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Estudo comparativo da resistência adesiva da interface resina/braquete, sob esfor?os de cisalhamento, empregando três resinas compostas e três tipos de tratamento na base do braquete
Mondelli, Adriano Lia;Feitas, Marcos Roberto de;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192007000300012
Abstract: aim: considering that the adhesion between the brackets and the resin is chemo-mechanical, the aim of this study was to investigate: 1) the efficacy of the method used to assess the bond strength at the resin/bracket interface; 2) the shear bond strength of the resin/bracket interface using three resin composites (concise orthodontic, transbond xt and filtek z-250); 3) the effect of sandblasting of the base of the metallic bracket with aluminum oxide, associated or not to the application of adhesive. methods: shear bond strength was carried out at a universal testing machine. data were submitted to analysis of variance and tukey multiple comparison test. resuls and conclusions: the occurrence of 12.5% of cohesive failures may be considered minimal, thus indicating that the method is appropriate to assess the bond strength at the resin/bracket interface. the different resin composites (concise orthodontic, transbond xt and filtek z-250) used for bonding without any previous surface treatment of the bracket (control groups) resulted in similar shear bond strength. the application of adhesive, with or without previous sandblasting of the base of the bracket, improved the shear bond strength for the concise orthodontic resin composite, when compared to its control group. sandblasting of the bracket, regardless of the combined use of adhesive, was statistically superior for the transbond xt resin composite when compared to its control group. the application of the adhesive single bond in the base of the bracket, with or without previous sandblasting, promoted a decrease in the shear bond strength for the filtek z-250 resin composite. sandblasting of the metallic bracket with aluminum oxide improved the adhesion at the resin/bracket interface for all the resin composites used in this study.
Vítimas de acidentes de transito na faixa etária pediátrica atendidas em um hospital universitário: aspectos epidemiológicos e clínicos
Feitas, Juliana Pontes Pinto;Ribeiro, Lindioneza Adriano;Jorge, Miguel Tanús;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2007001200028
Abstract: this study analyzes epidemiological and clinic characteristics of victims of traffic accidents. data were obtained from medical records of children under 15 years of age (n = 1,123) admitted to a university hospital in uberlandia, minas gerais state, brazil, from 1999 to 2003. mean age was eight years, 65.7% were boys, 76.6% were cyclists or pedestrians, 45.9% suffered head injuries, and 9% remained in hospital for more than two weeks. fourteen (1.2%) died, 78.6% of these within 48 hours of hospitalization, and 85.7% with brain injuries. among the passengers of motorcycles and larger vehicles, 58.8% were not using security devices properly at the time of the accident. among the cyclists, 61% suffered isolated limb injuries. meanwhile, pedestrians tended to suffer multiple lesions (57.5%) and be admitted to intensive care (7.1%), and represented 66.7% of the deaths. epidemiological data on pediatric traffic victims can be useful for accident prevention programs.
Triagem auditiva neonatal: motivos da evas o das famílias no processo de detec o precoce Newborn hearing screening: reasons for the evasion of families in the process of early detection
Kátia de Feitas Alvarenga,Juliana Maria Gadret,Eliene Silva Araújo,Maria Cecília Bevilacqua
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-80342012000300002
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Analisar os motivos da evas o familiar no programa de triagem auditiva neonatal realizado em um hospital público e correlacioná-los com a distribui o demográfica das famílias e as características do programa. MéTODOS: Participaram 132 famílias, de um total de 739 contatadas, cujos filhos nasceram em uma maternidade no interior do estado de S o Paulo de outubro/2003 a dezembro/2005 e que n o haviam comparecido para a realiza o do teste ou reteste da triagem auditiva neonatal. Foi aplicado um questionário de levantamento das causas de evas o, contendo perguntas relacionadas à triagem auditiva, nível de escolaridade e profiss o dos pais e também sobre a audi o e o desenvolvimento de linguagem da crian a. RESULTADOS: Realizou-se a aplica o do questionário com 132 famílias (17,86%); com as demais n o foi obtido contato. Deste total, 82 haviam faltado na primeira etapa da triagem auditiva (teste) e 50 n o haviam retornado para realiza o do reteste. Os motivos mais frequentes para justificar a evas o foram o desinteresse e a dificuldade em conciliar o agendamento com a rotina familiar. N o houve associa o entre os motivos da evas o e o nível de escolaridade e ocupa o dos pais, nem com o profissional que realizou a orienta o acerca da triagem auditiva. N o foi referido nenhum caso de altera o auditiva, nem de atraso significativo no desenvolvimento da linguagem. CONCLUS O: Os motivos da evas o familiar independem de variáveis voltadas à família e à dinamica do programa de triagem auditiva. PURPOSE: To analyze the reasons for evasion of the families from the newborn hearing screening program conducted at a public hospital, and to correlate them with the demographic distribution of the families and the characteristics of the program. METHODS: Participants were 132 families, from a total of 739 contacted, whose children had been born in a maternity hospital in the interior of the state of S o Paulo, Brazil, from October/2003 to December/2005, and who had not showed up for the newborn hearing screening test or retest. A questionnaire regarding the causes for evasion was applied, asking information related to the newborn hearing screening, level of education and occupation of parents, and the child's hearing and language development. RESULTS: The questionnaire was applied to 132 families (17.86%); contact was not possible with the other families. From this total, 82 had not shown up in the first stage of the hearing screening (test), and 50 had not returned for retest. The most frequently provided reasons for the evasion were lack of interest and
“Third World” Girls: Gender, Childhood and Colonialism  [PDF]
Marília Pinto de Carvalho, Adriano Souza Senkevics
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.56011
Abstract: This paper discusses to what extent a view of “third world women” as traditional and oppressed still holds with regard to girls from “developing countries”. For that, we recall the criticisms put forward inside feminist studies and make use of the debates about how childhood has been perceived in gender studies, and then approach the issue of girls from the global South. Next, we try to apprehend how girls from the global South have been represented in the recent academic production in this field and, finally, we present some of the results from our fieldworks in Brazil to exemplify how this standardized outlook hinders the understanding of the complexity of the lives of girls situated within their contexts.
A influência das idéias higienistas no desenvolvimento da psicologia no Brasil
Mansanera, Adriano Rodrigues;Silva, Lúcia Cecília da;
Psicologia em Estudo , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-73722000000100008
Abstract: this article originated from activities developed in a project of scientific initiation which was part of the activities of a researchers group from the universidade estadual de maringá. these researchers have dedicated themselves to understand historically the eugenist and hygienist movements occurred in the first decades of the 20th century, in brazil, and its influences in several scientific specialties. in the present study it was circumstantiated the participation of the psychology inside the hygienist movement through the survey of the main and more frequent themes approached in brazilian archives of mental hygiene (abhm), published by the brazilian league of mental hygiene (lbhm).
Literary literacy: the posts expressed as communicative events and the subject representation in social networks
Adriano de Alcantara Oliveira Sousa,lia Maria Muniz Andrade
Revista FORPROLL , 2018, DOI: -
Abstract: This work aims to reflect the utilization of literary texts in social and digital media perceiving how it is stablished through its own phenomena and the possibility of the subject identification and representation in the world, once the usage of social networks may reaffirm the personal and poetic “I”. This way, we initially start from the assumption that these virtual tools allow the expression of the “I” through the citation of others, in this case, literary expressions. The theoretical background uses authors like Lévy (1996), Candido (1995, 2000), Cosson (2012), among others to base the discussions. Analyzing this relationship through the study of posts in social network texts, our corpus is composed by 10 posts made in the internet, specifically in the social network Instagram. However, the analyzes allowed us to perceive how the behavior patterns are conditioned to what the subject exposes in the network as a characteristic factor and/or determinant of a condition and of an image that he/she tries to ratify.
Sitophilus Weevil Reaction in Upland Rice Elite Lines  [PDF]
Flávia Barbosa Silva Botelho, Marcela Pedroso Mendes, Rodrigo Teixeira de Carvalho Botelho, Adriano Teodoro Bruzi, Cinthia Souza Rodrigues, Natália Botega Alves, Heloisa Oliveira dos Santos
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.612192
Abstract: Insects of the genus Sitophilus are among the most destructive pests in rice storage, and the best strategy to control it is to use resistant genotypes. In this study, 26 upland rice elite lines were evaluated for Sitophilus weevil reaction on grain weight. The seeds were placed in plastic recipients stored in a room with temperature and lightning simulating a warehouse environment. The number of living weevils and the grain weight were obtained in two evaluations, one 35 days after storage, and the other 35 days after infestation. The lines differed statistically for number of living weevils and for grain weight in both evaluations. The correlations between these two characters were -?0.99 and -?0.47 for the first and the second evaluation (P < 0.05), respectively. The lines BRS Pepita, AB 112089 and AB 112090 were the most susceptible. Seventeen of the twenty-six elite lines were resistant in both evaluations and could be successfully used in upland rice breeding programs.
Time-integrated North Atlantic Oscillation as a proxy for climatic change  [PDF]
Adriano Mazzarella
Natural Science (NS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2013.51A023

The time-integrated yearly values of North Atlantic Oscillation (INAO) are found to be well correlated to the sea surface temperature. The results give the feasibility of using INAO as a good proxy for climate change and contribute to a more complete picture of the full range of variability inherent in the climate system. Moreover, the extrapolation in the future of the well identified 65-year harmonic in INAO suggests a gradual decline in global warming starting from 2005.

Tradu??o e valida??o do índice da doen?a da superfície ocular para a língua portuguesa
Prigol, Adriano Mauricio;Tenório, Marília Barreto;Matschinske, Roberta;Gehlen, Marcelo Luiz;Skare, Thelma;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492012000100005
Abstract: purpose: to develop a cross-cultural ocular surface disease index (osdi) for the brazilian population and analyze its validity and effectiveness. methods: based on the guidelines of guillemin et al., four english teachers, an ophthalmologist, a rheumatologist, two ophthalmology residents and a native american who does not speak portuguese were invited. the procedure followed the steps: translation into portuguese by two english teachers; transformation of the two translations to a single version; application of this version of the questionnaire to 27 people in the ophthalmology clinic of the evangelic university hospital of curitiba, asking questions and making changes for a better understanding by the patients; retranslation into english by two english teachers who lived in the usa.; assessment for a single version, and reading them by a native usa. citizen who does not speak portuguese to assess the comprehension of the questionnaire. the validated questionnaire was administered to 22 people in the ophthalmology clinic of the evangelic university hospital of curitiba to evaluate the effectiveness of inter-and intra-interviewer. results: the study of intra-observer for each of the questions showed that the questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 11 have substantial agreement; that the question 8 had almost perfect agreement and questions 5, 6, 9, 10 and 12 have moderate agreement. studying the inter-observer agreement it was found that there are two questions with almost perfect agreement (2 and 7); substantial agreement with seven questions (questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9) and three questions with moderate agreement (10, 11 and 12). conclusions: the obtained version of osdi has good inter and intra-observer agreement and can be used in portuguese to evaluate the quality of life of people with dry eye.
Características clínicas da migranea transformada
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1999000600015
Abstract: most daily headache patients seen in specialized clinics present a past history of migraine. some authors refer to it as transformed migraine and emphasize its milder intensity and clinical characteristics different from migraine. the aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical presentation of the daily headache in patients with prior history of migraine. we studied retrospectively 215 patients. we observed that a significant percentage of the patients presenting the so-called transformed migraine, reported frontal and/or temporal bilateral pain and had pressure or tightening pain, which is a characteristic of chronic tension-type headache. it emphasizes the loss or changing of the standard migraine features. the pulsatile pain quality remained as an important feature, specially for those with intermittent typical migraine attacks.
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