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Educa??o moral: o aprender e o ensinar sobre justi?a na escola
Müller, Adriana;Alencar, Heloisa Moulin de;
Educa??o e Pesquisa , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97022012000200012
Abstract: moral education is an important theme from the point of view of the field of morality, since learning and teaching moral values are among the actions that promote the humanization of man, both in its moral sense (answering the question how should i live?), and in the ethical sense (answering the question what life do i want to live?). moral education can happen within different social contexts. the present research focuses on the school. the study of this kind of education involves several moral themes. the objective of this research was to investigate how those who teach have themselves learned, and how those who learned the moral value of justice teach. for that, we interviewed 20 teachers from the sixth to the ninth year of fundamental education from five private schools of the city of vitória, espírito santo, trying to identify how they thought they had learned about justice during their school lives and how they reckoned they taught this moral value in their pedagogical practices. our proposal included also to investigate the existence of changes in the practices mentioned above and, if so, to analyze such transformations. the results demonstrate that most teachers describe that they have learned about the moral value of justice through mandatory actions. the way in which they believe they teach about this value is manifested in examples in which imposition is still present, even if related to conversations, revealing that teachers teach the way they learned. this information can contribute to intervene in the pedagogical practice of these professionals and to improve their education, helping to break up the vicious circle of learning and teaching through imposition.
Floral preferences and climate influence in nectar and pollen foraging by Melipona rufiventris Lepeletier (Hymenoptera: Meliponini) in Ubatuba, S?o Paulo state, Brazil
Fidalgo, Adriana de O;Kleinert, Astrid de M P;
Neotropical Entomology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2010000600005
Abstract: we describe the environment effects on the amount and quality of resources collected by melipona rufiventris lepeletier in the atlantic forest at ubatuba city, s?o paulo state, brazil (44o48'w, 23o22's). bees carrying pollen and/or nectar were captured at nest entrances during 5 min every hour, from sunrise to sunset, once a month. pollen loads were counted and saved for acetolysis. nectar was collected, the volume was determined and the total dissolved solids were determined by refractometer. air temperature, relative humidity and light intensity were also registered. the number of pollen loads reached its maximum value between 70% and 90% of relative humidity and 18oc and 23oc; for nectar loads this range was broader, 50-90% and 20-30oc. the number of pollen loads increased as relative humidity rose (rs = 0.401; p < 0.01) and high temperatures had a strong negative influence on the number of pollen loads collected (rs = -0.228; p < 0.01). the number of nectar loads positively correlated with temperature (rs = 0.244; p < 0.01) and light intensity (rs = 0.414; p < 0.01). the percentage of total dissolved solids (tds) on nectar loads positively correlated with temperature and light intensity (rs = 0.361; p < 0.01 and rs = 0.245; p < 0.01), negatively correlated with relative humidity (rs = -0.629; p < 0.01), and it increased along the day. most nectar loads had tds between 11% and 30%, with an average of 24.7%. the volume measures did not show any pattern. important pollen sources were sapindaceae, anacardiaceae, rubiaceae, arecaceae, solanaceae and myrtaceae; nectar sources were sapindaceae, fabaceae, rubiaceae, arecaceae and solanaceae.
Desempenho de reatores anaeróbios de fluxo ascendente com manta de lodo em dois estágios tratando águas residuárias de suinocultura
Santana, Adriana M. de;Oliveira, Roberto A. de;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162005000300029
Abstract: the objective of this work was monitoring the performance of two up flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors (uasb) in a pilot-scale testing with volumes of 908 l and 188 l, installed in series, loaded with swine wastewater with total suspended solids (tss) ranging from 2216 to 7131 mg l-1, submitted to an hydraulic detention time (hdt) of 62.3 and 31.1 h, in the first reactor, and 12.9 and 6.5 h, in the second reactor. the mean total cod removal efficiency varied from 74.0 to 89.6% in reactor 1, and from 34.3 to 45.1% in reactor 2, resulting average values ranging from 86.6 to 93.1% for the two-stage treatment system under organic volumetric load (ovl) of 3.40 to 14.44 kg codtotal m-3 reactor d-1 in the reactor 1. the methane concentration in biogas values was over 75% in reactor 1 and 80% in reactor 2. average ph values in the effluents ranged from 6.9 to 8.2 in reactor 1 and 7.0 to 8.3 for reactor 2. the amount of total volatile acids remained steady showing mean concentrations bellow 200 mg l-1. according to these results the organic loading conditions, concerning to the cod and vss imposed to the two-stage anaerobic treatment system were not limiting to the sludge blanket development of extremely active and adapted micro biota providing high mean values of organic matter removal, from 86.6 to 93.1 % to the codtotal and 85.6 to 88.2% to vss, and the rate of volumetric methane production from 0.156 to 0.289 m3 ch4 kg-1 cod removed.
Tratamento de águas residuárias de suinocultura em reatores anaeróbios de fluxo ascendente com manta de lodo (uasb) em dois estágios seguidos de reator operado em batelada sequencial (RBS)
Oliveira, Roberto A. de;Santana, Adriana M. de;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162011000100018
Abstract: this work aimed to evaluate the performance of two aerobic-anaerobic combination system of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion reactor (uasb) in line followed by an aerobic sequencing bath reactor (sbr), used in swine wastewater treatment. the uasb system was fed with swine wastewater containing from 4427 to 16425 mg l-1 of total suspended solids (tss). the treatment system was evaluated using organic loading (olr) of 14,8 to 24,4 g total cod (l d)-1 in the first uasb reactor. the hydraulic detention times (hdt) were of 28 and 11 h, and 14 and 6 h, in the first and second uasb reactor, respectively. the sbr was operated with one and two cycles daily and the affluent had tss concentrations of 1348 to 2036 mg l-1. the higher total chemical oxygen demand (cod) removal efficiencies were of 78 to 81% in uasb reactors in two-stage and occurred with higher hdt. with the aerobic sbr used as post-treatment of the effluent from uasb reactors allowed removal efficiency averages of 93 to 97%, 92 to 98%, 57 to 78%, 71 to 88% and from 68 to 85% of total cod, tss, total p, total kjeldahl nitrogen (tkn) and total nitrogen (tn), respectively. the thermotolerants coliforms the removals were of 93.80 to 99.99%.
O papel estratégico do corpo docente no programa de pós-gradua o El papel estratégico del núcleo docente en los programas de posgrado The strategic role of the professor in the graduate program
Adriana Cristina de Oliveira,Márcia de Assun??o Ferreira
Escola Anna Nery , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/s1414-81452011000200001
Biodegrada??o de filmes de PP/PCL em solo e solo com chorume
Campos, Adriana de;Marconato, José C.;Franchetti, Sandra M. M.;
Polímeros , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-14282010005000039
Abstract: blend films of polycaprolactone (pcl) and polypropylene (pp) have been obtained by melt-pressing of both components. the biodegradation of pp/pcl blend films in soil and soil with leachate landfill has been assessed with measurements of evolution of co2, weight loss, contact angle, scanning electronic microscopy (sem) and differential scanning calorimetry (dsc). the respirometric tests showed that the pp/pcl biodegradation in the soil with leachate was higher than the homopolymers, suggesting that the polymers in the blend are more susceptible to biodegradation owing to the lack of interaction between pp and pcl. the results also showed that biodegradation due to microorganisms in the soil with leachate occurred by surface erosion. it was found that the pcl biodegradation is inhibited by the leachate microorganisms added in the soil.
Size-segregated particulate matter and carboxylic acids over urban and rural sites in Londrina City, Brazil
Freitas, Adriana de M.;Martins, Leila D.;Solci, Maria Cristina;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532012000500018
Abstract: samplings of atmospheric particulate matter (pm) from 0.25 to 10 μm were performed between the months of march and april 2007, simultaneously in urban and rural areas of londrina city (paraná state, brazil). results indicated that the fine fraction (pm2.5) represents a significant portion of the pm10 mass (70 and 67% in urban and rural areas, respectively). dicarboxylic acids were found in larger concentration, contributing to the pm2.5 fraction with 78% in urban and 69% in rural areas, being oxalate and succinate the most abundant species. mass size distribution of oxalate in urban site was presented as the dominant mode, with peaks at 0.25-0.5 μm. acetate-to-formate mass ratio indicated the primary vehicular emissions as dominant source of carboxylic acids in londrina. moreover, backward trajectories indicated the transport of pollutants from s?o paulo state to londrina region.
Ortodoxia e heterodoxia na discuss?o sobre integra??o regional: a origem do pensamento da CEPAL e seus desenvolvimentos posteriores
Amado, Adriana M.;Mollo, Maria de Lourdes R.;
Estudos Econ?micos (S?o Paulo) , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-41612004000100005
Abstract: the paper observes the heterodox origin of the discussion on economic integration in latin america, specially the one associated to ecla, and highlights the concerns which supported this discussion and which had a heterodox character. this position is compared with the contemporary perspective on the economic integration issue, which is much aligned to the orthodox perspective, driving the heterodox analysis to a sceptic perspective on this issue.
Polimorfismos genéticos de aislamientos del género Malassezia obtenidos en Colombia de pacientes con lesión dermatológica y sin ella
Celis,Adriana M; Cepero de García,Maria Caridad;
Biomédica , 2005,
Abstract: introduction. malassezia spp. yeasts are opportunistic and newly emergent diseases. one or more species have been isolated in association with dermatological pathology atopic dermatitis, as well as from healthy individuals. eight isolates from cbs centraalbureau voor schimmelcultures (netherlands) were used as controls. fingerprinting was done using random amplification of polymorphic dna technique (rapd) with three primers (opa2, opa4, opa13).the data were analyzed with diversity database and syn-tax-pc programs. results. intraspecies genetic heterogeneity in m. furfur, m. globosa, m. restricta, m. slooffiae, m. obtusa was observed, whereas m. sympodialis showed the greatest homogeneity. conclusion. the dermatological disease caused by these different species and systemic disease. their pathological role has not been fully elucidated since malassezia spp. are common in normal skin flora. . in the current study, a search was undertaken for genetic markers in the malassezia spp. isolates that correlate with each type of dermatologic lesion. materials and methods. a total of 103 strains of malassezia spp were isolated from patients with pytiriasis versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis hiv (+), and was not associated with distinctive rapd fingerprints.
Comportamento Viscoelástico Linear e Morfologia de Blendas PP/HDPE
Souza, Adriana M. C. de;Demarquette, Nicole R.;
Polímeros , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-14282001000400010
Abstract: in this paper the influence of composition and temperature on the linear viscoelastic behavior and morphology of pp/hdpe blends was studied. the interfacial tension between pp and hdpe was evaluated using the relaxation spectra of pp/hdpe blends, following gramespacher and meissner analysis[1]. the results seemed to indicate that there is a range of compositions for which it is possible to use gramespacher and meissner analysis in order to calculate interfacial tension between polymers using small amplitude oscillatory shear measurements. the compatibilization of pp/hdpe blend was also studied through morphological analysis and interfacial tension between its components. three types of compatibilizers were tested: epdm, eva and sebs. emulsion curves relating the average radius of the dispersed phase and the interfacial tension to the concentration of compatibilizer added to the blend were obtained. it was shown that epdm was more efficient as an emulsifier for pp/hdpe blend than eva or sebs.
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