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How to Develop a New Index to Measure the Difficulty Degree of Mental Paper-Folding

Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AP.2016.63037
There is strong evidence linking spatial ability to academic achievement, and some researchers suggested that spatial ability is an independent component of intelligence. However a test of spatial ability paper-folding has seen relatively little study. In research we use a computational model to explore a new index to measure the degree of paper-folding test’s difficulty. We use Row and Column’s Distance to measure the difficulty of paper-folding test. In this study, we selected 14 subjects to finish a series of mental paper-folding tests, then compared the results of two different difficulty classifications tasks, finally we found when using Row and Column’s Distance as a mea-surement, we can reduce the difficulty levels of paper-folding test, and this index can effectively distinguish different difficulty levels. Therefore, the Row and Column’s Distance is an effectiveness index to distinguish the difficulty of paper-folding test and this index is better than the previous one. In future studies, we can use this index to filter stimulate of the mental paper-folding test and standardize this kind of task.
- , 2018,
Abstract: 摘要: 人工智能领域突飞猛进的发展态势,对系统的心理学理论提出了潜在而强烈的需求。佛教被认为是系统的东方心理学体系,其中五蕴体系是其核心框架,对于人工智能研究有着重要的参考价值。为了揭示人工智能系统的功能细节,本研究提出一个辅助性的五层次心智主体模型,据此对五蕴进行逐一分析,最终得出一份心智主体的功能清单,最终说明:五蕴体系不仅能描述人类心智结构,同时也能为人工智能的构建提供框架。
Abstract: The rapid development of researches on artificial intelligence has proposed a potential but strong demand for highly systematic psychology theory. As Buddhism is considered to be a rigorous and logical oriental psychology system, the Five-Aggregate Model, which is the thread of Buddhism Psychology, is elaborated detailedly in this article to analyze the structure of an ideal artificial intelligence. In the Five-Aggregate Model, activities of a subject with a mind were divided into five aggregates (khandas), which are rūpa (physical matter and body), vedanā (feelings, or affect valence, to be precise), sa??ā (perception, or cognition of conceptions), sa?khāra (volition), and vi??ā?a (phenomenal consciousness). To clarify the question that how to build an artificial intelligence subject within the principles of Five-Aggregate Model, a five-level hierarchy of Subject with Mind was presented. At the Physical Level, a subject with mind shall provide the material environment and the sensors of rūpa, reflect vedanā changes by facial or body expressions, produce physical or verbal behavior in the control of sa?khāra, and display the processing of vi??ā?a. At the Manifesting Level, a subject with mind should be able to manifest real-time activities of the eight kinds of vi??ā?a, which contains the activities of other levels. At the Psychological Level, a subject with mind should execute psychological processing functions to generate data of vedanā, sa??ā and sa?khāra, and characterize the contents and objects of these functions in material, abstract, verbal or relational forms. The System Level and the Storage Level correspond with deep processes of the seventh and eighth vi??ā?a, especially the eighth one called ālaya-vi??ā?a, which actually was the noumenon of the whole world. At the System Level, a subject with mind should arrange and organize the operations of the whole system with four main functions. The first is to provide the processing of whole system with a tag of "Myself" to the Manifesting Level. The second is to control the environment to reward or punish this subject according to the history of its behavior. The third is to generate and record data into the Storage Level, while the fourth is to convert these data into actual activities of any level in this system. Finally, at the Storage Level, a subject with mind should store several
On-Line Measurement and Control Methods Research for Circumference of Cigarette Filter Tip

冯金良,, , 王展生, 李兴绪
Management Science and Engineering (MSE) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/MSE.2014.31002
本文实证研究发现:1) 只需要在KDF2滤棒生产线上垂直安装四台激光感应器,测量滤棒四个入射角直径,就能实现滤棒圆周的在线估计;2) 通过区间假设检验、功效函数设计,可以科学地判定烟滤棒圆周是否在标准范围内。本文提出的控制方法对卷烟企业具有借鉴意义。
Through an empirical study of this paper, it is concluded that: 1) on-line measurement of cigarette filter tip can be achieved by installing four laser sensors perpendicularly on the KDF2 cigarette filter tip production line and measuring diameter of these four angles of incidence of cigarette filter tip; 2) whether the circumference of filter tip is reaching the standard criteria can be adjudged scientifically by using interval hypothesis test. Furthermore, the control method presented in this paper can be used for reference for cigarette enterprises.
Meticulous Simulation of Seasonal Characteristics of the China Sea Wave Period

郑崇伟, 黎鑫, , 苏轼鹏, 陈璇
Adances in Marine Sciences (AMS) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/AMS.2014.12007
海浪波周期是波浪能资源开发、舰船航行安全等重点关注的要素之一,也是目前海浪研究的瓶颈。由于资料稀缺的限制,针对海浪波周期的研究可谓凤毛麟角。本文以CCMP风场驱动目前国际先进的第三代海浪数值模式WW3 (WAVEWATCH-III),模拟得到首份覆盖整个中国海、长时间序列、高时空分辨率、高精度的海浪场数据,首次实现了中国海海浪波周期季节特征的精细化研究,期望可以为“海之梦”、“中国梦”尽绵薄之力。研究结果表明中国海的海浪波周期存在较大的季节性、区域性差异,且与季风存在密切的关系:1) 中国海的波周期在1月和10月整体大于4月和7月。渤海的波周期在各个季节都小于其余海域。1月、4月和10月,海浪波周期的大值区主要分布在25?N以南,而7月主要分布于15?N以北。2) 从年平均海浪波周期的分布特征来看,南中国海大部分海域、东海大部分海域以及菲律宾以东近海的年平均波周期明显大于其余海域,高值中心分布于南海北部海域。3) 在季风期间(包含冬季风和夏季风),季风影响明显的区域波周期较小,而其余海域的波周期则偏高。
The wave period is close to the development of wave energy resource, navigation, ocean engineering, prevents and reduces sea wave calamity, and so on. In this study, the first China Sea wave data were obtained, using WW3 wave model forced by CCMP (Cross-Calibrated, Multi-Platform) wind field. Then the seasonal characteristics of the China Sea wave period were analyzed. Results showed that, 1) Wave period in January and October was greater than that in April and July. Wave period in the Bohai Sea was smaller than that in other waters all year round. In January, April and October, large area of wave period was mainly located in the south of 25?N, while in the north of 15?N in July. 2) From annual average wave period, values in the South China Sea, East Sea, and east of Philippine was greater than that in other waters. 3) During the period of monsoon, wave period in the area affected by the monsoon was larger than in the area not affected by the monsoon.
The Relationship Research among Parental Rearing Pattern, Self-Disclosure and Loneliness of Middle School Students

陆周琳,, , 丁玉连
Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/AP.2015.58058
Abstract: 本研究试图了解中学生家庭教养方式、自我表露和孤独感的关系。并进一步探讨初中生与同伴自我表露在家庭教养方式与孤独感关系中的中介效应。采用问卷调查法,使用家庭教养方式量表(PBI)、青少年与同伴自我表露问卷(邹泓编制)以及青少年孤独感问卷(阿舍编制),被试为365名初中生,全部数据使用spss17.0统计软件处理。结果显示:1) 对于不同性别,只有父亲鼓励自主和母亲鼓励自主存在显著差异。对于不同的年级,在母亲鼓励自主和关爱因子上存在显著的差异。2) 家庭教养方式、自我表露与孤独感维度之间存在相关关系。3) 孤独感的维度能够被家庭教养方式或者自我表露的某些维度预测到。4) 中介效应检验程序证实,初中生家庭教养方式的母亲关爱维度可以直接影响孤独感,也可以通过影响个体与同伴自我表露水平的亲密友谊维度影响孤独感即起着部分中介作用。
The purposes of this study are to investigate the relationship of middle school students’ parental rearing pattern, self-disclosure and loneliness, and to further explore the mediating effect of middle school students’ self-disclosure with peers on the relationship of parental rearing and loneliness. Using questionnaire method, the authors consulted many relative papers, and investigated 365 middle school students by “parenting assessment scale (PBI)”, “adolescent self-disclosure with peers questionnaire” and “adolescent loneliness questionnaire”. Data were analyzed using spss 17.0. Results showed that: 1) for different genders and grades, there is only significant difference between encouraging independence from father and that from mother; 2) parental rearing pattern, self-disclosure and loneliness have association with each other; 3) parental rearing pattern, and self-disclosure are significant predictors of loneliness; 4) mediating effect test proves that dimension of mother care in middle school students’ parental rearing pattern can directly affect loneliness, and also can affect that by influencing dimension of close friendship of self-disclo- sure with peers, which is a partial mediator.
食品科学 , 1989,
Abstract: ?本文运用营养评分法对我国部分传统糕点中的九种营养素进行评分。得出糕点中各营养素的含量和相互比例不够合理。根据营养标准并结合我国国情、作者认为在糕点配方中添加大豆粉是目前提高糕点营养质量的有效途径之一。
应用与环境生物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 摘要在温室内用盆栽法研究了土壤含水量对茶条槭、山梨和山桃的气体交换及生物量分配的影响.设置4种土壤水分处理(土壤相对含水量75.0%、61.1%、46.4%和35.4%).结果表明:随土壤含水量降低,3树种苗木净光合速率、蒸腾速率和气孔导度均下降,土壤含水量最低时,茶条槭苗木各生理指标降低幅度最大,山梨和山桃次之.茶条槭和山梨水分利用效率(wue)随土壤含水量的减少呈降低趋势,山桃wue呈升高趋势.水分胁迫下,3树种苗木根分配生物量显著增加.茶条槭在水分胁迫下,根冠比增加幅度最大,山梨次之,山桃最小.此外,茶条槭叶形态可塑性强,随土壤含水量降低,茶条槭单叶叶面积和总叶面积显著减小,叶厚度增加.山梨和山桃在水分胁迫下单叶叶面积及总叶面积无显著变化.综合3树种苗木在水分胁迫下的生理和形态指标及生物量分配的变化,茶条槭和山桃对水分胁迫的适应能力强于山梨.表4参31
材料研究学报 , 2001,
Abstract: ?总结了几类主要的有机/聚合物图像传感光导材料体系的性能,评述了材料的光致电荷转移机理、复合手段、复合材料的电子结构、分子结构和凝聚态结构对器件性能的作用,指出有机/聚合物图像传感材料研究中亟待解决的问题.
分析化学 , 2001,
Abstract: 建立了以0.05mol/LKH2PO4-甲醇为流动相的梯度洗脱反相高效液相色谱同时测定水溶性维生素C、B1、B2、B6、B12、烟酸、烟酰胺和叶酸的分析方法。方法检出限为1.4~0.76ng,用该法测定了奶粉、玉米粉、饮料及复合维生素片中水溶性维生素,相对标准偏差为2.8%~8.8%;加标回收率为74.7%~112.5%.
不同条件下凡纳滨对虾(Litopenaeus vannamei)能量代谢研究
海洋与湖沼 , 2011, DOI: 10.11693/hyhz201101006006
Abstract: 通过设置不同温度、盐度、pH 值和摄食状态的方法, 研究凡纳滨对虾在不同条件下的无机磷、亚硝酸氮、硝酸氮、氨氮的释放率。结果表明, 温度、体重、盐度、pH 值和摄食状态对其代谢存在影响。无机磷、亚硝酸氮、硝酸氮、氨氮的释放率与体重呈负相关; 在 20—30℃的温度范围内, 随着温度的上升, 凡纳滨对虾磷、亚硝酸氮、氨氮的释放率均上升, 硝酸氮的释放率在 25℃时最高; 在 10—31 的盐度范围内, 随着盐度的升高, 凡纳滨对虾[(5.341±0.041)g]磷的释放率升高, 亚硝酸氮、 硝酸氮、 氨氮的释放率均降低; 在7.5—9.0的pH值范围内, 随着pH值的升高, 凡纳滨对虾[(5.355±0.021)g]磷的释放率明显下降, 亚硝酸氮的释放率上升, 氨氮的释放率在pH值为8.5时达到最大值, 硝酸氮的释放率在pH值为8.5时达到最小值; 凡纳滨对虾[(0.344±0.063)g]摄食配合饲料, 饱食状态下磷、亚硝酸氮、硝酸氮、氨氮的释放率比饥饿状态下分别提高了 38.5%、131.3%、93.4%、93.3%。表明摄食时蛋白质代谢增加显著。
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