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Plantas úteis para revestimento do solo: II - Gramíneas de porte médio e grande
Alencar, F. M. Aires de;
Bragantia , 1952, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051952000400004
Abstract: preliminary results have been obtained on the development of 11 types of grasses with average height varying from 0.70 to 1.15 m and from 11 other types with average height from 1.30 to 5.00 m. from plots with an area of 25 m2, from the collection of useful plants of the soil conservation department of the instituto agron?mico de campinas, one sample of the plants was taken for each plot the sampled area being of 0,50 and 1.00 m2, for the grasses of medium and large size, respectively. the above-ground parts of the plants were cut at the heights of 80, 26, 8, 2 and 0 cm (ground level) respectively and determinations were made of the weight and volume of each portion of the plants under investigation. the results obtained are presented in tables 1 to 3. the underground parts of the grasses were studied in the same areas where the aerial parts were cut. blocks of soil were taken with depths of 2, 8, 26 and 80 cm. the underground portions of the plants in each block were separated by the dry method, using wire screen, their weight and volume being determined (table 1 to 3). the soil particles holding capacity of each species of grass was determined by adding to the weight of the above-ground part at the lowest cut (block aa) the weight of the underground portion found at the first block (block ba, table 2 and 3). it has been observed that among the medium sized grasses the capim chor?o (eragrostis curvula nees var. valida stapf), capim de boi (setaria poiretiana kunth), capim araguai (paspalum fasdculatum willd.) and capim de planta (panicum purpurascens raddi) and among the taller grasses the capim sempre-verde (panicum maximum jacq. var. gongylodes), capim elefante merker, napier and axb (pennisetum purpureum schum.) as well as capim vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides nash), seem to be more promissing for holding the soil particles and more useful for soil conservation purposes.
Plantas úteis para o revestimento do solo pesquisa acêrca das suas caraterísticas de cobertura e travamento
Alencar, F. M. Aires de;
Bragantia , 1949, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051949000200004
Abstract: this paper describes the investigations carried out and the methods employed to determine the characteristics of ten plant species for use in various aspects of soil erosion control. seed of the ten plant species to be studied were sowed in beds. after a suitable period of time for growth of the plants, sample areas 0.25 sq. mt. were selected. the number of plants and total volume and weight of the plant growth at specific levels (0-2 cm, 2-8 cm, 8-26 cm, 26-80 cm) both above and below ground were measured. the results obtained have led to the following preliminary conclusions. of the plants studied the species paspalum notalum flügge, composed of two varieties, large leafed batatais and bahia grass, were found to have the largest volume and weight of plant growth in the area 2 to 8 centimeters above and below the soil surface. ro?as grass (paspalum dilatatum poir) proved to be a good ground cover but root penetration and development was relatively poor at all depths. the kikuiu grass (pennisetum clandes-tinum chiov.), tio pedro grass (paspalum convexum h. b.) and gengibre grass (paspalum maritinum trin.) produced a good ground cover but root development in the soil was only fair. the bermuda grass (cynodon dactylon pers.) and portuguêsa grass (panicum repens l.) gave measurements of volume and weight of plant growth at all levels both above and below ground which indicated that these plants would be relatively satisfactory in erosion control work. the data obtained from the study of margaridinha (wedelia paludosa l.) indicated this species is very good both from standpoint of a cover crop and in its capacity to hold the soil in place. the common kudzu (pueraria thumbergiana benth.) gave measurements of top and root development that show that it is a very good species. the author discusses in a general way all of the above mentioned species in relation to specific uses in soil conservation.
ANP impairs the dose-dependent stimulatory effect of ANG II or AVP on H+-ATPase subcellular vesicle trafficking  [PDF]
M. Oliveira-Souza, P. Morethson, G. Malnic, M. Mello-Aires
Open Journal of Molecular and Integrative Physiology (OJMIP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojmip.2013.33015

The effect of angiotensin II (ANG II) or arginine vasopressin (AVP) alone or plus atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) on H+-ATPase subcellular vesicle trafficking was investigated in MDCK cells following intracellular pH (pHi) acidification by exposure to20 mMNH4Cl for 2 min in a Na+-free solution containing Schering 28080, conditions under which H+-AT-Pase is the only cell mechanism for pHi recovery. Using the acridine orange fluorescent probe (5mM) and confocal microscopy, the vesicle movement was quantified by determining, for each experimental group, the mean slope of the line indicating the changes in apical/basolateral fluorescence density ratio over time during the first 5.30 min of the pHi recovery period. Under the control conditions, the mean slope was 0.079 ± 0.0033 min-1 (14) and it increased significantly with ANG II [10-12 and 10-7 M, respectively to 0.322 ± 0.038 min-1 (13) and 0.578 ± 0.061 min-1 (12)] or AVP [10-12 and 10-6 M, respectively to 0.301 ± 0.018 min-1 (12) and 0.687 ± 0.049 min-1 (11)]. However, in presence of ANP (10-6 M, decreases cytosolic free calcium), dimethyl-BAPTA/AM (5 × 10-5 M, chelates intracellular calcium) or colchicine (10-5 M, 2-h preincubation; inhibits microtubule-dependent vesicular trafficking) alone or plus ANG II or AVP the mean slopes were similar to the control values, indicating that such agents blocked the stimulatory effect of ANG II or AVP on

Aduba??o N-P-K e o desenvolvimento, produtividade e qualidade dos frutos do abacaxi 'gold' (MD-2)
Guar?oni M, André;Ventura, José Aires;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832011000400031
Abstract: the cultivar gold (md-2) has attracted interest in brazil, with a view to fresh pineapple export. however, little scientific information is available on the nutritional management of this cultivar in the country. this study aimed to determine the effect of n, p and k fertilization on the nutritional status, development, yield and fruit quality of md-2 pineapple plants. five doses of n; p2o5 and k2o, were studied and the leaf 'd' development, the n, p and k levels, and fruit development and quality were evaluated. the yield and fruit weight were highest after the application of 650.6 kg ha-1 n and 735.9 kg ha-1 k2o, corresponding to 12.7 and 14.4 g/ plant, respectively; in this case, flowering should be induced when the 'd' leaf length is > 75.5 cm; the fruit quality was reduced with application of n, but increased with the addition of p and k, up to a maximum of 205.8 kg ha-1 p2o5 and 703.4 kg ha-1 k2o, corresponding to 4.01 and 13.7 g/plant, respectively.
Botulismo em bovinos de corte e leite alimentados com cama de frango
Dutra, Iveraldo S.;D?bereiner, Jürgen;Souza, Aires M.;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2005000200009
Abstract: outbreaks of botulism caused by type c and d of the botulinum toxin are frequent in brazil, and are associated with bone chewing and ingestion of contaminated food and water. this paper reports the epidemiological, clinical, pathological and laboratorial aspects of 7 outbreaks of botulism in beef and dairy cattle fed with poultry litter, which occurred in the states of s?o paulo and minas gerais, 1989-2000. five outbreaks occurred in beef cattle herds, raised in confinement or under pasture conditions and supplemented with poultry litter, and 2 outbreaks occurred in dairy farms. from o total of 1,535 cattle supplemented regularily with poultry litter 455 animals (29.64%) died within 2 to 4 weeks. morbidity and mortality varied from 3.47 to 100% in the 7 outbreaks. in one of the farms the lethality was 60.52%, and in others more than 88.43%, reaching 100% in three farms. clinical signs were progressive paralysis, difficulties in moving, decubitus, normal alertness, decreased muscular tonus of tongue and tail, sialorrhoe and dyspnoe. at post-mortem examination of 30 cattle no noteable changes were observed. spores of clostridium botulinum were found in poultry litter samples collected on 7 farms. in liver, ruminal and intestinal fluid samples from 30 necropsied cattle botulinum toxin of type c (5) and d (9) or of the cd complex (1) were found in at least one of the samples collected from 15 animals, which confirms the clincial, pathological and epidemiological diagnosis of botulism.
Perspectiva do uso da internet no curso de Direito
Marco Ant?nio M. Ferreira de Melo,Aires J Rover
Sequência : Estudos Juridicos e Politicos , 1995,
Suely Aires
Philósophos : Revista de Filosofia , 2010, DOI: 10.5216/phi.v13i2.4005
Abstract: O presente artigo pretende acompanhar o percurso de constru o da no o de objeto a em rela o à démarche lacaniana, bem como situar os elementos de aproxima o com o objeto transicional winnicottiano. Para tanto, parte da defini o de objeto tal como proposta por Freud - (1) como correlativo da puls o; (2) como correlativo do amor e (3) em rela o ao sujeito - e indica a op o lacaniana em enfatizar a dimens o da linguagem, em uma releitura que incide sobre a teoria e técnica freudianas como um todo. Nesse contexto, Winnicott surge como um autor que, ao propor a no o de objeto transicional, permite a Lacan apresentar a distin o entre os registros imaginário, simbólico e real em rela o aos conceitos de desejo, demanda e necessidade, ao mesmo tempo em que possibilita a constru o de um conceito próprio de objeto. Cabe considerar que, em suas formula es, Lacan faz duras críticas aos pós-freudianos por produzirem um desvio da técnica e da doutrina de Freud ao desconsiderar a fala do sujeito, favorecendo uma prática de interpreta o das resistências. Winnicott é, ent o, saudado como um autor diferenciado, um psicanalista pós-freudiano que n o se afasta dos preceitos freudianos, e que toma a clínica como seu principal suporte. As rela es teóricas entre Lacan e Winnicott, de aproxima o e afastamento, nos permitem, no corpo deste artigo, problematizar a vincula o entre as no es de objeto a e objeto transicional. This article intends to follow the path of building the notion of object in relation to the démarche Lacanian, as well as locate elements of rapprochement with Winnicott's transitional object. For accomplish our purpose, we begin with the object definition as proposed by Freud - (1) as the correlate of drive; (2) as the correlate of love and (3) in relation to the subject - and indicates the Lacanian option of emphasize the dimension of language in a reading that focuses on Freud's theory and technique as a whole. In this context, Winnicott arises as an author that, proposing the concept of transitional object, allows Lacan's presentation of the distinction between the symbolic and imaginary records in relation to concepts of desire, demand and need while enabling the construction of a proper concept of object. One can consider that, in his formulations, Lacan does criticize the post-freudians for producing a deviation of the technique and doctrine of Freud in disregarding the subject's speech, favoring a practice of interpreting resistance. Winnicott is then greeted as a distinguished author, a post-Freudian psychoanalyst post that doesn't de
Cutinase structure, function and biocatalytic applications
Carvalho,Cristina M. L.; Aires-Barros,Maria Raquel; Cabral,Joaquim M. S.;
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology , 1998,
Abstract: this review analyses the role of cutinases in nature and their potential biotechnological applications. the cloning and expression of a fungal cutinase from fusarium solani f. pisi, in escherichia coli and saccharomyces cerevisiae hosts are described. the three dimensional structure of this cutinase is also analysed and its function as a lipase discussed and compared with other lipases. the biocatalytic applications of cutinase are described taking into account the preparation of different cutinase forms and the media where the different types of enzymatic reactions have been performed, namely hydrolysis, esterification, transesterification and resolution of racemic mixtures. the stability of cutinase preparations is discussed, particularly in anionic reversed micelles considering the role of hexanol as substrate, co-surfactant and stabilizer. process development based on the operation of cutinase reactors is also reviewed.
Mammalia, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae, Vampyrodes caraccioli (Thomas, 1889): Range extension and revised distribution map
Velazco, P. M.,Aires, C. C.,Carmignotto, A. P.,Bezerra, A. M. R.
Check List , 2010,
Abstract: The present note reports the first record of the bat Vampyrodes caraccioli (Thomas, 1889) for the state of S oPaulo, southeastern Brazil, based on the collection of one adult specimen in Núcleo S o Sebasti o, Parque Estadual da Serrado Mar, at the Atlantic Forest domain.
Alta parasitemia pelo Trypanosoma cruzi em paciente com lupus eritematoso sistêmico
Santos-Neto, Leopoldo Luiz dos;Polcheira, Máira F.;Castro, Cleudson;Lima, Rodrigo Aires Corrêa;Simaan, César Kozak;Corrêa-Lima, Francisco Aires;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822003000500012
Abstract: a case of trypanosoma cruzi high parasitemia in patient with systemic lupus erythematosus is reported. a xenodiagnostic test was useful in the identification of high and uncommon parasitemia, and benznidazole was able to reduce the parasitemia. benznidazole can be an alternative to control the trypanosoma cruzi high parasitemia in people with autoimmune disease and immunosuppression.
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