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Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on Mechanical Property of Tissue Engineering Cartilage Constructed by BMSCs/PRF Compound Membranes.

赵萤, 陈慧, <br>ZHAO Ying, CHEN Hui, ZHANG Min
- , 2018, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2018.03.009
Abstract: 摘要 目的: 观察流体静压力对骨髓间充质干细胞(bone marrow stem cells,BMSCs)复合富血小板纤维蛋白(platelet-rich fibrin,PRF)构建的组织工程软骨力学性能的影响。方法: 采用密度梯度离心法分离培养兔BMSCs并进行表面标志物鉴定,并制备细胞膜片。采用全血离心的方法分离兔PRF,构建BMSCs/PRF双膜复合体。将复合体随机分为3组:对照组、诱导组以及压力+诱导组。Real-time PCR检测成软骨标志基因Sox-9、Aggrecan 及 Col-II的表达量。HE染色、甲苯胺蓝染色观察复合体组织学改变。ElectroForce Systems3200力学测量仪测试BMSCs/PRF双膜复合体的弹性模量。结果: 诱导组及压力+成软骨分化诱导组中成软骨标志基因Sox-9、Aggrecan 及 Col-II的表达量显著高于对照组,且压力+诱导组中Aggrecan和Col-II的表达量显著高于压力组。HE染色发现,压力+诱导组中软骨细胞的数量较对照组及诱导组显著增高。甲苯胺蓝染色可见压力+诱导组中大量蓝紫色异染的细胞外基质。弹性模量检测发现,压力+诱导组的弹性模量显著高于对照组及诱导组。结论: 流体静压力可提高BMSCs/PRF双膜复合体构建组织工程软骨的质量及力学性能
Mixed-Mode Simulation of High Voltage and Power IC

ZHANG Min,LI Zhao,|ji,YANG Zhi,|lian,<br>,李肇基,杨之廉
半导体学报 , 2000,
Abstract: A unified net model of high voltage and power device is presented. Using the two\|level Newton algorithm a circuit\|device mixed\|model simulator of high voltage and power IC is developed based on SPICE3 and PISCES2B,with which the mixed\|mode simulation of high voltage LDMOS switcher is performed. It can directly probe the influence of the power device parameters on the circuits performance and facilitate the design of high voltage and power IC with this method.
Research on an OSPF-based Pre-Computational QoS Routing Extension Algorithm

ZHANG Jing,RAN Xiao-Min,HU Han-Ying,<br>,冉晓,胡捍英
计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: Within a MPLS domain, the setting up of LSPs needs a QoS-aware routing protocol for the dissemination of QoS-related information and the actual QoS path selection. While the original OSPF does not support QoS routing,the OSPF-QoSR routing scheme which is extensions of OSPF has been proposed and discussed in detail in this paper. QoS LSPs for flows are determined based on some knowledge of dynamic bandwidth resource availability in the network as well as the QoS requirements of flows. Simulation results show that the OSPF-QoSR scheme outperforms the OSPF scheme considering only the shortest paths in terms of loss ratio,link utilisation and delay.
Competitive assessment of water use in alley cropping system in low hilly red soil region

ZHAO Ying,ZHANG Bin,<br>赵 英,
土壤 , 2012,
Abstract: Alley cropping system may influence water movement and balance owing to its complex interactions between crop and tree rooting systems as well as spatial variation of landscapes and characteristic of soil hydraulics. The objective of this study is to analyze the temporal and spatial variations of soil water regime, to quantify two dimensional water fluxes and directions and to evaluate water use in one alley cropping system, consisting of Choerospondias axillaris and peanut (Arachis hypogaea) in subtropical China. A multi-layered water balance model, with water movement between layers along soil water potential was applied. The test period was from March 1999 to December 2002 in fifteen experimental plots. The result showed Choerospondias axillaris could utilize soil water in deep soil (50-100 cm depth) and alleviate the seasonal drought. The direction of soil water movement indicated that soil water moved to hedgerow of Choerospondias axillaris, which indicated that Choerospondias axillaris also competed with peanut for water in the tested alley cropping systems especially in seasonal drought. Water competition was related to the tree spacing and tree age. The alley cropping system increased 5%-12% of evapotranspiration, decreased net drainage and water storage, and decreased 50%-60% of runoff after cultivation of peanut. The alley cropping system can change soil water balance and water use patterns, which is needed to be considered in the ecological construction.
Study and implementation of Chinese language emotion analysissystem based on weight algorithm

ZHANG Hao-min,SHI Bo-ying,LIU Xu-hong,<br>,石博莹,刘栩宏
计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to separate the sentence structure and to judge the content of the statement more accurate, this paper put forward a new methodology of weight calculation based on the foundation of Chinese words segmentation and then analyzed the emotion of sentences. First, it adapted Chinese words segmentation algorithm to separate the sentence structure and then appended word dictionary according to the part of speech of words. Next, the methodology filtered disturbing words in sentences using word dictionary. Finally, the methodology took advantages of the new weight calculating algorithm to analyze the emotion of sentences accurately. Several validation tests approve that the result of the analysis has high accuracy and can be widely used in many applications such as public opinion analysis and so on.
Effects of cyclic hydrostatic pressure on proliferation and ultrastructure of rat’s BMSCs.

潘景光, 赵萤, 刘岩正, <br>PAN Jing-guang, ZHAO Yin, LIU Yan-zheng, ZHANG Min.
- , 2017, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2017.06.004
Abstract: 摘要 目的:观察周期性流体静压力作用下骨髓间充质干细胞(Bone Marrow Stem cells,BMSCs)细胞增殖活性及超微结构的改变。方法:贴壁法分离培养大鼠BMSCs。采用自主研发的流体静压力加载装置对大鼠BMSCs进行力学加载,加载压力为0~45 kPa、0~90 kPa,加载频率为0.1 Hz,时间1 h,连续加载2 d。对照组细胞不加压。采用CCK8法检测细胞的增殖活性,采用透射电镜观察大鼠BMSCs超微结构的变化。结果:0~45 kPa 、0~90 kPa周期性流体静压力作用下BMSCs增殖活性显著高于对照组(P<0.05),透射电镜下观察发现,0~45 kPa作用下BMSCs细胞内质网轻度扩张,胶原合成量增加。而0~90 kPa作用下细胞出现了大量胶原及凋亡小体。结论:适宜的周期性流体静压力作用下可提高细胞的增殖活性,但过高的压力刺激可诱导细胞产生凋亡
Fast Temporal-Spatio Segmentation Algorithm Using Quadric Spatial Transformations

ZHANG Ying,ZHANG Zhao-yang,<br>,兆杨
中国图象图形学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 在传统的 H.2 61/3以及 MPEG- 1/2标准中是采用基于块的压缩算法 ,可在低比特率运用时 ,会出现严重的块状效应及蚊式噪声。为了克服上述弱点 ,近来提出的面向对象的视频编码算法 ,曾采用时空分割方法将图象分割成若干个具有一致运动的区域。其虽可克服传统编码算法的缺陷 ,但却需有多次计算复杂的运动模型参数 ,因而造成巨大的运算负载。本文提出了一种基于二次空间变换的快速时空分割算法 (QBFTSS) ,即在图象空域分割及区域二次空间变换运动模型参数估计的基础上 ,通过将非线性的参数估计问题线性化 ,以及运用 Householder变换、求区域相应的 R、z矩阵的快速算法等方法 ,来有效地降低时空分割的运算负载。
Assessment of competition for water, fertilizer and light between components in the alley cropping system

ZHAO Ying,ZHANG Bin,WANG Ming-Zhu,<br>赵英,,王明珠
生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Alley cropping systems can positively utilize deep soil water and leached nitrogen in the dry season,and help prevent soil and water erosion in the rainy season.In the surface soil,however,competition for nitrogen and water,and above the ground the competition for sunlight between the components may occur.The objective of this paper was to assess the alley cropping system,consisting of Choerospondias axillaris trees and peanut(Arachis hypogaea) plants in subtropical China in terms of uses of soil water,soil nitrogen and light.()~(15)N injection experiments were carried out to determine N use by tree and crop.Spatial variations of photosynthetic available radiation(PAR) were measured to determine the shadowing effect.Spatial and temporal variations of soil water regime were monitored to determine the competition for water between the trees and peanut plants.In addition,crop and tree growth were also recorded.Compared to the tree alone systems,alley cropping systems encouraged the fast growth of the trees,and depressed the biomass and yield of peanut by 20% to 50%. The impact of PAR was profound and had a negative relationship to the biomass and yield of peanut plants.The spatial and temporal variations of soil water regime indicated that the tree utilized soil water beneath the surface layer and alleviated the seasonal drought.Competition for soil water between the tree and peanut plant occurred at the beginning of the dry season.Compared with the mono-peanut cropping system,the alley cropping system decreased()~(15)N recovery by peanut plant and increased()~(15)N recovery by the tree,indicating that the tree utilized soil nitrogen leached to 60 cm depth.The yield and biomass of peanut plants were influenced mostly by light,but also by fertilizer and water.The results suggest that these competitions for resources must be taken account to optimize the alley cropping system.
Effects of Plant Crown Shape on Reflectance of Grassland

ZHANG N,ZHAO Ying-shi,<br>,赵英时
遥感学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 本研究建立了一个反映植被辐射传输和几何光学特性的混合模型,以模拟半干旱地区天然草地的多波段反射率值。该模型引入一个几何相似性参数,用以描述植株冠层的几何形状对叶/枝角分布、阴影地面比例、冠层和地面各光学分量、冠层反射率和总反射率的影响。模型模拟值与研究区3个不同退化程度羊草草地的实测值较为吻合,而且退化程度越轻的草地,模拟效果也越好。对于中度退化草地,在高度与冠幅之比(chw)不变的情况下,当45°≤太阳天顶角sza≤75°时,不同几何形状植株的总反射率之间无显著差异;当0°≤sza〈45°或75°〈sza≤90°时,锥体与球体和柱体植株的总反射率之间有较显著差异;而球体和柱体植株的总反射率之间始终无显著差异。当chw由小到大变化时,以上结论基本不变。
A New Time-Shift Invariant Feature of Radar HRRPs

Liu Jing,Zhang Jun-ying,Zhao Feng,<br>刘敬,军英,赵峰
电子与信息学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Radar High-Resolution Range Profile (HRRP) is very sensitive to time-shift; therefore, HRRP-based Radar Automatic Target Recognition (RATR) requires efficient time-shift invariant features. A new time-shift invariant feature, i.e., amplitude spectrum difference of HRRP, is extracted from HRRP to solve the time-shift sensitivity. The result of theoretical analysis shows that, as a time-shift invariant feature, amplitude spectrum difference is more suitable for HRRP-based RATR than amplitude spectrum is. Shortest distance classifier and Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier are designed to evaluate the recognition performance. Experimental results for measured data show that, comparing with amplitude spectrum, amplitude spectrum difference improves recognition performance remarkably.
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