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Alexander Fedorov
Acta Didactica Napocensia , 2012,
Abstract: Media education in Russia in general has still not moved from the theoritical conceptions and local experiments to the wide practical implementation. It is necessary to consolidate pedagogical institutions of higher education, universities, faculties of journalism, experimenters in media education and also the media community, coordination of the interaction of state structures, the existing media educational centers and experimental sites in this sphere.
Roberta Markovi?,Milena Vasi?,?edomir ?agri?,Zorana Deljanin
Acta Facultatis Medicae Naissensis , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of the paper was to do a comprehensive situation analysis and to clarify main gaps in education and training related to Health Management in Serbia and to propose possible directions for solving such situation. The study was performed in 2007 as a part of Ministry of Health/EAR CEEN/ECORIS Project “Training in Health Management”, and gathered information provided by more of 80 key professionals working in the field of Health and Education. A mixture of semi-structured interviews, focus groups, literature review and qualitative analysis were used to triangulate and come up with common conclusions. The conclusions reached by all groups of professionals are the following: there is a big gap in knowledge and skills regarding the Health Mana-gement across Serbia and a real need for such education, especially acknowledgment on application and use of managerial tools; Health Manage-ment education and trainings have been developed and implemented through formal institutions and various kinds of ad-hoc, short-term education in recent years, but there is no unified database on these educational courses ; schools of medicine in Serbia, as well as the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FOS) do have capacities to develop and implement educational programs related to management in Health; Healthcare law and University law need to be harmonized.
Crying and Health: Popular and Scientific Conceptions  [PDF]
Ad J .J. M. Vingerhoets,Lauren Bylsma
Psychological Topics , 2007,
Abstract: We summarize popular and pre-scientific conceptions of the relationship between crying, well-being and health, and we review the scientific literature on this topic. First, the focus is on whether crying brings relief and facilitates emotional recovery. Next, we discuss the evidence addressing whether crying or its chronic inhibition is associated with an increased risk of developing health problems. Finally, we address crying as a signal or symptom of disease. It is concluded that the question regarding whether crying brings relief has yielded seemingly contrasting findings, dependent on the design of the study. Concerning the second and third issues, there is a lack of sound studies. Little is known about the nature of the association between depression and crying. The evidence for a relationship between neurological disorders (in particular, stroke and multiple sclerosis) appears more convincing. There is also mainly anecdotal evidence of increased crying in a wide variety of health problems, which may reflect symptoms of disease, co-morbid depression, adjustment problems, or side effects of treatment. Some recent studies further suggest a positive effect of crying on health status in certain patient groups. More systematic and well-designed studies are needed to clarify the relationship between crying and health.
Evaluation of conceptual change research and alternative conceptions. An approach to the current state of science education  [cached]
Marín Martínez, Nicolás;,Soto Lombana, Carlos
Revista Eureka sobre Ense?anza y Divulgación de las Ciencias , 2012,
Abstract: Reviewing two of the most important lines of research in the field of Science Education, (conceptual change and alternative conceptions), the same series of methodological and theoretical weaknesses pointed out in professional seminars, has been revealed. The theoretical and methodological flaws suggest the existence of other less rational commitments to explain the intense production of works in this field.
A Theoretical Study on Health Quotient Promotion-based Physical Education Reform at the University Level  [PDF]
Junfang Fu
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24B054
Abstract: This study maintains that university-level physical education does not currently include or implement health education.? As a consequence of this, college and university students have a very weak theoretical understanding of health.? This study maintains that university-level physical education should focus on the state of students’ health, using the principles of the health quotient.? Of particular importance are problems related to mental health, social adaptive ability, and lifestyle.? Physical education should incorporate instruction based on health quotient-related theories and techniques; doing so will lay a strong foundation for students’ lifelong physical education.? In addition to opening up new paths and methods in research related to the all-around health education of college students, this can also enrich and perfect the theoretical system of modern sports science, as well as provide a new line of thinking and perspective to university-level physical education reform.
A systematic literature review of studies analyzing the effect of sex, age, education, marital status, obesity and smoking on health transitions  [cached]
Gabriele Doblhammer,Rasmus Hoffmann,Elena Muth,Christina Westphal
Demographic Research , 2009,
Abstract: Sex, age, education, marital status, obesity, and smoking have been found to affect health transitions between non-disabled, disabled, and death. Our aim is to review the research literature on this topic and provide structured information, first on the availability of results for each risk factor and transition, and then on detailed study characteristics and disability measures. We use expert recommendations and the electronic databases Medline, PsycINFO, and SOCA. The search is confined to the years 1985-2005, and produced a total of 7,778 articles. Sixty-three articles met the selection criteria regarding study population, longitudinal design, risk factors, transition, and outcome measures.
Theoretical perspectives of science teacher education  [cached]
Chorng-Jee GUO
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching , 2010,
Abstract: Science teacher education is an essential component in the entire system of science education. Currently, there is a lack of appropriate theory to describe and explain the complex phenomena and problems involved in science teaching and teacher education, and to provide effective guidance for policy-makers and practitioners. However, a range of theoretical viewpoints concerning science education and teacher education in general have been articulated in recent years. The aim of this article is to summarize some of the main theoretical perspectives in this area, so that they can be referred to in practical works and future research studies on science teacher education.First, contemporary views on the goals of science education and the principles of science teaching, assessment and teacher education have been articulated by a number of science educators and professional organizations worldwide (NRC, 2000; 2007). These theoretical viewpoints are based on a wealth of findings from research studies on students’ learning of science carried out in the past few decades. It was noted that learning with understand is the focus of the latest scientific studies on students learning, that is, cognitive processes involved in learning are the main research interests. Our new understanding of students’ learning indicated that students are active learners, their attention, memory, sense-making, problem solving, understanding and acquisition new knowledge are strongly influenced by their prior knowledge, skills, and conceptions. In addition, it was found that students’ inquiry skills and their understanding of basic science principles are closely related, and that meta-cognition plays an important role in science teaching and learning. The implications for science teacher education is that teacher education institutions are expected to provide opportunities for teachers to develop the knowledge, skills, and teaching approaches which will enable them to create better learning environments for their students. The importance of science teachers’ development of pedagogical content knowledge in school contexts is emphasized.Secondly, turning to literature on teacher education in general, theoretical perspectives on the purposes of teacher education, teachers’ professional qualities and teachers’ learning to teach are respectively discussed. Summarizing the analysis of Zeichner and Joyce, Doyle (1990) outlined five paradigms in teacher education programs, including teachers as good employees, junior professors, fully functioning persons, innovators, and reflective practitioners.
Investigating of the conceptions of employer and master instructors on students from vocational education center  [cached]
Abdullah I??klar,Ali Haydar ?ar,Mustafa Ko?
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: This study is aimed to investigate the conceptions of employer and master instructors on students from vocational education center. Workgroup of the study comprises totally 318 people who work as employers and master instructors in the field of production and serving in Kayseri and Sakarya cities, in 2011. Data is collected via personal information form and determining conceptions of employer and master instructors on students in vocational education survey, which was developed by researchers for the purpose of determining the conceptions of employers and master instructors on students from vocational education center. Descriptive analysis such as frequency and percent was used in data analysis. Besides, Kay- square technique was used according to positions of employers and master instructors, by the aim of determining the conceptions of employers and master instructors on students from vocational education. According to research, significant differences between conceptions of employers and master instructors about students from vocational education center were found. Results of the study were discussed in related literature and submitted suggestions for future studies.
Conceptions about mental health in the field of public health
Diego A. Restrepo O,Juan C. Jaramillo E
Revista Facultad Nacional de Salud Pública , 2012,
Abstract: In the field of public health, mental health has had a great deal of relevance. This concept has been used extensively in the professional, academic, and political fields. Despite that, the different definitions of mental health face significant epistemological and practical problems. These difficulties are encountered by those who try to specify the meaning of "mental", the relationship between "health" and "mental", and, consequently, how research and intervention actions are to be carried out in the field of mental health. In practice, the orientation of actions and research involving mental health is not based on “universal” definitions in the field of public health. It is rather based on conceptions constructed from different approaches to the health-disease issue. This paper discusses the conceptions of mental health that have been configured from the biomedical, behavioral, and socio-economic approaches, the notions of "mind" underlying these conceptions, and their implications for intervention in the field of public health.
Mental health and work: meanings and limits of theoretical models
Fernandes, Josicelia Dumêt;Melo, Cristina M. M.;Gusm?o, Maria Carolina C. M.;Fernandes, Juliana;Guimar?es, Angélica;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692006000500024
Abstract: this text is a revision of the most important theoretical approaches that fundament the studies about mental health and work, pointing to the basic concepts, categories of analyses and respective limits. the objective is to underline some conceptions about the theme, in the attempt to contribute with a way to face the problems, questions and difficulties imposed by the construction of this object of study. thus, the text is based on the critical review of theoretical paradigms that predominate in studies about mental health and work. finally, it indicates some important theoretical questions about the relation between mental health and work.
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