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Mel'nikov method revisited  [PDF]
G. Cicogna,M. Santoprete
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: We illustrate a completely analytic approach to Mel'nikov theory, which is based on a suitable extension of a classical method, and which is parallel and -- at least in part -- complementary to the standard procedure. This approach can be also applied to some ``degenerate'' situations, as to the case of nonhyperbolic unstable points, or of critical points located at the infinity (thus giving rise to unbounded orbits, e.g. the Keplerian parabolic orbits), and it is naturally ``compatible'' with the presence of general symmetry properties of the problem.
Classifica o do mel em floral ou mel de melato  [cached]
Campos G.,Della-Modesta R. C.,Silva T. J. P.,Baptista K. E.
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2003,
Abstract: O mel é um produto natural de abelhas fabricado a partir do néctar das flores (mel floral) e de secre es de partes vivas das plantas, ou de excre es de insetos sugadores de partes vivas das plantas (mel de melato). O melato é uma fonte alternativa de alimento bastante utilizada pela abelha. Em Santa Catarina, o mel de melato é muito conhecido, sendo produzido nos meses de janeiro a abril, em ciclos bianuais. Foram colhidas aleatoriamente 25 amostras de mel, no período de janeiro/93 a junho/96, de diferentes apiários e datas de colheita. Foram determinados os teores de umidade, pH, cinzas e a úcares redutores. Os resultados foram utilizados na aplica o da equa o de Kirkwood para classificar o mel como floral ou de melato. As amostras também foram analisadas quanto à rota o óptica para classifica o de acordo com White. Das 25 amostras analisadas, 11 foram classificadas como mel de melato de acordo com Kirkwood e White. O estudo estatístico, feito pela aplica o do teste exato de Fisher, indicou que, apesar da divergência em 4 amostras, estes métodos s o equivalentes e ambos podem ser usados.
Mel—Personal Reminiscence*  [PDF]
H W. Taeusch
Frontiers in Pediatrics , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fped.2014.00049
Abstract: Mel—Personal Reminiscence* H. William Taeusch MD Professor Emeritus, Dept of Pediatrics, UCSF Mailing address: 6E, Dept of Pediatrics, SFGH, 1001 Potrero Ave., SF, CA 94110 btaeusch@sfghpeds.ucsf.edu On July 1, 1970, I started my fellowship in neonatology under the tutelage of Mary Ellen Avery. I entered her lab in the MacIntyre Building at McGill in Montreal. There were no other fellows or techs working in her lab at the time. The lab was spacious but sparsely furnished. In one corner was a pneumatic surface balance, hand-built, from the design of John Clements. A lab book lay on the bench with entries dated June, 1970, by Bob Kotas, my predecessor, who had neatly recorded data on lungs from fetal rabbits. I was alone and knew no one in the building. Mel’s office was several miles away at Montreal Children’s Hospital where she was, surprisingly, the new Chief of Pediatrics (An American! A Woman!). She was readily accessible in her hospital office but came to the lab only on Wednesday afternoons. There we sat nose to nose for three hours while she reviewed my week’s work. Not yet trained in the academic art of self-promotion, I once told her in three brief sentences of my past week’s efforts. She waited for more and then looked startled when I remained quiet. With her usual candor she said that after she returned to her office at 5pm, by the end of her workday, she would have completed more, much more, than I’d managed to do in a week. In heated response I blatted out all of my week’s successes and failures in extenso. She smiled and said, “Well that’s better. You not only have to do well, you have to show that you are doing well.” One of my many learned lessons at her knee. Not only has she been my mentor for life, she was generous enough to push me to learn from others with talents in some areas that exceeded her own (Mead, Bates, Milic-Emilie, Macklem, and John Clements, the first Mel Avery awardee of the Pediatric Associated Societies, Vancouver, 2014). Mel believed that cross-disciplinary collaborative research was key for major developments in the field, far before medical centers dressed up this concept as a novel way to get funding. She was impatient of ‘me-too’ research. She recognized and rewarded those that could produce results fitting her Venn diagram (new, true, and useful). Her curiosity extended from the Eskimos in Baffin Bay to hibernating turtles in Newfoundland to prematurely born sheep in New Zealand. She pored through my novel (about a mother deciding whether to allow surgery on her Down Syndrome newborn with multiple
308 nm Monochromatic Excimer Light (MEL) in Dermatology  [PDF]
Dilek Se?kin
Turkderm , 2008,
Abstract: “Targeted phototherapy” is a recently described therapeutic option in photodermatology. It is used to describe the phototherapy devices which can deliver high doses of ultraviolet (UV) radiation selectively to the involved skin. Several of these devices with different emission spectrums are currently in use. 308 nm monochromatic excimer light (MEL) is among these “targeted phototherapy” systems and represents one of the most important advances in phototherapy after the development of narrowband UVB. The wavelength of this new phototherapeutic option is very close to narrowband UVB. Many studies have been conducted to investigate the effectiveness of 308 nm MEL in several dermatological diseases, mainly psoriasis and vitiligo. Main advantages of MEL are protection of the healthy, uninvolved skin from excess UV radiation in patients with limited involvement and the much faster response to therapy compared with conventional phototherapies. We review in this article the properties of 308 nm MEL and discuss its current and future use in dermatology. (Turkderm 2008; 42: 77-81)
Alimentos e Nutri??o , 2009,
Abstract: RESUMO: Foi determinada a qualidade do mel por meio da realiza § £o de an lises microbiol 3gicas e qu -micas de vinte amostras de mel (100%) de consumo imediato comercializadas no varejo por pequenos apicultores e feirantes da regi £o de S £o Jos do Rio Preto, Estado de S £o Paulo. Foi realizada a contagem de bact rias aer 3bias term 3filas; contagem de bolores e leveduras e a pesquisa de Salmonella sp. Os resultados das an lises microbiol 3gicas das amostras de mel mostraram que as contagens de bact rias aer 3bias mes 3filas variaram de 0,5 x 101 a 2,2 x 102 UFC/g; j as contagens de bact rias aer 3bias term 3filas variaram de 0,5 x 101 a 1,4 x 102 UFC/g. Foi detectada a presen §a de salmonella sp, em apenas uma das amostras analisadas (5%), n £o atendendo, portanto, ao padr £o de aus ancia em 25g de amostra. Com rela § £o s an lises qu -micas verificou-se que a m dia da acidez titul vel foi de 2,28% (v/p) com varia § £o de 1,19% a 3,33% (v/p). De acordo com os resultados obtidos 40% das amostras foram classificadas como mel de mesa e 60% como mel industrial. A an lise global dos resultados revelou a adi § £o de glicose comercial em algumas amostras analisadas. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Mel; qualidade; microbiologia; an lise.
Exponentially Localized Solutions of Mel'nikov Equation  [PDF]
C. Senthil Kumar,R. Radha,M. Lakshmanan
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/j.chaos.2004.02.046
Abstract: The Mel'nikov equation is a (2+1) dimensional nonlinear evolution equation admitting boomeron type solutions. In this paper, after showing that it satisfies the Painlev\'{e} property, we obtain exponentially localized dromion type solutions from the bilinearized version which have not been reported so far. We also obtain more general dromion type solutions with spatially varying amplitude as well as induced multi-dromion solutions.
Speaker Identification and Verification using Vector Quantization and Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients  [cached]
A. Srinivasan
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: In the study of speaker recognition, Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) method is the best and most popular which is used to feature extraction. Further vector quantization technique is used to minimize the amount of data to be handled in recent years. In the present paper, the Speaker Recognition using Mel Frequency Cepstral coefficients and vector Quantization for the letter “Zha” (in Tamil language) is obtained. The experimental results are analyzed with the help of MATLAB in different situations and it is proved that the results are efficient in the noisy environment.
Intersections of Lagrangian submanifolds and the Mel'nikov 1-form  [PDF]
Nicolas Roy
Mathematics , 2005, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomphys.2005.11.014
Abstract: We make explicit the geometric content of Mel'nikov's method for detecting heteroclinic points between transversally hyperbolic periodic orbits. After developing the general theory of intersections for pairs of family of Lagrangian submanifolds constrained to live in an auxiliary family of submanifolds, we explain how the heteroclinic orbits are detected by the zeros of the Mel'nikov 1 -form. This 1 -form admits an integral expression, which is non-convergent in general. Finally, we discuss different solutions to this convergence problem.
Modified Mel Filter Bank to Compute MFCC of Subsampled Speech  [PDF]
Kiran Kumar Bhuvanagiri,Sunil Kumar Kopparapu
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) are the most popularly used speech features in most speech and speaker recognition applications. In this work, we propose a modified Mel filter bank to extract MFCCs from subsampled speech. We also propose a stronger metric which effectively captures the correlation between MFCCs of original speech and MFCC of resampled speech. It is found that the proposed method of filter bank construction performs distinguishably well and gives recognition performance on resampled speech close to recognition accuracies on original speech.
Mel Gibson contre le boulevard Raspail
Boris Jeanne
Nuevo mundo - Mundos Nuevos , 2007,
Abstract: Que peuvent faire les historiens et les anthropologues spécialistes de l’Amérique face à la puissance médiatique et commerciale d’Apocalypto, le dernier film de Mel Gibson, produit par Buena Vista (c'est-à-dire Disney) et ayant déjà engrangé plus de 50 millions de dollars de recette avant même sa sortie en France ? Le cinéma est un art du présent, et quelle que soit l’exactitude de la reconstitution historique qu’il prétend parfois présenter, il demeure un puissant vecteur d’analyse de la soc...
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