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Multicriteria approach as a decision-support tool in the forest sector
Cóndor RD,Scarelli A,Valentini R
Forest@ , 2009, DOI: 10.3832/efor0579-006
Abstract: In this paper we present the multicriteria approach as a tool for supporting decision in the forest sector. The multifunctionality of forest ecosystem (forest ecosystem services) have been recognised as a crucial characteristic; therefore, interventions associated to different programs, plans, projects are assessed with increasing attention. The above need call for an appropriate scientific framework able to face the different interests around forests, and the multifunctional and multidimensional (social, economic and environmental) characteristics of a decision problem. Among the different decision support tools used in forest and environmental sectors, this article describes the conceptual and applicative developments of the multicriteria analysis in the forest sector. Through the multicriteria approach a compromise solution may be achieved, where an appropriate aggregation method allows considering different points of view, which are transformed into multiple evaluation criteria. The theoretical and practical framework proposed in this work may constitute a valuable support for decision makers in the forest sector.
Is artificial selection in Italian Holstein Friesian cattle favouring heterozygotes?
I. Cappuccio,L. Pariset,A. Valentini
Italian Journal of Animal Science , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2003.s1.115
Abstract: In recent years, the genetic analysis of cattle breeds has shown that most of the genetic variability is located within breeds instead that between breeds (Mac Hugh et al., 1998). Moreover, the amount of genetic diversity assessed within breeds is quite high (Edwards et al., 2000). A selection pressure in favour of the heterozygotes can be a possible explanation for this. In this case the management of cattle breeds would represent a tool to preserve genetic variability, instead of the cause of its decline. The Italian Friesian is the main Italian dairy cattle breed. The herd book has been created in 1959 and is managed by the ANAFI (National Association of Italian Friesian Breeders). Each year ANAFI updates the herd book and uses productive data for computing genetic evaluations by an animal model analysis. These genetic evaluations are available to the farmers who use them to choose semen for artificial insemination.........
Vascular complications of orthopaedic surgery: an update on diagnosis and management
F. Benedetti-Valentini,C. Villani,A. Laurito,M. Benedetti-Valentini
Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s10195-006-0151-8
Abstract: Vascular complications in orthopaedic surgery are not frequent, but they can be severe and occasionally life-threatening. Present technologies make it easier to detect and successfully manage them, provided a high level of clinical suspicion is kept. Spontaneous complication is deep venous thrombosis (DVT), which occurs in 2.5% of patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty and can be treated by prophylactic doses of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH). D-Dimer blood test and duplex scanning are the pillars of diagnosis. LMWH (6000 U twice daily) is standard therapy but in selected cases thrombolysis or surgical venous thrombectomy can be used. Iatrogenic complications come from surgical manoeuvres and instruments; risk factors are preexisting atheromatous lesions and reinterventions, both orthopaedic and vascular. These lesions can cause bleeding, ischaemia, embolism, pseudoaneurysms or arteriovenous fistula, and are classified accordingly. Diagnosis is done by duplex scanning, computed tomography or angiography (particularly intraoperative angiography) and should be timely in order to allow the earliest possible management. This is crucial for a successful result, which may avoid damage to the patient and medicolegal problems. District-specific complications and treatment are reviewed.
European cattle breed cluster accordingly to their meat quality parameters
A. Valentini,A. Nardone,A. Crisà,C. Marchitelli
Italian Journal of Animal Science , 2010, DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2007.1s.490
Size-segregated fluxes of mineral dust from a desert area of northern China by eddy covariance
G. Fratini, P. Ciccioli, A. Febo, A. Forgione,R. Valentini
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) & Discussions (ACPD) , 2007,
Abstract: Mineral dust emission accounts for a substantial portion of particles present in the troposphere. It is emitted mostly from desert areas, mainly through intense storm episodes. The aim of this work was to quantify size-segregated fluxes of mineral dust particles emitted during storm events occurring in desert areas of northern China (Alashan desert, Inner Mongolia), known to act as one of the strongest sources of mineral dust particles in the Asian continent. Long-range transport of mineral dust emitted in this area is responsible for the high particle concentrations reached in densely populated areas, including the city of Beijing. Based on a theoretical analysis, an eddy covariance system was built to get size-segregated fluxes of mineral dust particles with optical diameters ranging between 0.26 and 7.00 μm. The system was optimised to measure fluxes under intense storm event conditions. It was tested in two sites located in the Chinese portion of the Gobi desert. During the field campaign, an intense wind erosion event, classified as a "weak dust storm", was recorded in one of them. Data obtained during this event indicate that particle number fluxes were dominated by the finer fraction, whereas in terms of mass, coarser particle accounted for the largest portion. It was found that during the storm event, ratios of size-segregated particle mass fluxes remained substantially constant and a simple parameterization of particle emission from total mass fluxes was possible. A strong correlation was also found between particle mass fluxes and the friction velocity. This relationship is extremely useful to investigate mechanisms of particle formation by wind erosion.
Plasma dynamo
F. Rincon,F. Califano,A. A. Schekochihin,F. Valentini
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Magnetic fields pervade the entire Universe and, through their dynamical interactions with matter, affect the formation and evolution of astrophysical systems from cosmological to planetary scales. How primordial cosmological seed fields arose and were further amplified to $\mu$Gauss levels reported in nearby galaxy clusters, near equipartition with kinetic energy of plasma motions and on scales of at least tens of kiloparsecs, is a major theoretical puzzle still largely unconstrained by observations. Extragalactic plasmas are weakly collisional (as opposed to collisional magnetohydrodynamic fluids), and whether magnetic-field growth and its sustainment through an efficient dynamo instability driven by chaotic motions is possible in such plasmas is not known. Fully kinetic numerical simulations of the Vlasov equation in a six-dimensional phase space necessary to answer this question have until recently remained beyond computational capabilities. Here, we show by means of such simulations that magnetic-field amplification via a turbulent dynamo instability does occur in a stochastically-driven, non-relativistic subsonic flow of initially unmagnetized collisionless plasma. We also find that this collisionless dynamo self-accelerates and becomes entangled with kinetic instabilities as the plasma magnetization increases. These results suggest that a turbulent "plasma dynamo" can magnetize the intracluster medium up to near-equipartition levels on a timescale much shorter than the Hubble time, and emphasize the crucial role of multiscale kinetic physics in high-energy astrophysical plasmas.
Urodynamics in women from menopause to oldest age: what motive? what diagnosis?
Valentini, Fran?oise A.;Robain, Gilberte;Marti, Brigitte G.;
International braz j urol , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-55382011000100013
Abstract: purpose: to analyze age-associated changes as a motive for urodynamics and urodynamic diagnosis in community-dwelling menopausal women and to discuss the role of menopause and ageing. materials and methods: four hundred and forty nine consecutive menopausal women referred for urodynamic evaluation of lower urinary tract (lut) symptoms, met the inclusion criteria and were stratified into 3 age groups: 55-64 years (a), 65-74 years (b), and 75-93 years (c). comprehensive assessment included previous medical history and clinical examination. studied items were motive for urodynamics, results of uroflows (free flow and intubated flow) and cystometry, urethral pressure profilometry, and final urodynamic diagnosis. results: the main motive was incontinence (66.3%) with significant increase of mixed incontinence in group c (p = 0.028). detrusor function significantly deteriorated in the oldest group, mainly in absence of neurological disease (overactivity p = 0.019; impaired contractility p = 0.028). in the entire population, underactivity predominated in group c (p = 0.0024). a progressive decrease of maximum urethral closure pressure occurred with ageing. in subjects with no detrusor overactivity there was a decrease with age of detrusor pressure at opening and at maximum flow, and of maximum flow while post void residual increased only in the c group. conclusion: in our population of community-dwelling menopausal women, incontinence was the main motive for urodynamics increasing with ageing. a brisk change in lut function of women older than 75 years underlined deterioration in bladder function with a high incidence of detrusor hyperactivity with or without impaired contractility while change in urethral function was progressive. effect of ageing appears to be predominant compared to menopause.
Is a sequence of tests during urethral pressure profilometry correlated with symptoms assessment in women?
Valentini, Fran?oise A.;Robain, Gilberte;Marti, Brigitte G.;
International braz j urol , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/1677-553820133806809
Could the surgeon trust to radiotherapy help in rectal cancer?
Valentini V.,Gambacorta M.A.,Barba M.C.
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/aci0803055v
Abstract: When the surgeon analyzes the ongoing literature on the evidence of the neoadjuvant approaches to rectal cancer finds a true paradox: from one side they seem to offer a relative less relevant contribute through the time, in fact whereas in the Swedish trial preoperative radiation yielded a significant improvement of local control and survival, after the introduction of TME the contribution of preoperative chemoradiation is relegate to local control with no or poor influence on survival, even if the absolute 5-year survival rate moved from 40% of the ’70 to 60-65% of the latest years1-3. From other side the growing evidence of an incidence of pCR approaching to 30%4, seems to identify a subset of patients with more favorable prognosis to neoadjuvant treatments5-6. Furthermore, the overall evidence that 30- 35% of rectal cancer patients treated with multimodality therapy still die from cancer namely by distant metastases in spite of the 4-8 % of absolute benefit of adjuvant 5Fu based adjuvant chemotherapy7, seems to vanish the efforts of the further optimization of the local treatments (surgery and radiotherapy) and of the ongoing modality of delivery the chemotherapeutic agents. We would like to address the main evidences from the literature and the main uncertainties that the surgeon could face to propose a combined treatment to his rectal cancer patient.
GAUFRE: A tool for an automated determination of atmospheric parameters from spectroscopy
Valentini M.,Morel T.,Miglio A.,Fossati L.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2013, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20134303006
Abstract: We present an automated tool for measuring atmospheric parameters (Teff, log g), [Fe/H]) for F-G-K dwarf and giant stars. The tool, called GAUFRE, is composed of several routines written in C++: GAUFRE-RV measures radial velocity from spectra via cross-correlation against a synthetic template, GAUFRE-EW measures atmospheric parameters through the classic line-by-line technique and GAUFRE-CHI2 performs a χ2 fitting to a library of synthetic spectra. A set of F-G-K stars extensively studied in the literature were used as a benchmark for the program: their high signal-to-noise and high resolution spectra were analyzed by using GAUFRE and results were compared with those present in literature. The tool is also implemented in order to perform the spectral analysis after fixing the surface gravity (log g) to the accurate value provided by asteroseismology. A set of CoRoT stars, belonging to LRc01 and LRa01 fields was used for first testing the performances and the behavior of the program when using the seismic log g.
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