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Palliation for transposition of great arteries
VO Adegboye, SI Omokhodion, O Ogunkunle, AI Brimmo, OA Adepo
Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research , 2003,
Abstract: Background: At the University College Hospital Ibadan we have no facility for total surgical correction of transportation of the great arteries (TGA). This prospective study reviews the palliative procedures we have used in the management of TGA. Method: Patients with the diagnosis of TGA were evaluated for morphological type. The choice of palliative procedure was made in some of the patients with morphological type in mind. No fixed criteria were used for allocating patients to Blalock-Hanlon (B-H), atrial septectomy while pulmonary banding (PB) and Blalock-Taussig (B-T) shunt have definite indications. Results: Fourteen consecutive patients with TGA were palliated. The ages of these patients ranged between 3 to 11 months (6.8 ± 2.4 months), there were 8 males to 6 females (1.3:1). Six patients had B-H atrial septectomy and 2(33.3%) died within 48 hours, 4 patients had B-T shunt and there were no mortality, 4 patients had PB and 2 (50.0%) died within 72 hours. The overall operative mortality was 28.6%. All the 10 survivors had improvement of their clinical features and fall in packed cell volume during the period of follow-up, which lasted 5 to 13 months (mean 9.3 ± 1.2 months). All patients had delayed wound healing. Conclusion: Appropriate and timely palliative surgery has a place in patients with TGA as an interim care. Key Words: Palliative surgery, transposition, great arteries Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research Vol.5(1&2) 2003: 129-133
The place of clinical features and standard chest radiography in evaluation of mediastinal masses
VO Adegboye, AI Brimmo, OA Adebo, OO Ogunseyinde, MO Obajimi
West African Journal of Medicine , 2003,
Abstract: One hundred and five primary mediastinal masses were seen between 1975 and 1998, at the Cardiothoracic surgical Unit of the University College Hospital Ibadan. These were studied to establish the importance of clinical features and plain chest radiography in preoperative evaluation of these masses. The sources of information were unit's record, cancer registry and the patients case note. The age range of the 75 male patients was 3 to 80 years (mean 35.2 ± 22.1 year) and for the 30 female patients was 2.5 to 70 years (mean 30.9 ± 18.6 years). Anterosuperior mediastinal masses were the most common (63.8%) followed by posterior mediastinal masses (22.9%). Middle mediastinal masses made up the remaining (13.3%). The most common primary mediastinal tumour was lymphoma (21.9%) next to which were thymus gland neoplasia and thymus cysts/hyperplasia (18.1%). Endocrine tumours (mainly goiters) constituted 17.1% of the masses. On the whole, 45 (42.9%) of the mediastinal tumours were malignant and 60 (57.1%) were benign. Eighty one patients (77.1%) were symptomatic at presentation, 24 patients (22.9%) were asymptomatic. Malignancy was more associated with symptoms in this series (82.2%) and benigh lesion were more frequently (70.8%) asymptomatic. Cervical lymphadenopathy (78.6%), was more frequent in patients with malignant lesion. Tracheal deviation (60.3%) and neurological signs (78.9%) were more frequent in benign disease. Superior vena cava syndrome was more frequently associated with primary malignant mediastinal tumours. All masses (100%) were visualized on plain chest x-ray. On the basis of clinical features and chest x-ray, majority of patients (76.2%) with primary mediastinal masses had exploratory thoracotomy, sternotomy or biopsy of their mediastinal mass.
Experience with the Management of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia at the University College Hospital, Ibadan
VO Adegboye, SI Omokhodion, O Ogunkunle, MO Obajimi, AI Brimmo, OA Adebo
Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics , 2002,
Abstract: A retrospective review of 44 cases of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) treated at the Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit, University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, between August 1976 and May 1999, was carried out. Thirty (68.2 per cent) of the 44 were males and 14 (13.8 per cent) were females. The patients were analysed in three groups: 31 patients who underwent surgery were analysed as two groups: inborn (born within UCH), 10 patients, and outborn (born elsewhere), 21 patients; the third group consisted of 13 patients who were not operated upon. All the inborn patients and 18 (85.7 per cent) of the outborn had left-sided defects; the remaining three of the outborn had right-sided defects. Eleven (84.6 per cent) of those who didn't undergo surgery, had left-sided defects while the remaining 15.4 per cent had bilateral defects. The three groups had comparable gestational ages (inborn vs outborn, p> 0.05; inborn vs unoperated, p> 0.05; outborn vs unoperated, p>0.05) and birth weights ( inborn vs outborn, p>0.05; inborn vs unoperated, p>0.05; outborn vs unoperated, p> 0.05). Those who did not undergo surgery had lower Apgar scores and higher incidence of associated congenital malformations than the patients who underwent surgical repairs. The differences in the mean of 5 minute Apgar scores among the three groups were not statistically significant (p> 0.05). Age at surgery was higher in the outborn (mean 55.5 ± 42.2 hours) than the inborn (mean 9.2 ± 3.9 hours) patients. The difference between the mean age at surgery was statistically significant (p< 0.05). Majority of those requiring operation (24 patients, 77.4 per cent) had repair by thoracotomy, while the remaining seven (22.6 per cent) had repair by the abdominal approach. Most of the patients had primary repair while two required diaphragmatic patches with dacron. Sixty per cent of the inborn patients required post-operative ventilation compared with only 23.8 per cent of the outborn. Survival was 71.4 per cent for the outborn and 40 per cent for the inborn. It is concluded that CDH is a disease with a range of severity. The higher survival rate among the more mature outborns suggest a natural selection of those with minimum respiratory impairment.
Coarctation of the Aorta: Experience at the University College Hospital, Ibadan
VO Adegboye, O Ogunkunle, SI Omokhodion, AI Brimmo, OA Adebo, OO Ogunseyinde, MO Obajimi
Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics , 2002,
Abstract: Between May 1977 and June 1998, 697 patients with congenital heart diseases were admitted to the cardiothoracic surgical unit (CTSU) at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. Eighteen (2.6 per cent) of the patients with 19 coarctations of the aorta (CoA) were retrospectively studied. The age range of all the patients with CoA was 18 days to 30 years (mean 7.2±8.2 years), but for the 15 patients who underwent surgery, it was one month to 30 years (mean 8.6±8.3 years). Three patients died preoperatively of congenital cardiac anomalies associated with infantile CoA. There were 16 thoracic and two abdominal CoA, while one patient had recurrent CoA. Resection and end-to-end anastomosis was performed in four patients, dacron tube interposition graft in three, and dacron patch graft in four patients. Other procedures were employed in five patients. Operative mortality was 25 per cent. Operative deaths occurred in two infants with isolated CoA, a neonate who had associated pulmonary hypertension and a 17-year old who had surgery for re-coarctation. Complications of surgery included post-operative haemorrhage in two patients, intra-operative hemorrhage in one and hoarseness of the voice in four patients. Paradoxical hypertension occurred in three patients, graft occlusion and wound dehiscence occurred together in one patient and two patients had chylothorax. It is concluded that CoA is a surgically correctable congenital anomaly which is probably less frequently diagnosed locally. Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics 2002;29:27-33.
Pseudoaneurysm as a complication of ankle arthroscopy
Brimmo Olubusola,Parekh Selene
Indian Journal of Orthopaedics , 2010,
Abstract: We present a case of a pseudoaneurysm of the anterior tibial artery following ankle arthroscopy with synovectomy, an extremely rare complication when standard anteromedial and anterolateral portals are used. The patient was diagnosed and treated with appropriate interventions which led to an uneventful recovery. Nevertheless, the potential sequelae of delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of the complication are dangerous; therefore, a high index of suspicion for a pseudoaneurysm must be maintained in the postoperative period.
Study on Undergraduates Employment Ideological Education Practice  [PDF]
Lirong Ai
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.63029
Abstract: The critical solution to the employment of graduates with difficulties in finding a job, which is initially contributed to the stresses and strains of the career guidance in higher vocational colleges, is to solve the problem of ideological and political education the graduates should have. This paper analyzed the data from a survey, taken in a vocational college in Hubei Province in China, on what kinds of problems and why the graduates with difficulties in finding a job might suffer from in their minds. And then the reasonable comments and proper suggestions were presented to solve the problem in higher vocational colleges in China under the guidance of related theories of Chinese and Western ideological and political education.
Look at Neutrino Oscillations in Space-Like Continuum  [PDF]
Xiaobai Ai
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2018.97087
Abstract: Based on the special theory of relativity in space-like continuum, the pre-sent author points that if there exist tachyons in nature, they should be neutral point-like particles with lepton appearance, which are very much like our early understanding about neutrinos before. The author also points that an alternative explanation for neutrino oscillations may be the conversion between mass-less neutrinos with different flavors expressed in different “lowest limited momentum” during their flight journey, which originates from that the argument in the squared sine function of the probability of neutrino oscillation may be less than zero, which is mathematical foresight and may not be ignored.
Available Face-Changing Effect  [PDF]
Xiaobai Ai
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2018.912138
Abstract: Based on mathematical foresight and beyond the mainstream inertial thinking pattern, the author believes that if neutrinos were really tachyons, the mystery of neutrinos might be solved. Fortunately, the space-like theory of special relativity reveals that there would exist an observable effect i.e. a “face-changing effect”, not oscillation, which was just related to the superluminal motion. As long as the motion velocity of an electron anti-neutrino was greater than c2/v, where v was the instantaneous thermal motion velocity of its mother neutron at the time of β-decay, a corresponding electron neutrino formed from the face-changing would be observed on the journey. Therefore, a special and easy way to judge the physical nature of neutrinos may be suggested the reactor neutrino experimental groups all over the world, in addition to the current studies involving the disappearance mode of \"\", to add a new experimental search after ve in the \"\" current, to see whether a few ve neutrinos would exceed the background counting. “Yes” result would reveal the neutrinos being tachyons, and “no” would be not.
Two Physical Constraints upon the Motions of Celestial Bodies  [PDF]
Xiaobai Ai
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2019.103023
Abstract: There exist two physical constraints upon the motions of celestial systems. Constraint 1 reveals during collapse or explosion motion of celestial bodies that there would be an unattainability upper limit for their compact intensity (total mass M/scale size R), which arises from the Lorentz invariance of the time-like metric in local four-dimensional continuum in Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Constraint 2 points that the average mass density of nucleon would be an unsurpassed upper limit for bulk normal matter in nature, which arises from Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. A very important effect is that the combination of these two physical constraints would prevent the formation of black holes.
The Empirical Research of Relationship between Consumption and Income for Chinese Urban Residents  [PDF]
Fangfang Hou, Kefeng Ai
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2015.56026
Abstract: This paper studied the clustering analysis of panel data, the specification test of panel data model and its parameter estimation. By carrying out clustering analysis on panel data, we finally decided to study the relationship of Chinese urban residents’ eight income levels between consumption and income from 2007 to 2012. Based on analysis of covariance in panel data model, we built the variable coefficient panel data model and then estimated the model parameters. In this work, we can identify the relationship between consumption and income in recent years. According to the estimation results, we drew the conclusion that income disparities have important influence on urban residents’ consumption behavior.
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