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Non-Painful Peripheral Inflammation Blocks Conditioned Place-Preference to Morphine and Nicotine through an Ibuprofen-Sensitive and an Ibuprofen Insensitive Pathway  [PDF]
Marco Antonio Sotomayor-Sobrino, Abraham Ochoa-Aguilar, Eda Patricia Tenorio, Martha León-Olea, Roberto Velasco-González, Israel Luna-Mendoza, Claudia Gómez-Acevedo
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2018.82004
Abstract: The field of neuroimmunology has expanded in recent years providing new insights and therapies into pathologies like stroke, autism, and depression. However, few works explore the relationship between inflammatory stimuli and motivation. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine how non-painful inflammatory stimuli affect reward. To test reward-response, we used the morphine and the nicotine induced conditioned place-preference and place-aversion model in rats with non-painful inflammation. The following inflammatory models were used: non-painful infectious inflammation: 24 hrs prior to conditioning sessions, an injection with Calmette-Guerin bacillus (CGB) 1 × 107 cfu, ip, was administered. Non-painful non-infectious inflammation: 24 hrs prior to conditioning sessions, rats’ sciatic nerve was blocked and cut, followed by the injection of carrageenan (750 μl) in the paw. We then measured the cytokine concentration to determine the inflammatory profile of each of our models. Finally, we administered ibuprofen to determine if it could prevent the effect of inflammation over conditioned place-preference. We show that carrageenan significantly reduced the morphine-induced reward. Non-painful inflammatory stimulus, CGB and denervation + carrageenan, inhibit the conditioned place-preference to morphine and nicotine, CGB also block conditioned place-aversion to nicotine; carrageenan has no effect on CPA. The administration of ibuprofen reinstates conditioned place-preference to morphine and nicotine in the carrageenan model, but has no effect in the CGB model; finally ibuprofen has no effect on CPA. Our data suggest that non-painful-inflammatory stimuli inhibit the reward system, independent of cytokine concentration. Furthermore, the administration of a PGE 2 inhibitor can importantly modulate this phenomenon.
Antioxidant Capacity and Bioaccessibility of Synergic Mango (cv. Ataulfo) Peel Phenolic Compounds in Edible Coatings Applied to Fresh-Cut Papaya  [PDF]
Gustavo Rubén Velderrain-Rodríguez, Maribel Ovando-Martínez, Mónica Villegas-Ochoa, Jesús Fernando Ayala-Zavala, Abraham Wall-Medrano, Emilio álvarez-Parrilla, Tomás Jesús Madera-Santana, Humberto Astiazarán-García, Orlando Tortoledo-Ortiz, Gustavo Adolfo González-Aguilar
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2015.63037
Abstract: Edible coatings (EC) applied to fresh-cut fruits are used to increase their shelf-life and to deliver antioxidant bioactives such as phenolic compounds (PC) that reduce their oxidative damage while enhance their functional value. However, the combination of different PC may have synergetic, additive or antagonic effects on the final antioxidant capacity (AOXC). The aim of this study was to examine the AOXC of binary combinations of selected PC from mango peel and their bioaccessibility from 6% alginate-based EC applied to fresh-cut papaya, under simulated gastrointestinal conditions. Among equimolar (0.1 mM) combinations, gallic + protocatechuic acids (AB) were synergic in radical scavenging activity (RSA) as assayed by DPPH (90% RSA) and FRAP (0.39 mg TE/mL) methods; when assayed in 6% alginate-based EC, their RSA increased (117.85% RSA, 0.88 mg TE/mL). The application of EC + AB to papaya cubes and further in vitro digestion decreased their AOXC probably due to interactions between EC and papaya’s matrix. Therefore, further studies are needed in order to evaluate the effect of combination of phenolic and EC applied in other fruits matrix on antioxidants bioaccessibility.
Polyurethane as substrate for fungal strains  [PDF]
Araceli Loredo-Trevi?o, Gilberto García, Abraham Velasco-Téllez, Raúl Rodríguez-Herrera, Cristóbal N. Aguilar
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2011.22009
Abstract: Polyurethane is a versatile plastic with several industrial applications in the modern life, but it is considered as a very recalcitrant material. Biodegradation of this plastic has been poorly explored, and most of the studies that have been published focus on bacterial enzymes. In this work, some fungi with the capacity of growing with polyurethane foam as nutrient source were isolated from sands contaminated with this plastic and from DIA/UAdeC collection, testing their ability to grow on polyurethane as sole carbon and nitrogen sources and their enzymatic activities were determined in specific media as well as their invasion capacity on polyurethane agar plates. 22 fungal strains demonstrated their capacity of growing on polyurethane. Among the enzymatic activities evaluate, the most common was the urease activity (95% of the strains).Protease, esterase and laccase activities were present in 86%, 50% and 36% respectively. The great ability of the isolated fungal strains to use polyurethane foam as nutrient opens an important opportunity to study at detail the biodegradation of this plastic, with clear implications in cell biology and environmental technology.
The Hamster Model for Identification of Specific Antigens of Taenia solium Tapeworms
Alicia Ochoa-Sánchez,Lucía Jiménez,Abraham Landa
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/504959
Abstract: Humans acquire taeniasis by ingesting pork meat infected with Taenia solium cysticerci, which are the only definitive hosts of the adult stage (tapeworm) and responsible for transmitting the human and porcine cysticercosis. Hence, detection of human tapeworm carriers is a key element in the development of viable strategies to control the disease. This paper presents the identification of specific antigens using sera from hamsters infected with T. solium tapeworms analyzed by western blot assay with crude extracts (CEs) and excretion-secretion antigens (E/S Ag) obtained from T. solium cysticerci and tapeworms and extracts from other helminthes as controls. The hamster sera infected with T. solium tapeworms recognized specific bands of 72, 48, 36, and 24 kDa, in percentages of 81, 81, 90, and 88%, respectively, using the T. solium tapeworms E/S Ag. The antigens recognized by these hamster sera could be candidates to improve diagnosis of human T. solium taeniasis.
Francisco Augusto Laca Arocena*,Heriberto Santana Aguilar**,Yunuen Ochoa Madrigal***,Juan Carlos Mejía Ceballos****
Liberabit , 2011,
Abstract: RESUMENEste estudio empírico de corte transversal pone a prueba el supuesto de que las percepciones de bienestar social,anomia, interés político e impotencia política condicionan las actitudes hacia la democracia. Se tomó el modelo de cincodimensiones de Keyes (1998) para medir el bienestar social y se midió el constructo anomia desde la perspectiva psicosocialde Srole (1956). La muestra conformada por 568 sujetos mayores de edad de diferentes estados de México contestó unabatería que contenía cuatro cuestionarios: La Escala de Actitudes hacia la Democracia de Morales, Las Escalas de BienestarSocial de Keyes, La Escala de Anomia de Srole, La adaptación al espa ol de la Escala de Impotencia Política y un ítem devalor único sobre Interés por la Política tomado de la Encuesta Social Europea 2006. Las correlaciones de bienestar social einterés por la política son positivas para la aceptación de la democracia. Los resultados muestran que a mayor percepciónde anomia e impotencia política mayor rechazo de la democracia.ABSTRACTThis empirical and transversal paper tests the hypothesis that perceived social well-being, anomie, political interest, andpolitical powerlessness condition attitudes towards democracy. We adopted the Keyes' five-dimension model to measuresocial well-being and the Srole's (1956) psychosocial perspective for anomie. A sample of 568 legally adult subjects ofdifferent states of Mexico filled out a battery containing four questionnaires: Morales' Attitudes Towards Democracy Scale,Keyes' Social Well-being Scales, Srole Anomie Scale, an adaptation into Spanish language of The Powerlessness Scale, andone item of unique value for Political Interest taken from the 2006 European Social Survey. Correlations between social wellbeing,political interest and acceptance of democracy were positives. Results show that higher perception of anomie andpolitical powerlessness indicates more rejection of democracy.
Obtención de óxido de esta o en el sistema SnCl2-H2O: Mecanismo de formación de las partículas Obtaining of tin oxide in the system SnCl2-H2O: Mechanism of formation of particles
Carol J Aguilar,Yasser H Ochoa,Jorge E Rodríguez-Páez
Revista Latinoamericana de Metalurgia y Materiales , 2013,
Abstract: Dada la importancia tecnológica de los óxidos de esta o, SnOx, es de gran interés optimizar las condiciones de síntesis para obtener partículas con características predeterminadas, tanto en tama o como en forma. Durante el desarrollo de este trabajo se estudió el efecto de las condiciones de síntesis de polvos cerámicos, utilizando el método de precipitación controlada. La caracterización estructural y física de los polvos cerámicos sintetizados se efectuó mediante Difracción de Rayos X (DRX) y espectroscopia infrarroja con transformada de Fourier (FTIR). Adicionalmente, para obtener información que permita conocer más sobre los mecanismos de formación de las partículas de óxido, se realizó la deconvolución de los espectros IR correspondientes a muestras solidas recolectadas durante diferentes etapas del proceso de síntesis. Given the technological relevance of the tin oxides, SnOx, is of great interest to optimize the synthesis conditions to obtain particles predetermined characteristics, both in size and shape. During the course of this work we studied the effect of the synthesis conditions of ceramic powders, using the controlled precipitation method. The structural and physical characterization of synthesized ceramic powders was carried out by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Additionally, to obtain information to learn more about the mechanisms involved in the oxide particles formation, we performed the deconvolution of IR spectra for solid samples collected during different stages of synthesis process.
Metodología para la determinación de la evapotranspiración integrada y la capacidad de canales en una zona de riego
í?iguez-Covarrubias,Mauro; Ojeda-Bustamante,Waldo; Rojano-Aguilar,Abraham;
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo , 2011,
Abstract: capacity of irrigation networks needs to satisfy peak crop water demands. the methods to size canal capacity require the estimation of an agronomic variable: crop evapotranspiration. there is not an integrated procedure to estimate crop evapotranspiration for large irrigation zones with a diversified crop pattern, different planting dates, and several crop seasons. not having this procedure generates uncertainty in methods for canal capacity estimations. this paper presents a methodological proposal to estimate the et variable for large irrigation zones. the procedure starts with calculating the et for each planting date per crop and season. next, it integrates a general et curve for the water year that finds the evapotranspiration for the irrigation zone (etzr). the methodology was applied to size the main canal that supplies the "santa rosa" water irrigation association in the 075 irrigation district located in the state of sinaloa, mexico. a value of 4.1 mm d-1 was estimated for etzr. the results indicate the proposed method’s accuracy to estimate the et variable to size irrigation canals.
A Review of Geothermal Type-Curves with Damage Effect: A Case of Practical Apply to a Mexican Geothermal Field  [PDF]
Siomara López-Blanco, Alfonso Aragón-Aguilar, Víctor Arellano-Gómez, Georgina Izquierdo-Montalvo, Sócrates Santoyo-Gutiérrez, Abel Hernández-Ochoa
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2012.33059
Abstract: A review of the art state was developed about the inflow relationships and their application for reservoir characterization. The theoretical development of the methodology for determining the damage effect using type-curves of the inflow relationships was shown. We show the process followed for achieve the geothermal type-curve affected with damage for reservoirs with mean salinities of 30000 ppm and temperatures up to 350℃. This type-curve was applied using measurement production data in a Mexican geothermal field. According with the obtained results is shown that the methodology for determining the damage effect using production measurements is a sure alternative for the damage effect calculation. It was used an alternative methodology in order to validate the damage presence and the obtained results were consistent. Last thing shows that both methodologies can be combined as a confident manner.
Influenza prevention can help meet wider public health objectives  [PDF]
Abraham Palache
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.430147
Abstract: Influenza burden: Influenza imposes a major burden on people and public health systems, causing millions of severe cases and up to one million deaths annually. Much of this burden is borne by those aged 65 or over, children under 2 years of age and people with non-communicable chronic diseases, such as heart and lung conditions and diabetes. In the elderly, influenza can have longer-term effects beyond acute infection, with some facing increased disability and care requirements. Prevention: Taking into account the growing elderly population worldwide and their susceptibility to non-communicable conditions as well as rising healthcare costs, public health policies are increasingly focusing on disease prevention strategies and promotion of healthy ageing initiatives. Influenza vaccination has an important role to play in these approaches. Immunization of high-risk groups is recommended by public health organizations, both internationally and locally within many countries. However, although vaccines are considered the most effective method for preventing influenza, many high-risk people remain unvaccinated. Improving vaccination rates: In recent years, research has focused on increasing vaccine coverage. The results demonstrate the key role healthcare professionals play in encouraging immunization, alongside factors such as communication, education and financial support for vaccination. Paradoxically, although vaccination recommendations often include healthcare professionals and studies demonstrate the potential protection offered to workers and patients, many remain unvaccinated. As a result, a growing number of organizations, particularly in North America, are implementing policies requiring vaccination of healthcare pro fessionals as a patient safety measure. In summary: Influenza vaccination has a key role to play in helping to protect the health of the growing elderly population, reduce the burden associated with non-communicable diseases and decrease the annual toll on public health. Improving vaccination levels relies on the support of healthcare professionals, and increasingly healthcare professional immunization is considered an integral part of patient care.
Health as Balance: A Conceptual Study  [PDF]
Abraham Rudnick
Health (Health) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/health.2017.97072
The notion of health as balance has influenced health care for long. It is not known in what ways, if any, this notion has influenced health research, and whether such influence is helpful. I conduct here a conceptual (rather than an empirical) study to address the unsolved problem whether the notion of health as balance (rather than balance restoring health), specified in various established ways, such as balance between internal and external forces, may be helpful when used in health research. I find that the notion of health as balance has challenges, such as when it focuses on homeostasis, as norms of health are not specified by such a notion. Yet the notion of self-organization has promise as a helpful specification of the notion of health as balance. Health research may benefit from the innovation of use of the notion of health as self-organization, such as by prioritizing host and person (rather than agent) in physical and mental health research and using complexity theory and related methods in relation to self-organization.
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