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Taxocenose de aves em um remanescente da Floresta com Araucária no Sudeste do Paraná, Brasil
Bispo, Arthur ?ngelo;Scherer-Neto, Pedro;
Biota Neotropica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032010000100012
Abstract: in this study the community of birds in a small size remnant (10 ha) of araucária forest, located in the city of tijucas do sul, paraná was evaluated. during the period of november, 1999 to april 2001, 15 surveys had been carried, in which capture with mist nets and visual and aural contacts were used to estimate avian abundance and richness. we recorded 118 species of 35 families. according to the frequency of occurrence around 44% of species were considered with low frequency. when analyzed the trophics guilds, omnivorous and insectivorous of foliage were the most representative. by the capture method had been gotten 501 captures of 47 species. the capture species had relative abundances varying from 0.31 to 13.16% and the uniformity index was 0.83, demonstrating that the avian assemblage had a low dominance of some species. the structure of avian assemblage registered is expected for a small size remnant, with high relative abundance of generalists species and guilds, and the presence of a high number of species with low frequency of occurrence. despite of, the specific composition presents a great number of species forest dependents showing that this forest remnant has a important role in the maintenance of species regionally.
Alternatives of Control of Dawn Crop and Crop Mole in Pre-Harvest in Peasant Fruit  [PDF]
Vicente Luíz de Carvalho, Rodrigo Luz da Cunha,ngelo Albérico Alvarenga, Pedro Henrique Abreu Moura, José Clélio de Andrade, Paulo Márcio Norberto
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/as.2019.101002
Abstract: Fruit rot, besides causing losses in production, reduces the final quality of the product interfering in the commercialization. The objective of this work was to evaluate the efficiency of alternative products applied to pre-harvest for control of brown rot (Monilinia fructicola) and soft rot (Rhizopus spp.) In peaches. The experiment was conducted in the municipality of Nepomuceno-MG, in a peach orchard of the cultivar Diamante. The experimental design was a randomized block design with 7 treatments and 3 replicates, with field plots formed by 12 plants (arranged in 3 rows), being considered for the evaluations only the two central plants. Three applications were made at flowering and at 21; 7 and 3 days before harvest, with solutions containing the following treatments: 1-Clove oil 0.1%; 2-silicate clay 1.5%; 3-Phosphite K 0.20%; 4-Benzalkonium chloride 0.25%; 5-Azoxystrobin 0.02%; 6-Iprodione 0.15%; 7-Witness (water only). Treatments 4 and 5 were applied only at 21 and 7 days before harvest. Ten fruits were selected and placed in sterile trays under uncontrolled conditions, with disease evaluations at 3 and 6 days after the beginning of storage in 2005 and at 3; 6 and 9 days in 2006. The iprodione controlled the incidence of M. fructicola and had no effect on Rhizopus spp. Clove oil controlled the incidence and severity of M. fructicola by the fifth day and Rhizopus spp. by the sixth day. The phosphites of k, benzalkonium chloride and azoxystrobin were efficient in controlling the incidence and severity of Rhizopus spp. and had no effect on M. fructicola.
Participa??o do custo da embalagem na composi??o do custo de produ??o e do pre?o de atacado do tomate de mesa
Luengo, Rita de Fátima Alves;Camargo Filho, Waldemar;Jacomino,ngelo Pedro;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362003000400030
Abstract: the participation of "k" box and embrapa box on the production cost and retail selling price of tomato was quantified. the use of embrapa box instead of "k" box for fresh market tomatoes results in a reduction of 10,14% in the production cost and of 5,92% in the retail price.
Avalia??o da compress?o em hortali?as e frutas e seu emprego na determina??o do limite físico da altura da embalagem de comercializa??o
Luengo, Rita de Fátima A.;Calbo, Adonai G.;Jacomino,ngelo Pedro;Pessoa, José Dalton C.;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362003000400027
Abstract: an estimate was made of the maximum tolerable height for piling boxes of fruit and horticultural products using ways of measuring the firmmess of the turgor of horticultural products. the flattening method and the firmometer generated similar results for tomato, potato, onion, carrot, chayote, bell pepper, yam, gilo, peruvian carrot, radish, orange, apple, lemon, pear, grape, papaya, guava, plum and nectarine. only the firmometer was able to measure the firmness of zucchini, kiwi, gherkin, cucumber, okra and green beans, because of the less regular surface. firmness was measured in the equatorial part of these organs. it was assumed that 5% of the box base in contact with the flattened surface of the studied organs was the highest tolerated compression allowable during commercial use. to estimate the pile height that causes this deformation, the product weight and the usual impact acceleration, encountered during the transportation, were considered. this information along with specific product characteristics are being used to dimension a new box family, for palletized transport and commercialization of fruits and vegetables in brazil.
Distonia virtual por infarto talamico posterolateral ventral: relato de caso
Oliveira-Souza, Ricardo De;Martins, Maria Elena de Lima;Andreiuolo, Pedrongelo;Rotmeister, Andreia;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1996000300020
Abstract: behaviors, actions and movements may take place as purely mental events, as in the obsessions of obsessive-compulsive disorder, phantom limbs or sensory tics. in the present paper we report on the case of a 43-year-old diabetic hypertensive man who developed an incomplete form of the dejerine-roussy syndrome. whenever he lay down or withdrew the leg from the ground, he experienced the illusion that the left intermediate toes painfully twisted and mounted each other. conversely, as he stood up or firm pressure was artificially exerted against the sole, there was a dramatic relief from the "cramp" whose illusory character could he be certain of only by looking down at the foot. by passively moving his toes into the referred position we realized that the experienced deformity conformed to the pattern of a fixed dystonia not outwardly expressed through the motor system. there was severe proprioceptive loss in the same toes that harbored the cramp. mri showed the appropriate lesion in the posteroventrolateral thalamus (vpl) and wallerian degeneration of thalamo-cortical projections. spect showed hypoperfusion of the overlying ipsilateral parietal cortex as well as of the basal nuclei bilaterally, besides the expected image of thalamic exclusion. we hypothesize that the infarct disconnected the somatic sensory cortex (s-i) from critical proprioceptive input with relative sparing of superficial sensibility. lifting the foot deprived s-i of tonic inputs conveyed by undamaged contact-pressure pathways, a functional effect promptly reversed by placing the foot back against the ground. the case illustrates how a capricious deafferentation of s-i by a discrete vpl thalamic infarct might facilitate the emergence of autochthonous activity in the primary somesthetic cortex and give rise to a purely mental abnormal involuntary movement akin to the unimodal hallucinoses of which the syndrome of bonnet is the best-known example. virtual abnormal involuntary movements may be concealed
Biochemical and morphological responses to abiotc elicitor chitin in suspension-cultured sugarcane cells
Gall?o, Maria Izabel;Cortelazzo,ngelo Luiz;Fevereiro, Manuel Pedro Salema;Brito, Edy Sousa de;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132010000200002
Abstract: cells of saccharum officinarum submitted to hydrolyzated chitin for 1 to 8h produced phenolic compounds. these alterations were observed through cytochemical methods using toluidine blue and phloroglucinol/hcl. after 4 h, besides cell wall change, there was a change in nuclear pattern of chitin treated cells. there was a 96% increase in nuclear area in 6 h chitin treated material, as observed by feulgen reaction. the treated cells showed chromatin compacted regions and a degeneration process of nucleoli. in the outer areas of cell wall, there was a polysaccharide desagregation, confirming results obtained for different plants with the use of other elicitors. peroxidase activity was maximal after 4 h and decreased progressively. pal activity started to increase at 4 h of incubation. these results showed that chitin hydrolyzate stimulated a defense response in sugarcane cells.
Participa o do custo da embalagem na composi o do custo de produ o e do pre o de atacado do tomate de mesa
Luengo Rita de Fátima Alves,Camargo Filho Waldemar,Jacomino ?ngelo Pedro
Horticultura Brasileira , 2003,
Abstract: Quantificou-se a participa o do custo da embalagem caixa "k" no custo de produ o e no pre o de atacado do tomate, comparando com a participa o do custo da embalagem caixa Embrapa no mesmo processo de comercializa o. A substitui o da embalagem caixa "k" pela embalagem caixa Embrapa significa uma redu o de 10,14% no custo de produ o do tomate e uma redu o de 5,92% no pre o de atacado do tomate, somente devido à embalagem. Isso significa aumento de lucro de 10,14% para o produtor de tomate e aumento de lucro de 5,92% para o varejista. Se for repassada esta diferen a para o consumidor final, poderá haver maior estímulo ao consumo e/ou melhoria de qualidade do produto.
Avalia o da compress o em hortali as e frutas e seu emprego na determina o do limite físico da altura da embalagem de comercializa o
Luengo Rita de Fátima A.,Calbo Adonai G.,Jacomino ?ngelo Pedro,Pessoa José Dalton C.
Horticultura Brasileira , 2003,
Abstract: Obtiveram-se estimativas da altura máxima tolerável em embalagens para frutas e hortali as usando métodos para medir a firmeza dependente do turgor em produtos hortícolas. As medidas de firmeza foram realizadas na regi o equatorial dos produtos. Estabeleceu-se em 5% a superfície da base da caixa em contato com a superfície amassada dos órg os vegetais como o limite máximo de deforma o do produto que n o causa perda para a aceitabilidade comercial. Para o cálculo da altura da pilha que causa esta deforma o, considerou-se o peso do produto e as acelera es de impacto observadas durante o transporte. A altura, associada a outras características ser o utilizadas para o dimensionamento de uma família de tipos de caixas, para o transporte e armazenamento paletizado de frutas e hortali as no Brasil. A técnica de aplana o e o firm metro geraram resultados próximos para tomate, batata, cebola, cenoura, chuchu, piment o, inhame, jiló, batata-baroa, rabanete, laranja, ma , lim o, pera, uva para mesa, mam o, goiaba, ameixa e nectarina. Devido aoa princípio de funcionamento, apenas o firm metro foi capaz de avaliar a firmeza de produtos com superfície pouco regular, como abobrinha, maxixe, kiwi, pepino, vagem e quiabo.
Hematoma tegmento-mesencefálico espontaneo: aspectos neurocomportamentais do ter?o rostral do tronco encefálico humano
Oliveira-Souza, Ricardo de;Bezerra, Márcio Luciano de Souza;Figueiredo, Wagner Martignoni de;Andreiuolo, Pedrongelo;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1995, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1995000500018
Abstract: the tegmentum of the midbrain is a complex area traversed by a number of anatomical and functional systems, including local circuits, ascending activating systems and descending fibers from the cerebral hemispheres. in the present paper we report on the case of a 67-year-old man who suffered a spontaneous central tegmental hemorrhage and was initially supposed to be in coma due to bilateral ptosis and lack of speech and initiative. by the second hospital week, however, he was shown to be able to respond to verbal commands, sit, stand and walk. he died in sepsis one month later. this case shows that the clinical diagnosis of coma may be misleading in certain patients in whom wakefulness is preserved, though concealed from a casual bedside examination due to abulia and ophthalmoplegia.
Microadenomas hipofisários: revis o de 95 casos
Santos Alair Augusto S.M.D. dos,Moreira Denise Madeira,Andreiuolo Pedrongelo,Fontes Cristina Asvolinsque P.
Radiologia Brasileira , 2001,
Abstract: Procedemos a uma revis o de 95 casos de microadenomas hipofisários, evidenciados por ressonancia magnética, nas institui es: Hospital Santa Cruz/Beneficência Portuguesa de Niterói e Clínica X-Labs/Rio de Janeiro. O objetivo foi verificar o tipo principal, incidência, proximidade à haste hipofisária, correlacionando-os com dados clínico-laboratoriais. Os equipamentos utilizados foram de 0,5 Tesla (Gyroscan T5 III da Philips e Vectra da GE) e 1,0 Tesla (Signa da GE), sendo realizadas seqüências rápidas, antes e após administra o venosa do meio de contraste paramagnético (gadolínio). Predominaram pacientes do sexo feminino, com prolactinomas, sendo as queixas mais freqüentes: galactorréia, amenorréia e hiperprolactinemia. Em contraste à literatura corrente, observamos que mais freqüentemente a haste hipofisária encontrava-se centrada. Na detec o dos microadenomas é fundamental a inje o venosa do gadolínio o mais próximo possível da aquisi o das imagens, sendo recomendável utilizar metade da dose do meio de contraste.
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