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Using One-Dimensional Variational Assimilation Algorithm to Obtain Atmospheric Refractive Index from Ground-Based GPS Phase Delay

谢衍新, 吴小成,
XIE Yanxin
, WU Xiaocheng, HU Xiong

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20160238
Abstract: GPS信号相位延迟中包含很多大气信息,通过一定的方法可以从中获取有价值的大气参数。基于地基GPS相位延迟数据,提出了一种结合经验模式的一维变分同化获取大气折射率的方法。利用GPS相位延迟模拟数据进行同化试验,讨论了背景误差的设置对同化结果的影响,采用实测个例对该方法进行了验证。结果表明,该一维变分同化方法可行,并可获取高精度的0~60 km大气折射率。低层大气背景误差设置的准确程度会对整个高度范围内的同化效果产生影响。首次将同化获取的大气折射率应用于无线电波折射修正,取得了很好的修正效果,修正精度可达1 mm量级
Optimal Control and Biomechanics of Ambulation with Spring-Loaded Crunches
Guangyu Liu,Yanxin Zhang,Sheng-Quan Xie,Anke Xue
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems , 2011,
Abstract: Standard underarm or forearm crutches have some drawbacks induced by their rigid legs. Sping‐ loaded crutches can reduce the impact effect. However, whether or not they also improve propulsion is an open problem. We formulate a problem of the optimal performance of spring‐loaded crutches and propose a numerical approach to solve the problem. Then, the numerical optimal values are incorporated to the innovative design of a pair of spring‐loaded crutches. To evaluate the crutches performance, we have conducted standard biomechanical experiments for a number of male subjects under two conditions: walking with standard crutches and with spring‐loaded crutches. Three dimensional kinematic data and ground reaction force were recorded and analysed. It was observed that optimized spring‐loaded crutches can efficiently propel the crutch walkers, which conforms to the theory.
The Motive Power of Crustal Movement

Advances in Geosciences (AG) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AG.2016.63019
Abstract: 本文从地球形成和地球演化的角度出发,以地球体变的思路和物质运动的规律来分析地壳运动,提出地壳运动的原动力有四种,张力、挤压力、重力和形变力。张力来自于地幔的体积增加,地幔体积增加的因素是地球内部固体物质态变;挤压力来自于地幔的体积减少,地幔体积减少的因素是地球内部液态物质排放,物质排放的形式有洋壳顶置、火山喷发、岩浆侵入、排气和热液渗透等;重力来自于地壳质量的改变,改变地壳质量的因素是剥蚀、沉积、褶皱、断裂、火山堆积、底侵和俯冲等;形变力来自于地壳温度的改变,改变地壳温度的主要因素是底侵。物质态变导致地幔体积增加,物质排放导致地幔体积减少,简称地球体变。地球体变产生的张力和挤压力,是推动地壳运动的主要动力。地壳质量和地壳温度的改变,产生的重力和形变力,是推动地壳运动的次要动力。地壳运动原动力的研究,其意义在于用正确的思路解释各种地质构造。张力主要产生洋壳扩张现象;挤压力产生洋壳俯冲、转换断层、板块漂移、陆壳褶皱、剪切断裂和逆掩断裂等构造现象;重力是决定地壳上升或下降的因素;形变力产生弧后盆地、岛弧、陆壳张性断裂和陆壳折返等构造现象。
From the viewpoint of the earth formation and the evolution of the earth, this paper analyzes the movement of the earth’s crust, and puts forward four kinds of the original power, tension, pressure, gravity and deformation force. The tension comes from the volume increase of mantle. The factor increasing the volume of mantle is the state change of solid materials in the earth; the extrusion force comes from the reduced volume of the mantle. The factor reducing the volume of the mantle is the emission of the earth’s interior liquid substances. The form of substance emission includes oceanic crust overhead, volcanic eruption, magma intrusion, air exhaust, hot liquid penetration, etc.; the gravity comes from the change of the earth’s crust. The factors changing the mass of the earth’s crust and floating state include denudation, deposition, fold, fault, volcanic deposit, underplating, subduction, etc. The deformation force is derived from the change of the temperature of the earth’s crust. The main factor that changes the temperature of the crust is the bottom. The state change of substances leads to the increased volume of the mantle, and the emission of substances leads to the reduced volume materials, which is hereinafter referred to as the volume change of the earth. The tension and extrusion force produced by the volume change of the earth is the main power of the crustal movement. The gravity and deformation force produced by the change of mass and temperature of the earth’s crust is the secondary power of crustal movement. The significance of the study of the dynamic of the crustal movement is to explain the various geological structures in the correct way. The tension mainly produces the expansion of oceanic crust; the extrusion force produces subduction of oceanic crust, transform fault, plate drift, fold of continental crust, shear fault, overthrust fault and other structural phenomenon; the gravity is the factor which determines the crust rise or fall; the deformation force produces back-arc basin, island arc, extensional fault of continental crust, exhumation of continental
A Routing Strategy with Link Disruption Tolerance for Multilayered Satellite Networks  [PDF]
Gang Zheng, Yanxin Guo
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2011.311113
Abstract: Link disruption has a considerable impact on routing in multilayered satellite networks, which includes predictable disruption from the periodic satellite motion and unpredictable disruption from communication faults. Based on the analysis on the predictability of satellite links, a link disruption routing strategy is proposed for multilayered satellite networks, where, a topology period is divided into non-uniform slots, and a routing table in each slot is calculated by the topology predictability of satellite networks, and a congestion control mechanism is proposed to ensure the reliable transmission of packets, and a flooding mechanism is given to deal with the routes selection in the case of unpredictable link disruption. This routing strategy is implemented on the satellite network simulation platform, the simulation results show that the strategy has less delay and higher link utilization, and can meet the routing requirements of multilayered satellite networks.
Red or Blue? The Influence of Background Color on Promotion Value Perception  [PDF]
Yanxin Yu, Hong Zhou
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.83041
Abstract: Promotions are commonly used marketing tools for enterprises; the effectiveness of promotional posters is related to the success or failure of promotional activities. This paper embarks from two major elements of poster-promotional information and background color, and studies the effects of different promotional frames and background colors on the perceived value of consumer activity. This study divides the promotional framework into positive promotional framework and negative promotion framework. Through two experiments, the paper discusses how the matching of promotional frame and background color affects consumers value perception of promotional activities, and studies the mediating effect of perceptual diagnosis on the relationship, and the moderating effect of individual control sense on the relationship. The conclusion of the experiment is that the match between the promotional frame and the background color has an interactive effect on the value perception of the promotional activities. The experiment second verifies the existence of this interaction effect and verifies the mediating effect of perceptual diagnostics.
The Relationship between Reference CZT Two Types of Social and Economic Policy of the EU

Service Science and Management (SSEM) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/SSEM.2013.21004

After the establishment of the EU, with the member states to expand, economic differences between member countries will continue to increase. In view of different economic foundation, the development of regional economic alliance members becomes the priority among priorities of economic policy in the European Union. Regional Development Fund of the European Union, European Cohesion Fund, The European Social Fund, European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund and Fisheries Fund become the major economic policy of the European Union. In view of CZT three-city economic integration with the EU reference, from the perspective of economic region, administrative division and CZT two types office, this paper discusses the basic characteristics of the policy of regional economic integration.

Inversion of COSMIC atmospheric open-loop radio occultation data

地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: COSMIC星座GPS无线电掩星探测利用GPS开环接收技术提高低层大气观测数据的质量和对上升掩星事件的跟踪能力.开环掩星观测数据受到GPS导航数据调制的影响,在其数据后处理中必须消除该影响以获得高质量的科学反演结果.利用GPS导航数据调制码数据和利用开环数据本身内在的关系等两种方法可以消除该影响.将上述方法应用于COSMIC的掩星事件个例反演,获得了修复的大气附加相位数据;并利用几何光学近似反演方法和全谱反演方法,获得了射线弯曲角. 全谱反演方法获得的弯曲角及其温度反演结果与COSMIC数据中心的结果一致,说明我们的算法是有效的.

地球物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 利用1998年1月至2000年5月美国新墨西哥州StarfireOpticRange(SOR:35°N,106.5°W)钠风场、温度激光雷达共46个观测夜的数据,分析大气中间层钠层结构的季节变化特征.结果表明,钠层丰度变化显示出很强的年振荡现象,其平均值为5.06×109cm-2,最大值出现在11月份,最小值出现在6月和7月份.钠层均方根宽度的平均值为4.30km,中心高度的平均值为91.60km.均方根宽度和中心高度变化显示出较明显的半年振荡特征.年平均钠层夜间变化显示出潮汐的影响,丰度夜间变化在午夜前最小,日出前达到最大.白天光离化作用和夜间复合过程,与潮汐动力学一起,导致钠层丰度发生较大的夜间变化.
A calibrated TEC method for inversion of ionospheric GPS occultation data

WU Xiao-Cheng,HU Xiong,ZHANG Xun-Xie,Jens Wickert,
,,张训械,Jens Wickert

地球物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: When the low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite is low, the contribution of the Total Electron Contents(TEC)above the satellite is not neglectable for inversion of GPS-LEO ionospheric occultation.The exponential extrapolate method which is widely used now may induce a big error, especially when LEO's orbit is lower. We propose an inversion algorithm, calibrated TEC method, to estimate the TEC above LEO using the data from the non-occultation portion of the satellite track. We use the three-dimensional ray-tracing program to simulate the ionospheric occultation. Then we inverse the simulation data by the calibrated TEC method and exponential extrapolate method, and the results are compared with the model values. The results show that, for GPS/MET, the inversion profiles of the extrapolate method and the calibrated TEC method agree with the given model ionosphere, and the calibrated TEC method is better than the extrapolate method at higher altitude. For CHAMP, the errors of extrapolate method are large, and inversion profiles of the calibrated TEC method are consistent with the model values. Then, the calibrated TEC method is applied to the processing of actual GPS/MET ionospheric occultation data, and the inversion profiles are reasonable.These prove that the calibrated TEC method is a good algorithm for inversion of ionospheric GPS occultation,especially when the LEO's orbit is low.
Atmospheric inversion methods of GPS radio occultation

HU Xiong~,ZENG Zhen~,ZHANG Xun-Xie~,

地球物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: GPS radio occultation is a new technique that explores the global atmosphere. Both the inversion methods of geometric optics and full spectrum inversion are described in details. The geometric optics method is a classic inversion method used before. The full spectrum inversion can deal with the multi-path propagation problem frequently occurred in the lower atmosphere for which the classic method usually becomes inefficient. A new inversion scheme which combines the geometric optics method and the full spectrum inversion method is proposed for atmospheric radio occultation inversion. It is applied to data processing with one GPS/MET radio occultation event data and one CHAMP event data, and successfully yielding atmospheric parameter profiles, which suggest the combined method is an efficient inversion scheme.
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