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Variability in the germination of spores among and within natural populations of the endangered tree fern Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. (Xaxim)
Gomes, Gabriela Schmitz;Randi, áurea Maria;Puchalski, ?ngelo;Santos, Daisy da Silva;Reis, Maurício Sedrez dos;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132006000100001
Abstract: the objective of this study was to analyze the existing variability in the germination of individuals' spores collected from two natural populations of dicksonia sellowiana in southern brazil. the largest intrapopulational variation was observed for the spores germination. these results suggested the existence of adaptative strategies that favored the gradual and continuous entrance of new individuals into the gametophytic population. the behavior of the individuals of the species within each population followed a similar pattern of initial development, in spite of conspicuous differences in the population structure. this showed a low differentiation between the populations and the existence of adaptative strategies which were common to both communities.
Moral Education and Education for the Citizenship
áurea Maria de Oliveira
Educa??o : Teoria e Prática , 2006,
Abstract: The Moral Education and the Education for the Citizenship imply in the reflection on which are the society that we want. It is only from this definition that it becomes possible to argue the school institution contribution in the process of social transformation and,therefore the organization of a pedagogical environment aiming at the formation of the citizen as individual inserted in a universal context propitiating the necessary conditions to the development of solidary people, fraternity, with capacity to argue, to question, tocooperate and to transform the way where it lives. When establishing a relation between Moral Education and Education for the Citizenship I am prioritizing, in the pedagogical action, the work with the construction of the cooperation concept, equality and justice,concepts that will allow the understanding and the construction, for the citizen, of the human rights underlying ethical principles and the democracy concept while pillars of a free society organization, with equality and justice.
Infantile Literature: the work with the process of moral values construction, in the infantile education.
áurea Maria de Oliveira
Educa??o : Teoria e Prática , 2007,
Abstract: The act of telling histories is one of the pedagogical activities that compose the didactic actions developed in the preschool age period. We start by the thought that the educator’s identification of the scenes that can unchain a moral discussion, as well as, the organization of a pedagogical action, by the judgment of the character’s actions, propitiates an adjusted environment for the work with the citizenship formation process. With this intention thepresent article has as objective to argue, from the Piaget’s theoretical referential on the process of the moral development, the use of Infantile Literature texts as ways for the organization of an educative action with the process of the infantile morality evolution.We select for the organization of this work three moments: the contextualization of the theoretical referential; the presentation of two texts, in which the educator can identify, in the plot of the histories, scenes that are possible to unchain a moral discussion; the election of a Literature text that was submitted to the child with the intention of demonstrating the educator’s intervention in the construction process of the dialogue, the argument and the confrontation of divergent points of view, aiming at the co ordination of different perspectives.
Reliability of fourier transform infrared spectroscopy in the characterization of human skin  [PDF]
Maria O Longas, Kenya Cheairs, Michelle M Puchalski, Jung I Park
Advances in Biological Chemistry (ABC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/abc.2011.12004
Abstract: Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, an organic molecule characterizing tool, is used here to differentiate young (36 ? 2.87 years) and aged (78 ? 1.25 years) skins, based on glycosaminoglycan (GAG) and protein functional groups. Female breast mas-tectomy-skin, FT-IR spectroscopy revealed intensity differences that were quantified on GAG and protein standard curves, and assigned to the corresponding functional groups. Band intensity reductions at 78- years include: 34.37% (w/w) ?1259 - 1223 cm–1, sulfate (SO42–)/sulfonate (SO3–) S=O/phosphate (PO42?) P=O stretch?; 32.00% (w/w) (1383-1262 cm-1, GAG- methyl C-H/C-C-H); and 35.60% (w/w) ?1738 - 1646 cm–1, C=O stretch: N-acetylated GAG’s, Amide I, and others?. Intensity increments at 78-years are 63.32% (w/w) (1636 - 1523 cm–1, Phe/Trp/Tyr-C=C, Amide II); 27.02% (w/w) [1511 - 1457 cm–1, protein ?(CH2)/ ?(CH3) stretch]; and 41.90% (w/w) (1218 - 1139 cm–1, Phe/Trp/Tyr C-H/C-N/C-C6H5 vibrations). The data speak to the power of FT-IR spectroscopy as a non-invasive tool to diagnose tissue disorders such as skin, liver, kidney or any other type that would require a noninvasive tool like FT-IR, to prevent further dam-age during the diagnosis. These results also demon-strate an age-mediated decrease of skin-GAG content, and GAG-N-acetylation, in addition to protein com-position concentration increments.
Influência da colora??o das sementes na germina??o de Phyllanthus tenellus Roxb. e Phyllanthus niruri L. (Euphorbiaceae)
Venturi, Silvia;Randi, áurea Maria;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061997000100009
Abstract: heteromorphy was observed in phyllanthus tenellus and p. niruri seeds. there are two kinds of seeds: brown and yellow. there is variation in the number of the two kinds of seeds harvested in different periods of the year. brown seeds present higher mass and higher percentage of germination. proteins and soluble sugars were also analysed in p. niruri seeds and the highest level of these storage substances was found in seeds harvested in late spring. in p. niruri the level of protein and soluble sugars was smaller in the sample harvested in autumn, but no alteration was seen in seed mass. seed germination of the autumn collection was smaller than the spring collection. soluble sugars level was higher in yellow seeds of p. niruri and in brown seeds of p. tenellus. brown seeds germination was higher under continuous white light. after 10 months of storage at ± 4oc the germinability of the p. tenellus brown seeds decreased about 50%.
Saúde Pública e Coloniza??o da Natureza
Ianni, áurea Maria Z?llner;
Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73312009000400007
Abstract: this paper presents some issues on which the field of public/collective health in brazil needs to reposition. based on the design of biological and social consolidated in the field from the 1970s, it discusses the concept of nature and culture that has supported the debate. it shows how this debate has been historically positioned, so it deserves to be reviewed, given the context of contemporary modern societies. biotechnology practices are the subject of analysis in that, in addition to their intensive use by health, hold the characteristics of joining biological and social factors in the same object, transforming and creating living beings and working in the biodiversity. this scenario requires from the public/collective health the urgent need to review their theoretical and epistemological marks.
Effects of sucrose and irradiance on germination and early gametophyte growth of the endangered tree fern Dicksonia sellowiana Hook (Dicksoniaceae)
Renner, Gladys Daniela Rogge;Randi, áurea Maria;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33062004000200017
Abstract: it is an endangered tree fern that grows in mixed umbrophylus forests in the tropics. sterilized spores were germinated at 25 ± 2oc under a 16-hour photoperiod, in dyer and ms medium supplemented with 0 to 5% sucrose. the germination was lower with the addition of sucrose. dry mass was higher in 30-day-old gametophytes cultivated in dyer medium with the addition of 3 to 5% of sucrose. the dry mass decreased in 30-day-old gametophytes cultivated in dyer and ms media without sucrose and in ms medium with the addition of 4 or 5% of sucrose. the effect of different irradiance on the germination and early gametophyte development of d. sellowiana was analyzed in the autumn of 1998 (may until july). conical flasks containing spores were kept over a period of 49 days in 50cm3 boxes covered with black shade netting, which gave 5, 20, 36 and 50% of irradiance. the lower mean germination time was observed for spores cultivated under 5% and 20% of irradiance. the highest chlorophyll content was recorded in gametophytes cultivated for 49 days under 20% and 5% of irradiance .the highest soluble sugar content was recorded in gametophytes cultivated under 5% and 20% of irradiance.
Memória para a frente, e... o resto é lotaria dos exames: A reforma do ensino liceal em 1947
Ad?o,áurea; Remédios,Maria José;
Revista Lusófona de Educa??o , 2008,
Abstract: in 1947, the promulgation of a reforming grammar school (lycée) law, preceded and proceeded by major legal devices, fits in with the educational policy of the new state, which was then confronted with the problem of the secondary education identity, and especially of the grammar school (lycée). at the time, the national assembly was a political space where the speeches calling into evidence the measures of governance of oliveira salazar, and sometimes, simultaneously, made public the existing realities. furthermore, within the constraints which were imposed, the regularly press performed the main tool for a wider dissemination of the adopted policies. using as primary sources the historic archive of the ministry of education documentation, the national assembly meeting actes and press articles, with this study we seek to focus on: the process of 1947’s preparing reform, the contents of the speeches and the feelings of parliamentarians related to the functioning of the grammar school (lycée); the role played by some newspapers, with the publication of articles, studies and news that naturally contributed to the training and information of the public opinion on the meaning and value of the grammar school (lycée) and its reform.
A narratividade educativa na 1a fase da governa??o de Oliveira Salazar. A voz das mulheres na Assembleia Nacional portuguesa (1935-1945)
Ad?o,áurea; Remédios,Maria José;
Revista Lusófona de Educa??o , 2005,
Abstract: with oliveira salazar?s accession to the government, following the military coup of 1926 which put an end to the period of democratic republican life established in 1910, a process leading to the establishment of an authoritarian regime took shape. the portuguese constitution approved in 1933 defines the new regime which came to be known as estado novo [new state] ideologically sustained by an anti-liberal concept of catholic outlook and which will strongly keep portugal away from the deep changes with which european societies were faced. nonetheless, it is this political regime that will grant portuguese women not only the right to vote, never obtained during the 1st republic, despite feminist claims, but it will also ensure them a seat in the assembleia nacional [national assembly]. oliveira salazar?s educational policies between 1935 and 1947 (first phase of the regime) runs alongside the formation and consolidation of a nationalist school, whose purpose is to prepare the new men and the new women who will serve a portuguese society supported on three pillars - god, nation and family. this paper aims at divulging the work developed within the scope of the project mulheres, educa??o, poder(es) [women, education, power(s)] whose main objective is to work upon primary sources as a contribution towards writing the history of women?s education in contemporary portugal. bearing in mind the interventions of female mps throughout three legislatures (1935-1945), we propose to draw a framework of feminine participation in the political sphere by examining their speeches with regard to gender categories.
Boneca Gertrudes: identidade feminina e práticas educativas em Saúde
Bógus, Cláudia Maria;Ianni, áurea Maria Z?llner;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32831999000100008
Abstract: the 1984 introduction of the women's health integral assistance program, incorporating the female identity issue (i.e., seeking to view women relative to their body and sexuality, as well as the way in which these representations related to the social significance of motherhood), resulted in its becoming essential to rethink the health services practices carried out up to then. with a view to aiding the educational activities of health professionals, a pedagogical tool was devised at the time: the gertrudes doll. the present research project, conducted during 1995 and 1996, assessed the reach of this pedagogical tool, taking into account its diversity of uses in educational practices in the health care field and, mainly, whether this variety of uses was the result of the pedagogical properties that constitute the gertrudes doll: the expression of a dialogical methodology and the concretization of the female body. this investigation intends to contribute to the discussion on the development of further tools, dealing with gender issues, for assisting educational work in the health care field.
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