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Isolamento e sele??o de fungos causadores da podrid?o-branca da madeira em florestas de Eucalyptus spp. com potencial de degrada??o de cepas e raízes
Alonso, Sandra Kunieda de;Silva, Aderlan Gomes da;Kasuya, Maria Catarina Megumi;Barros, Nairam Félix de;Cavallazzi, José Renato Pereira;Bettucci, Lina;Lupo, Sandra;Alfenas, Acelino Couto;
Revista árvore , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622007000100016
Abstract: the aim of this work was to isolate native wood white-rot fungi from fungal fruit-bodies and eucalyptus wood fragments from different regions of brazil and to test their potential for degrading dead stumps and roots in eucalyptus plantings after harvest. fungi isolates were obtained in a culture medium composed by eucalyptus sawdust and agar. among 292 isolates submitted to the banvedamm test, 144 were classified as phenoloxidases producing isolates. among nine c/n ratios tested, it was observed a tendency of occurring larger chip decay in the c/n ratios equal to 60 : 1, 200 : 1 and 300 : 1. two decay assays were performed in wood chips of eucalyptus saligna using the c/n ratio 60 : 1 in order to verify which isolates were able to cause larger reduction of dry matter. in the first assay, which was evaluated at 90 days of incubation, seven isolates that stood out in relation to trametes versicolor were selected. the second assay evaluated the capacity of 46 isolates in promoting decay. the isolates selected in the first assay were among the 11 most efficient in the second assay. based on dna analysis, six isolates were identified as pycnoporus sanguineus (3 isolates), peniophora sp., pestalotiopsis sp. e ganoderma sp.
Influência da temperatura de armazenamento na qualidade das sementes de Caesalpinia peltophoroides Benth. (sibipiruna)
Pontes Claudia Aparecida,Corte Viviana Borges,Borges Eduardo Euclydes de Lima e,Silva Aderlan Gomes da
Revista árvore , 2006,
Abstract: Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar o efeito da temperatura de armazenamento na porcentagem de germina o e no vigor das sementes de Caesalpinia peltophoroides Benth. (sibipiruna), por meio de testes fisiológicos. O teor de água aumentou nas sementes armazenadas a 5 degreesC e reduziu naquelas a 20 degreesC. A porcentagem de germina o das sementes mantidas a 5 e 20 degreesC apresentou redu o aos 220 e 120 dias, respectivamente. O índice de velocidade de germina o decresceu de maneira similar. A condutividade elétrica n o foi alterada nas sementes armazenadas a 5 degreesC e aumentou nas que permaneceram a 20 degreesC. O envelhecimento acelerado nos períodos de 24, 48 e 72 horas detectou redu o significativa na qualidade das sementes em ambos os ambientes de armazenamento. A redu o da porcentagem de germina o e do vigor foi maior nas sementes armazenadas a 20 degreesC.
Avalia??o da concentra??o de proteínas e da atividade de α-galactosidases nos cotilédones e no eixo embrionário de sementes de Dalbergia nigra durante a germina??o
Carrijo, Lanna Clicia;Lima e Borges, Eduardo Euclydes de;Rezende, Sebasti?o Tavares de;Pontes, Cláudia Aparecida;Silva, Aderlan Gomes da;Lopes, Mariana Rocha;
Acta Amazonica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672011000400004
Abstract: this work aimed to quantify the protein content and the α-galactosidase activity in the embryonic axis and in the cotyledons of dalbergia nigra seeds during the imbibition period. the seeds were submitted to water imbibition during seven days. biochemical and kinetic characterization of the enzyme were done from samples taken during the imbibition period. the activity of the α-galactosidase increased in the two compartments with the soaking of the seeds, although, the enzyme activity was not detected in the embryonic axis of dry seeds. the difference in the activity of the enzyme between cotyledons and embryonic axis was significant. the ph of maximum activity was 5.5 for the enzyme of both compartments. in the cotyledons the higher activity of the enzyme was obtained at 50 oc. in the embryonic axis the activity was higher at temperatures ranging from 50 to 60 oc. the activity of the α-galactosidase was inhibited by β-mercaptoethanol and cuso4 in both compartments, while lactose and sodium chloride stimulated the activity in the cotyledons and in the embryonic axis. the values of km for the enzymes of the embryonic axis and cotyledons were respectively 0.239 and 0.228 mm.
Influência da temperatura de armazenamento na qualidade das sementes de Caesalpinia peltophoroides Benth. (sibipiruna)
Pontes, Claudia Aparecida;Corte, Viviana Borges;Borges, Eduardo Euclydes de Lima e;Silva, Aderlan Gomes da;Borges, Rita de Cássia Gon?alves;
Revista árvore , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622006000100006
Abstract: the aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of storage temperature on the percentage of seed germination and vigor of caesalpinia peltophoroides (caesalpiniaceae) seeds through physiological tests. the water content increased in seeds stored at 5oc and decreased in seeds stored at 20oc. the percentage of germination of seeds stored at 5 and 20oc was reduced from 220 and 120 days, respectively. the germination velocity index decreased in a similar way. the electrical conductivity was not altered on seeds stored at 5oc and increased on those kept at 20oc. the accelerated aging for periods of 24, 48 and 72 hours markedly reduced seed quality in both storage environments. the reduction on percentage of seed germination and vigor was grater on seeds stored at 20oc.
Mycelial Growth of Pleurotus Spp in Se-Enriched Culture Media  [PDF]
Marliane de Cássia Soares da Silva, Mateus Dias Nunes, Jose Maria Rodrigues da Luz, Maria Catarina Megumi Kasuya
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2013.38A003

Selenium (Se) is an essential element to human. However, this element can be in low content in soil of some regions. Se deficiency may cause Keshan disease, thyroid dysfunction and osteoarthritis. The Se-enriched cereals are an interesting way to prevent these diseases. But, recent studies have shown that Se-enriched mushrooms are a better Se source. This occurs due to the high capacity of the fungi to absorb and transform the inorganic Se to organic forms, which are more bioavailable. Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus eryngii are mushrooms species worldwide consumed and able to Se bioaccumulate. However, depending on the level of this element, it can be toxic for the fungus. Here we showed that the presence of the Se in culture medium decreases fungal growth rate, hyphae diameter and septum distance and causes alteration in color of colony. A garlic strong smell was directly proportional to Se level. P. eryngii was more tolerant to Se than P. ostreatus. So, it is important to screen this element level for Se-enriched mushroom production.

Influence of Glass Fiber wt% and Silanization on Mechanical Flexural Strength of Reinforced Acrylics  [PDF]
Rodrigo B. Fonseca, Isabella N. Favar?o, Amanda V. B. Kasuya, Marcel Abr?o, Nícolas F. M. da Luz, Lucas Z. Naves
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2014.22003

The aim is to evaluate the flexural strength of acrylic resin bars depending on the addiction of glass fibers with or without previous 3-methacryloxypropyl-trimethoxysilane (silane) application. Short fibers (3 mm) were treated and added to an acrylic resin powder, being further mixed with acrylic liquid to create bars (25 × 2 × 2 mm) of 11 experimental groups (N = 10), according to the interaction of experimental factors: weight % of glass fibers: (0.5; 1; 3; 4; 6 and 7) and silane application (with silane (S) or without silane (N)). Flexural strength and scanning microscopy evaluation were performed (SEM). Data (MPa) were submitted to ANOVA and Tukey (α = 5%). A significant difference between groups was observed (p = 0.001): S7%(128.85 ± 35.76)a, S6% (119.31 ± 11.97)ab, S4% (116.98 ± 25.23)ab, N4% (107.85 ± 24.88)abc, S1% (96.29 ± 20.65)bc, S0.5% (89.29 ± 7.33)cd, S3% (89.0 ± 11.27)cd, N3% (86.79 ± 17.63)cd, N1% (85.43 ± 16.44)cd, Control (73.29 ± 25.0)de, N0.5% (59.58 ± 19.46)e. For N groups, it was not possible to include more than 4%wt fibers. SEM showed better fiber-resin interaction for S groups, and fractures around fibers on N groups. Previous silane application enables the addiction of greater quantity of glass fibers and better interaction with the acrylic resin resulting in higher flexural strength. Without silane, fibers seem to act as initial crack points due to poor interaction.

Regulation of Respiratory and Ligninolytic Enzyme Activity of Lentinula edodes by Selenium  [PDF]
Regiane Gon?alves Feitosa Leal Nunes, Jose Maria Rodrigues da Luz, Elizabete Fantuzzi, Maria Catarina Megumi Kasuya, Maria Cristina Dantas Vanetti
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2013.38A006

The production of mushrooms enriched with essential elements, e.g. selenium, for human health is an interesting strategy to improve the functional foods supply. The selenium is an essential mineral and makes part of structure of enzymes involved in the oxidative metabolism. However, the selenium effect on the activity of respiratory and lignocellulolytic enzymes has not been considered. The understanding of this effect is important to determine the selenium concentration that increases the mushroom productivity and the degradation rate of the substrate. In this study, it was observed reduction of the respiratory activity of Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler, the shiitake mushroom, in function of the increasing of the sodium selenite concentration in the substrate (p < 0.05). Selenium did not inhibit the activity of the hydrolytic enzymes (cellulase and xylanase), but it increased the activity of the oxidative enzyme (laccase). Respiratory activity of L. edodes has a negative correlation with sodium selenite concentration added in substrate. Thus is important to define the ideal dose of selenium to be added to the substrate for increasing lignocellulosic residues degradation and, consequently, guarantee a higher production of Se-enriched mushrooms.

Polymorphism in the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of the ribosomal DNA of 26 isolates of ectomycorrhizal fungi
Gomes Eliane A.,Kasuya Maria Catarina M.,Barros Everaldo G. de,Borges Arnaldo C.
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2002,
Abstract: Inter- and intraspecific variation among 26 isolates of ectomycorrhizal fungi belonging to 8 genera and 19 species were evaluated by analysis of the internal transcribed sequence (ITS) of the rDNA region using restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP). The ITS region was first amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with specific primers and then cleaved with different restriction enzymes. Amplification products, which ranged between 560 and 750 base pairs (bp), were obtained for all the isolates analyzed. The degree of polymorphism observed did not allow proper identification of most of the isolates. Cleavage of amplified fragments with the restriction enzymes Alu I, Hae III, Hinf I, and Hpa II revealed extensive polymorphism. All eight genera and most species presented specific restriction patterns. Species not identifiable by a specific pattern belonged to two genera: Rhizopogon (R. nigrescens, R. reaii, R. roseolus, R. rubescens and Rhizopogon sp.), and Laccaria (L. bicolor and L. amethystea). Our data confirm the potential of ITS region PCR-RFLP for the molecular characterization of ectomycorrhizal fungi and their identification and monitoring in artificial inoculation programs.
Formation of the Q ball in the thermal logarithmic potential and its properties
Shinta Kasuya
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.81.083507
Abstract: We investigate the Q-ball formation in the thermal logarithmic potential by means of the lattice simulation, and reconfirm qualitatively the relation between Q-ball charge and the amplitude of the Affleck-Dine field at the onset of its oscillation. We find time dependence of some properties of the Q ball, such as its size and the field value at its center. Since the thermal logarithmic potential decreases as the temperature falls down, the gravity-mediation potential will affect the properties of the Q ball. Even in the case when the gravity-mediation potential alone does not allow Q-ball solution, we find the transformation from the thick-wall type of the Q ball to the thin-wall type, contrary to the naive expectation that the Q balls will be destroyed immediately when the gravity-mediation potential becomes dominant at the center of the Q ball.
Affleck-Dine baryogenesis and the Q-ball dark matter in the gauge-mediated SUSY breaking
S. Kasuya
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: We consider the Affleck-Dine baryogenesis comprehensively in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking. Considering the high temperature effects, we see that the Affleck-Dine field is naturally deformed into the form of the Q ball. In the natural scenario where the initial amplitude of the field and the A-terms are both determined by the nonrenormalizable superpotential, we obtain a narrow allowed region in the parameter space in order to explain the baryon number and the dark matter of the universe simultaneously. Therefore, the Affleck-Dine baryogenesis is successful, although difficult.
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