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Search and Rescue Organizations and National Medical Rescue Teams (NMRT)
Mücahit Günayd?n,zgür Tatl, Esra Ers?z Gen?
Dogal Afetler ve Cevre Dergisi , 2017, DOI: 10.21324/dacd.267345
Abstract: Disaster is a generic name given to an event causing physical, economic and social losses for people and it stops or interrupts the normal life and actions of the people. When looking at the outcomes of disasters, it can be seen that they mostly cause loss of life and property. While some of these losses emerged immediately with the disaster, some may occur after a certain time. Rapid intervention in during and after disaster is extremely important to recovery of people’s life. Many search and rescue organizations were founded in the World in order to intervene to disasters and emergency situations. After the 1999 earthquake that caused a lot of casualties, National Medical Rescue Teams (NMRT), one of the search and rescue organizations of Turkey, was founded in 2004 for the purpose of reducing number of dead and wounded to an acceptable rate by doing accurate and quick intervention for people exposed to disasters. NMRT are teams made up of volunteer health personnel working according to the regulations created by Ministry of Health to provide medical rescue services to victims of disasters and emergencies of all kinds, both domestic and international.
Anadolu University Journal of Science and Technology. A : Applied Sciences and Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: Under high uncertainty and risky environments, the future estimations related to project proposalscannot be certain and really materialized values. It is inevitable that there exists a deviation or gap betweenforecasted values and actual values. Thus, project risk level of the proposal should be analyzedin the assessment phase. Simulation based project evaluation approaches enables to make more reliableinvestment decision since they permits including future uncertainty and risk in analyze process. Inaddition, many times, project proposals are evaluated with more than one conflicted criteria. The aimof this paper is to present a new approach that accounts for multiple objectives for evaluating riskyinvestment projects and determining projects risk level. With the proposed simulation based optimizationapproach, necessity values for project parameters are determined to reach the expected profitabilityof the investment with the minimum initial investment cost. Also, there is an illustrative examplegiven in this study as an application of the proposed approach.
Incidental parasitic infestations in surgically removed appendices: a retrospective analysis
zgür Aydin
Diagnostic Pathology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-2-16
Abstract: Pathology department records were reviewed for all patients who required an operation for symptoms of acute appendicitis between 2000 and 2006. The specimens which were pathologically diagnosed to contain parasites were reevaluated for features of acute inflamation, and parasite type. The medical records were reviewed in detail to achieve a diagnostic score(Eskelinen). Radiologic imaging findings were correlated, if present.Of the 190 appendectomies performed, 6 specimens (3,15%) were found to contain parasites(4 Enterobius vermicularis, 2 Taenia subspecies). Appendectomies with Taenia showed acute inflamation, while acute inflamation was absent in the ones with Enterobius vermicularis. The Eskelinen score was higher than the treshold in two cases with an acute inflamation, and in two without. Ultrasound scans, and a computed tomography scan were performed in 5 patients. In 3 of 4 bland appendices, results favored acute appendicitis.The diagnosis of gastrointestinal parasites is not only made by examining the stool but the diagnosis can be made by histology from surgical specimens. Timely diagnosis and appropriate therapy might prevent probable future complications that may necessitate surgical procedures, at least in some of the patients. The clinical management of these infections is different from that for classical appendicitis.Suspected acute appendicitis is the most frequent cause for emergency operations in visceral surgery, worldwide. The lifetime risk of acute appendicitis for men and women is 8.6% and 6.7%, respectively, however, the lifetime risk of having an appendectomy is 12% for men and 25% for women [1]. A reported 250,000 appendectomies are performed annually, with approximately 15% of these resulting in the removal of normal appendices [2]. A history of migratory pain together with physical findings and leukocytosis is generally percieved as accurate diagnostic clues for children and adults. The overwhelming majority of parasitic infestations of ap
Charcot-Leyden crystals in a prostatic adenocarcinoma
zgür Ayd?n
Diagnostic Pathology , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-1-26
Abstract: A transrectal needle biopsy was indicated due to a high level of prostatic spesific antigen in the blood, and a hard right lobe in rectal examination of a 63-year-old man. 10 examples were taken from each lobe of the prostate. In microscopic examination, all examples from the right lobe contained an adenocarcinoma covering 25 to 50% of the biopsies. Only 4 of the examples from the left lobe contained the tumor, which were all small focuses, composed of 8–10 glands. It was one of the biopsies from the left lobe with a small group of neoplastic glands that attracted our attention. Initially, it was the intraluminal bright, eosinophilic crystalloids as a striking low-power appearance. In daily practice, finding crystalloids in a transrectal needle biopsy with a prostatic adenocarcinoma should not be so astonishing. On the contrary, demonstration of intraluminal crystalloids is common in such cases, and even perceived to be an aid in the diagnosis of prostatic adenocarcinoma [1]. The neoplastic group was also incorporated with a dense infiltration of eosinophils. A carefull re-evaluation of other biopsies confirmed that the feature was peculiar to the aforementioned focus. The reaction, which seemed to be almost totally composed of eosinophils, was clearly restricted to the carcinomatous glandular group. Eosinophils were not only surrounding the focus but also looked like 'attacking' the carcinoma cells. Intraepithelial eosinophils forming occasional small groups could easily be found. The interglandular stroma was rich in free granules, an absolute evidence of eosinophil activation. The co-existance of the eosinophils and the crystalloids certainly pointed to a relationship between two. Actually, the crystalloids were extremely similar to the Charcot-Leyden crystals, that we were familiar with in many allergic situations. It was not unlikely, as these crystals were considered to be an other morphologic hallmark of eosinophil activation. When searched, the crystals coul
Housing as a part of identity in the consumerist society and an assesment in the frame of urban planning= TüKET ME BA LI B R K ML K ES OLARAK KONUT
Ebru Firidin ?zgür
tasar?m + kuram , 2005,
Abstract: Private sector investments are the leading factor of housing production today while public agents become a part of the housing market, instead of controlling it. A new consumerist segment in the society has emerged in Turkey after the transition to free market economy, in line with the global tendencies. Luxury housing became an instrument for investment as well as a sign of social status of the inhabitants. Housing production, which is a human right, without public control leads to problems in the field of urban planning. On the one hand, there is a shortage of affordable housing production, on the other development of gated communities surround periphery of the cities. Not only gated communities but also housing development projects in inner cities became the commodities of free market, which constitutes a contradiction with the nature of the planning. The aim of this article is to discuss the gated communities, which epitomize commodified housing production in the frame of consumer society, referring to Istanbul. Günümüzde konut alanlar n n üretiminde, kamu denetiminden ok piyasada üretimi belirleyen süre lerin etkili oldu u g rülmektedir. Türkiye’nin serbest piyasa ekonomisine ge mesinden bu yana, küresel l ekte izlenebilen e ilimlere de uygun ekilde, lüks tüketime y nelen bir kitle ortaya km t r. Lüks konut, art k bir yat r m arac oldu u kadar, toplumsal statüyü de simgeleyen bir tüketim mal haline gelmi tir. Temel insan gereksinimlerinden olan konuta bu ekilde yakla mak, planlama alan a s ndan bir tak m sorun alanlar n gündeme getirmektedir. Bar nma amac ile tüm gelir gruplar i in yeterli ve eri ilebilir konut alanlar planlamas yakla m n n yetersizlik g sterdi i, piyasa süre leri i inde kentin eperlerine yerle erek kentin yay lmas nda belirleyici olan yeni konut sitelerinin (kapal siteler) olu turuldu u g rülmektedir. Yaln zca kapal siteler de il, merkez ve eperdeki di er projeler de bar nma hakk ndan ok tüketilebilirli i hedeflemektedir. Konutla maya bu yakla m bi imi, kent planlaman n do as ile eli mektedir. Bu makalenin amac , mevcut e ilimler i inden kapal siteleri kent planlama disiplini a s ndan, zellikle tüketim toplumu dinamikleri er evesinde literatürdeki yakla mlar üzerinden ve stanbul’a referansla tart makt r.
Belge Y netiminin De i en Yüzü: Standartla ma al malar ve Uluslararas Uygulamalar / Changing Face of Records Management: Standardization Studies and International Practices
zgür Külcü
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2007,
Abstract: z Geleneksel belge y netimi kurumsal er evede belgelerin y netimine d nük uygulama programlar ndan olu maktad r. zellikle 90’l y llarla birlikte belge y netimi, de i en ko ullar n da etkisiyle ok daha geni er evede tan mlanmaya ba lanm t r. Toplumsal ya amda, y netim anlay ndaki de i im ve küreselle me, belge i lemlerinin elektronik ortama ta nmas ve elektronik belge y netimi ile ileti im teknolojileri, belge y netimi al malar n uluslararas boyuta ta m t r. Bu er evede makalede, belge y netimi alan nda geli tirilen ulusal ve uluslararas düzenlemelerin, standartlar n ve uygulama modellerinin de erlendirilmesi ama lanm t r.AbstractTraditionally records management applications consisted of the practice oriented programs comprising usually the records management in (mostly governmental) institutions. However, especially after 90s, records management concept has been comprehended and described broader than ever, because of the effects of changing conditions. Developments and globalization in social life and management approaches, fulfillment of the records processes in electronic media, and through electronic records management and communication technology, records management studies became more and more a concern of the international platform. In that scope, this study aims at evaluating the international and national regulations, standards and practical models in the area of records management.
Kurumsal Bilgi Kayna Olarak E-posta Y netim Sistemleri = E-mail Management Systems as an Enterprise Information Resource
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2012,
Abstract: al mada, e-posta kullan m ve y netimine ili kin uluslararas ko ullar incelenmekte, bu er evede Türkiye’de 28 kurum rne inde ger ekle tirilen anket verileri de erlendirilmektedir. Betimleme y nteminin kullan ld al mada literatür incelemesi ve anket tekniklerine dayanarak gerekli veriler elde edilmi tir. Ara t rmada e-posta kullan m na ili kin elde edilen verilerin, ilgili alanda sistemler geli tirmeye al an ara t rmac lara yard mc olmas beklenmektedir. Kurumsal e-posta y netimine ili kin temel sorunlar aras nda mesajlar n üretimi, düzenlenmesi, ay klanmas ve uzun süre korunmas n i eren e-posta y netim sistemlerinin geli tirilmesi yer almaktad r. Ayr ca insan kaynaklar , mali ve idari konular n y netimi ile belge ve ar iv y netimi al malar n kapsam na alan, i erisine e-posta y netiminin de dahil oldu u sistemlerin bütünle tirilmesi güncel ara t rma konular aras ndad r. / This study examines the universal usage and management of e-mail communication and compares with the data, gathered from 28 Turkish institutions. This is a descriptive research in nature and the quantitative data were collected through surveys. It is expected that the results one-mail communication and its usage styles will shed a ligth into researcher who are working on system development. One of the basic problems of organizational e-mail management systems are lack of e-mail systems including message creation, maintenance, disposition, and long term preservation. Furthermore, the results indicate that integration of human resources management, financial and administrative management systems and archival management systems with e-mail managment system is another major problem.
Küreselle me Sürecince Avrupa Birli i’nde Belge Y netimi Uygulamalar ve Türkiye / Records Management Practices in the Course of Globalization in European Union and Turkey
zgür Külcü
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2006,
Abstract: The practices being realised in records and archive management in European Union during the accelerated globalisation after 1990’s was examined. In thatrespect entrepreneurial initiatives, projects, regulations, practice oriented models and standards, which appeared in the course of EU integration of Turkey were overviewed. Moreover, the approaches of the EU in the realm of the European integration process, which may have chances to effect the development of records and archival practices in Turkey, were discussed and evaluated.
Bilgi Politikas ve Bilgi Ekonomisi: Verimlilik, stihdam, Büyüme ve Kalk nma / Information Policy and Economics of Information: Productivity, Employment, Growth and Development
zgür U?kan
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2006,
Abstract: Knowledge-based economic approach becomes the main developmental leverage for the global economy. In this sense, increasing the productivity, the skill qualification of manpower, the national competitive advantages, and attaining sustainable development with stabilisation of growth rates depend upon the use of information and communication technologies within the realm of the targets of knowledge-based economic policies. Turkey has no other chance of fulfilling the requirements for the adequate transformation to the knowledge-based economic guidance. The formation of the information society is the primary requisite for the conduct of a knowledge-based economy, and this, in turn, implies an integration of social mechanisms, social policy and cultural environment into the new economic framework. Thus Turkey faces a difficult task to fulfil. At present, there exist even risks of missing the chance to play an effective part in the global knowledge circulation. Developing a national knowledge policy requires joint efforts of the organisations of social life and the government, at the mutual platform of which issues will be discussed thoroughly. In that respect, the creation of common national values depends upon the intensified global activities of the country in producing, processing, sharing and managing knowledge. A national knowledge policy would optimise the utility of gaining competitive advantages, stabilising economic growth and to make economic development of the country sustainable.
How do the Students Describe the Quantum Mechanics and Classical Mechanics?
zgür ?zcan
Latin-American Journal of Physics Education , 2010,
Abstract: The major goal of physics education researchers is to identify the student difficulties in learning of conceptual andmathematical basis of physics. In order to answer the research question, phenomenographic approach was used in thedesign of this study to analyze data from the open ended questions with 15 upper undergraduate level students (aged21-23) in physics departments in Turkey by using representative convenience and purposeful sampling techniques.We have administrated a questionnaire with two open ended questions which covers the basic properties of quantummechanics and classical mechanics to learn the ideas of students. We have reported the results set of categories thatdescribe the participants’ approaches to understanding the quantum mechanics and classical mechanics.

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