offering rate (cdi), which represents floating rate securities. 212 funds in the non-leveraged and multi-index (asset) categories are analyzed. the results indicate that the irf-m marginally improves the models' explanatory power, but its economic impact is still relatively low when compared to the cdi rate.
Avalia o cefalométrica do espa o orofaríngeo em pacientes com degluti o atípica
Vieira, Marina Dias,Vilella, Oswaldo de Vasconcellos
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2008,
Abstract: Objetivo: Avaliar o espa o livre orofaríngeo de indivíduos com degluti o atípica e comparar os valores encontrados com aqueles obtidos na ausência de hábitos bucais deletérios, para tentar estabelecer índices cefalométricos capazes de prever a ocorrência deste hábito. Metodologia: Foram utilizadas as radiografias cefalométricas laterais de 105 indivíduos que apresentavam degluti o atípica, divididas em três faixas etárias. A partir das radiografias foram feitos tra ados, sobre os quais foram realizadas medi es. Resultados: Verificou-se que a profundidade da orofaringe aumenta entre 6 e 23 anos de idade, n o havendo diferen as estatisticamente significantes entre os gêneros masculino e feminino. N o foram encontradas diferen as significantes entre os pacientes portadores de degluti o atípica e aqueles com características de normalidade, nas três faixas etárias estudadas. Conclus o: N o foi possível estabelecer índices cefalométricos capazes de prever a ocorrência de degluti o atípica, associada com interposi o lingual, pois os indivíduos estudados foram capazes de manter um posicionamento normal da língua dentro da cavidade bucal quando em repouso.
Growth of the nasopharynx and adenoidal development in Brazilian subjects
Vilella, Beatriz de Souza;Vilella, Oswaldo de Vasconcelos;Koch, Hilton Augusto;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242006000100013
Abstract: the purpose of this research was to study the growth of the nasopharynx and adenoid development. lateral cephalometric radiographs obtained from 320 white brazilian subjects between 4 and 16 years of age were used. all the participants were nose breathers and none of them had previously undergone adenoidectomy. tracings were made from the radiographs and cephalometric measurements were performed. the results showed that adenoid sagital thickness is larger in the age group 4 - 5 years and decreases progressively. there is a slight increase in the age group 10 - 11 years, but afterwards the decrease continues. however, the nasopharyngeal free airway space does not decrease in the age group 10 - 11 years, despite the increasing thickness of the adenoid. this is attributable to the downward displacement of the hard palate, resulting in an increase of the free airway space due to growth. although the nasopharynx follows a growth pattern similar to that of the rest of the body, adenoid tissue does not. adenoidal development seems to differ from that of other lymphatic tissues, showing a peculiar pattern that can be revealed when hypertrophy due to infections and allergies is eliminated.
Optimal Environmental Policy under Endogenous Terms of Trade and Economic Growth  [PDF]
Alejandro Sampaolesi
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.47076

The aim of this work is to depict the main characteristics of the optimal environmental policy under endogenous terms of trade and economic growth. Here, endogenous terms of trade are inferred from the price of an aggregate consumption good. Our results show that when emissions of a global pollutant affect the environment and, therefore, the utility of the economic agents, the optimal policy consists in a pollution tax on production.

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