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The subject, it is here! The varying structural positions of preverbal subjects
Pires, Acrisio;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44502007000300008
Abstract: this paper analyzes preverbal overt subjects, comparing brazilian portuguese to (other) null-subject languages, especially within romance. it explores syntactic and semantic properties, including resumption, ellipsis, quantifiers and scope, variable binding, ordering restrictions, pronominal distinctions, minimality violations, bare nouns and definiteness. it concludes that preverbal subjects in brazilian portuguese can be realized both in argumental positions (specifier of the inflectional or tense phrase) and non-argumental positions (topic phrase specifiers), with the possibility that both types of positions are filled by the subject in the same clause, incorporating properties that have been argued not to be found together in other languages.
Técnica de implante subpeitoral para tratamento de infec o de loja de marcapasso: estudo inicial
VALENTE Acrisio Sales,POCHINI Marcelo de Castro,PINTO Ana Maria Rocha,CAMPAGNUCCI Valquíria P.
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2001,
Abstract: Introdu o/Objetivo: O implante de marcapasso cardíaco definitivo é um procedimento caracterizado por um baixo índice de complica es. No entanto, a infec o, principalmente a de loja de fonte geradora, caracteriza-se como uma das complica es mais comuns, com incidências variando entre 1-5% na maioria dos centros. Diversas abordagens terapêuticas para o tratamento desta afec o vêm sendo descritas com resultados controversos. Observa-se, entretanto, uma tendência a melhores resultados, com menores índices de falência de tratamento ou reinfec o, nas abordagens mais agressivas, estas sempre relacionadas à alta morbidade e a altos custos finais. Com base nos princípios já bem descritos do poder bactericida dos flaps musculocutaneos associados à antibioticoterapia na esteriliza o de áreas pouco vascularizadas infectadas, foi desenvolvida e avaliada neste estudo inicial a técnica de implante subpeitoral para o tratamento dos casos de infec o restrita de loja de fonte geradora, objetivando-se menores morbidades e custos com, bons resultados. Casuística e Método: Foi considerado no presente estudo o período de janeiro de 1996 a mar o de 2000 onde foram realizados 574 procedimentos, entre implantes e trocas de fontes geradoras, na Santa Casa de S o Paulo, com um índice de infec o de 1,11% (6 casos) e 2 casos de extrus o de fonte geradora sem infec o aparente. Quatro casos tratavam-se de infec o exclusiva de loja de fonte e em 2 casos houve comprometimento sistêmico com sepse. Os germes infectantes foram S.aureus, S.epidermidis e Pseudomonas. Foi utilizada como abordagem terapêutica para todos os casos sem comprometimento sistêmico a técnica de implante subpeitoral da mesma fonte geradora associada à antibioticoterapia específica. Resultados: N o houve óbitos, casos de reinfec o ou falência de tratamento nos pacientes submetidos à técnica. O tempo médio de interna o foi 7,3 dias. O tempo médio de antibioticoterapia foi de 7 dias. N o houve distúrbios do marcapasso que exigissem reabordagem. O seguimento é de 5 meses a 4 anos. Conclus o: A técnica avaliada mostra-se, a princípio, como uma alternativa viável no tratamento da infec o de loja de marcapasso, com baixa morbidade e grande eficácia.
Structural and phonon properties of bundled single- and double-wall carbon nanotubes under pressure
Acrisio. L. Aguiar,Rodrigo B. Capaz,A. G. Souza Filho,Alfonso San-Miguel
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: In this work, we report a theoretical coupled study of the structural and phonons properties of bundled single- and double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWNTs), under hydrostatic compression. Our results confirm drastic changes in volume of SWNTs in high-pressure regime as assigned by a phase transition from circular to collapsed phase which are strictly dependent on the tube diameter. For the DWNTs, those results show first a transformation to a polygonized shape of the outer tube and subsequently the simultaneous collapse of the outter and inner tube, at the onset of the inner tube ovalization. Before the DWNT collapse, phonon calculations reproduce the experimentally observed screening effect on the inner tube pressure induced blue shift both for RBM and tangential G$_z$ modes . Furthermore, the collapse of CNTs bundles induces a sudden redshift of tangential component in agreement with experimental studies. The G$_z$ band analysis of the SWNT collapsed tubes shows that the flattened regions of the tubes are at the origin of their G-band signal. This explains the observed graphite type pressure evolution of the G band in the collapsed phase and provides in addition a mean for the identification of collapsed tubes
Bandagem reversível do tronco pulmonar IV: análise da hipertrofia aguda do ventrículo direito em modelo experimental de sobrecarga intermitente
Valente, Acrisio Sales;Assad, Renato Samy;Abduch, Maria Cristina D.;Silva, Gustavo J. J.;Thomaz, Petronio G.;Miana, Leonardo A.;Krieger, José E.;Stolf, Noedir A. G.;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382008000100011
Abstract: objectives: adjustable pulmonary trunk (pt) banding device may induce a more physiologic ventricle retraining for the two-stage jatene operation. this experimental study evaluates the acute hypertrophy (96 hours) of the right ventricle (rv) submitted to an intermittent pressure overload. methods: five groups of seven young goats were distributed according to rv intermittent systolic overload duration (0, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours). the zero-hour group served as a control group. echocardiographic and hemodynamic evaluations were performed daily. after completing the training program for each group, the animals were sacrificed for water content and cardiac masses evaluation. results: there was a significant increase in rv free wall thickness starting with the 48-hour group (p<0.05). however, a decreased rv ejection fraction, associated with an important rv dilation and a significant increase in the rv volume to mass ratio was observed at 24-hour training period, when compared to 96-hour period (p=0.003), with subsequent recovery throughout the protocol. a 104.7% increase in rv mass was observed in the 96-hour group, as compared to the control group, with no differences in water content between these two groups. the daily mean increase in rv mass during the study period was 21.6% ± 26.8%. the rate of rv mass acquisition for the overall study period of intermittent systolic overload was 0.084 g/h ± 0.035 g/h. conclusion: intermittent pt banding has allowed a significant rv mass acquisition in the 96-hour trained group. no myocardial water content changes were observed in this group, suggesting an increased myocardial protein synthesis.
Bandagem da artéria pulmonar: uma cirurgia simples? Uma análise crítica em um centro terciário
Valente, Acrisio Sales;Mesquita, Fernando;Mejia, Juan Alberto Cosquillo;Maia, Isabel Cristina Leite;Maior, Márcia Souto;Branco, Klébia Castelo;Pinto Jr, Valdester Cavalcante;Carvalho Jr, Waldemiro;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382009000400011
Abstract: objective: although pulmonary artery banding (pab) seems to be a technically simple procedure it presents several peculiarities and is related to a significant morbidity and mortality. the aim of this study is to analyze the experience of a tertiary hospital on the pab by assessing and correlating many aspects related to the procedure. methods: between january 2000 and december 2008, 61 patients undergone pab due to congenital heart disease with increased pulmonary blood flow at messejana heart hospital were assessed as for mortality, complications, stay in mechanical ventilation and need for intensive care unit (icu), use of vasoactive drugs, difficulties in the adjustment on the banding and reoperations. some statistical analyzes were performed to compare the subgroups. results: in 46.8% of the patients the intended pressoric adjustment was not achieved and in 6.5% it was necessary another surgery to readjust the banding. the mean time of mechanical ventilation was 14.1±49.6 days and icu 14.16±10.92 days. in 82.6% of the patients vasoactives drugs were administrated for 10.3±12.79 days. severe complications were noted in 49.15% of patients and cardiac insufficiency was the most common one with an incidence of 44%. the mortality rate was 8.2% and it was not influenced by weight or associated procedures with the pab neither if univentricular or biventricular heart disease. conclusion: the pab can be performed with acceptable mortality rates compatible with the ones of the world literature. nevertheless, the adjustment of the banding is difficult to be assessed during the surgery by making the procedure complex and justifying the high incidence of complications and long stay in icu. it wasn't found any specific risk factor significant to mortality neither uni- or biventricular heart disease
Técnica de implante subpeitoral para tratamento de infec??o de loja de marcapasso: estudo inicial
VALENTE, Acrisio Sales;POCHINI, Marcelo de Castro;PINTO, Ana Maria Rocha;CAMPAGNUCCI, Valquíria P.;MARINELLI, Itagiba;GANDRA, Sylvio Matheus de Aquino;RIVETTI, Luiz Ant?nio;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382001000100007
Abstract: introduction: permanent pacing implantation is a very low risk procedure. however, infectious complications, specially in the pacemaker generator pocket, are the most common one with incidences (1 to 5%). these patients have been treated by many different therapeutic proceduros with controversial results. it has been well demonstrated that eradication of the infection is extremely difficult and the best results are reached through radical surgery consisting of removal of the pacemaker generator and electrode associated to antibiotic therapy. these procedures are related to high morbidity and expense. muscle flaps are thought to have the ability to survive a bacterial inoculation and control infection. it also brings a rich network of blood supply to an infected and poorly vascularized area. based in these facts we developed a new technique for the treatment of the generator pocket infection that is the subpectoral pacemaker implantationn. material and methods: between january 1996 and march 2000, a total of 574 pacemakers were implanted or reimplanted at santa casa de s?o paulo. infection at the site of implantation developed in 6 instances (incidence of 1.11%) and two extrusions of generator without apparent infection. four patients had infection involving only the pacemaker pocket and two patients had sepsis. the organisms cultured were staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus epidermis and pseudomonas. at pacemaker pocket infection instances and in the pacemaker extrusion the patients were treated by this new approach associated to antibiotic therapy. results: there were no deaths, reinfection or failure of treatment. the mean hospital stay was 7.3 days and antibiotic therapy 7 days. the follow up is five months to four years. conclusions: the subpectoral pacemaker implantation technique is a good alternative for cases of pocket generator infection with low morbidity and good finals results.
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