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Post mortem analysis of burned magnesia-chromite brick used in short rotary furnace of secondary lead smelting
Prestes, E.;Chinelatto, A. S. A.;Resende, W. S.;
Ceramica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132009000100008
Abstract: burned magnesia-chromite bricks are the standard product for the lining of furnaces in lead industry, where the short service life is a great problem. used sintered magnesia-chromite brick sample from short rotary furnace lining, sent by a secondary lead manufacturer, showed parallel cracks to the hot face due to structural spalling damage. the refractory infiltrated region and slag interface were analyzed using a scanning electron microscope with an energy dispersive spectroscopy analyzer, and x-ray diffraction powder analysis. crucible corrosion test was performed to evaluate the influence of slag attack. the results showed that the structural spalling was due to strong pb-infiltration of the refractory microstructure by bath components of the furnace (metallic lead and lead sulphite) during the reduction process and that the slag infiltration had little contribution due to the good resistance of the magnesia-chromite bricks to feo rich slag attack.
Galactic Nonlinear Dynamic Model
C. A. M. de Melo,S. T. Resende
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1142/S0217751X09045200
Abstract: We develop a model for spiral galaxies based on a nonlinear realization of the Newtonian dynamics starting from the momentum and mass conservations in the phase space. The radial solution exhibits a rotation curve in qualitative accordance with the observational data.
Qualidade da água subterranea para irriga??o na bacia hidrográfica do Rio Piauí, em Sergipe
Amorim, Julio R. A. de;Cruz, Marcus A. S.;Resende, Ronaldo S.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662010000800003
Abstract: groundwater use for agricultural purposes has been intensified in the state of sergipe, mainly in the regions with more serious water shortage from surface sources. however, irrigation is still restricted to small areas like home gardens. in part, this problem is due to lack of studies on characterization of water resources, including availability and quality of groundwaters, detecting the spatial distribution of viable sources of groundwater for different uses. the potential hazards related to soil salinity and sodicity, toxicity of specific ions for crops, and clogging of components of microirrigation systems were evaluated. physicochemical data of water from 278 deep wells located in piauí river basin, in the state of sergipe, brazil, were used considering the fao restriction criteria for irrigation purposes. maps of spatial distribution of groundwater quality indicators in the watershed were prepared by ordinary kriging procedures. groundwaters showed good quality for irrigation use, mainly in the center-downstream portion of the river basin. there was a trend in increasing the salt concentration in water from the coast to inland in the piauí river basin area.
Histopathological alterations induced by non-viable cells and biochemical fractions from Paracoccidioides brasiliensis in mice
Hamdan, J. S.;Rocha, O. A.;Resende, M. A.;Cisalpino, E. O.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761993000100017
Abstract: non-viable cells and biochemical fractions from paracoccidioides brasiliens were obtained for experimental inoculation in mice and posterior histopatological analysis. dead total fungus, total fungus disrupted by sonorous waves, lipids of the fungus, supernatant of the lipid purification, integral and disrupted fungus free of lipids were obtained. the six preparations arised from masses of lyophilized yeasts of a recent isolate of p. brasiliensis (strain jt-1) and from a "pool" equitably constituted by four strains maintained in laboratory for a long time (sn, 2, 18 and 192). different doses of the 12 preparations were intraperitonially inoculated and histopathological analysis were done 30 days later. this analysis showed that all the inoculated preparations gave origin to inflamatory foci, except the one designated "supernatant of lipid purification". the alterations were detected exclusively in the liver of the animals and occurred from the smallest dose tested (1 mg), with exception of the lipids of the fungus, where the foci appeared only from a 3 mg dose onwards. no difference in the capacity of inducing histopathological alterations was found between the preparations obtained from the recent isolate (jt-1) and from the older ones ("pool"). on the other hand, an increase of the number of inflammatory foci in function of the inoculated dose was observed.
Detection of different Brazilian strains of the bovine herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1) by polymerase chain reaction
Candido, A.L.;Martins, A.S.;Barros, P.B.;Resende, M.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09351999000300007
Abstract: a técnica da rea??o em cadeia pela dna polimerase (pcr) foi usada para a amplifica??o rápida de um fragmento de 456bp da regi?o única curta (us) do genoma do bhv-1. iniciadores de 18pb do gene da orf1 foram usados para a amplifica??o das amostras-padr?o e brasileiras. uma amplifica??o clássica n?o foi bem sucedida. a amplifica??o foi obtida quando se escolheu uma regi?o com baixa concentra??o de gc no dna do bhv-1 e através da desnatura??o térmica (95° c para 5min) seguida de ciclos térmicos (94° c por 1min e 30seg; 52° c por 1min; 72° c por 1min e 30seg; e ainda por 35 ciclos de 94° c por 1min; 52° c por 1min; 72° c por 1min e 30seg; usando um tempo de extens?o final de 72° c por 5min). a clivagem com pst i confirmou a especificidade do fragmento da orf 1 do bhv-1. a amplifica??o do fragmento em todas as amostras testadas sugere que a regi?o é fortemente conservada no genoma do bhv-1. este pcr poderá detectar rapidamente amostras clínicas, sendo sensível e específico para diagnosticar infec??es pelo bhv-1.
Correla??o da distribui??o espacial do banco de sementes de plantas daninhas com a fertilidade dos solos
Shiratsuchi, L.S.;Fontes, J.R.A.;Resende, A.V.;
Planta Daninha , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-83582005000300006
Abstract: the aim of this work was to identify the correlation between soil attributes and weed seed bank. the soil samplings for weed seed bank and soil fertility were collected simultaneously in the field using a 20 x 20 meter grid. the weed seed bank and soil fertility maps were generated by the kriging interpolation technique. the correlation values between the seed bank of brapl and aluminum saturation (m%), base saturation (v%) and ph were, respectively, 0.84, -0.83 and -0.74. thus, the higher the value of m% and the lower the values of v% and ph, the higher the weed seed bank was. similar result was observed for combe at lower correlation values (-0.35 with v% and of 0.28 with m%). the cypro seed bank showed the same tendency as brapl (0.57 for m%, -0.63 for v%, -0.7 for ca and -0.64 for the ph). it was concluded that there was a high correlation among ph, ca, v% and m% and the weed seed bank.
Detection of different Brazilian strains of the bovine herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1) by polymerase chain reaction
Candido A.L.,Martins A.S.,Barros P.B.,Resende M.
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 1999,
Abstract: A técnica da rea o em cadeia pela DNA polimerase (PCR) foi usada para a amplifica o rápida de um fragmento de 456bp da regi o única curta (Us) do genoma do BHV-1. Iniciadores de 18pb do gene da ORF1 foram usados para a amplifica o das amostras-padr o e brasileiras. Uma amplifica o clássica n o foi bem sucedida. A amplifica o foi obtida quando se escolheu uma regi o com baixa concentra o de GC no DNA do BHV-1 e através da desnatura o térmica (95° C para 5min) seguida de ciclos térmicos (94° C por 1min e 30seg; 52° C por 1min; 72° C por 1min e 30seg; e ainda por 35 ciclos de 94° C por 1min; 52° C por 1min; 72° C por 1min e 30seg; usando um tempo de extens o final de 72° C por 5min). A clivagem com Pst I confirmou a especificidade do fragmento da ORF 1 do BHV-1. A amplifica o do fragmento em todas as amostras testadas sugere que a regi o é fortemente conservada no genoma do BHV-1. Este PCR poderá detectar rapidamente amostras clínicas, sendo sensível e específico para diagnosticar infec es pelo BHV-1.
Finite Temperature Phase Diagram of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Imbalanced Fermi Gases Beyond Mean-Field
M. A. Resende,A. L. Mota,R. L. S. Farias,Heron Caldas
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.86.033603
Abstract: We investigate the superfluid transition temperature of quasi-two-dimensional imbalanced Fermi gases beyond the mean-field approximation, through the second-order (or induced) interaction effects. For a balanced Fermi system the transition temperature is suppressed by a factor $\approx 2.72$. For imbalanced Fermi systems, the polarization and transition temperature of the tricritical point are significantly reduced as the two-body binding energy $|\epsilon_B|$ increases.
Efeito do nível de óleo de milho adicionado à dieta de eqüinos sobre a digestibilidade dos nutrientes
Resende Júnior, T.;Rezende, A.S.C.;Lacerda Júnior, O.V.;Bretas, M.;Lana, A.;Moura, R.S.;Resende, H.C.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352004000100011
Abstract: a digestibility trial was carried out in a completely randomized design with five treatments and seven replicates to compare the effects of different levels of dietary corn oil (0, 250, 500, 750ml) on nutrient apparent digestibility in horses. twenty eight animals with age between six and 10 years and weight between 400kg and 500kg were used. the diet composition was based on coast cross hay (cynodon dactylon) and commercial concentrate. the feed dry matter was based on 2% of body weight and 1:1 forage concentrate ratio. the treatment means were compared by student's test, at 5% level. increasing corn oil level in the diet did not affect dry matter, crude protein, neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber apparent digestibility, however increased the ether extract and crude energy apparent digestibility. the results showed that 750ml of corn oil can be added to the daily concentrate of equine (8.3% in the total diet) until 23 days to increase the energetic level of the diet without a corresponding increase in the dry matter.
Use of Essential Oils of the Genus Citrus as Biocidal Agents  [PDF]
Marcos S. Gomes, Maria das G. Cardoso, Maurilio J. Soares, Luís R. Batista, Samísia M. F. Machado, Milene A. Andrade, Camila M. O. de Azeredo, Juliana Maria Valério Resende, Leonardo M. A. Rodrigues
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.53041

In this study, the essential oils extracted from the peels of Citrus aurantifolia, Citrus limon and Citrus sinensis were chemically characterized and quantified. These essential oils and their standards limonene, citral and limonene + citral were evaluated (at concentrations ranging from 500 to 3.91 mL·mL-1) regarding their anti-trypanosome, antifungal and antibacterial activities. The chemical identification and quantification (by GC/FID and GC/MS) displayed the limonene as the major component of the three essential oils. It did not verified anti-trypanosome activity for all treatments. Regarding antimicrobial activity, the results were satisfactory against Gram-negative bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria. monocytogenes and Salmonella cholerasuis) and funghi

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