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A Water Balance Model Based on Budyko Framework and Its Calibration through Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Umut Okkan, Umut Krdemir
Dogal Afetler ve Cevre Dergisi , 2016, DOI: 10.21324/dacd.78858
Abstract: In the study presented, to define monthly rainfall-runoff relation, a water budget model based on Budyko approach was used. Proposed five-parameter model requires only monthly mean precipitation and potential evapotranspiration data as input. The study region covers the Nif Creek located at the Gediz Basin. Model was calibrated with particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. To validate the performance of model calibrated via PSO, statistical measures were assessed. The results derived from the study show that water budget model is successful in modeling of monthly runoff series.
Comparing efficacy of preemptively used lornoxicam and tramadol for postoperative pain in patients underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Pakize Krdemir,An?l Mar?an
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: The management of postoperative pain is an important problem in Anesthesiology. This randomized double-blind study compared the analgesic efficacy of preemptively used lornoxicam and tramadol in patients underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy.Methods: A total of 76 patients were randomly divided into four groups. All patients received tablets 4 hours before the operation. Preemptively Group PL received 4 mg lornoxicam, Group PT received 50 mg tramadol and Group L and T received placebo. After the operation Group PL received 0.8 mg/h infusion and 1 mg bolus lornoxicam; Group L 1.6 mg loading, 0.8 mg/h infusion and 1 mg bolus lornoxicam; Group PT 5 mg/h infusion and 10 mg bolus tramadol; Group T 20 mg loading, 5 mg/h infusion and 10 mg bolus tramadol for 24 hours. Pain intensity and pain relief at 0, 1st, 2nd,3rd, 6th,10th, 24th hours and overall assessment of pain relief was done at 24th hour.Results: Demographic features, operation time, heart rate and mean arterial blood pressure values were not different between four groups. Both Group PL and PT had lower pain intensity and higher pain relief values than Group L and T. Group PL and PT had lower total drug consumption and higher pain relief. Overall assessment of pain relief was highest in Group PL. Pain intensity was highest in Group T and lowest in Group PL at all time points.Conclusion: Onset of analgesia with lornoxicam was faster and greater patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) demand was observed with tramadol. Postoperative pain relief was similar with lornoxicam and tramadol administrated by PCA. This study suggests that preemptive administration of lornoksikam and tramadol may result in more postoperative pain relief. J Clin Exp Invest 2010; 1(1): 1-6
The Efficacy of Intra-Articular Injection of Hyaluronic Acid With Supplemental Peroral Vitamin E Following Arthroscopic Debridement in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Study
Ahmet Aslan,Vecihi Krdemir,Tolga Atay,Yakup Barbaros Baykal
Türkiye Fiziksel Tip ve Rehabilitasyon Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Objective: We evaluated clinical results of intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid and peroral Vitamin E treatment after arthroscopic debridement in patients with knee osteoarthritis who got no cure with medical treatment previously. Materials and Methods: A total of 44 patients with knee pain, who were diagnosed as having knee osteoarthritis according to the American College of Rheumatology criteria, were included in this study. The subjects were randomly divided into 3 groups after arthroscopic debridement: Group S was given intra-articular Hylan G-F 20 treatment; Group S+E - intraarticular Hylan G-F 20 treatment plus oral vitamin E; and Group C underwent only arthroscopic debridement. Pain, stiffness and functional capacity scores were evaluated preoperatively and 6 and 12 months postoperatively according to the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC). Results: In all groups, 6- and 12-month postoperative WOMAC scores were lesser than the preoperative ones. The WOMAC scores at 6 and 12 months were statistically lower in the S+E and S groups than in the group C (p<0.05). The S+E group demonstrated better results in terms of improvement in symptoms than the S-group at 6 and 12 months postoperatively (p<0.05). Conclusion: We believe that arthroscopic debridement is beneficial in suitable knee osteoarthritis cases and vitamin E and intra-articular hyaluronic acid may reduce the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. Turk J Phys Med Re-hab 2012;58:199-203.
Effectiveness of sevoflurane or propofol combined with remifentanil for intubation without muscle relaxants
Dilek Karaaslan,Tülay T. Peker,Pakize Krdemir,Esra Nay?r
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations , 2011,
Abstract: We aimed to investigate the reliability of the hypothesis that whether sevoflurane-remifentanil could offer equivalent intubation conditions with propofol-remifentanil in the absence of muscle relaxants.Materials and methods: Total of 80 patients of ASA grades I and II scheduled for elective surgery were randomly allocated into two groups. Patients in group I received an infusion of remifentanil 1 mcg/kg/min and inhalation of sevoflurane 8% until the Bispectral index (BIS) being less than 60. Patients in group II received a co-infusion of remifentanil 1 mcg/kg/min and propofol 1 mg/kg/min until BIS is <60. Intubation was attempted when BIS is <60. Intubation conditions were assessed as optimal, good, marginal, and poor using jaw relaxation, vocal cord opening, and limb movement. The heart rate and mean arterial blood pressure (ABP) were recorded before and during the induction, and thereafter, 1, 2 and 5 minutes following intubation. The time for BIS to be <60 was recorded.Results: Optimal intubation conditions were achieved more often in group II than in group I (90% versus 45%, p=0.002). The ratio of patients showing optimal or good intubating conditions was 80% in group I and 100% in group II (p=0.035). Time required for BIS to be <60 was shorter in group II than in group I (47.1±27.2 sec vs. 111.9±60.6 sec, p<0.001). In both groups, there was a decrease in heart rate and mean ABP compared to baseline.Conclusion: Under BIS monitorization, propofol-remifentanil combination offered better intubation conditions and shorter anesthesia induction period compared with sevoflurane-remifentanil. J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(2):138-43
Comparing analgesic and hemodynamic effects of unilateral spinal levobupivacaine, levobupivacaine-fentanyl and levobupivacaine-morphine combinations for arthroscopic procedures
Pakize Krdemir,Dilek Karaaslan,Tülay Tuncer Peker,Sinem Sar?
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: Aim of the study was to compare the analgesic and hemodynamic effects of levobupivacaine, levobupivacaine-fentanyl, levobupivacaine-morphine for arthroscopic knee surgery under unilateral spinal anesthesia.Methods: A total of 44 ASA I/II patients scheduled for arthroscopy were included in the study. After prehydration patients kept in a lateral position on the nondependent side. Spinal puncture was performed at L3–4/L4–5 intervertebral space. Patients divided into three subgroups: Group L (n=14) received 0.5% levobupivacaine 1 ml+1 ml distilled water; Group LF (n=15), 25 mcg fentanyl (0.5 ml)+0.5 ml distilled water; and Group LM (n=15), 0.01 mg morphine (0.5 ml)+0.5 ml distilled water. Patients remained in that position for 15 minutes. Blood pressure and heart rate were recorded before and 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 30th minutes after the block and every 15 minutes during the operation. Motor blockade and sensorial level, side effects, motor block regression time (MBRT), first urination time and first analgesic need (FAN) were recorded.Results: Group LM had the longest MBRT, but difference with other groups did not reach to a significant level (p>0.05). Group LM had significantly longer FAN time compare with other groups (p<0.05). The first urination time was latest in Group LM (p<0.05). Motor blockade was least in Group L (p<0.05) and almost 50% patients had not motor block.Conclusion: All three groups had successful anesthesia. Morphine group added group had significantly longer analgesia without significant urinary retention and motor blockade regression time. We concluded that additional low doses of morphine will be a better choice.
Ectopic Mediastinal Parathyroid Adenoma: A Case Report
Umut Mousa,Dalokay K?l??,Yahya Ekici
Turkish Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism , 2012,
Abstract: Parathyroid adenomas comprise the majority of cases of primary hyperparathyroidism. Most of these adenomas are located near the lower poles of the thyroid glands, however, mediastinal, intrathyroidal, retroesophageal and intrathymic localizations have been reported. Preoperative imaging is very important for localization of the parathyroid adenomas. The most effective imaging method in localizing ectopic parathyroid adenomas is Technetium-99m sestamibi scintigraphy. Even when localized by scintigraphy, surgical exploration may be unsuccessful in adenomas less than 2 cm in size. In our case, we have obtained a successful parathyroid imaging which guided the chest surgeons and general surgeons to perform a successful parathyroidectomy via sternotomy. The attendance of a general surgeon experienced in parathyroid surgery has provided benefit in surgical exploration of the ectopic parathyroid adenoma. Turk Jem 2012; 16: 46-8
Asperger Syndrome In Adulthood: A Review
Ali Tufan,?brahim Durukan,Umut I??k
Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine , 2011, DOI: 10.4328
Abstract: Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is one of the disorders classified under pervasive developmental disorders. Individuals with AS have problems in social interaction, unusual special interests, and a tendency to ritualized behavior. AS is a chronic disorder that affects the social, occupational, sexual and psychological functionality of individiuals with AS. This review was prepared on the basis of a selective literature review by Pubmed and information in relevant reference books. As a result, longitudinal studies are deemed to be necessary to be able understand the features of AS in adulthood.
Scholarly Electronic Journals in Turkey Türkiye’de Bilimsel Elektronik Dergiler
Mehmet Emin Kü?ük,Umut Al,Necip Erol Olcay
Türk Kütüphanecili?i , 2008,
Abstract: This study aims to establish the profi le of Turkish scholarly electronic journals. Initially, scholarly electronic journals were identifi ed. Then, the journals’ inventory was established and analyses for establishing a country profi le were performed by using the data gathered from the inventory. Some 253 “scholarly electronic journals” were identifi ed, and 60% of those journals are published by Turkish universities and 10% of them are electronic only. Two-thirds of the present journals have started e-publishing after the year 2000 and only four journals’ back issues go back to 20 years or earlier. It is observed that, information technology is not being fully integrated into the function and process of e-publishing. For example, access points to journals’ contents are limited: only 39% of the journals facilitate search in current and back issues. Again, just 19% of the present journals accept online article submission. Examination of subjects and languages of journals has shown that researchers in health sciences (37%) and social sciences (34%) are the two major groups that strive to publish in electronic journals. Other subject groups are in a slow transformation process. Languages other than Turkish are also used for scholarly communication in Turkish journals (39% of journals are in only Turkish). Some 94% of journals provide open access. Bu al man n amac , Türkiye’deki bilimsel elektronik dergilerin profi lini olu turmakt r. al mada ncelikle, “bilimsel elektronik dergi” l ütüne uyan dergiler belirlenmi tir. Belirlenen dergilerin bir envanteri olu turulmu , bu envanter üzerinde Türkiye profi lini belirlemeye y nelik analizler yap lm t r. Belirlenen l ütlere uyan toplam 253 dergi tespit edilmi tir. Bunlar n %60’ üniversitelerce yay mlanmaktad r. Sadece elektronik ortamda yay mlananlar n oran %10’dur. Mevcut dergilerin ü te ikisinin 2000 y l ndan sonra e-yay nc l a ba lad , toplam d rt derginin 20 y l ve üzeri say s n n elektronik ortamda bulundu u g rülmü tür. E-yay nc l n ülkemiz i in “yeni” olmas n n do al bir sonucu olarak teknolojinin, i lemlerin ve i levlerin tamam na entegre edilmedi i g zlemlenmi tir. rne in, dergi i eriklerine eri im noktalar s n rl olup, tarama zelli i dergilerin sadece %39’unda mevcuttur. Yine dergilerin sadece %19’unun evrimi i makale ba vurusu kabul etti i saptanm t r. Konu ve yay n dili da l mlar incelendi inde, sa l k bilimleri (%37) ve sosyal bilimler (%34) alanlar ndaki dergilerin mevcut dergilerin ü te ikisinden fazlas n olu turmas di er disiplinlerin bu disiplinlere g re olduk a “a r” da
Problem of Homelessness of Human Being in the Context of Technology in Heidegger
Umut Da?
Beytulhikme : An International Journal of Philosophy , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, I focused on an examination of the relationship between the critic of technology and homelesness of human being as a problem in Heidegger’s philosophy. I argue that technology and homelessness of human being needs to be dealt with in their relation to the metaphysical thinking through which history of western philosophy has been totally dominated. For, these two distinguished problems are the offsprings of western metaphysical thinking. Thus, both the problem of technology and homelessness can be best understood in terms of basic Heideggerian concepts such as the abondenment of metaphysical thinking, asking the question of Being anew, and finally thinking as thinking on Being.
üniversite Kütüphanelerinde Bilgi Hizmetlerinin nternet Arac l yla Pazarlanmas / Marketing of Information Services at University Libraries via Internet
Umut Al
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2002,
Abstract: Marketing concept, that had been important for for-profit organizations in the past, has now become an essential management tool for non-profit organizations as well. In time, university libraries which are non-profit organizations also started to make use of marketing methods and techniques. This descriptive study involves the Internet, marketing and university libraries within the same frame, and provides information about what should be done by university libraries in the process of marketing via Internet.

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