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Finding solution by Tabu search
Pathumnakul, S.,Ratanamanee, W.
Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology , 2003,
Abstract: In this paper, the method of finding the solution by Tabu search is addressed. Tabu search is one of the local search heuristics, which has been applied extensively in operations research works. In this paper, the basic concepts of the Tabu search heuristic and some examples of applying this search technique in operations research problems are presented.
Metodologia para a avalia o da atividade física habitual em homens com 50 anos ou mais  [cached]
Florindo Alex Antonio,Latorre Maria do Rosario Dias de Oliveira,Jaime Patrícia Constante,Tanaka Tomoe
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2004,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Descrever a metodologia de avalia o da atividade física habitual, utilizanda em uma pesquisa em popula o masculina, por meio de um questionário já validado. MéTODOS: O questionário de atividade física habitual de Baecke, traduzido para a língua portuguesa e, a seguir, foi realizado o back translation. Em sua vers o final o questionário foi aplicado em estudo epidemiológico transversal, realizado com 326 homens com idade igual ou superior a 50 anos. A consistência interna entre as quest es foi analisada pelo a de Cronbach e foram calculados os coeficientes de correla o de Spearman entre os escores de atividade física habitual, bem como os coeficientes de correla o parcial, ajustados por idade, índice de massa corporal e escolaridade. RESULTADOS: A consistência interna mostrou-se satisfatória nas magnitudes de atividade física ocupacional e exercícios físicos no lazer. Foram obtidas correla es significativas entre todos os escores de atividades físicas com o escore total de atividade física habitual, independente da idade, escolaridade e índice de massa corporal. CONCLUS ES: O questionário Baecke mostrou-se um instrumento prático para avaliar a atividade física habitual, aliando rapidez na aplicabilidade e facilidade no entendimento para as respostas, sendo indicado para estudos epidemiológicos no Brasil.
Atividade enzimática pancreática de frangos de corte alimentados com dietas contendo enzima ou probiótico
Lima ACF,Macari M,Pizauro Júnior JM,Malheiros EB
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola , 2002,
Abstract: Este trabalho foi realizado para avaliar o efeito da adi o de enzima e/ou probiótico, bem como do estresse calórico sobre a atividade de enzimas digestivas de frangos de corte aos 7, 14, 28 e 42 dias de idade. O delineamento experimental utilizado foi o inteiramente casualizado em parcelas subdivididas com 6 tratamentos primários, constituindo um esquema fatorial 6x2 (ra es x temperatura) e 4 tratamentos secundários (idades de amostragem), com 2 repeti es. N o foi verificado efeito significativo dos tratamentos sobre a atividade específica das enzimas, exceto para as atividades de amilase aos 14 dias e tripsina aos 28 dias de idade, nas quais a adi o de enzima proporcionou maiores atividades. Já a idade de cria o afetou significativamente todas as enzimas quantificadas, sendo que a atividade específica de lipase diminuiu e as atividades específicas de amilase, tripsina e quimotripsina aumentaram com a idade das aves. A temperatura ambiente (calor) também afetou a produ o enzimática de acordo com a idade dos frangos de corte, com um aumento na atividade de lipase e redu o na tripsina e amilase.
University Timetable Generator Using Tabu Search  [PDF]
Tanzila Islam, Zunayed Shahriar, Mohammad Anower Perves, Monirul Hasan
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2016.416003
Abstract: This report is based on University Timetable Generator by using Tabu Search algorithm. It helps to generate a course schedule and an exam schedule for a University. Every university faces a different set of problem while preparing course schedule and exam schedule. There are lots of constraints while making a scheduler. And for this reason, students suffer much as well as faculties. This report is based on discussion about an automated timetable generator for a University by using Tabu Search algorithm. Tabu Search is a meta-heuristic procedure for solving optimization problems. Tabu Search deals with a sub-optimal initial solution. By analyzing the search space and averts inessential exploration, it optimists this solution and keeps the list of recently visited area in a Tabu list. This helps to solve these problems within a reasonable time and gives a feasible solution than any manual system. For a University, we have found that preparing exam schedule, course schedule, student assessment, room assignment with required resources are quite complex. But for all of them, we analyze that the Tabu Search technique is an essential method for getting a feasible solution. In this paper, we describe how Tabu Search works and how to get a feasible solution by using this algorithm.
Hopf Bifurcation and Chaos in Tabu Learning Neuron Models  [PDF]
Chunguang Li,Guanrong Chen,Xiaofeng Liao,Juebang Yu
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1142/S0218127405013575
Abstract: In this paper, we consider the nonlinear dynamical behaviors of some tabu leaning neuron models. We first consider a tabu learning single neuron model. By choosing the memory decay rate as a bifurcation parameter, we prove that Hopf bifurcation occurs in the neuron. The stability of the bifurcating periodic solutions and the direction of the Hopf bifurcation are determined by applying the normal form theory. We give a numerical example to verify the theoretical analysis. Then, we demonstrate the chaotic behavior in such a neuron with sinusoidal external input, via computer simulations. Finally, we study the chaotic behaviors in tabu learning two-neuron models, with linear and quadratic proximity functions respectively.

ZHANG Hongbin,SUN Guangyu,

自动化学报 , 1999,
Abstract: In this paper,an algorithm based on tabu search for selecting an optimal subset from original large scale feature set is presented.The role and effect of the parameters in tabu search,such as the tabu list length,the neighbor size and the number of candidate solutions are analyzed.For two forms of feature selection problem,tabu search is compared with classic algorithms,such as sequential and generalized sequential methods,branch and bound methods,plus l and take away r method,etc.,and other methods proposed recently,such as genetic algorithm and sequential floating forward(backward) search methods.The experimental results have shown that tabu search has good performance in both the quality of obtained feature subset and computation efficiency.
Improving image watermarking based on Tabu search by Chaos  [PDF]
Mohammad Tafaghodi,Meysam Ghaffari,Alimohammad Latif,Seyed Rasoul Mousavi
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: With the fast development of communication and multimedia technology, the rights of the owners of multimedia products is vulnerable to the unauthorized copies and watermarking is one of the best known methods for proving the ownership of a product. In this paper we prosper the previous watermarking method which was based on Tabu search by Chaos. The modification applied in the permutation step of watermarking and the initial population generation of the Tabu search. We analyze our method on some well known images and experimental results shows the improvement in the quality and speed of the proposed watermarking method.
Tabu Search: A Meta Heuristic for Netlist Partitioning  [PDF]
Shawki Areibi,Anthony Vannelli
VLSI Design , 2000, DOI: 10.1155/2000/62159
Abstract: The main goal of the paper is to explore the effectiveness of a new method called Tabu Search [1] on partitioning and compare it with two techniques widely used in CAD tools for circuit partitioning i.e., Sanchis Interchange method and Simulated Annealing, in terms of the running time and quality of solution. The proposed method integrates the well known iterative multi-way interchange method with Tabu Search and leads to a very powerful network partitioning heuristic. It is characterized by an ability to escape local optima which usually cause simple descent algorithms to terminate by using a short term memory of recent solutions. Moreover, Tabu Search permits backtracking to previous solutions, which explore different directions and generates better partitions.
Application of Tabu Search Algorithm in Job Shop Scheduling  [PDF]
Betrianis,Putu Teguh Aryawan
Makara Seri Teknologi , 2003,
Abstract: Tabu Search is one of local search methods which is used to solve the combinatorial optimization problem. This method aimed is to make the searching process of the best solution in a complex combinatorial optimization problem(np hard), ex : job shop scheduling problem, became more effective, in a less computational time but with no guarantee to optimum solution.In this paper, tabu search is used to solve the job shop scheduling problem consists of 3 (three) cases, which is ordering package of September, October and November with objective of minimizing makespan (Cmax). For each ordering package, there is a combination for initial solution and tabu list length. These result then compared with 4 (four) other methods using basic dispatching rules suchas Shortest Processing Time (SPT), Earliest Due Date (EDD), Most Work Remaining (MWKR) dan First Come FirstServed (FCFS). Scheduling used Tabu Search Algorithm is sensitive for variables changes and gives makespan shorter than scheduling used by other four methods.
Tabu search heuristic for university course timetabling problem
A.R Mushi
African Journal of Science and Technology , 2006,
Abstract: In this study we have addressed the NP-Hard problem of academic course timetabling. This is the problem of assigning resources such as lecturers, rooms and courses to a fixed time period normally a week, while satisfying a number of problem-specific constraints. This paper describes a Tabu Search algorithm that creates timetables by heuristically minimizing penalties over infeasibilities. The algorithm is developed with special focus on the University of Dar-assalaam and compares the results with a previous manually generated timetable. It has been found that, the Tabu Search technique gives better results given a careful selection of parameters.
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