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RETRACTED: Elementary Operations on L-R Fuzzy Number  [PDF]
Abdul Alim, Fatema Tuj Johora, Shohel Babu, Abeda Sultana
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2015.53016

Short Retraction Notice

The paper does not meet the standards of \"Advances in Pure Mathematics\".

This article has been retracted to straighten the academic record. In making this decision the Editorial Board follows COPE's Retraction Guidelines. The aim is to promote the circulation of scientific research by offering an ideal research publication platform with due consideration of internationally accepted standards on publication ethics. The Editorial Board would like to extend its sincere apologies for any inconvenience this retraction may have caused.

Editor guiding this retraction: Prof. Dexing Kong (EiC of APM)

The full retraction notice in PDF is preceding the original paper, which is marked \"RETRACTED\".

Comparison of Classical Method, Extension Principle and α-Cuts and Interval Arithmetic Method in Solving System of Fuzzy Linear Equations  [PDF]
Sahidul Islam, Md. Saiduzzaman, Md. Shafiqul Islam, Abeda Sultana
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2019.91001
Abstract: The system of linear equations plays a vital role in real life problems such as optimization, economics, and engineering. The parameters of the system of linear equations are modeled by taking the experimental or observation data. So the parameters of the system actually contain uncertainty rather than the crisp one. The uncertainties may be considered in term of interval or fuzzy numbers. In this paper, a detailed study of three solution techniques namely Classical Method, Extension Principle method and α-cuts and interval Arithmetic Method to solve the system of fuzzy linear equations has been done. Appropriate applications are given to illustrate each technique. Then we discuss the comparison of the different methods numerically and graphically.
Implementation of Fuzzy Rule Based Technical Indicator in Share Market
M. Shahjalal,Abeda Sultana,Nirmal Kanti Mitra,A.F.M. Khodadad Khan
The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance , 2012,
Abstract: Technical indicators are used in the stock and the currency markets for buying and selling decisions. The aim of this study was to develop a fuzzy rule based technical indicator for stock markets. Generalized volumes and generalized prices are used as linguistic variables. The Z-shaped, S-shaped and Triangular fuzzy numbers are used in this study. Success rates have been tested by real time trading and backward testing method. This fuzzy rule based indicator indicates a buy, hold or sell signal. The signals are agreed well with the classical technical indicators.
Role of Maxillofacial Radiologist in Ballistic Wound: Case Report with Literature Review  [PDF]
Nishat Sultana, Ehtaih Sham
International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (IJOHNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijohns.2012.12007
Abstract: Gunshot injuries are rather serious but uncommon type of trauma in India. Radiologists can contribute substantially in evaluation and treatment of patients with a gunshot wounds. Plain films, CT, Angiography, and sometimes MR imaging are used to localize shots. This paper describes a case report of shotgun injury to the face and neck and also attempts to illustrate the spectrum of available imaging with relevant findings pertaining to bullets and shotgun pellets in gunshot injuries. Radiologists should be aware of the associated complications and forensic implications when they take on the task of interpreting these images.
Hamiltonian Formulation for Water Wave Equation  [PDF]
Shamima Sultana, Zillur Rahman
Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics (OJFD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojfd.2013.32010
Abstract: This paper concerns the development and application of the Hamiltonian function which is the sum of kinetic energy and potential energy of the system. Two dimensional water wave equations for irrotational, incompressible, inviscid fluid have been constructed in cartesian coordinates and also in cylindrical coordinates. Then Lagrangian function within a certain flow region is expanded under the assumption that the dispersion μ and the nonlinearity ε satisfied\"\" . Using Hamilton’s principle for water wave evolution Hamiltonian formulation is derived. It is obvious that the motion of the system is conservative. Then Hamilton’s canonical equation of motion is also derived.
Mathematical Analysis of Nipah Virus Infections Using Optimal Control Theory  [PDF]
Jakia Sultana, Chandra N. Podder
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.46114
Abstract: The optimal use of intervention strategies to mitigate the spread of Nipah Virus (NiV) using optimal control technique is studied in this paper. First of all we formulate a dynamic model of NiV infections with variable size population and two control strategies where creating awareness and treatment are considered as controls. We intend to find the optimal combination of these two control strategies that will minimize the cost of the two control measures and as a result the number of infectious individuals will decrease. We establish the existence for the optimal controls and Pontryagin’s maximum principle is used to characterize the optimal controls. The numerical simulation suggests that optimal control technique is much more effective to minimize the infected individuals and the corresponding cost of the two controls. It is also monitored that in the case of high contact rate, controls have to work for longer period of time to get the desired result. Numerical simulation reveals that the spread of Nipah virus can be controlled effectively if we apply control strategy at early stage.
Parents of Gay Sons Redefining Masculinity  [PDF]
Joanne Cassar, Marthese Grima Sultana
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.58014
Abstract: Becoming a man often signifies adherence to social dictates that expect men to be physically strong, self-reliant, resilient, tough and emotionally detached even if this is achieved at the expense of close and meaningful relationships. Dissatisfaction with this type of traditional masculinity has mounted pressure to reevaluate what defines masculinity in efforts to address gender equality and assert the diverse needs of men and women. Perceptions around the masculinity of gay persons and the discourses that associate homosexuality with a “weak” manhood are also being questioned. We present a study that examines perceptions that Maltese parents of gay sons hold on masculinity and how these might affect their relationship with each other. The inquiry focuses on whether coming out has affected the perceptions of parents of gay sons on masculinity, as described by them. We deem this research question important because parents’ perceptions on masculinity might affect their relationship with their children. The findings that conveyed through qualitative interviews indicate that the embodiment of masculinity norms was accounted for in various family dynamics and relations and shaped how the parents reacted to their son’s coming out and eventual acceptance of his sexuality. Although some aspects of traditional masculinity were held in place even after coming out, the parents were able to shift their perceptions to include a more comprehensive idea about what “being a man” means. This implies that conceptualizations on lived masculinities are moving away from social constructs that define it as unitary, stable and uncontested.
Abida Sultana
The Professional Medical Journal , 2001,
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of people about malaria in a semiurban area near Rawalpindi and Islamabad. DESIGN: Descriptive Cross Sectional Study.SETTING: A cross sectional survey was conducted in a semi urban area of model village Humaknear Rawalpindi and Islamabad. METHOD: Universal questionnaire was used to assess theknowledge, attitude and practices about malaria. The head of family (Male or Female) was interviewed bystructured Questionnaire. RESULTS: In 85% of respondents opinion malaria is a dangerous disease and97% were in favor of protective measures against malaria. Regarding the protective measures 56% were infavor of mosquito net. By the use of mosquito net or repellent 98% of respondents attitude was preventionagainst the mosquito bite. 93% respondents answered that they would like to know about details of malariaproblem. Regarding the practices 72% of respondents, family members suffered from malaria during thepast. 70% of respondents, recognized the malaria on their own by recognizing signs and symptoms ofmalaria, and doctor diagnosed 5%. 70% were planning protection from mosquito bite and 5% were doingself-medication. During malaria season 32% were taking Chemoprophylaxis. 66% were planning tosafeguard their family from mosquito bite and 40% were using mosquito nets. 30% of respondents wereusing mosquito repellents when they were going out of home. Those who were using chemical mat 68%were using regularly and 32% were occasional user. CONCLUSION: The study explores that there is needfor more accurate knowledge transmission from media and health workers and effective health educationprograms and energetic malaria control and eradication steps.
Allelopathic studies on milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
Shamima Sultana
International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology : IJARIT , 2012,
Abstract: Declining crop yield due to weeds and their resistance to herbicides are major constraint for successful crop productions. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is common weed species in Australian cropping rotation. Allelopathic potentiality of milk thistle on different crops has been documented sporadically, but there is no literature on about ryegrass and canola. Therefore, a laboratory based allelopathic extracts bioassay was conducted. The hot water extracts was prepared from milk thistle plant parts added into water with ration of 1: 10 (plant sample: distilled water) where mixture was heated 10 minutes. After heat treatment samples was immediately sieved and centrifuged and the resulted solution was treated as 100% concentration. Separately, to get the fresh water extract plant sample was added into water (1:10) and kept 24 hours in room temperature. After 24 hours, the sample was sieved and centrifuged and collected samples result was treated 100% concentrations. To obtain 50% concentration, both hot and fresh samples were diluted with distilled water. Therefore the experiment was conducted with five different treatment concentrations (0, 50% hot water extracts, 50% fresh water extracts, 100% hot water extracts and 100% fresh water extracts). The experiment was comprised with RCBD design with three replications under control conditions. During experimental period the allelopathic effects of donor species on germination and seedling growth of ryegrass and canola was observed. Results shows, germination and seedling growth of both receiver species are inhibited by milk thistle extracts. Extracts from fresh water at 100% was more toxic to receiver species followed by 50% concentration of fresh and 100% from hot water extracts. This concentration reduced the root, shoot growth of ryegrass and canola 84.971%, 84.269% and 89.898%, 87.394%, respectively. The result also revealed that allelopathic pattern of hot water extracts was same however; it is less toxic to both receiver species.
Saki Sultana
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research , 2011,
Abstract: The leaf of the plant Lawsonia inermis was examined for analgesic and anti-diarrhoeal properties. From the study of analgesic activity it was found that ethanol extract at a dose of 500 mg/kg exhibited no significant (p<0.3) inhibition of writhing reflex (28.45 % inhibition) while the inhibition of standard drug diclofenac sodium showed 82.7 % inhibition at a dose of 25 mg/kg body weight. The findings suggested that the leaf extract of Lawsonia inermis possessed anti-diarrhoeal activity at the dose of 500 mg/kg body weight compared to the control group and offered about 1.398 of the mean latent period for diarrhoeal episode to ensue and the result was significant (P<0.002).
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