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Free Amino Acid Composition in Hemolymph and Muscle of the Ghost Crab, Ocypode platytarsis
R. Siva Sankar,A. Yogamoorthi
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Free amino acid plays an important role in physiological functions. The ghost crab, Ocypode platytarsis caught off the Puducherry sandy beaches, south east coast of India were investigated for the pattern of distribution of free amino acids. The hemolymph and muscle were sampled from male and female crabs and then subjected to free amino acid analysis quantitatively by HPLC. Fourteen free amino acids have been determined in hemolymph and muscle of both sexes in Ocypode platytarsis. The essential amino acids were leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine and histidine and non-essential amino acids were alanine, arginine, glutamic acid, glycine, serine and tyrosine. The total concentration of free amino acid found in the male and female hemolymph was lower than that in the muscle. Glutamic acid is of higher concentration in the hemolymph whereas histidine found was higher in the muscle of both sexes. The male crab contains a strikingly higher concentration of histidine of about eight times than that of female in muscles. The study revealed that distribution pattern of free amino acids differ in relation to hemolymph and muscle of male and female crabs.
A Study on Vibrational Spectra of PH3 and NF3: An Algebraic Approach  [PDF]
S. R. Karumuri, G. Srinivas, Vijayasekhar Jaliparthi, K. Sunil Babu, V. Sundara Siva Kumar, A. Hanumaiah
Open Journal of Microphysics (OJM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojm.2013.32009
Abstract: With the new theoretical approach i.e. lie algebraic approach, we have calculated the infrared spectra of Phosphine in the range from 3000 cm-1 to 9500 cm-1 and Nitrogen Trifluoride in the range from 900 cm-1 to 4500 cm-1. The model Hamiltonian, so constructed, seems to describe the P-H and N-F stretching modes accurately with only four numbers of parameters.
Origins of periodic and chaotic dynamics in microfluidic loop devices
Jeevan Maddala,Siva A. Vanapalli,Raghunathan Rengaswamy
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: Droplets moving in a microfluidic loop device exhibit both periodic and chaotic behaviors based on the inlet droplet spacing. We propose that the periodic behavior is an outcome of a dispersed phase conservation principle. This conservation principle translates into a droplet spacing conservation equation. Additionally, we define a simple technique to identify periodicity in experimental systems with input scatter. Aperiodic behavior is observed in the transition regions between different periodic behaviors. We propose that the cause for aperiodicity is the synchronization of timing between the droplets entering and leaving the system. We derive an analytical expression to estimate the occurrence of these transition regions as a function of system parameters. We provide experimental, simulation and analytical results to validate the proposed theory.
Does Corruption in a Country Affect the Foreign Direct Investment? A Study of Rising Economic Super Powers China and India  [PDF]
Siva Prasad Ravi
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.37017

Many researchers have studied the effect of corruption on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and majority of them have come to the conclusion that higher levels corruption in a country deter FDI. This paper is a case-based comparative study of the effect of corruption on FDI in China and India. Corruption in India has negatively affected FDI, whereas that is not true in China. This study finds that while corruption does affect FDI inflows into a country, the effect also depends on nature of corruption and not only on size of corruption.

Plank Scale with Siva’s Constant “K”—A New Road to Grand Unification  [PDF]
Siva Prasad Kodukula
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2018.96071
Abstract: Based on Vd = K equation and the consideration that maximum velocity is “velocity of light”, diameter of a space time for a particular fundamental force has been calculated. With Siva’s classical equation for space time, the quantity of fundamental force has been calculated in terms of relative energy with photon. This has been converted into relative force and the relative forces interpreted in terms of coupling constants of fundamental forces. All the fundamental forces are manifestation of space time material only. Space time will be different for different fundamental forces and their elementary force carrying particles. Specially, it has elaborated the difference between mass and energy for gravity space time. A generalized equation of space time and coupling constants has been derived. This equation can be used to calculate the space time parameters of other fundamental forces by knowing the coupling constant and vice versa. Space time parameters will be different for fundamental forces. In order to keep the parameters such as c,G,h,lp,tp and mp applicable to all other fundamental forces, a new parameter Siva’s constant “K” has been introduced. Thus all the observations are based on “K” and transformation is possible by a new additional parameter “K” such that c=h=G=K=1 instead of c=h=G=1. Ultimately, this paper may be a ground work to discuss lot of issues such as “consciousness” and “decoding of quantum information” in future.
Morphological Cross Reference method for English to Telugu Transliteration
A. P. Siva kumar,P. Premchand,A. Govardhan
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications , 2011,
Abstract: Machine Transliteration is a sub field of Computational linguistics for automatically converting letters in one language to another language, which deals with Grapheme or Phoneme based transliteration approaches. Several methods for Machine Transliteration have been proposed till date based on nature of languages considered, but those methods are having less precision for English to Telugu transliteration when both pronunciation and spelling of the word is considered. Morphological cross reference approachprovides user friendly environment for transliteration of English to Telugu text, where both the pronunciation and the spelling of the word is taken into consideration to improve the precision of transliteration system. In addition to alphabet by alphabet transliteration, this paper also deals with whole document transliteration. Our system achieved an correct transliteration with an accuracy of '78%' of Transliteration for Vocabulary words.
Parametric Modeling And Dynamic Characterization For Static Strength Of Steam Turbine Moving Blades
International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: During the last two decades, developing countries such as India have been exhibiting rapid increase in human population and vehicles, and increase in road accidents. Inappropriate driving behaviour is considered one of the major causes of road accidents in India as compared to defective geometric design of pavement or mechanical defects in vehicles. The present paper deals with a issue of steam turbine blade efficiency. Based on the theory of vibration of mechanical structures, the dynamic behavior of a turbine blade, blades or the blades disc assembly can be predicted. The evaluation of a blade design is made by combining the dynamic behavior with the nature of the fluctuating forces. The basic design consideration is to avoid or to minimize the dynamic stresses produced by the fluctuating forces. Since these forces are periodic one has to consider a several number of these harmonics coincides with any of the natural frequencies of the blades. Generally a Campbell diagram is drawn to ascertain this. In this connection an attempt is made on estimate the dynamic behavior of a blade and the stresses occurring in the blade of steam turbine in the last stage due to centrifugal force. The stresses occurring at the disc groove where it gets in contact with root are analysis natural frequencies and mode shapes were obtained and Campbell diagram were plotted and verified with the experimental data. Since the blade is long and twisted it needs a lot of input to accurately define the complete geometry. Blade geometry is defined by giving different profile data at different heights. The results and conclusions are presented for a study concerning the durability problems experienced with steam turbine blades.
Experimental Investigations on LHR CI Diesel Engine with varied Operating Parameters and its Simulation
A.Siva Kumar,,K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: Fuel consumption and the performance are two important in the dependent parameter for any internal combustion engines. The present future generation is being looking towards the pollution free environment. Hence there is a need to search suitable automotive engines to meet low emission levels in their long run. The demand for diesel engines is growing rapidly; therefore it is necessary to increase the fuel efficiency. It is known that, the most of energy developed in any IC engines during combustion is rejected through cooling media. To minimize this heat loss to the coolant, a low heat rejection concept was developed. In LHR engines the effective utilization of heat takes place due to insulation coatings applied to cylinder and piston. At the same time problems associated with LHR engines were solved due to its high combustion temperatures. Heavy exhaust blow-down energy and high NOx emissions were identified, which leads to decrease in thermal efficiency and inability to achieve emission legislation levels. The blow down losses can be overcome by using a concept of extended expansion cycle, in which the expansion ratio is greater than that of the compression ratio. This higher expansion ratio can be achieved by late closing of intake valve. In view of this the compression ratios for both LHR and LHR (EEE) engines are varied and compared with the conventional engine. The cumulative work done and thermal efficiency are high for conventional engines at lower compression ratios. The thermal efficiency is increased as the compression ratios increases for LHR and LHR (EEE) engines.
Fabrication and Characterization of A356.2-Rice Husk Ash Composite using Stir casting technique
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Fabrication and characterization of A356.2 alloy reinforced with rice husk ash (RHA) particles are dealt in the present study. The metal matrix composites (MMC’s) were prepared by addition of 2, 4 and 8 wt% RHA particulates through stir casting technique. Scanning electron microscope equipped with energy dispersive X-ray analyzer is used for micro structural characterization and the presence of silicon particles in the composites. Mechanical properties like density and hardness were measured for the composites. As the percentage of RHAparticles increases, the density of the composites decreases and there is slight increase in the hardness were observed.
Antihyperglycemic activity of the ethanolic seed extract of Vernonia anthelminticum willd
Karthikeyan A,Siva G,Sujitha S,Rex DAP
International Journal of Green Pharmacy , 2008,
Abstract: The investigation was carried out to study the effects of Vernonia anthelminticum Willd seed extract on blood glucose level. The antihyperglycemic efficacy of the ethanolic extract of the seed was evaluated in normal, glucose and alloxan induced diabetic rats. The extract exhibited significant hypoglycemic activity in all three animal models when compared with the control group. The activity was also comparable to that of the effect produced by a standard antidiabetic agent gliclazide, 25 mg/kg (p.o.). The results also indicated dose dependent effect. The hypoglycemia and antihyperglycaemia produced by the extract may be due to increased uptake of glucose at tissue level or increase in pancreatic beta-cell function or due to inhibition of intestinal absorption of glucose. The study indicated that the ethanolic extract is a potential antidiabetic agent and lends scientific support for its else′s in folk medicine.
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