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Warmer springs, laying date and clutch size of tree sparrows Passer montanus in Croatia
Current Zoology , 2011,
Abstract: Global surface air temperatures increased during the past 100 years. Many long-term studies of birds have reported a climatic influence on breeding performance. We analysed long-term changes in first laying date and clutch size for first clutches of sedentary, hole-nesting and socially monogamous tree sparrows Passer montanus during 1980–2009 in northwestern Croatia. Laying date advanced and spring temperature increased significantly during the study. Date of laying was significantly correlated with mean air spring temperature and advanced by 8.6 days during the 30 years period. Laying date was delayed in extremely cold, but not in extremely warm springs compared to years with normal temperatures. These results suggest that current climate change including extreme change does not have negative effects on timing of laying or clutch size. In contrast to laying date, clutch size did not vary systematically during the study period or with mean spring air temperature changes [Current Zoology 57 (3): 414–418, 2011].
Degradation Behavior of High Chromium Sodium-Modified A356.0-Type Al-Si-Mg Alloy in Simulated Seawater Environment  [PDF]
M. Abdulwahab, I.A. Madugu, S.A. Yaro, A.P.I. Popoola
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2011.106041
Abstract: The effect of multiple-step thermal ageing treatment (MSTAT) on the corrosion characteristics of A356.0-type Al-Si-Mg alloy in simulated seawater has been studied. The MSTAT treatment also consists of Double Thermal Ageing (DTAT- T7), Single Thermal Ageing (STAT- T6), Step- Quenching and Ageing (SQA). The corrosion of the thermal treated samples was characterized by electrochemical Potentiodynamics polarization techniques consisting of linear polarization and chronopotentiometric method using the fit Tafel plot. Generally, from the linear polarization, the corrosion rate decreases at all temperatures with the ageing time. The corrosion behavior of the DTAT and SQA Al-Si-Mg alloy in the simulated seawater showed better resistance than the STAT Al-Si-Mg alloy. Samples in the SQA-STAT have improved corrosion resistance than the SQA-DTAT one. The chronopotentiometric corrosion study of some selected samples indicates a decrease in the corrosion resistance with open circuit potential exposure time. Consequently, the form of corrosion in the studied Al-Si-Mg alloy are slightly uniform and predominantly pitting corrosion as obtained from the SEM study. The pits diameter were found to range from 30-50μm.
M. Abolfotooh,A.P. Ala
Acta Medica Iranica , 1969,
Assessing the economics of animal trypanosomosis in Africa - history and current perspectives : vector-borne diseases : trypanosomosis
A.P.M. Shaw
Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research , 2010, DOI: 10.4102/ojvr.v76i1.57
Abstract: Finding appropriate ways of dealing with the problem of tsetse and trypanosomosis will be an important component of efforts to alleviate poverty in Africa. This article reviews the history of economic analyses of the problem, starting with the use of cost to guide choice of technique for tsetse control in the 1950s, followed by work in the 1970s and 1980s linking these to the impact of the disease on livestock productivity, and in the 1990s to its wider impact. In the current situation, with limited resources and a range of techniques for controlling or eliminating tsetse, the cost implications of choosing one technique or another are important and a recent study reviewed these costs. A novel approach to assessing the potential benefits from removing trypanosomosis by creating 'money maps' showed that high losses from animal trypanosomosis currently occur in areas with high cattle population densities on the margins of the tsetse distribution and where animal traction is an important component of farming systems. Given the importance of the decisions to be made in the next decade, when prioritising and choosing techniques for dealing with tsetse and trypanosomosis, more work needs to be done underpinning such mapping exercises and estimating the true cost and likely impact of planned interventions.
M.S. van der Land, Tussen ideaal en illusie. De geschiedenis van D66, 1966-2003
A.P.M. Lucardie
BMGN : Low Countries Historical Review , 2004,
Propor??o volumétrica dos constituintes do corpo lúteo de Nelore
Neves, M.M.;Marques Jr., A.P.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352006000500034
Abstract: volumetric proportions and nuclear diameter of the small and large luteinic cells of the corpus luteum (cl) were evaluated in ovaries of 17 nelore cows and heifers, collected in slaughterhouse and classified into two groups: group i (gi, n=7), non-pregnant animals, and group ii (gii, n=10), pregnant animals. the cl was reduced to small cuts (less than 3mm), which were fixed in bouin solution and processed for morphometric analysis. the volumetric proportion analysis showed higher mean in the gi animals for the nuclei and cytoplasm of luteinic cells, while the mean of connective tissue and fibroblasts was higher in the gii animals, while the mean of the capillary endothelial cells and pericytes did not differ between the groups. the average nuclear diameter of the large and small luteinic cells did not differ between the groups.
The effects of ultrasound on BBB integration in ischemic brain injury model
Sayedi S.,Shabanzadeh A.P.,Mohaghegh M.,Ghafarpour M.
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Background: Ultrasound (US) has been used in neuroprotection after cerebral ischemia, however the mechanism of action remains unclearly. We have previously shown the protective effect of ultrasound on infarction volume and brain edema in ischemic brain injured at normothermic condition. Ultrasound may also amplify the effect of fibrinolytic medications in thrombolysis process .We have also shown that hyperthermia can exacerbate cerebral ischemic injury and that the efficacy of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is reduced in the presence of hyperthermia. In this study, the effects of US alone or in combination with tPA on brain ischemic injury were evaluated.Methods: Focal ischemic brain injury was induced by emblazing a pre-formed clot into the middle cerebral artery in rats. Principally, we examined whether US can reduce the perfusion deficits and, the damage of blood- brain barrier (BBB) in the ischemic injured brain. There are two series of experiments at this study .in the first series, animals were randomly assigned to four groups (n=7 per group) as follows: 1-control (saline), 2-US (1W/cm2, 10 duty cycle ), 3- US+high- tPA (1W/cm2, 10 duty cycle +20 mg/kg) and 4- high -tPA (20 mg/kg). We also examined the effects of US and tPA on BBB integrity after ischemic injury. The animals were assigned into four groups (n=7 per group), treatment is the same as above. BBB permeability was assessed by the Evans blue (EB) extravasations method at 8 h after MCA occlusion. BBB permeability was evaluated by fluorescent detection of extravagated Evans blue dye and Perfusion deficits were analyzed using an Evans blue staining procedure. The perfused microvessels in the brain were visualized using fluorescent microscopy. Areas of perfusion deficits in the brain were traced, calculated and expressed in mm2.Results: The results showed that US improved neurological deficits significantly (p<0.05). The administration of US significantly decreased perfusion deficits and BBB permeability. In the control set, for the US+high tPA, high tPA only and US only groups, the mean perfusion deficits (±SD) were 14.32±3.15, 7.03±4.08, 5.92±1.90 and 9.14±3.37 mm2, respectively, 8 h after MCA occlusion (P<0.05).Conclusions: These studies suggest that US is protective in a rat embolic model of stroke due to decreased perfusion deficits.
Efeito da nitrapirina associada ou n?o com uréla na rela??o N-NH+4/N-NO-3 do solo e na cultura trigo (Triticum aestivum L.)
Cruz, A.P.;Neptune, A.M.L.;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1982, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761982000200030
Abstract: a field experiment was carried out in a te (terra roxa estruturada) in order to evaluate the effects of urea associated or not with anitrification inhibitor on the soil n-nh4/n-no3 ratio and on the wheat crop. urea was applied at the rates corresponding to 0, 30, and 60 kg/ ha the nitrification inhibitor at the rates of 0; 0.75 and 1.50 kg/ha of nitrapyrin. contents of soil n-nh4 and soil n-no3 were determined 30 and 60 days after sowing. at harvest, grain yield was computed and grain nitrogen contents were determined for each treatment. it was observed that urea, without nitrification inhibitor, decreased the soil n-nh4/n-no3 ratio. association of urea with nitrapyrin reached this ratio until 30 days after the fertilizer application. wheat did not respond to the association of urea with nitrapyrin. there was no effect of treatments on grain nitrogen content.
Efeito da uréia associada com nitrapirina na rela??o N-NH+4/N-NO-3 do solo, e na cultura do milho
Cruz, A.P.;Neptune, A.M.L.;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1982, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761982000200029
Abstract: a field experiment was carried out on a red-yellow latossol (lva), medium texture, in order to evaluate the effects of rates of nitrapyrin (n-serve 24e) and urea on n-nh+4/n-no-3 ratio, on the contents of total nitrogen in the leaves and in the grain of corn and on yield. the rates of nitrapyrin were 1, 2 and 3 kg/ha and the rates of nitrogen were 40 and 80 kg/ha. the following conclusions were drawn: the association of urea with 3 kg/ha of nitrapyrin increased the n-nh+4/n-no-3 ratio of the soil and corn yield, but there was no variation in the total nitrogen contents in the leaf and in the grain.
Floristic relationships among inland swamp forests of Southeastern and Central-Western Brazil
Teixeira, A.P.;Assis, M.A.;
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042011000100009
Abstract: we evaluated the floristic relationships among 20 swamp forests of southeastern and central-western brazil using multivariate analyses. detrended correspondence analysis (dca) and twinspan (two way indicator species analysis) indicated two distinct floristic groups among forests, according to the phytogeographic province (paranaense or cerrado) and their climate conditions, phytophysiognomies, and species composition. within the same province, edaphic conditions and geographical distance, among other factors, may be responsible for similarities or dissimilarities among the forests floras. our results indicated that, despite the low a diversity, γ diversity is high among the forests, as a result of the low floristic similarities among the remnants and the high number of unique species (55% of all species). although floristically distinct, we concluded that the inland swamp forests of southeastern brazil and the gallery swamp forests of central brazil are part of the same forest formation. these forests have in common, in addition to the swampy environment, low plant species diversity and species that have high local densities, such as calophyllum brasiliense cambess., cecropia pachystachya trécul, dendropanax cuneatus decne. & planch., guarea macrophylla vahl, magnolia ovata (a. st.-hil.) spreng., protium spruceanum (benth.) engl. and tapirira guianensis aubl.
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