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Nádia Menezes de Rodrigues,André Luiz Lopes de Faria
Revista Geográfica Acadêmica , 2009,
Abstract: RESUMOA história da cidade de Vi osa/MG foi marcada por uma ocupa o resultante de processos construtivos sem preocupa o com a legisla o ambiental e com a carência de profissionais qualificados. A aprova o das leis encabe adas pelo Plano Diretor de Vi osa e a participa o da UFV, significam importantes avan os. Porém, Vi osa ainda possui dificuldades na aplica o das leis no planejamento urbano. O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar a ocupa o das margens de um trecho do ribeir o S o Bartolomeu na área urbana do município de Vi osa/MG. Para essa pesquisa seguimos quatro etapas: i) levantamento da legisla o municipal e federal sobre uso e ocupa o do solo; ii) georeferenciamento de imagem Ikonos da área estudada ; iii) mapeamento de áreas de preserva o permanente de acordo com as legisla es vigente ; e iv) obten o de coordenadas geográficas com auxílio do instrumento GPS de navega o, para verifica o das ocupa es ilegais em áreas de APP. Como resultados, notamos uma intensa inadimplência em rela o ao cumprimento das leis, causando fortes impactos socioambientais presentes em toda a cidade.Palavras-chave: Geografia, Geoprocessamento, áreas de preserva o permanente.ABSTRACTThe history of Vi osa city was marked by an ocupation that didn't take into consideration the environmental legislation and with few qualified professionals in the construction of buildings. The appoval of laws headed by the director plan of Vi osa and the participation of the UFV (FUV) , means an important progress. However, Vi osa still has difficulties to enforce the application of the laws in the urban planning.The goal of this work was to analize the ocupation of the Saint Bartolomeu river's shore at the urban part of the city of Vi osa / MG. For this research we followed four steps: i) Survey of the municipal and federal legislation about the use of the soil; II) Geo referential of ikonos image of the studied area; iii) Put into a map the areas of permanent preservation according to the current legislation; and IV) Acquirement of geographic bearings with the help of the GPS of navigation,to verify the ilegal occupation at the APP areas. As results, we notice an intense disrespect towards the ambiental laws, causing strong social environmental impacts in the whole city.Keywords: Geography, GIS
UNA NUEVA ESPECIE DE AYENIA (STERCULIACEAE) DE MINAS GERAIS (BRASIL) A new species of Ayenia (Sterculiaceae) from Minas Gerais (Brasil)
Carmen L. Cristóbal
Bonplandia , 2010,
Abstract: Ayenia nervosa Cristóbal, una nueva especie de Brasil, Minas Gerais, es descripta e ilustrada. Pertenece a la sección Ayenia subsección Ayenia. Se discuten las diferencias entre la nueva especie y A. praecipua Cristóbal y A. angustifolia A. St.-Hil. & Naudin, consideradas afines. Fotomicrografías del hipofilo de A. angustifolia y de la especie nueva mostrando el tipo distintivo de pelos son también incluidas Ayenia nervosa Cristobal, a new species from Brasil, Minas Gerais, is described and illustrated. It is placed in the section Ayenia subsection Ayenia. Photomicrographs of the abaxial face of the leaf, showing the peculiar type of hairs, are also included
Hydrogeological characterization and qualitative aspects of underground water at the solid waste landfill in “Vale Do A o”, State of Mina Gerais
Graziele Wolff,José Augusto Costa Gon?alves,Giuslan Carvalho Pereira,Daniel Martins-Júnior
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2009,
Abstract: Transformation of matter and production of solid waste are part of human life and activities. One of the most adequate waste disposal is the solid waste landfill. All decomposing processes of waste culminate in production of leachate with high potential of pollution. Hence, the aim of this study was to monitor the water quality of the water table in a solid waste landfill located in “Vale do A o”, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The parameters observed were: pH, total nitrogen (mgL-1), total suspended solids (mgL-1), total phosphorus (mgL-1), total coliforms (CFU) and fecal coliforms (CFU). Two sampling campaigns were performed in four observation wells present at the solid waste landfill. These samplings included the dry and rainy seasons. All the parameters analysed have presented small variation on their values. Neither fecal coliforms nor total coliforms were registered at any of the sampling sites. The results were compared to the already estabilished quality patterns and to previews results obtained before the activation of this new solid waste landfill. The results showed a good quality of groundwater in the area of the landfill in Vale do A o, based on the parameters measured, which demonstrates the efficiency of the waterproofing system.
Cristina Maria Vasques
Revista Recorte , 2011,
Abstract: To decipher time has been a task of philosophers and studious since the Ancient Age. But it is Bartolomeu Campos de Queirós, a Brazilian artist from the State of Minas Gerais, who better exposed, in Tempo de Voo (Lifetime Flight), using words combined into poetry, time’s multifaceted characteristics which makes us think and let us feel the suavity of its sounds, smells, flavours and shades that turn life poetry poured from Queirós’ imagination and knowledge. Lifetime Flight is a piece of art which, from the talk between a man and a child, places us before time’s ambiguities: abstraction and concreteness in the traces it leaves, alive in its continuous move.
Transacciones en regiones turísticas: el caso del Estado de Minas Gerais - Brasil Transactions in Tourist Regions: The Case of the Brazilian State of Mina Gerais  [cached]
Bruno Martins A. Gomes,Antonio Carlos dos Santos
Estudios y perspectivas en turismo , 2008,
Abstract: Las transacciones entre empresarios involucran no sólo costos de producción. Todo lo necesario para implementar y monitorear una negociación también debe ser computado como costos, constituyendo así los costos de transacción. Considerando la importancia del conocimiento de los costos de transacción para una mejor gestión de las regiones turísticas, este artículo analiza las transacciones en tres regiones turísticas en el Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil. La investigación demostró que las transacciones y el comportamiento de los agentes están influenciados por oportunismo, racionalidad limitada, frecuencia, incertidumbre, y especificidad de activos . Estos elementos que forman parte de los costos de transacción, se reducen si se crea una estructura de gobierno que coordine las transacciones entre los agentes locales. The transactions between entrepreneurs don't involve only production costs. All the expenses to negotiate implant and monitor a negotiation must also be computed as costs, thus constituting the transaction costs. From the importance of transaction costs to a better tourist regions management, this article analyzes the transactions in three tourist regions of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The research demonstrated that the transactions and the behavior of the agents are marked by opportunism, limited rationality, frequency, uncertainty, and specific asset. However, these transaction costs causing attributes reduce if it's create a governance structure that co-ordinates the transactions between local agents.
Bartolomeu Louren?o de Gusm?o: o primeiro cientista brasileiro
Visoni, Rodrigo Moura;Canalle, Jo?o Batista Garcia;
Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-11172009000300014
Abstract: bartolomeu louren?o de gusm?o was the first brazilian inventor and scientist, famous by the creation in 1709 of the hot air balloon. in the 300 years of his best known invention, this article presents a new biography of the forerunner of aerostatics and a new study of his devices.
Espa?o Ameríndio , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper we propose a different approach to children's ideas about the geographical area in the particular context of the Mbyá Guarani population, from Misiones (Argentine). The territorial fragility, that is exposed to the indigenous people in Argentina aremanifested daily in several areas. Mbyá population, has been crossed by the boundaries of national states of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. The sedentary and enclosures land processes in different states, have prompted changes in the logic of subsistence, housing and community organization. In Misiones province case, bureaucratic accreditation of land titles is postponed, the state is not committed to the realization of this right.RESUMEN: En este trabajo nos proponemos un acercamiento a las diversas ideas infantiles sobre el territorio habitado, en el contexto particular de la población mbyá guaraní de Misiones. La fragilidad territorialidad a la que es expuesta la población indígena en Argentina se manifiestan cotidianamente en diversas áreas. La población mbyá, ha sido surcada por los límites de los estados nacionales de Paraguay, Brasil y Argentina. La sedentarización y los cercamientos de tierras en los diferentes estados, han impulsado transformaciones de las lógicas de subsistencia, de habitación y organización comunitaria. En el caso de la provincia de Misiones la acreditación burocrática de los títulos de tierras se encuentra aplazada, el estado no se compromete con la concreción de este derecho.
Mapeamento de áreas de preserva??o permanentes e identifica??o dos conflitos legais de uso da terra na bacia hidrográfica do ribeir?o S?o Bartolomeu - MG
Soares, Vicente Paulo;Moreira, Adelson de Azevedo;Ribeiro, Carlos Antonio Alvares Soares;Gleriani, José Marinaldo;Gripp Junior, Joel;
Revista árvore , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622011000300018
Abstract: the objective of this study was to map, automatically, the permanent preservation areas and to identify land use conflicts in s?o bartolomeu watershed, state of minas gerais brazil. using an ikonos ii orthoimage and geoprocessing resources, it was possible to map nine land use land cover classes through a visual interpretation. automatic mapping of the permanent preservation areas based on the brazilian forest code and the respective acts of conama resulted in the identification of 1,530.67 protected areas, distributed in the following categories: along ridgelines (1,037.32 ha), steep slopes greater than 45 degrees (5.51 ha), spring-waters and their contribution areas (436.06 ha), riparian zones (325.96 ha) and on upper third of hilltops (27.96 ha). this areas specially protected corresponded to 54.15 % of the total basin, which is 2,826.83 ha. it was identified 905.14 ha (59.70 %) of protected areas being illegally in agricultural business, with pasture with 40.06% (613.12 ha) and coffee with 7.12 % (109.02 ha), the predominant classes.
Territorialidad, redes y debate urbanístico. / Territoriality, networks and urban debate.  [PDF]
Pavez R., María Isabel
Revista de Urbanismo , 1999, DOI: doi: 10.5354/0717-5051.1999.11749
Abstract: Pensamiento actual sobre un tipo de territorialidad marginada hasta ahora, a partir de la cual se enriquecería el concepto y la práctica del Urbanismo./Current thinking on a kind of territoriality marginalized until now, from which enriched the concept and practice of urban planning.
Racionalidades normativas y apropiación del territorio urbano: entre el territorio de la ley y la territorialidad de legalidades
Análida Rincón Pati?o
Economía, sociedad y territorio , 2006,
Abstract: El artículo toma cuenta del fenómeno de la ilegalidad urbana para entender las formas espaciales producidas por la ley y la territorialidad de legalidades. Desde dos experiencias, Medellín-Colombia y Río de Janeiro-Brasil, plantea la existencia de racionalidades normativas entendidas como prácticas producidas y transformadas socialmente en el tiempo que controlan y regulan la acción social y que, de hecho, están configurando el territorio, específicamente, el suelo urbano. A partir de estos resultados, se presentan, como hipótesis, tipos de legalidad urbana, y se aboga por aquellos que aproximan hacia una nueva cultura jurídica sustentada en una legitimidad urbana que tiene como base la justicia y la acción participativa de nuevos sujetos sociales.
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